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Gaia Priestess 03 ING By Ramon Suarez
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Warning this comic is not for children. It contains nude, erotic and sexual themes. This is the last number of Gaia Priestess. I had so much fun doing this comic and I hope you enjoy the comic too.... More > This is the story about Astrid and how she meet Bodokus and Kal, I dont know if the world is ready for a Gaia Priestess, may be we will know about that in the future. In this number we will know the true power of the squid-orchid. Also we will know the pervert Bodokus thoughts. Thanks for Supporting my art! GV.< Less
The Cosmic Box By Frank Schneider
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Discovery of the secrets of the universe imperils the lives of the innovators as they delve deeper into the cosmic mysteries.
Hot Robo By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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"Let's see if your 'Project Thunder' can really help us, doctor..." In the far future the shinning city of Hub is besieged by giant monsters. Their only hope lies with STORMWATCH and their... More > curvaceous giant battle robot Hot Robo. It's up to them to keep the city safe! But is the monster even out to destroy the city? Or does it have other... needs? And will Hot Robo and her pilot be able to defeat it in time?? Find out in the first issue of Hot Robo, from! Also includes a preview of next months comic, "The Girls Who Dance at the Chapel"!< Less
Bound: The Story of the New Faerynn By Heather Fluck Winn
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After the death of Rhiannen Fell's parents (under suspicious circumstances), she learns that there is a lot that her parents kept from her. They never told her about the Faerynn people. They never... More > told her that she was their Queen. They never told her that she had been Assigned to a Partner already, and that he was waiting for her. They never told her about the unrest in the Kingdom that was threatening to tear everything apart. What Rhiannen learns as she adjusts to her new life changes what she knows about herself and shakes the Kingdom to its core. Love, loyalty, tradition, and courage collide when Rhiannen and her new friends uncover secrets that have been hidden for decades. An exciting debut YA novel, Bound is escapist fantasy at its best; action, romance, and characters that are not soon to be forgotten.< Less
Ionotatron By Michael Galloway
Paperback: $8.99
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When a construction accident takes out the mayor of Mars' largest domed city, Pierce Steadman is elevated into the role. Tasked with overseeing the reconstruction of Magnopolis after the Great War,... More > he sets out to separate the city from its Earth-inspired past and to restore hope to its population. Yet other forces also have designs on the city. As references to God disappear from the Network Archives, those forces unleash a towering destructive robot unlike any other: Ionotatron.< Less
Heirs Of Wisdom: Wisdom Chronicles - Book Five By Walter C. Conner
Paperback: $16.99
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The kingdom that Princess Caron Gleneagle had foreseen would one day be created by her son Alexander (Princess of Wisdom–Wisdom Chronicles–Book Two) when he was only three months old had... More > come to pass (Kingdom of Wisdom–Wisdom Chronicles–Book Four). But any prophecy can be undone by events beyond the control of the participants—and all too often by events created by the participants themselves. The kingdom had been given an auspicious start, of that there was no doubt. But no country or kingdom can exist for more than a few years without having problems of one sort or another and the Kingdom of Wisdom was no exception, especially since one of the greatest dangers to its success had been knowingly and willingly allowed to exist by its new King, Alexander. It was a danger that had the very real possibility of overwhelming Princess Caron’s prophecy and leaving nothing of the kingdom for the Heirs of Wisdom.< Less
The Last Knight By C. M. Crenshaw
Paperback: $8.00
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This first publication of “The Last Knight” is admittedly a vanity project, but a worthy one. This draft was written in May 2006 and then subsequently lost. 8 years later, Crenshaw... More > recovered the digital copy and used it to self-publish on Lulu so that family and friends could enjoy the cover art, if not the prose. The revised edition will be available for purchase on Lulu come June 2015. If, at future a signing of C. M. Crenshaw’s books, you present this as an un-inscribed copy, he will promptly inscribe it, then take you to dinner at the first opportunity.< Less
Parallel By Keith Kalberer
Paperback: $6.99
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Parallel is a diary of a man who has a peculiar obsession. It shows his day-to-day thoughts and experiences. After a curious accident everything begins to change.
