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After the Devastation By Paul M. Lewis
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In 2024, the world is on the brink of nuclear war and environmental disaster. Nora Del Bosque tells her husband, Aden Delaterre, she must go to Chicago, to the new headquarters of the UN, to report... More > on a crucial meeting. With the world situation looking grim, Aden fears for Nora’s safety. As an environmental specialist, he understands the danger all too well. His fears are confirmed when global disaster strikes during Nora’s trip, and the two are lost to each other. In the ensuing years, they each lead lives in isolated communities without modern technology or the conveniences once taken for granted. Both become leaders within these fragments of civilization, facing a wide range of conflicts. In the process, Nora and Aden discover their own intuitive awakening and come to know and rely on their personal spirit guides—in hopes of one day finding each other. In this tale of romance, political intrigue, and mysticism, humanity faces a post-apocalyptic crisis of devastating proportions.< Less
Heart Behind The Mask By N. "Karmakat" Franzetti
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When you are a hero, you risk your life and you are in the spotlight. For Joe, aka Tempest, a life in the spotlight isn’t exactly what he’d signed up for when he’d wanted to save... More > people. Keeping your job, being a hero and not scaring your beloved to death is already hard enough. Throw being gay into the mix and things get even more difficult. A mysterious group launches repeated attacks against our hero and his teammates, the Elementals. This group is simply known as “Them”. Who could they be working for? Can Joe manage to rescue innocents, protect his cherished love, and stay alive all at the same time?< Less
Red Sky By Kirk Klinger
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Kyle is shy, single and coasting through life. He has no aspirations, no ambition, and no prospects. When both his parents mysteriously go missing from their small-town, Wisconsin home he finds... More > himself completely lost. After spending a night at his boyhood home he awakes to find himself in another world. Trapped in what feels like a nightmare, filled with monsters and strange creatures, he summons strengths he never knew he had to try and find his parents, escape his new world, and maybe make some friends at the same time.< Less
Beelzebub's Bargain - (A5 Edition) By Ronald Scheckelhoff
Paperback: $18.99
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The book is a compilation of two novelettes. In the first, a heretofore unknown phenomenon mystifies its discoverers and then astounds them with its subtle power. Global manipulations are made... More > possible by the power of the discovery. As humanity is swept under the spell of these men, the manipulators find that their own fates have been sealed by powers of a far more sinister origin. The second book is the short "The Drug". "The voice wafted over the rooftops of the buildings that covered the low-lying westward section that lay ahead of them. The couple looked at one another, each face primed to posit a question, unsure of what it should be. They walked a hundred yards further, descending to a flat section of the road, and another voice came along to them in the cold wind. The answer to the first call chanted the same words. Up overhead, the sinking sky smothered them with the dark gray drabness of a late northern fall evening. Compilation has approx 63,000 words. (Some violent content) Short index< Less
Attack of the Zombie Chupacabras: How Cendy Wilksersum Saved Humanity By Hacker Johnson
Paperback: $13.00
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Can Cendy Wilkersum save the world? Follow Cendy and Nirmod Slacker as they travel across the Untied States, fighting zombie chubacabras and aliens, to save humanity.
Warlords of the Asteroid Belt By Rogue Planet Press
Paperback: $13.82
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Between Mars and Jupiter lies the Asteroid Belt, a sector of space containing countless myriads of asteroids and dwarf planets, many with vast untapped mineral wealth beneath their surfaces. In the... More > near future, as the human race expands throughout the Solar System, this lawless region becomes a battleground as frontiersmen, space pirates, prospectors and mining combines struggle for supremacy. Ill-equipped to police such an area, the Space Patrol is powerless to intervene in all but a few of the struggles, and the Belt is ravaged by warfare between rival factions. All are determined to gain control, but when the wars are over, who will be acknowledged Warlord of the Asteroid Belt? Including stories by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek, Gary Budgen, ES Wynn, Andrew MacRae and many more! Plus cover art courtesy of Stephen Cooney and interior art by Gregory KH Bryant.< Less
Blood and Brothers By Kurt Kennett
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Blood and Brothers is a fantasy book set in a futuristic world different from our own. Rogue Scientists who have fled Earth to do research into genetic manipulations find a world wrapped in... More > extremely powerful energy fields, allowing them to power their technology. This same technology allows them to have grand, flying craft with sails grabbing not just the wind but power from the air. The story is oriented around two unlikely friends: Darian Carver, a human, and Max Ford, a Mantarian. Mantarians are one of the engineered races and are based on an equine model. The two friends who are as different as night and day are quickly shown to be best friends, as two unalike people can often become. The young men experience exciting but tough trials, exposure to both good and bad mentorship, and challenges of both the body and the spirit. They learn what is most important to them, who they can depend on, and the type of people they want to become.< Less
Club Titanic By Richard Wheat
