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Gaia Priestess 03 ING By Ramon Suarez
eBook (PDF): $8.35
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Warning this comic is not for children. It contains nude, erotic and sexual themes. This is the last number of Gaia Priestess. I had so much fun doing this comic and I hope you enjoy the comic too.... More > This is the story about Astrid and how she meet Bodokus and Kal, I dont know if the world is ready for a Gaia Priestess, may be we will know about that in the future. In this number we will know the true power of the squid-orchid. Also we will know the pervert Bodokus thoughts. Thanks for Supporting my art! GV.< Less
Becoming Omegan By JP Towhey
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An old style science fiction adventure story of the colonization of planet Omega by humans. Fun and thought provoking for teens and the young at heart who enjoy real science and technology in their... More > science fiction.< Less
Hot Robo By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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(2 Ratings)
"Let's see if your 'Project Thunder' can really help us, doctor..." In the far future the shinning city of Hub is besieged by giant monsters. Their only hope lies with STORMWATCH and their... More > curvaceous giant battle robot Hot Robo. It's up to them to keep the city safe! But is the monster even out to destroy the city? Or does it have other... needs? And will Hot Robo and her pilot be able to defeat it in time?? Find out in the first issue of Hot Robo, from! Also includes a preview of next months comic, "The Girls Who Dance at the Chapel"!< Less
Kyirux: Trilogy By Kapiel Raaj
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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This is the full trilogy of Kyirux, where man finds out who actually created this Universe. A strange device has been discovered from deep beneath the surface of our planet. Its origins: unknown.... More > Its age: older than life, and its purpose: to change mankind. The secrets of human evolution and purpose of our existence has finally been answered by this device. The information it contains maybe too much for a human mind to fathom, because once the mind knows its true origin, it can drive a human being mad. This device, which identified itself as 'KYIRUX', also gave us a warning of celestial proportions. The information inside this device is not to be handled by the faint of hearts.< Less
The Girl on the Dock By G. Norman Lippert
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Returning to the home of her grandfather after her final school year, Petra Morganstern is a changed young witch. Confident in her recent choices, yet plagued by dreams of what they cost her, Petra... More > is unsure what to do with the rest of her life. Petra’s one ray of hope is her young step-sister, Izabella, whose simple-minded charm is only offset by the awful Phyllis, her hateful mother. Desperate to protect Izabella from the increasing rages of Phyllis, Petra struggles to find balance between the forces that seek to rule her heart. Will she cling to the choices she has already made, upholding good over her own greatest desires, or will the ghost of power and revenge, always at work in the back room of her mind, be her final undoing? As things spiral out of control, Petra finds herself confronted with the unforgiving force of destiny, thrusting her into the ultimate choice one more time. Only this time, no one will be there to save the day. This time, the choice will be Petra’s alone.< Less
A Zombie Compendium: Out of the Desert By Carl Sevier
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A regular on-duty call for a Joint Military Task Force in Djibouti is turned upside down when military personnel discover something that turns its victims into flesh-hungry ghouls whose bite or... More > scratch passes the contagion - a supernatural virus which has the power to revive the dead - on to others.< Less
Defy the Gods By Alexandra Livingston
Paperback: $16.99
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Three demons have escaped the underworld and Akki--a demon hunter--has been send to retrieve them. Sarena, an angel from the heavens, has been sent down to destroy them. Ancient enemies clash but... More > will Akki and Sarena find out that they can accomplish more if they work together or will they be forced to fight each other? Set in Tokyo with Japanese mythology brought to life like never before, this story will have you laughing, crying, and cheering all at the same time!< Less
The Last White Faerie: Menace of the Witch Queens By Roger Ewing Taylor
Paperback: $15.00
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Within the forests of the world, there dwell the faeries, the hidden people. Once in a thousand years there is born amongst the faerie people a White Faerie. A White Faerie is a faerie of... More > exceptional power and gifts. A White Faerie comes forth when the world is threatened by insidious evil. These days, the hidden people have receded as the time of Man has come and human civilization has spread and conquered. But the faeries still live in hiding, and evil continues to breed and grow, and against the strength of evil a power must still arise. This is the story of the last White Faerie.< Less
Henry J. Parks The Dark Matter By Kyllingmark
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Any chance for a peaceful outcome seems impossible now as Management brings the Testers back into the city. Henry is doing all he can to protect those he loves especially his pregnant wife Della but... More > even their most secure location, the Island, is under assault. Kirsten is equally concerned as she works to rally the ROD knowing full well if anyone one is caught it can only mean certain death. A crushing weight of fear and despair settles over all as the last hour approaches. Jim must make his final broadcast and wake the people up or his voice will be silenced forever. Kirsten and her small band of Resisters fight Management’s destructive efforts but not without cost. But what about Parks? Can he defeat the energy within and solve the mystery of the Dark Matter? The mystery which has been kept secret for long ages past.< Less
