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Hot Robo By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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"Let's see if your 'Project Thunder' can really help us, doctor..." In the far future the shinning city of Hub is besieged by giant monsters. Their only hope lies with STORMWATCH and their... More > curvaceous giant battle robot Hot Robo. It's up to them to keep the city safe! But is the monster even out to destroy the city? Or does it have other... needs? And will Hot Robo and her pilot be able to defeat it in time?? Find out in the first issue of Hot Robo, from! Also includes a preview of next months comic, "The Girls Who Dance at the Chapel"!< Less
Invasion By Tim Atterberry
Paperback: $6.66
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Taylor has stumbled onto a secret--the alien agenda. Will he be assimilated before he can expose the truth to the world?
The Alpha Project By Ulysses Petty
Paperback: $15.00
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Charles Turk was an ordinary guy. That is, he thought he was until he awakened one morning a fugitive to a crime he doesn't remember committing. Now he's on a wild race against time to figure out the... More > last seventeen years of his life to piece together the last 24 hours of his life. The Alpha Project is a adventure that will keep you guessing at every turn!!< Less
Heroes, Heroines, & Denizens of the Underworld By JC Miller
Paperback: $12.50
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This is a unique story of the superhero genre, as it attempts to create an origin of superheros and their superhuman powers. It also gives a rare look into the, often depressing and neurotic, lives... More > of superheroes. This is the story of Wallace Duffy, a simpleton, an introvert, and a wimp. Wally is certainly not the kind of person the neighbors would suspect is a superhero. Wally's teen years are something he would prefer to forget. He was the target of ridicule ever since his late grandfather told Wally's friends that he and Wally were superheroes by ancestry. His adult years did not seem to be much of an improvement. They were filled with heartbreak due to his inability to express himself romantically to Chloe Spade, the love of his life. That was now about to change, ever since he discovered that his grandfather was not just a senile old man. Everything the old codger said was true.< Less
Deerward By Marilena Mexi
Paperback: $13.99
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Alcander is a young prince who lives in the city of Silver Fir, which is being plagued by continuous winter for two decades. Though he's a generous and patriotic young man, he is disliked by the... More > commoners, who see him as nothing more than the son of the land's tyrannical queen, Charna. When he discovers a secret about his past, he reconsiders everything he knew so far and he sets forth on an epic quest in order find the source of the evil plague and save his homeland. He comes across deadly enemies and he experiences love, loss and treason. However, the greatest milestone of this quest is a powerful dragon, who will change his fate forever. Alcander isn’t prepared to face the massive changes which are about to happen in his life, but the strength hiding in his heart will keep his hope alive.< Less
Waurgroth: Path of Incinerator By Anthony Heili
Hardcover: $34.99
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Water, Fire, Rock, Air, Metal, Electricity, Light, Dark, Forests, Dragon, and Vanguard. Eternities of war haunt the Wauriors, a human-like species native to the planet Waurgroth. After millions of... More > years of the same conflict, the war begins to climax and an ancient darkness begins to reappear. Four powerful Wauriors, revered by all, must stand against this reemerging threat. Alone or backed by armies, they must ready the nations or face extinction. One Waurior in particular must face his predetermined destiny of becoming someone who must wield the power to end the corrupted darkness. The only thing standing in his way is rediscovering his power and realizing his true potential along with his fate as the ultimate weapon.< Less
Spiralchain: Gatemaker By Jeremiah L. Schwennen
Hardcover: List Price: $39.99 $29.99 You Save: 25%
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Everyone feels, at one time or another, like they just don’t belong—sometimes they’re right. Adam Childers is a seventeen year-old closeted gay high school student in middle America... More > with an eccentric girlfriend and no one in whom he can confide. When Jara, a mysterious little girl from another world, reveals to Adam that he was born a Gatemaker, one of very few in all creation able to open doorways from one world to another, everything changes. Jara’s world suffers at the hands of a mighty warlord, and when she makes her way to Adam’s world she sees in him potential that he could never see in himself. Together, Jara, Adam, and Adam's friends must travel to the medieval world of Onus and confront both terrible danger and their own fears if they are to set Jara's world free and discover, once and for all, where it is they truly belong. Gatemaker is Book 1 in the Spiralchain.< Less
Space: 1999 The Whispering Sea By John Kenneth Muir
Paperback: $20.00
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The latest officially licensed Space: 1999 novel from Powys Media showcases the return of John Kenneth Muir in a brand new novel revealing the first adventure of Maya.