Chronicles of Nowhere and a Half By Jared Leys
Paperback: $9.99
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The half-sequel to The Chronicles of Nowhere: Part 1, this book contains several stories that help to flesh out the world within which Nowhere is located. Though not a direct sequel, these tales are... More > important and fun chapters in the unfolding story.< Less
Some Terrible Black Luck By Nathaniel Stilgoe
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Disgraced, half blind and hardly what you'd call alive, Tristain Follingsworth, is turned loose onto the streets of Cloud Nine, the floating husk of a city he calls home. Shunned by family and... More > friends alike, he's got little left to do but find a bottle and drink himself to death. Then he's shanghaied and brought to the Yard, a lousy little prison just this side of Hell. The slavers there tell him he's to work 'til he dies, digging for salvage on the Ground below, a lethal job where the best workers only last a scant few days. Stuck between the choice of dying on land or in the air, Tristain is forced to come to terms with himself and his past, and forge an escape plan on the side. His only allies are a madman, a pair of felons and his best friend, who wants him to die slowly and badly, if at all possible. It's not the best recipe for success. But amidst the terrors of the Yard and the worse things that lurk on the Ground below, the first gunwitch discovers he's not ready to die just yet.< Less
Monsters in the Mirror By B. P. Morrison
Paperback: $11.99
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A young girl inadvertently stumbles upon a harsh magical universe called Nowhere, where she meets several people who either want to kill her, want to save her, or cannot offer any help at all.... More > Through periods of suffering, brought on by the wretched Queen, the girl develops a taste for vengeance. Only, it would seem, everyone is a little bit more than they appear to be. Inspired by the authors of Oxford, England, and written in rhyming verse, Monsters in the Mirror is the product of both old and new imaginations, and is unlike many books on the market.< Less
Into the Endless Dim By Griffen Price
Paperback: $9.54
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Dax has never been one for sitting around and doing nothing. Unfortunately, in the patchwork ruin-of-a-moon-base that is New Destiny, if you're not on security detail for the West Wing, occupying... More > yourself in the red-light module, or being homeschooled by neighbors, then that’s really all you can do: nothing. That is until you come home one day to find your house on fire and your family mysteriously missing, an “accident” that sends old friends and older enemies exploding out of the woodwork. Looks like Dax finally has a few new things on his plate: intrigue, larceny, and murder.< Less
Emergence By E. R. Henderson
Paperback: $9.99
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The ‘could be true’ story of creation, evolution and the meaning of life. It takes place over four billion years, moves through current time and into the not too distant future. The... More > “Original Six Creators” are second-generation beings that are responsible for the Universe as we know it. Periodically they train additional generations of Creators who are then licensed to travel the time-space continuum and establish new creations in the Multiverse. It is during this program of Creator training that a trainee sabotages a brilliant colleague and the consequences are catastrophic for their experiment, which happens to be a planet we call Earth. The appearance of a mysterious third generation Creator opens the door to unprecedented issues amongst the existing Creators as he develops his own program for training of future Creators. Interwoven in the story are important philosophical and cultural concepts that are very relevant to our current situation.< Less
The Other Son By Allan Avidano
Paperback: $21.99
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“In this compelling debut sci-fi pastiche of existential crises, millennia-old religious prophecies and modern-day fanaticism, the supernatural aspirations of a Muslim scientist collide with... More > the modest, earthly aims of a secular American couple. When the empires of reason and faith collide, the authority of each is called into question. … Masterfully told from its benign beginnings to its tragic end in a Jerusalem cemetery, this novel charts the intersection of men and women made anxious by the question of life’s purpose and its seemingly paltry answers. Fantastic in its arc, the story nonetheless roots itself in moments of genuine psychological discord, revealing itself via anachronistic chapters that flit between past and future.. A study in the ethical limits of science, the novel also traces the blurry line that divides sanity from insanity, as Jal’s views degenerate from philosophically reasoned convictions to sadism and self-delusion.” —Kirkus Reviews< Less
Chronopticus Rising By Michael Galloway
Paperback: $10.00