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Deep Sea Adventures, Inc., has created a resort on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean, five miles from the most famous shipwreck in history. For a price, guests can venture into these crushing depths to... More > catch a glimpse of the crow's nest, where Lookout Frederick Fleet spotted the iceberg; the lifeboat davits, some of which still stand ready; and other highlights of this legendary vessel. Due to the Titanic's salvage rights being awarded to another company, Deep Sea Adventures has been forbidden to pursue the idea of a resort, or to take passengers down to the wreck. But in a place where light cannot penetrate, who would notice a resort structure miles away on the ocean floor? Who would notice a solitary supply ship, a virtual lifeline, sailing in a wide, but constant circle in the North Atlantic? Who wouldn't pay a huge ticket price with the only string attached being silence about the trip?< Less
Safehouse Seventy By John Morris
Paperback: $8.50
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Follow Jason Andrews, Number 12, the Occupant Information Recorder. His job is simple: He keeps tabs on everyone else and makes sure they're doing their jobs. With a request, he is also put in... More > charge of controlling the emotions of everyone. Stuck in a Fallout Shelter with no one but his brother and 68 other people, he must learn to follow orders from the demanding HOPE program. In this test of morals, trust, and survival, does Jason have what it takes to live on? Or will he fail, and simply become another number to fall?< Less
The Legend of the Vodun, Awakened By Tameera Corum
Paperback: $11.99
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A teenage girl from a voduist family receives a magic ring on her 16th birthday, which leads her to learn that she is the Vodun, a powerful magic creature. Her discovery eventually leads her into a... More > magic battle with witches who are determined to stop her from coming into her inheritance of power. Her discovery will eventually cost her more than she can imagine...< Less
Crinkle Shorts 2 By Little Foxy
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Containing three novellas, Crinkle Shorts 2 explores anthropomorphic AB\DL relationships in settings from the mundane to the magical and places in between.
Crinkle Shorts By Little Foxy
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $13.97 | You Save: 30%
Ships in 3-5 business days
From holiday parties and cozy nights at home to discovering new worlds or long days at the office, incorrigible road racers to that vacation that just refuses to work out as planned, Crinkle Shorts... More > explores the possibilities of the world of Babyfurs and Furry AB\DL relationships in all its diapered goodness. So settle down with your favorite plushie, kick up your paws, and let me tell you a story…< Less
The Girl on the Dock By G. Norman Lippert
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Returning to the home of her grandfather after her final school year, Petra Morganstern is a changed young witch. Confident in her recent choices, yet plagued by dreams of what they cost her, Petra... More > is unsure what to do with the rest of her life. Petra’s one ray of hope is her young step-sister, Izabella, whose simple-minded charm is only offset by the awful Phyllis, her hateful mother. Desperate to protect Izabella from the increasing rages of Phyllis, Petra struggles to find balance between the forces that seek to rule her heart. Will she cling to the choices she has already made, upholding good over her own greatest desires, or will the ghost of power and revenge, always at work in the back room of her mind, be her final undoing? As things spiral out of control, Petra finds herself confronted with the unforgiving force of destiny, thrusting her into the ultimate choice one more time. Only this time, no one will be there to save the day. This time, the choice will be Petra’s alone.< Less
Domain Expeditionary Force Rescue Mission By Lawrence R. Spencer
Paperback: $15.00
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A Science Fiction story based on the best selling book ALIEN INTERVIEW. "There are several obvious reasons that The Domain, and other space civilizations do not land on Earth or make their... More > presence known. It takes a very brave IS-BE to come down through the atmosphere and land on Earth, because it is a prison planet, with a very uncontrolled, psychotic population. And, no IS-BE is entirely proof against the risk of entrapment, as with the members of The Domain Expeditionary Force who were captured in the Himalayas 8,200 years ago." -- excerpt from the book ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer< Less
The Eater of Laments By Aaron Engelbeck
Paperback: $12.99
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Joseph has made some mistakes in leading the revolution. Some of these mistakes threaten to overwhelm him. He's made small mistakes but others have cost people their lives. Good people. People... More > that trusted him. Joseph is nearly to the breaking point when he meets a strange man who offers to take all of his regrets away. However, as Joseph loses all of the unfortunate things in his life, he loses more and more of who he was. How can he find his way back to himself when he doesn't even know he's lost?< Less
The Adventures Of Crazy Liddy By Clayton J. Callahan
Paperback: $14.99
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This time the fair maiden must rescue prince charming -- but Liddy will sucker punch anyone who calls her either of those things. Liddy is a convicted smuggler with one chance at a pardon. A young... More > lieutenant, who happens to be the governor's son, is missing in action. To succeed, she must form an alliance with the cop who arrested her, and fly deep into alien territory to get the job done. Nothing about this mission is easy; at every turn Liddy must push her courage, her resourcefulness, and her trust to the limit just to survive. In the end, there can be only one way to bring the governor’s son and his fellow survivors home, but it’s going to take a starpilot who's truly crazy to pull it off.< Less
Ninjateers: Rise of a New Enemy By Jamin Melanson
Paperback: $15.00
