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The Chosen Past 2 Present By J.E. Runnion
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The Chosen Past 2 Present is the second book of a trilogy written by J.E. Runnion. He has blended mythos and modern folklore with biblical accounts, spinning a fictional tale full of adventure and... More > suspense. The main characters JD and Mary, set out in search of the first "Chosen" Shifter of God, Patel, who is locked in the form of a Sasquatch. When they find and confront the potential ally, the couple find much more than either of them could have imagined. We learn of his history and adventures and the adventures to come with all the Chosen, old and new.< Less
Little Boxes By Jens Alfke
Paperback: $7.00
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Short stories and poems written between 1991 and 2011. WHO is the nameless Hero and why is he breaking into our house? WHAT horrifying truth lurks behind the peeling paint of the bathroom... More > wall? WHEN did she shoot fireworks at the aurora from the North Pole? WHERE is the boarded-up room in which our hero is stuck on the couch amid crazy supposed-friends? WHY are the cows broadcasting a message from the giant radio dish in the middle of their field?< Less
Quantum Level Zero By Ted Grosch
Paperback: $16.99
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Winston Churchill stated that history is written by the victors. Germany terrorized Britain’s civilian population with V1 and V2 rockets. The Nazi historians would have a legitimate rational... More > for that had they won the war. Quantum Level Zero takes place in a dystopian society of the near future Earth, where fanatics are about to win the war on terror for the good for the people and the good of society. Their leader, Matteen Al-Rama has outgrown his fanatical roots. Once an ambassador and secretary General of the United Nations, he now leads a fundamentalist revolution that uses cloud computing, holographic CGI recruitment rallies, computer worms, rootkits and Trojans, advanced communications, and cybernetic enhancements to spread apocalyptic chaos across the globe. If that weren’t enough, rumor of an alien race wanting to begin diplomatic relations with Earth threatens to solidify Al-Rama’s global stranglehold.< Less
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For fourteen years the Space Star Silver Streak has ranged through deep space searching for planets to colonize. Now the long voyage is nearing its end. The ship is almost empty. If one more planet... More > checks out for colonization, the last of the great space ark's complement will disembark and the long rebuilding of the human race will begin. But the Hyron commander Mordrax, who has ruthlessly pursued the Silver Streak across the galaxy in his mad desire to kill Captain Richard Cameron, has now ascended to the throne of Hyron. As the Silver Streak prepares for what may be its last planetary survey, Mordrax's Hyron fleet arrives on an apparent mission of peace. Could Mordrax be sincere in his desire for an alliance with his old enemy? Or is this a deadly trap that could spell the end of the human race?< Less
It Never Raynes By Paul Lell
Paperback: $10.00
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For Rayne, life had always been about flying. Growing up the daughter of the infamous Riana Thorindal and Vincent Torres was no easy task, but getting behind the controls of her own spaceship made... More > everything seem alright. It gave her freedom to go where she wanted and earn a living on the space lanes, like her parents had. When her first solo run lands her in the middle of a genetically-engineered psychic's plans to destroy all life on the newly re-opened Earth, she finds herself dodging the corporate thugs sent to clean up the mess and looking for answers. Can she track down the man responsible and stop his plot to kill billions of people?< Less
Henry J. Parks & The Zender By Kyllingmark
Hardcover: $18.11
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The city is under siege again and Kirsten continues to prepare the young band of resisters in hopes of retaking their city while Jim works at creating more disruption by discrediting the leadership... More > controlling the people. Parks faces his own internal struggles with troubling questions. What is right isn’t always what it seems and what is true isn’t always what is real. Parks must make choices that may decide the fate of many even his own family. Will the mysterious book reveal more secrets? What do the six really want and can the past create a bridge to the future? People are confused and anxious as time is surely running out.< Less
Henry J. Parks The Dark Matter By Kyllingmark
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Any chance for a peaceful outcome seems impossible now as Management brings the Testers back into the city. Henry is doing all he can to protect those he loves especially his pregnant wife Della but... More > even their most secure location, the Island, is under assault. Kirsten is equally concerned as she works to rally the ROD knowing full well if anyone one is caught it can only mean certain death. A crushing weight of fear and despair settles over all as the last hour approaches. Jim must make his final broadcast and wake the people up or his voice will be silenced forever. Kirsten and her small band of Resisters fight Management’s destructive efforts but not without cost. But what about Parks? Can he defeat the energy within and solve the mystery of the Dark Matter? The mystery which has been kept secret for long ages past.< Less
