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As I Fade (One Breath at a Time: Book 1) By Leilani Bennett
Paperback: $16.00
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What would you do if the love of your life was waiting for you...fifty years in the past? Brielle Eden, a successful novelist living in New York City, is drawn to Paris for reasons unknown to her.... More > Once there, she will quickly discover that not all is as it seems. Brielle is about to discover that there's a thin line between fantasy and reality...and sanity and insanity. And when she wakes up in a hospital for the mentally insane, Brielle's perfect nightmare is about to begin. Confused and badly injured, she finds that her memories of her life in Paris are gone. Worse, she's being held against her will by a psychiatrist who believes she is impersonating a young woman who'd died tragically six months earlier. As her world threatens to spin out of control, a mystery man appears promising to rescue her...and to give her the answers she desperately seeks. Brielle is about to discover that life is far stranger than she had ever imagined, and that the love between two adjoining hearts can never be broken...< Less
Carissa's Redemption By Jaden Sinclair
Paperback: $12.95
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Belonging nowhere, the best at what she does, love is the only thing that can bring this Guardian to her knees. She was born half vampire, half bloodmate. A half-breed, belonging to neither world... More > but protector of both, Carissa Morrisroe chose to become a Guardian, and she’s turned out to be one of the best. Cold as any other Guardian, she’s a natural when it comes to killing. Nothing can bring her down. Nothing that is but one simple thing—love. Rage is nothing more than a killer. Raised with not one kind hand, it’s no wonder he feels nothing for no one—or so the world thinks. However, when he meets the one and only female Guardian on the battle field, buried emotions slowly start to emerge. Enemy—savior—lover? Which will they be? It’s a question that Carissa asks herself as she fights the pull. It’s a question that Rage is tired of asking, but when fate knocks them both down hard they get their answer and with it a vengeance no one sees coming.< Less
Crossroads By Nikola Jakupec
Paperback: $13.00
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Ryan is a high school senior who, along with his five friends, loves exploring old and abandoned buildings and solving their past. Tasked with leading the group, he's always the first one in the... More > field. Being such a tightly knit gang, there are hardly any secrets between them. But, face with limited time left together before they go their separate ways, old pacts are broken and forbidden relationships are uncovered after an unsuccessful operation, setting in motion a chain of events that will leave the group shattered. Ryan, in the midst of all the fighting , will have to ask himself who his real friends are and how much their friendship is really worth to him...< Less
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Age Verification Required
Through Roni's Eyes By Viola Merritt
Paperback: $15.99
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Relive the lives of past loves, losses, trials and happiness as told of the history of family, loved ones and finding true love as told "Through Roni's Eyes".
A Fresh Start: Complete By Rollie Lawson
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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The complete Buckman saga - Carl Buckman is at the end of a boring life, unhappily contemplating what had been and what might have been. Suddenly, Aladdin's Lamp transports him back to 1968, to the... More > teenager he had been then. How will he live his life differently, or will he be doomed to repeat his past mistakes all over again? This version contains Books 1-7, the Epilogue, and a bonus fan fiction story.< Less