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Yesterday Today By R.W. Glaser
Paperback: $8.50
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When Michael O'Keefe finds himself stuck 300 years in the past with his experimental Jump Drive, he has serious obstacles to overcome to get back home. This is book Two of the Series
The Dawning By Robin Fitzgerald
Paperback: List Price: $10.81 $9.73 | You Save: 10%
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Edited for easy reading, but not condensed, this is my favourite copy. The convenient size is no indication of what's inside. Not since "Journey to the centre of the Earth", has there been... More > such a story. This is a foretelling of the future once you have completely understood the past. It's only because a Pleiadian has shared with us the events of 1996 that I am able to write this. Now the same man, Cobra, is guiding us through what will happen when our financial system collapses, giving us an idea of what lies ahead. Spend 10-minutes listening to; You-Tube: Rob Potter; Interview with Cobra, September 23, 2014. then decide after you hear the answer to... 'How many died?' It's the last 10 minutes that this book is about. Once you read this paperback, you'll realize I could never have made all this up.< Less
Toolbox Tales: 1914 By E Ailemar
Paperback: $6.25
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In a different 1914, and a different American South, Maggie Irving is on the run after she and her father saw something they shouldn't have. She encounters mystery, intrigue, and discovers what it... More > means to be a mechanic.< Less
The Symbol of Aura: Episode II: Intergalactic By A. D. Spivey
Paperback: List Price: $21.00 $19.95 | You Save: 5%
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When Jason makes contact with an extraterrestrial ambassador, he finds himself plunged into deep space to save a threatened world. As he encounters many unexpected challenges, he forms new alliances... More > and teams up with old friends to battle against dangerous alien adversaries. Through his epic intergalactic journey, Jason will learn more about himself, his powers, and what it really means to be— Bearer of the Symbol of Aura. But at what cost...< Less
Baranak: Storming the Gates By Van Allen Plexico
Hardcover: $22.95
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The long-awaited prequel to LUCIAN: DARK GOD'S HOMECOMING! Cosmic gods are born as alien agendas are revealed, mighty star fleets clash and the galaxy stands on the brink of annihilation! On the... More > very eve of his conquest of the Seven Worlds of Man, an assassin has struck down General Constantine Baranak. Now his son, Gaius, has formed an alliance with a mysterious being who walks between worlds to track down those responsible for the murder. But this enigmatic figure possesses dark secrets no one else knows, and pursues an agenda all his own. When the true threat is at last revealed, the two will have to battle the enemy side by side before the dreams of alien conquerors seeking godhood bring about the destruction of all that is... “If adventure has another name, it must be Van Allen Plexico.” --David Michelinie, writer of the Avengers, Iron Man and Spider-Man< Less
Hands Of Tyme: Naked Soul By Dayman Rayne, Including Karma's wage by Ian W. Rowley
Paperback: $6.24
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How Naked can a soul really be? Every choice we make changes it. A different color, nice and smooth, or rotten like a.......... Zombie A Naked Soul, the most honest thing in the world. Bullying... More > leaves a scar that can't go away with I'm Sorry. This is that Story< Less
Yesterday Again By R W Glaser
Paperback: $8.00
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Michael O'Keefe thought he owned the world when selected by Omnicorp to be the test pilot for the new space jump drive. Thinking he and his bio-implanted AI was prepared for anything, they were still... More > surprised to find that instead of jumping through space, they jumped back 300 years through time. Needing to send a message forward in a time capsule kept in Omnicorp legal vault, he hope he could get a message back to the future. In the mean time they had to try to not affect their timeline while dealing with real characters alive in 1890 San Francisco.< Less
The Children of Kalothia By M.B. Smith
Paperback: $13.81
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As young britas lovers Anyon and Hala prepare to flee Hettel before their kuza overlords turn them into breeding stock, Anyon is captured while attempting to foil an assassination plot involving the... More > provincial governor and his daughter Neelyn. With the help of a sympathetic kuza commander he escapes, only to find Hala has been sent to the slave market in Effrenus. Risking everything, Anyon follows her there, but learns she has been sold to the flesh eating rana. He embarks on a desperate quest that takes him across the planet, from the melee ring in Effrenus, to the kuza homeland of Matagot, and on to the notorious rana slave pens in Lystragonia. As his life rushes to a climax, he finds himself questioning his motives: Is it Hala's love that drives him on, or something else?< Less
Wargs: Curse of Misty Hollow By D Allen Rutherford
Paperback: $21.99
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Matthew Kershaw, a professor and crypto zoologist, is intrigued when he gets a call from an old college friend upset about an attack on a forest ranger in an Idaho valley. A pack of exceptionally... More > large wolves with strange features mauled the ranger, but someone like Kershaw needs to get to the bottom of it. Canceling his plans for the summer, he heads to the scene. The idea of discovering a new species of wolf excites Kershaw, who’s convinced that tales of animal totems, animal spirits, skin-walkers, and their brethren that he’s heard about since he was a little boy must be rooted in truth. While Kershaw believes that a species of wolf could remain undiscovered deep in the wilderness, he thinks the assignment at hand will most likely end up being a simple wolf population survey. He has no idea that life is about to turn treacherous, and he’ll soon be in the middle of a conflict between real-life transgenic wolves, Therianthropes, and human-animal hybrids.< Less
