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Crossdress By Jane King
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Chris is new in town after leaving his wife of three years to start a new job and a new life. He married young and found he was not in the right relationship as he tried to be all Stacy wanted... More > without being true to himself. Mandy is a model and a dance teacher. She is currently single after giving up on love following some abusive relationships and has developed a slightly unusual taste when it comes to men loving those that crossdress. She is the light and soul of any party living life to the full and loves to be the fashionable woman about town casuing a stir. Then there is Lucy a twenty something blonde, quite stylish and attractive she just lacks a little confidence. Crossdress gives an interesting twist and dimension on the usual romance story of boy meets girl interwoven with fashion and passion if a little bit kinky.< Less
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A happy home begins with Ideal Spouse selection! therefore, this book contains 500 clearly illustrated, Tested and Trusted, TIPS for selecting the best of spouses, in order to attain a happy home,... More > which is the hallmark of all successful marriages. It is a truism that no happy home can emerge without ideal spouse selection.This book is very attractive as a gift item for friends and relatives. Grab your copy today and discover the fun in this book.< Less
SHINE By Joe Bergeron
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Joe and Nikki grew up on the West End corner of Bristol, CT in the late 50's and early 60's. Bristol was a tough town, and the West End was the toughest place to live. There were bookies and... More > gangsters all over the place. Joe was eleven, lived on the West End and scared to go down to the corner. His dad built him a shoe shine box and told him to go to the corner and shine the bookies' shoes. He did, and met Nikki, a Greek girl who also lived on the corner, and was as scared as he was. He took her under his wing and both of them ended up shining on the corner.< Less
Daygame Nitro By Nick Krauser
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NOTE - To see reviews/ratings click "find reviews of previous version" below the cover picture........ The long-awaited new edition of the most widely read daygame book ever. The legendary... More > Nitro has been COMPLETELY REWRITTEN. Not only has the text been cleaned up, updated, and brought right up to the cutting edge.... this edition also features: FOUR new lay reports, 30,000 NEW WORDS (doubling the total book length), TWO GUEST STORIES, new chapters on physical escalation, approach anxiety, same day lays and building connection on the idate. And the whole thing has been professionally typeset with lots of new custom art and diagrams.< Less
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Beautiful, sensual, and fabulously frabjous Samantha Ora has a history of unexplainable misfortune. She is overwhelmed by grief shortly after her high school graduation, when without warning her... More > parents perish in a terrible car crash. Her life is changed forever and she is faced with the serious quandary of becoming independent and having to face the world at a young age without the behest of her parents.Samantha acquires her education at Boston University. She concentrates on her career. As she rises to the top of the corporate ladder, she gains a reputation of being hard and cold. After accomplishing the business collaboration of the year, she decides to take a breather from the busy corporate world and vacation in her ancestral country of Cape Verde, Africa. Samantha begins to experience a different perspective on life as she spirals on a metamorphic merry-go-round after her consequential encounter with a man that can enkindle the tempestuous passion back into her life. But will she open her heart?< Less
Afraid By Finnley Cazarin
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Afraid is an often paralyzing fear in which you pent up everything in nice little packages, but what happens when all of the inhibitions you once have are blurred with the haze of new excitement and... More > the buzz of alcohol. For Autumn, a simple man manages to ensnare her at just the right time, captivating her with eyes that should be outlawed and smirks that are soon to turn her world upside down. This is her journey of the beginnings of the rest of her life and how one stupid boy inflated her in ways she could never fathom. This is the story of how Autumn met Harry and how this little leaf boy with poetic words and a looming past transformed the innocent Autumn petrified of the ideas of love into something completely new. She'll face cancer scares, life threatening danger, and the devastation jealously leaves behind all for a boy who sees more to her than her broken past and quiet smiles.< Less
THE GOLDEN EAGLE By Bakolomole Abigail Mokgosi
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When Storm's life changes completely,all feels like the whole world was crushing on her, and as if her life has ended. Little did she know that all things happens for a reason, this was preparing her... More > for a new life that she ever desired or dreamed of.< Less
His Lies Made Me Do It By Jordan Summer
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Monique Alexander has it all: looks, intelligence, a successful career as a high school English teacher, and an attractive husband who serves as a police officer. But unfortunately for their... More > marriage, her husband spends as much time playing in the streets as he does protecting them. Monique wants nothing more than the happily-ever-after fantasy with a faithful husband. Despite her husband’s betrayals, she clings to the illusion of a good marriage. That illusion is shaken by the arrival of a mysterious package that is addressed to her husband. Driven mad by curiosity, suspicion, and experience, she lets her emotions get the best of her. If infidelity is so justifiable for the gander, she reasons, why shouldn’t the goose have fun too? Enraged, she seeks out an old flame to have her carnal, primal revenge. In her wildest dreams, she couldn’t have imagined that Damon would leave her, but he does. Can their marriage recover from so much betrayal? Or will Monique pursue the life of happiness in another man’s arms?< Less
My Photo Book By Ambrosia Denise
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This is a Photo book of my most favorite images in nature; everyone should take the time to stop and enjoy all that God has created.