Diary of Darkness By Norman Willey
Paperback: List Price: $9.95 $5.97 You Save: 40%
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Set forth on a journey down into darkness and into another world far away through worm holes and flights across galaxies to meet gods of a different origin. This fictional journey delves your mind... More > down into the struggles of religion, domination, exploration, and war. This dark book points out in fictional quality that man is still searching for the answer to comprehend the question about how to obtain peace. Look inside and take the ride along your minds inner doorways and see for yourself how the imagination stimulation works its way to your very core.< Less
Serendipidus By Jennifer Ott
Paperback: $20.50
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The Earth has stopped rotating and no one seems to notice, except for bleeding-heart, supermodel Venetia DeMille. While Mother Earth begins to fade into a silent death, Venetia clings to hope. She... More > solicits the help of a scientist, but no avail. Not to be hindered in her quest to save the Earth, Venetia sets out on a journey around the world to find like-minded people and caring souls - an exuberant youth, a magical healer and a man of God. Although together they are able to rekindle faith, their effort still does not provide results. It is a mysterious meeting of four horsemen that carry them to the east where they experience a connection to the earth and each other. Could the forces that gather with their united efforts prove to be the remedy to save the planet?< Less
Relentless By JD Williams
Paperback: $14.99
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A sudden attack. A mysterious stranger. And deadly secrets. In this nonstop action thriller, a small team of human workers terraforming a lifeless world is attacked by a ruthless menace. Their only... More > hope for survival is Jon Ranger, a mysterious stranger who arrives at the same time as the threat. Ranger has a history with what is attacking, but he has a secret. And Ranger suspects the workers are hiding something too. Between their cunning adversary and dissension among the workers, trust is at a premium. Something has come to this remote, barren world for a reason. It’s determined. Deadly. Calculating.< Less
Future of the Earth: The Linchpin By J.G. Contor
Paperback: $28.00
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Stories have been told of earth being invaded by a hostile Alien force bent on humanity’s destruction. These have had been received with a variety of success. This is a story of humanity who... More > has the superior technology and they are the invading force. The Interplanetary Military Force (IMF) has traveled throughout the Orion Spur of the Milky Way Galaxy for hundreds of light years and over ten generations. On their journey they harvest the resources of each planet they meet; leaving these planets stripped and dead. Tech Sergeant Grant Harlin, explores a newly discovered world, and with the help of his team, discovers a secret that challenges humanity's knowledge of its origins. What follows is a relearning of what it means to be human, and a reinvention of humanity's purpose. Sergeant Harlin is thrust into the center of a conflict between humanity and its long lost enemies. Humanity must overcome their inherited colonialism and self-centered superiority if they hope to survive the war.< Less
Playing By the Rules By Morgan Hach
Paperback: $14.99
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When Gabriel Clarke makes a deal with the Devil, he believes that his wish has finally been granted. He is given the ability to live forever. This deal, however, comes with three simple rules:... More > don’t tell anyone, don’t get “killed,” and don’t fall in love. As time passes, Gabriel realizes that these rules are harder to follow than he thought, and the consequences are greater than he could have ever imagined.< Less
Hereditary Decision By Allen Laycock
Paperback: $19.99
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There are lots of things in the world that go bump in the night. Some just bump a little harder than others. Most we know about or at least have heard about but there are a few that are less... More > known. Greg is an average boy but he is faced with an impossible decision. Furthermore no one will tell him what the decision is or when he must make it. As he gets older he is haunted by visions, manipulated and pushed to the brink of losing his mind. With numerous hints that lead nowhere Greg tries to forget about the decision and move on with his life. He meets Gen and finds a traveling family but the decision inevitably comes back to haunt him again. When he is finally pushed to far Greg snaps and makes the decision that has been plaguing him most of life without realizing it. His life changes and he has to come to terms with what has happened. Will he be able to overcome and persevere or will his world come crashing down.< Less
The Bairn Project: Transition By Barbara Wolf
Paperback: $17.70
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The continuing story of Dani, as she returns to Crossing Wells and has to deal with the consequences of who she is.
Hardcover: List Price: $26.68 $18.68 You Save: 30%
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When Darci drove her wheelchair across the playground, she didn’t realize her strength and resolve would soon be tested. A series of events would place Darci, her brother Daniel and their... More > young cousin Amber in great peril. The children would find themselves transported to a place they didn’t know existed. A place where a wheelchair could fly, new friends could be made and a young boy could become a warrior.< Less
Lulu's Adventure with the Hi By Adriana Briscoe
Paperback: $7.50
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An 11-year old girl named Lulu meets a delightful creature called a hi. Hies are not very bright, but they're very nice. They are fat and they can change sizes. They love purple and hate orange and... More > black.< Less
Mermaids Tail- Hidden Love- Book One By Arya Aleron and Krystal Jo-Lynnelle
Paperback: $30.00
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When mermaids decide to venture on land, what can happen? Will love or heart ache be found? For Caspian and Tamara, love may be closer than they think- and take unexpected turns.