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After the calamity of World War III, the pursuit of advanced technology is abandoned for simpler living. The giant continent of Palmara is now the home of those who remain. By the late 22nd century,... More > the Ninjateers are cemented as the guardians of Palmara. Every child dreams of joining their ranks, but only those who endure the hardships of training will be given the title of Ninjateer. Among those training are four teenage boys: Govant, Khalis, Kade, and Farik. They are close to joining the ranks of the Ninjateers, but lack of discipline could cost them their childhood dream. It could also cost Govant his relationship with his father and with Kyra, the girl he longs to pursue. Meanwhile, in the south a new enemy is rising to challenge the Ninjateers: one not made of flesh, but of artificial intelligence. They are the Humanots, and their leader, Robuto, will not stop until all of Palmara is under their rule Half of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that fight Human Trafficking.< Less
On The Wrong Side Of Tomorrow By Erik Wilcox
Paperback: List Price: $11.99 $9.59 | You Save: 20%
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Mostly set in a post-apocalyptic world, this mind-bending psychological story asks big questions about life and our very existence, while injecting subtle humor in all the necessary places.... More > Compelling characters and a fast-paced storyline make this a must-read for any true sci-fi fan.< Less
Deus ex Machina By Perry Slaughter
Paperback: $8.99
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With the computer called ARTHUR, Cliff Peabody has made a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence. It should be the most triumphant event of his professional career—but why, then, is the... More > federal government invading his laboratories? Why is half the country suffering an inexplicable power outage? And, most disturbing of all, why is reality itself going haywire in the vicinity of Cliff’s office? To answer these questions, Cliff will need to sacrifice everything—and everybody—that has ever been precious to him. And even then, there’s no guarantee that he’ll like what he learns. Especially when it points to the overthrow of the Creator of the universe itself... First published in samizdat form in 1985, this rollicking, inventive, and blasphemous sci-fi adventure heralded the emergence of Perry Slaughter as a force to be reckoned with in American letters. Nearly three decades later, DEUS EX MACHINA still retains its power to shock, astound, and entertain.< Less
The Doom of Avolir By Bernard C. Mangold
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Shattered by the first Gods War, the world of Avolir teeters on the brink of ruin. Civilizations isolate themselves in a desperate attempt to protect their holdings from the evils which still haunt... More > their world while dark forces rise up in the east to destroy what little remains. Now a great doom has arisen in the eastern wastes that will threaten all of Avolir. For years Isabella von Kruger has lived in this isloation only to be forced into the reality of the world around her. When her husband Vaclav is drawn into the conflict to the east, she is pulled into a journey that will test the very fabric of her morality and put into question everything she has been raised to believe. It will be up to her and her unlikely band of companions to awaken from the devastating dark age of Avolir and to bring light back to their ravaged world.< Less
Escape The Greene - sequel to Beyond The Greene By Givon Wayne
Paperback: List Price: $12.99 $9.74 | You Save: 25%
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This sequel to the book "Beyond The Greene" picks up 20 years into the future. Travel along with Dave and Abby as they encounter dangerous creatures and controlling governments. The future... More > of the human race is at stake as refugees seek safety under a frozen bio-dome< Less
Beyond The Greene By Givon Wayne
Paperback: List Price: $17.00 $10.20 | You Save: 40%
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A group of college students join their beloved professor on an environmental expedition. They travel to a remote area in Northern California that has been experiencing unprecedented growth rates. ... More > While they are searching for the answers that could save the environment, they stumble upon creatures harboring an ancient plot to regain their control of the world.< Less
GaiaPriestess-02-ING By Ramon Suarez
eBook (PDF): $6.07
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Warning this material is only for adults. it contains nudity and sexual themes. Astrid; the new girl in town, dress with her big boobs exposed, may be there is a powerful reason for that! After all... More > she is a Gaia Priestess. In this issue we well see the true magic powers of Astrid.< Less
Valkyrie : Virtual Me Book 1 By Michael Ocheskey
Paperback: List Price: $16.99 $14.44 | You Save: 15%
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Lisa Hampton’s life is full of monotony. With no family or close friends, her life has been a daily routine that includes work and little else. She has always dreamt of being spirited away... More > from her existence and thanks to SimTech’s new Simulated Reality Universe her wish can finally come true.... The Simulated Reality Universe is a system similar to virtual reality, but with complete immersion. The mind is drawn into the system and all of the senses are active, making it almost indistinguishable from reality. Join Lisa and her avatar, Valkyrie, as she delves into the world of Evanasia and all the wonders and dangers it has to offer. Experience the adventure that will turn her world upside down, challenging her perspectives on friendship, love, and loyalty. Struggle alongside Lisa as she encounters dragons, goblins, other fantastic beings, and the most dangerous of all adversaries, other players.< Less
Gaia Priestess 03 ING By Ramon Suarez
eBook (PDF): $8.35
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Warning this comic is not for children. It contains nude, erotic and sexual themes. This is the last number of Gaia Priestess. I had so much fun doing this comic and I hope you enjoy the comic too.... More > This is the story about Astrid and how she meet Bodokus and Kal, I dont know if the world is ready for a Gaia Priestess, may be we will know about that in the future. In this number we will know the true power of the squid-orchid. Also we will know the pervert Bodokus thoughts. Thanks for Supporting my art! GV.< Less