Gothic Gates Venice by R.M.Simone' By Roshandra Simon
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Sometimes Love Begins this Way We all carry a dream within ourselves that holds the promise of a love that makes time stop, written in the stars, and holds us in her bosom of forever. Every girl,... More > young woman, carries that dream and we never speak it. For if we did our dream would not come into being, Devon Gothic Gates Venice by R.M.Simone' Dante is taking Devon to Venice for a romantic three day escape. He is also introducing her to his Goth world with two events there in Renaissance Romantic Style Masquerade. Does DEVON enter this Goth world and what does Venice bring to her? VENEZIA is where this brings her heart to his. FALLING INTO LOVE is what Venice is all about. Learn more of who Dante' really is and how Devon remembers this Love. Venice is filled with roses and romance and most of all this rare Love.< Less
Isle of Dreams By A.S. Oliver
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In a lyrical style A.S. Oliver transports the reader aboard a sweeping romance spiked with erotic escapades as Shannon Elizabeth 'Lizzy' O'Donovan, a free-spirited fisherman's daughter from the Isle... More > of Arainn, journeys away from the only island homeland she's ever known. Guided by her dreams and gift of second sight, Lizzy joins her Aunt Lula in Wales to work as a scullery maid at Ashton Manor. Willingly falling prey to Lord Daymond Stewart. A brilliant though complicated aristocratic botanist whose penchant for courtesans and love of exotic orchids is only surpassed by his desire for her. The ethereal beauty with a lilting Irish brogue that awakens in him a passion he never deemed possible.< Less
A Delicious Mistake By Roselyn Jewell
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Against the vivid Serengeti plains, Sarah Hutton must discover the truth behind her brother’s murder. But is the devastatingly attractive Benjamin Ndlovo—a man from her past—someone... More > who can help her? Or will he strip bare all her defenses and her pride? Wildlife poachers add to the danger to life on the Hutton game farm in Tanzania, but Sarah knows her yearning and erotic fantasies for Benjamin may lead her into something even worse—she may be falling for a dark and dangerous man who killed her brother. Sarah doesn’t know what to think about Benjamin anymore, but she finds herself hopelessly attracted to him—and giving into her deepest desires to be possessed by this beautiful man.< Less
A Mass of Thornes By Samantha Hill
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Jonathan is tired. He’s tired of being alone, and feeling worn down from being just a friend after more than four centuries. Not that time is a problem for a vampire or that he isn’t... More > loyal to his best friend, Roiolik Thasten, who also happens to be Jonathan’s King. Finally leading the vampire people once more, Roiolik decides to send Jonathan out to start putting his plans of peace between supernatural races. However, all Jonathan can think of lately is Silicy Brownstone, and just how close he can get before brushing up against a barrier as a friend. Silicy wants more and yet is content in her life, although lately she has been thinking more and more of her life before she became a vampire. Itchy in her own skin and fighting her attraction to Jonathan Thorne, her boss, Silicy is torn between the lust she feels and the fear of that emotion in any form. Haunted, she moves along through the present and the past, trying to unravel both before she can move solidly into the future.< Less
Substitute Starlet By Marie Kelly
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When Tara James finds out her soon-to-be-famous movie star sister needs her, she drops everything to rush to her aid. While the twins might have very different lives, it is the fact they are... More > identical which allows her to stand in for Susan (Sunny). However, first she has to deal with the enigmatic and handsome playboy owner of the production company, Logan Callen, who seems hell-bent on firing the starlet for her outrageous behaviour. Can Tara save her sister and her career and also survive the forceful and sexy Logan. Logan Callen, is determined to be rid of Sunny James, her wild antics and negative media coverage an embarrassment for his production company. However, the starlet is nothing like he imagined. Beautiful, smart, funny and compassionate the thought of being rid of her quickly becomes the last thing on his mind. Her disinterest in him, however, creates a challenge on how to win over the feisty beauty, and Logan loves a challenge.< Less
It's Ryan's Ranch By Joyce Marie
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Diane has returned to Butte, Montana following the death of her husbands and sons. She is intent on moving on with her life. A job with a local news station sends her to interview the nearly... More > reclusive Ryan Longridge. Soon the rancher and the journalist find themselves in a relationship that surprised their family and friends.< Less
Through Thick & Thin By Ife Orisha
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An Urban Fiction that will keep you reading and wanting more!!!