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Our solar system seems relatively peaceful from our perch here on Earth, however, that is far from reality. The star at the center of our existence has witnessed battles over planets and moons since... More > the early stirrings of life on most of the planets in the system, countless millions of years in the past.< Less
Epik Adventures: Here Be Dragons By W. W. Dowd III
Hardcover: $39.99
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Humanity has reached an era of peace and prosperity thanks to the discovery of energy crystals from another dimension called Crystal Prime, a land of magic and mythological creatures. When this peace... More > is threatened, worldwide political conglomerates race to train teams to keep humankind safe. Although things look bleak, a program offers a few chosen names a slender hope. Five American retirement-age people from differing backgrounds hold the key to victory. They transfer to Crystal Prime in a desperate attempt to save humanity from its mysterious enemy. The new team, code-named Epik, must adjust to the youthful bodies received in the transfer process, learn martial abilities and magic in a different dimension, and work among races of elves, dwarves, and dragons. They also face assassins, a hostile environment, traitorous friends, and raging hormones. In this novel, a team of retirees receives new bodies and works together in another dimension to protect humanity.< Less
Nightworld By E W Farnsworth
Paperback: $12.63
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Genius programmer, Daniel Archer, and Janice, the Artificial Intelligence, team up to develop and maintain Nightworld, a virtual entertainment environment. Archer exchanges his girlfriend, Monique... More > Stark, for Janice and opens possibilities extending beyond software and flesh to spirits and even souls.< Less
Sarah's DOWREE By Jonathan Fiske
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Off-world vacations to antiquity! Come visit a primitive culture filled with beings whose biology has been out-paced by its technology. Witness the barbaric rituals of sport and religion. Enjoy the... More > flavors of a cuisine not hamstrung by morals or regulations. Laugh at the political musings of a backward government of the most powerful country on the planet. Act soon and you could even catch a drive-in movie as you cruise the Middle American landscape in your Sport Utility Vehicle. Spots are limited so you need to act fast. Indulge in your wildest fantasies. Everything is for sale and you have an unlimited account. As they say on Earth ‘Consumption is King.'< Less
Doc Armstrong: Suburb at the Edge of Never By Larry Blamire
Paperback: $19.45
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What is at the heart of a vast conspiracy that involves very round hedges, something that gobbles, a strange macaroon-headed man, a mysterious parchment and men in horribly striped ties? It’s... More > up to Doc Armstrong, the world’s most renowned meteographer, the man who took down The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, to get to the bottom of it, along with his loyal 1950s housewife wife Betty, alien friends Kro-Bar and Lattis, and Ranger Brad’s town brother City Brad, formerly Jungle Brad but he’s in the city now. Together they face overwhelming odds as powerful forces seek to change the world we know into the world we don’t know, in this absurdist mash-up of pulp adventure, B-movies and surrealism. Presenting the first of the further adventures of the beloved characters of the cult classic films, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and The Lost Skeleton Returns Again, written by their creator, writer-director Larry Blamire, who also played Dr. Paul Armstrong in the movies, but for the book will leave it to just words.< Less
Sector Strange By Samuel Boland
Paperback: List Price: $8.00 $7.20 | You Save: 10%
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Typically it's illegal for a tree frog to own a sub machine gun, or for an Iguana to operate an elevator. And pinnaples are banned from flying in helicopters. Seriously, where's the fun in that? I... More > say go for it gecko, drink that mocha with style. Let's be outlaws for a change. These folks are some of the wildest you'll ever meet. Max and his two adopted nephews Alfredo and Scotty are the three of the finest agents of Sector Strange Secret Agency. When several leery news reports of missing people go national, as well as potential terrorist threats, the three take action.< Less
Epik Adventures: Here Be Heroes By William Dowd
Paperback: $21.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Is youth really wasted on the young? Epik team learns the answer the hard way. With their bonded dragons, the American team Epik stands up to the challenges of a world on the brink of war like no one... More > has ever seen. Enemies abound within and without as they face each challenge brought on by allies and enemies. No one ever told them being young was so much work!< Less
Doc Savage: The Frightened Fish By Will Murray, Lester Dent, Kenneth Robeson
Hardcover: $29.95