Project Renaissance By Ethan Sarem
Paperback: $9.95
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Humanity's rebirth after destruction... Project Renaissance! No such thing as inferior or superior, war or conflict... Does this sound ridiculous? Fyra, rescued from humanity's self-destruction... More > sequence, is the one who embodies the philosophical civilization, known as “society of one”, in which this is true. Gone are the days of death, days spent living instead. Fyra, as primary example of “transcendent life”, has his destiny before him... But is it shaped for him? No! Fyra is free to shape his destiny, unhindered by others' constraints. But... is “society of one” all it is cracked up to be? Is there still something missing? Who or what has Fyra become as a result of Project Renaissance? What will he become in the future? These questions, and perhaps others, leave room for individual interpretation... there is no one answer! Comparable titles? Think of Ayn Rand's “Anthem” and Lois Lowry's “The Giver”.< Less
A Lost Soul By Diana Vick
Paperback: $15.00
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An average girl named Sarah returns from a party to find that her mother has been murdered. After time passes on the investigation, it is soon stopped. Sarah then decides to take matters into her own... More > hands. Deciding to do this begins her long and frightening journey as she starts to see her mother's corpse in mirrors. As stress builds in her, Sarah meets new people and comes closer to finding who killed her mother. With the help of her friends and family she might have a chance at capturing them.< Less
Cause Cerebral By Ethan Sarem
Paperback: $9.95
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The next celebrated cause is a...? Cause Cerebral To live amidst artificial intelligence, to escape reality's troubles... Who achieved this nirvana? The only character mentioned in Cause Cerebral,... More > named “sage” in the interim. Sage uploaded themselves into a computer, escaping reality's troubles... Yet there is still trouble! Sage achieved nirvana for themselves, but what about the others? The others they left behind forever? Sage escaped the pain while keeping the pleasure, yet the others never had a chance to... This problem is solved, or is it? Sage, as an intellectual force behind their cause cerebral... tested thoroughly in Cause Cerebral, not just by the outside but by the inside... Sage is still human, even after uploading... even after transition from a frailer version of themselves to the optimized, the best they can possibly become. But at what cost is this achievement?< Less
Deep Space Dogfights By Rogue Planet Press
Paperback: $14.17
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We have incoming... From Gavin Chappell, editor-in-chief of imprint Rogue Planet Press and editor E.S. Wynn comes the ultimate space opera anthology, full of stories of rebellion, ambition and... More > supersonic, hyperbolic aerial dogfights that will leave you shaken and stirred by both G-force and unashamed conflict.< Less
The Swordsman of Mars By Otis Adelbert Kline
Hardcover: $29.95
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Harry Thorne, explorer and swordsman, had scarcely more than heard of the Red Planet, Mars—when an amazing thing happened…. Otis Adelbert Kline is well-known as one of the best... More > fantasy/adventure contemporaries of Edgar Rice Burroughs. This edition is sourced from the original magazine text and includes all of the original illustrations. Volume #3 in The Argosy Library.< Less
My Paperback Book By Mason Griffin
Paperback: $9.99
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In a world overrun by dinosaurs, three brothers, Mason, Robert, and Tom, try to survive while discovering hidden secrets that may tear their family apart. Will they survive?
Rain Saga By Riley Barton
Paperback: $17.99
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(2 Ratings)
The year is 2119. Twenty years ago the world changed forever. Almost overnight, the serene, blue sphere that was once our Earth, was reduced to a dark green smudge, shrouded in a blanket of... More > torrential storms. Millions died in the flash floods. Millions more succumbed to disease. Luna McKelly’s parents were among the survivors who fled to the shielded city of New Denver in the early years of the disaster. Now 18, Luna is a gifted scientific prodigy working on a cure for the dreaded Blister Wart disease—a fungal infection that rapidly consumes its host if left un-checked. But when an expedition into the swamp goes horribly wrong, Luna soon finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew as her entire world unravels around her.< Less
The Beloved Disciple By Jolie A Reynolds
Paperback: $8.99
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Fallen angels exist. However, not all the lore is correct: most of those who were banished from Heaven were not corrupted, and now are forced to hide, immortals among the mortals. They mourn, they... More > pray, and strive to fulfill the charges given to them at Creation. Mia is one of the Fallen, an Archangel who is - finally - thriving alone in the human world. Suddenly, an angel in Heaven reaches out to her with a mission: to come together with a human Champion, Ethan, and track down the Disciple whom Jesus loved. Seeing as how the divine tap risked the wrath of Michael, the mission must be crucial…right? Yet nothing is clear for Mia and Ethan, and as they join forces with other Fallen and humans, it seems that being sandwiched between Hell and half of Heaven is exactly where they’ve found themselves. Can they survive long enough to learn the new secrets Heaven is holding?< Less
Castle on the Hill: Secrets By Lloyd Green