SPAWNTIDE By Alveric Yates & Neal White III
Paperback: $12.00
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Go to sleep. When you wake up, half of your body will be alien. You'll have new bones. You'll have two hearts. But... you don't really need all those fingers, so you? There's a man aboard with eyes... More > in the back of his head. The eyes are from a dysfunctional human whose body was disassembled for parts. Rig is no longer sure where his feet end and where his shoes begin. He has a subcutaneous wrist-watch, but the battery is dead. He makes a note to get a new one at Earth Astroport. The Captain inserts a toxic thought into a hidden fold of Jane's mind.< Less
Henry J. Parks & The Zender By Kyllingmark
Hardcover: $18.11
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The city is under siege again and Kirsten continues to prepare the young band of resisters in hopes of retaking their city while Jim works at creating more disruption by discrediting the leadership... More > controlling the people. Parks faces his own internal struggles with troubling questions. What is right isn’t always what it seems and what is true isn’t always what is real. Parks must make choices that may decide the fate of many even his own family. Will the mysterious book reveal more secrets? What do the six really want and can the past create a bridge to the future? People are confused and anxious as time is surely running out.< Less
Reservoir Hill By Bryan Shaw
Paperback: $7.35
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Chapter 1 is the beginning of how this story begins. It's an introductory of some of the characters. This chapter gives you the basis of how everything comes into play. The battle is currently... More > against the falling angels and vampires. There was a war between the falling angels and the vampires. The falling angels has won the war and now rules over the vampires. Now most vampires are upset about this and ready to retaliate. Check out how all this will play out.< Less
Amara By Kristina Garlick
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Prepare yourself for a coming of age tale of Amara, a young woman, who lives in a world where women are subservient to men. After enduring years of mistreatment, the only thing she dreamt of was a... More > place where women were the master of their own hearts and minds. Just as Amara was about to give up hope that she was destined for anything better then the life she had, something usual happened; Amara stumbled upon a planet, where women ruled over men. With new found power, will Amara take on the role of the Master or having lived as slave, champion for equality for all? Perhaps the answer to what Amara should do, when it comes to the war between the genders, lies in the future. Then again, sometimes the best answers can be found in the past.< Less
Solaris Seethes By Janet McNulty
Hardcover: List Price: $33.99 $20.39 | You Save: 40%
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Every myth has a beginning. After escaping the destruction of her home planet, Lanyr, with the help of the mysterious Solaris, Rynah must put her faith in an ancient legend. Never one to believe in... More > stories and legends, she is forced to follow the ancient tales of her people: tales that also seem to predict her current situation. Forced to unite with four unlikely heroes from an unknown planet (the philosopher, the warrior, the lover, the inventor) in order to save the Lanyran people, Rynah and Solaris embark on an adventure that will shatter everything Rynah once believed.< Less
The Cavern By Bruce Williams
Paperback: List Price: $25.00 $15.00 | You Save: 40%
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(2 Ratings)
Three young scientists are sent on an expedition to study a recently recorded temperature aberration on their home planet of Osstar. The arrangements for their journey are made in secret, at the... More > highest levels of Government. Upon arriving at the planet’s North Pole, they discover the reason for the enigmatic mission. It involves a mysterious metal cylinder discovered by a mining company and a struggle for political power that threatens to tear their world apart. Tensions are rising and radical factions within the two intelligent species on the planet are forming. Osstar is on the brink of inter-species war. Only the final clue, hidden in the caverns of ice and snow at the other end of their world, offers hope for the future of Osstar.< Less
Kragan By Dennis K. Hausker
Paperback: $15.95
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Prince Damon competed with his younger brother Prince Tabor to be crown prince, but Tabor bested him in the final contest. Thereafter, Damon feels his life has no meaning until stunning Beth rides... More > into his life fleeing the great trauma of her life. Fate is not done with Damon who is forced to overcome self-pity to become the person he was meant to be. Their world is threatened with destruction as the vast barbarian horde, the Argore, suddenly invade the lowlands from their mountain realm. Damon, shackled with doubts, strives to become that better man, trying to win the love of Beth, but her disdain and personal focus on revenge thwart him time after time. Is it him she rejects? Does her heart belong to another?< Less
Space: 1999 Johnny Byrne's Children of the Gods By William Latham
Paperback: $20.00
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A malevolent force invades Moonbase Alpha, abducting two unborn infants. Years later, the children return to Alpha with fantastic powers but no humanity. Can these two newcomers be stopped before... More > the base is destroyed? Based on Space:1999 Story Editor Johnny Byrne’s legendary lost script, Space: 1999 Children of the Gods reveals an untold tale from Moonbase Alpha’s past while initiating new steps forward in Alpha’s ultimate destiny.< Less