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THE FRIGHTENED FISH OCCUPIED JAPAN...THE BITTER WINTER OF 1948-49.... Why did ordinary men fear the symbol of a harmless silver fish? Doc Savage did not know. Investigating, the Man of Bronze... More > discovered that the Atlantic fishing grounds were being emptied of all fish! Soon, the watery trail led to Occupied Japan, where Doc was fated to face an old enemy long thought dead––and a woman from his past he never expected to encounter again.< Less
Behind the Veil of Pilash By David Conklin
Paperback: $6.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
It has all but become a historical footnote that one of the NASA astronauts caught up in Nekush Ajieen’s operation was the late Dr. Wesley Furste, who worked for NASA as a moon geologist and... More > made no less than three round trips to the moon. His clone, created by Nekush, also made a trip to the moon and was presumed lost, having disappeared from the far side over fifty years ago. But guess what? He’s back, and man has he ever got a story to tell. . . .< Less
Infertile By Makayla Regel
Paperback: $6.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the year 2060 the world became hellish. The nutrients were stripped from the soil, taking billion of people`s way of life with it. The food chain collapsed, famine was worldwide and starvation... More > became the normal. Animals died off one by one, leaving behind nothing. Zero and twin sister, Mirari, were born twelve years after the apocalypse began. Their parents died while looking for items for their gang, leaving Zero and Mirari orphaned and to be raised by the fellow gang members. Seventeen years after their parents died, Mirari found her own untimely death. Zero blames himself for her demise and vows that he will do anything to make sure her death wasn`t in vain, which lands him on a journey across Japan with three others, Sioka, Darius and Averil, to find a place that went untouched by the apocalypse.< Less
BioQuest :: The Matriarch By sarah linsley
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A part of the BioQuest series. Tony Hunter is starting to implement plans to leverage Family resources to overthrow The Corporation.
Surviving Rigell By Christopher Hightower
Paperback: $17.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Imagine being abducted by aliens, taken to a distant world, and enslaved. Now, imagine how you would deal with this new life that's been thrust upon you, and how you would come to terms with your new... More > reality. This is the story of a group of humans that has to not only face that reality, but overcome it.< Less
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Gifted: Eclipse By Joshua Mendrala
Paperback: List Price: $12.18 $6.09 | You Save: 50%
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verb [ with obj. ] deprive (someone or something) of significance, power, or prominence. Predecessor to Gifted, Gifted: Eclipse follows the rise and fall of the Gifted peoples, from birth to near... More > extinction. Beginning with the genesis of the Gifted legend, Eclipse oversees Captain Samuel Primarium, the man who's exploits served as a catalyst for the Gifted's path. Following Primarium's escapades, a second era is revealed: the era of the Gifted Wars, a conflict raging through decades which gives rise to an ancient evil. It is through the interlocking of these timelines that the paramount characters of the Gifted legend are revealed, those who breathe life into its universe. Gifted: Eclipse follows the deprivation of vile villains and powerful heroes; however manifesting the rise of the most humble mortals, and fearsome nobodies. Within these pages lies the origin worthy of its legend.< Less
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A Cluster of Time By Benjamin Willis
Hardcover: $15.61
Prints in 3-5 business days
“A Cluster of Time” is an epic time-travel adventure loaded with hidden connections and Easter eggs for the keen reader. When a temporal researcher from 2042 is accidentally transported... More > back to the Dark Ages, the stage is set for an adventure that involves Royal Knights, Egyptian Mummies, Roman Armies, Magical Wizards, Barbarians, flying cars, crucifixions, pyramids, great battles, African Tribes, Kings, archeology, paradoxes, Jesus Christ, and a mysterious cluster of crystals that ties it all together.< Less
Half Horse Book 1 Sierra By Yvon Hintz
Paperback: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
If you love horses, if you are young at heart, if you love to exercise your imagination and take an escape into another world, then Half Horse- the Quinolan Qhronicles is the story for you.... More > Imagine a world where half the population is made up of intelligent half horse beings. Imagine finding yourself stranded there and learning you must have an owner if you want to stay. Imagine the new sights you will see, the interesting people- and horses- you will meet. Better still, don't try to imagine it- jump hoofs first into the world of Half Horse and experience it with Sierra as his adventures unfold.< Less
Red Sky By Kirk Klinger
Paperback: $14.76
Prints in 3-5 business days
Kyle is shy, single and coasting through life. He has no aspirations, no ambition, and no prospects. When both his parents mysteriously go missing from their small-town, Wisconsin home he finds... More > himself completely lost. After spending a night at his boyhood home he awakes to find himself in another world. Trapped in what feels like a nightmare, filled with monsters and strange creatures, he summons strengths he never knew he had to try and find his parents, escape his new world, and maybe make some friends at the same time.< Less