Paperback: $7.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
Years of separation never changed the deep feelings Ethan and Dora had for one another. The childhood friends now find each other at the High School for Dimensional Arts that accepts only the most... More > talented. The school has a secret that will send shivers down your spine. Something sinister haunts the silence of the cold walls. Only one man has the answer to everything – the person who started it all. As the story unfolds, will Ethan and Dora’s budding relationship blossom? Will their love survive? Will they? The answers lie within the not so hallowed walls of the Castle on the Hill. Castle on the Hill: Secrets, is an enjoyable mix of sci-fi and romance with secrets around every corner. But be careful. Your wildest dreams and your darkest fears might just come true.< Less
Moonkind By Bruce Merchant
Paperback: $24.99
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In another century and a half, the world, as we know it, will be greatly changed. This book foresees changes that most of us could scarcely dream of. But several earthly problems have not been... More > resolved. One of these is the periodic emergence of infectious diseases that have evaded all efforts to prevent or control them. Enter Q-strain, an astoundingly pernicious mutation of Ebola virus which totally wipes out all humans on the Earth. There is time, however, to transport the very earliest stage of clones to the robotic station on the Moon. When the “all clear” for absence of the Ebola Q-strain mutant on the Earth has been biologically verified, these clones are given birth on the Moon and raised to adulthood by robotic guides and caretakers. The story then centers on the development of fourteen clones who must return a human presence to our now Ebola-free blue planet. This sounds like quite a challenge, and in fact, that’s just what it is.< Less
Toka-Ace #1 The Re Emergence By T Kashif
Paperback: $10.00
Ships in 3-5 business days
No one really ever took an interest in Troy Haden. He lived his entire life as an anxious wallflower, someone that others saw as a nobody. Now shortly after his sixteenth birthday, he realizes that... More > there is someone who has taken an interest in him, someone deadly and completely willing to kill the people closest to Troy in order to get to him. Now to save himself, and the people he loves he has to use the very power that makes him a target in the first place. Because if they get to him first, it’s over.< Less
The Symbol of Aura: Episode I: Beginnings By A. D. Spivey
Paperback: List Price: $19.99 $16.99 | You Save: 15%
Ships in 3-5 business days
Growing up, Jason has always heard alien abduction stories from his dad. While he never believed his dad was crazy, he never thought he would be abducted himself. Since then, everything in his life... More > has changed. Energized with new telekinetic powers and other supernatural abilities, Jason breaks through his fear and tries his hand at being a hero. …But a mysterious and enigmatic character has been watching him and sends him a warning— “You are in danger… You must be ready.”< Less
Enchanted Incognito By W. I. Zard
Paperback: $10.02
Ships in 3-5 business days
Have you ever felt so completely lost and out of place you wondered if your life was really even yours? Well I have. I’ve lived most of my life feeling as though I were trapped in someone... More > else’s, so when I found out that I was born a witch, it all started to fall into place. That is until I met the tall, dark and mysterious Elliot and realized that dating in the mortal world has got nothing on the complication, desire and mistrust that surrounds romance in the magical world. It doesn’t help that our families are mortal enemies either. Did Romeo and Juliet have to suffer plagued curses and time travel in their struggle? I think not. As tragic as their tale was, they were fully responsible for their fate, but not Athiya and Elliot. No, our story was completely out of our control.< Less
Spiralchain: Gatemaker By Jeremiah L. Schwennen
Hardcover: List Price: $39.99 $29.99 | You Save: 25%
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Everyone feels, at one time or another, like they just don’t belong—sometimes they’re right. Adam Childers is a seventeen year-old closeted gay high school student in middle America... More > with an eccentric girlfriend and no one in whom he can confide. When Jara, a mysterious little girl from another world, reveals to Adam that he was born a Gatemaker, one of very few in all creation able to open doorways from one world to another, everything changes. Jara’s world suffers at the hands of a mighty warlord, and when she makes her way to Adam’s world she sees in him potential that he could never see in himself. Together, Jara, Adam, and Adam's friends must travel to the medieval world of Onus and confront both terrible danger and their own fears if they are to set Jara's world free and discover, once and for all, where it is they truly belong. Gatemaker is Book 1 in the Spiralchain.< Less
Spiralchain: Mindshaper By Jeremiah L. Schwennen
Hardcover: List Price: $43.00 $32.25 | You Save: 25%
Ships in 6-8 business days.
Every day, the people in our life try to define us—but do they really know who we are? Tatyana Harper is a college student with a complicated past and a future that she will do anything to... More > assure. Six months ago, her world was turned upside-down when she discovered she was a Mindshaper, one of the very few in all creation able to connect with and manipulate the minds of those around her. Drawn into the struggle between the others like her—the Children of the Line—and the monstrous Obliviates that lurk in the shadows of her world, she must confront the echoes of her own past and determine who she is going to be. Tatyana and her friends must travel to an unknown world in search of the technology that will end this war, but what cost will this journey demand of her? Of all of them? Mindshaper is Book 2 in the Spiralchain< Less