Falling Sun: Book of Crimson By Alexandra Livingston
Paperback: $15.99
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Reunited with those from his past, Kilik confronts Empress Luna, Matriarch of the Armoon Empire, and warns her of the coming danger from Vires. Her troops spread thin, she can offer no help until... More > her people in the cities of Emerald, Night, and Chaka have been saved. But his journey is not without its dangers. A group calling themselves the Sky Hawks are spreading ill will about the end of Armoon and the people are without hope. Kilik’s mind falls deeper into an abyss as a dark entity strives to control the power of the warrior and mage that flows through his veins. How long can Kilik keep his sanity in order to fulfill his destiny? Or will Shiana be forced to watch the one she loves become the Harbinger of Death?< Less
The Dimension Machine By Rudi Merom
Paperback: $21.95
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The Dimension Machine is different than a time machine. With a time machine you can travel to the past or the future. Traveling to the future or past does not guarantee changing anything. ... More > It’s more like observing events. With a time machine when you come back to the present, you know the future to come and you can try to change it. With a Dimension machine you open a door in the future. You bend the future time and you bring it to the present. You not only see the future as in time travel but you bring the future to you and live in it. Time travel is more a straight line like from point A to point B similar to the 3D world. You travel through the many layers of ‘time fabric’ in a straight line. While in a Dimension machine you can choose to open any layer of future time and live in it. You function as today. The future is today. You still have a past, present and future.< Less
Runs In Good Condition By Monica Marier
Paperback: $28.95
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(1 Ratings)
Linus is back from his travels with money to burn and a grateful family. Only now he finds himself swept up in a danger worse than dragons and kobolds: Politics. Nominated for Union President Linus... More > goes toe to toe with crooked leaders, a tank of water, dancing slippers, pop singers, corsets, and even a werewolf or two. That is if he even passes the qualifying rounds… and if he can avoid planting his foot in his mouth every two seconds. Whether you’re liberal, conservative, or nihilist, there’s nothing as impolitic as Linus Weedwhacker: Candidate at Large.< Less
Rising Moon: Book of Lunaria By Alexandra Livingston
Paperback: $14.99
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In the hidden village of Senri, a people exist for the sole purpose of protecting the Armoon Empire as they have for centuries. In Senri, when one reaches five-years-old, they are either destined to... More > walk the path of the sun under the God Crimson and learn the ways of the sword, or they walk the path of the moon, under the Goddess Lunaria and learn magic. Senri has survived by raising warriors and mages in such a matter but the balance is breaking and the two factions grow further apart by the day. Kilik, a young mage about to go on his coming of age journey, wishes nothing more than to learn the sword like his father, but such an idea of mixing the arts is blasphemy and worthy of expulsion from the village forever. When given the choice by a mysterious and powerful stranger, will Kilik bow down to his destiny and become a mage or will he decide his own fate and walk the precarious path of both sword and magic?< Less
Must Love Dragons By Monica Marier
Paperback: List Price: $22.95 $20.66 | You Save: 10%
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(2 Ratings)
Everyone knows that Heroes slay Dragons. Not everyone knows that Heroes also change diapers. It's the oldest story in the world; boy meets girl, boy marries girl, they have a family. But what... More > happens when the girl makes more money than the boy, and he stays at home to raise the kids? What happens when pregnancy is rough on her, and he has to go back to work? And what happens when she's a dragon, he's a ranger, and a day at the office involves trolls, elves, magic, and lower back pain? Linus Weedwhacker (shut it, he's heard 'em all) knows first hand.< Less
Alien Journal By Lee Balan
Paperback: $13.50
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(2 Ratings)
An extraterrestrial is trapped on Earth where the future collides with the past and nothing is as it seems. The alien must find his "split half" in order to escape. The reader is taken on a... More > quest of discovery, a journey through hell to reach self fulfillment.< Less
American Luchadore By Mark Muncy
Paperback: $12.95
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(1 Ratings)
The "non-budget concerned" original screenplay of American Luchadore. Can Ray, an aspiring luchadore, save the world from an evil CEO intent on hiring Hell's hitman and creating Hell on... More > Earth? Or will he just get a real job?< Less
HAVEN By Vincent E. Sweeney
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $7.50 | You Save: 50%
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(4 Ratings)
In the future, the deadliest place in the universe is the only place we can call 'home'. After crash-landing on a lush alien world, refugees from the long-forgotten planet Earth find themselves... More > confronted with horror and treachery as they are pitted against a 'faceless enemy' which haunts the darkness of the forests - killing all who dare trespass into the unknown. Young Stephen Carlisse faces a terrible dilemma when his best friend, Mandel (the son of the exalted Governor Hedrick) is taken by the phantoms. With the aid of the iron-willed Commander Lee (whose mysterious daughter Stephen has become enamored with) a search party is organized to venture into the shadowy world and rescue the heir of the human race. Harrowing action, tragic romance, mortal terror and genocidal warfare all await you if you will dare to explore the pristine and savage world of HAVEN…< Less