The Lore Anthology By John Klobucher
Paperback: List Price: $10.95 $8.76 You Save: 20%
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Welcome to Lore of the Underlings, a trail of tales to the end of things, and maybe a bit beyond. In these first episodes of the Lore... Three brave strangers cross a wild land to find a folk hidden... More > away, a people long turned from the light of the world yet the last hope to save the day. The Lore Anthology includes Episodes 1 through 5 from the Lore of the Underlings series, a poetically heroic and comically apocalyptic episodic fantasy-fiction epic.< Less
Everland By Vinny Lo Verme
Paperback: List Price: $16.99 $15.29 You Save: 10%
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Living the daily routine became boring to Jengo Wood, a custodian at the Brooklyn Museum. Jengo, a native of Carmel, Indiana, began to realize life in New York wasn’t as fascinating as he... More > originally believed. As life becomes increasingly meaningless for Jengo, he discovers a new obsession: dreams. After meeting a mysterious man, he begins to embark on a journey he was not quite ready for. The decisions he makes will make a profound impact on the people around him and also open up skeletons that have been locked in the closet for many years. Soon he will find himself on a deadly path that will make it difficult for him to decipher the difference between what is real and what isn’t... his dreams and reality...and whether he is dead or alive...< Less
The Blue Flame By Roby Ward
Hardcover: $39.98
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Greg Sanders has been granted fantastic powers. He however fears the gift will bring a drastic change to the universe, so has secluded himself to study his blessing. What he learns is that the... More > universe will barely be bothered, but his life will be completely altered. The story revolves around Greg attempting to establish himself among people that have similar blessings, those that want to make use of his gifts, and beings that simply want to somehow adjust their lives to having such a powerful person in their presence. Matters of love, diplomacy, and metaphysics all intertwine as Greg seeks to settle into his new existence. In the midst of everything, he must choose whether his life is better with his fantastic gift or without.< Less
Curse of The Dragon Kings By Anne Spackman
Paperback: List Price: $14.95 $13.46 You Save: 10%
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Curse of The Dragon Kings tells of the mythical origins of the noble Dragon Race, the Dragorians, of their magic and dealings with the Elves, and of their connection with the wizard Myrddin (Merlin... More > was his name as he appeared in the Arthurian Saga) and his brother, Calatin. It tells of the love story between Dragoras the King and Grainnewyn of the Elves. Curse of The Dragon Kings is the story of lands of the wizards' battle against the dark Elves, of the lost city of Dragoras and of the coming of the age of men and dwarves and Elves into the mythical birthplace of Dragon-magic.< Less
Nautilus By Elle Masaracchia
Paperback: $11.95
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Once upon a time humans spoke to each other. They listened, laughed with and embraced one another in full recognition of what it meant to be alive. They had rich relationships full of joy and sorrow,... More > trust and remorse but most of all: they were authentic. Every day, they worked together through thick and thin, building lives and memories, loving and losing- taking risks- being human. But that is not what they story is about. This is a tale on the opposite end of history where Lorenzo Mancilioni, an Ethics professor, finds himself trapped in a complex labyrinth of his own making. He struggles to come to terms with his mistakes and then feels compelled to share his knowledge with the world. But will he do this in time, before the simple essence of what it means to be human is irreversibly changed forever?< Less
Brass Jack: A Dangerous Dance of Empire By Robert Seutter
Paperback: $24.95
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Communicating with a Solarian Knight was possibly the most troubling thing Tyan had ever done. Brass Jack Solomon is none too happy, either. With the Empire determined to tear apart the very fabric... More > of the universe, starting with his young friend, Jack once more sets himself between the Empire and those he loves. After all, the Empire may classify Tyan as a dangerously powerful, wild talent, but Jack just sees a young man with good intentions at war with deadly imperial politics. Part of that stand means Jack must return to Lem-Bob. It will require every trick he's ever used and a few he hasn't yet invented. The Rus are attacking, the Empire wants desperately to get their hands on the Krr-Karr Ambassador, the Knights have an honor duel to host, and Jack's dream to keep Lem-Bob in obscurity has been shattered. Amidst battle starships and swords, Psi-Lords and frontier settlers, Jack must pull every string he has to save his loved ones and his adopted home… and possibly even save the Universe.< Less
Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth By Giando Sigurani
Paperback: List Price: $20.95 $17.81 You Save: 15%
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The Greek god Hermes has spent thousands of years in a mountain prison for disobeying Zeus. Emerging in a new world where the gods have been shunned by humankind, he hatches a plan straight from the... More > comic books to revive the glory days of Olympus. As Mister Mercury, caped hero, he fights not for freedom, not for justice, but to put the Fear of the Gods back into the hearts of mortals everywhere- whether they believe it or not.< Less