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The Happiest Ever After By Anthony Natale
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This story is based on a true story from sixteen year old Anthony Natale it's about him, and his beautiful girlfriend Rachael Jaeger's high school relationship. It's divided into two parts the first... More > part is all real facts, and real stories while the second part of the novel is all about what they wish to come. It's a beautiful heart warming story.< Less
Romance and Mystery Under the Northern Lights By Edna Curry, Lori Ness, Denise Meinstad, Luann Nies Diane Pearson, Shirley Olson, Nancy Pirri
Paperback: $12.95
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Seven authors of the Northern Lights Writers, Chapter #199 of Romance Writers of America tell tales of love, romance, and mystery under the northern lights.
Educating Tristan By Iris Niel
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Alex lives a good life with her four brothers in a village in the Highlands. So when her four brothers inform her they are sending her to London to find a good husband, Alex is heartbroken and feels... More > betrayed. Yet, she is determined to find out everything she can about the English people. She turns to Tristan to be her tutor, despite not seeing him in years. The sweet and caring boy he once was has been replaced with a cold and unapproachable man. At first Tristan tries to resist Alex and her ridiculous idea, but she is persistent, so he has no choice but to help. He only means to teach her about the life in England, and proper behavior but soon there is nothing proper in his lessons as he realizes he can't fight his attraction to her, and she, herself, is a more than willing pupil. During this journey, Alex finds that Tristan has so much to learn about love and caring, but will she be able to teach him to trust people again? Will he be able to love her?< Less
Touched By Jeremy McCollum
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Dylan was a tough, rational, no-nonsense detective that didn’t have time for faith, until his wife dies suddenly, and he finds himself angry at the God he didn’t believe existed. Sarah... More > changes everything. She is intelligent, accomplished, and incredibly beautiful; she renews his hope, reignites his passion, and opens the door to new faith. That faith is tested when Sarah reveals she was touched by God when she was healed of Tuberculosis— in 1736. Despite his reservations, Dylan chooses to believe Sarah, and soon joins her in her quest to find others who have been Touched. After discovering several people who have been alive for centuries, Dylan also discovers victims of brutal human experimentation, torture, and murder, and must solve the biggest case of his life before time runs out for the Touched.< Less
Goodbye Forever... See You Tomorrow By Frank Vitto
Paperback: $7.00
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A collection of poems that poignantly remember war-torn Vietnam and a heart-rending romance that it created.
Bon Temps (Johnathan Crenshaw Series) By Jerome Strong
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The Johnathan Crenshaw Series is a new series based on a fictional character conceived by the author more than 20 years ago while studying Chemistry as an undergraduate. This book picks-up where the... More > initial manuscript written 20 years ago ends. Johnathan, the protagonist of the story, is a thoughtful, energetic and salt-of-the-earth character who loves deeply and hard. A young, self-made, African-American man building a multi-million dollar business empire, Johnathan has to navigate two worlds—one made of the masses, from which he comes and the other made of the powerful elite. He is at once, loyal to his friends and the kind of friend who sticks closer than a brother. Torn between his deep and abiding love for his fiancé, who is challenged by issues in her own life, Johnathan has to make a decision on love when someone he once loved re-enters his life in hopes of rekindling an old romance.< Less
Authentic Love By Sheena Alexander
Paperback: $12.00
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In a world where love lives, there's a world where love is lost and in our world, the mind has to know that love should be as authentic as it's creator. Shaun Banks is a successful independent black... More > women who is desperately seeking love, authentic love, to help navigate her happily ever after, until a tragic dilemma exposes her to memory loss, loosing sight of who she is leading her to a life of the unexpected. Will Shaun retain what she lost to preserve her desired future, or will manipulation lead her into a counterfeit world of lies, deception or even death.< Less
L By Joey Salazar
Paperback: $9.99
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Jason, a newly heart broken young man with a secret he holds inside himself, meets a young girl named Sabrina Sinclair through a turn of tragic events and within her learns the truth about himself... More > and the ex-lover he once held dear. What he does with this recently discovered information is a mystery even to himself.< Less