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Pierce Steadman returns home expecting a hero's welcome, but instead finds himself out of a job and witnessing a Martian colony on the brink of collapse. Soon after, citizens are sorted by a... More > futuristic Network tracking algorithm and the religious undesirables are rounded up. Yet will the crackdown bring the settlements one step closer to Eden? Can the Network really predict the future? And why is a former smuggler walking the streets at night talking to streetlights?< Less
Saving a World By Alec Griffiths
Paperback: $5.99
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Saving a World is the story of Virgil, a hero who travels to distant planets, and has various adventures along the way. Ultimately, he finds himself to be the only one capable of saving an entire... More > people from certain doom.< Less
Nothing More Human By Sarah Anne Locus
Paperback: $23.99
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In the not-so-distant future of 2089, America has discovered the secret to successful human cloning, but in the spirit of capitalism the ability was quickly reserved only for the very wealthy and the... More > entertainment industry. These clones, referred to by the public as Projects, are believed to be the reincarnations of politicians, musicians, athletes, and actors, synthetically constructed for no other purpose than the entertainment of the American people. In their time away from the public the Projects are kept in Port Mercy, a pseudo-city in Southern California, and although the property seems as glamorous as the Projects themselves, the city holds dark secrets. Trouble is brewing, but very few know it, and the lives of a young Project, a protester, a hacker, and a never-will-be cop are tied to the city whether they like it or not.< Less
The Cavern By Bruce Williams
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Three young scientists are sent on an expedition to study a recently recorded temperature aberration on their home planet of Osstar. The arrangements for their journey are made in secret, at the... More > highest levels of Government. Upon arriving at the planet’s North Pole, they discover the reason for the enigmatic mission. It involves a mysterious metal cylinder discovered by a mining company and a struggle for political power that threatens to tear their world apart. Tensions are rising and radical factions within the two intelligent species on the planet are forming. Osstar is on the brink of inter-species war. Only the final clue, hidden in the caverns of ice and snow at the other end of their world, offers hope for the future of Osstar.< Less
Fractal Standard Time By Michael Galloway
Paperback: $7.99
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Can Eden be built on another planet? Several pioneers, explorers, and inventors aim to find out by establishing a permanent colony on Mars. One mathematician and scientist, Steven Entner, stakes his... More > career on the idea and inspires several generations to come. As his vision evolves through his descendents, so does the technology to implement it. With the technology comes an increasing mastery over the environment. In the wrong hands that technology may lead to their ultimate destruction.< Less
The Book of the Wook: The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus Coloring Book and Guide to the Cult of the Sacred Drunken Wookiee! By Ryan Ballard
Paperback: $9.99
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The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is a New Orleans based Mardi Gras Parade Organization devoted to Science Fiction and Fantasy. The Krewe also operates as a satirical pseudo-religious space... More > cult that celebrates Chewbacchus Himself, the Sacred Drunken Wookiee, a mashup of the Roman god of wine Bacchus and Han Solo's furry companion Chewbacca the Wookiee. This coloring book is a krewe-sourced collection of drawings, poems, songs and jokes full of joy and irreverence. All Hail Our Sacred Drunken Wookiee! Compiled, Enhanced and Edited by Ryan S. Ballard and Martin Childs< Less
Memaid Song - Value Paperback By Gary R. Moor
Paperback: $12.98
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Mermaid Song is a story of redemption and our next step in evolution. In the 31st century Isaac Chavira journeys to the sea-covered planet of Thalassa. Settlers are killing Thalassians, or Mermaaids,... More > whose meat is such a delicacy many people are addicted. Albert Tyler, CEO of Pacific Hydrogen, has hired Isaac to build a meat processing plant. A Thalassian sings to Isaac his first night on planet, awakening in him a new awareness. Later, on a fishing trip he saves the same Thalassian and injures Tyler, who takes Isaac's construction business and leaves him stranded on this wild frontier world. The colony's Marshal, "Ollie" Osbourne, rescues Isaac by hiring him as a deputy. With Ollie, Doc Rose and deputy Pearl Winchester, Isaac finds friendship and love. When Albert Tyler commits rape and murder, Isaac's band of misfits not only take on the largest corporation in history, but become embroiled in a mystery beyond their imagination.< Less
KISS By E. R. Henderson
Paperback: $10.00
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Vincent Lyons was on the verge of his first kiss in a Hollywood alley when, in an act of unprovoked malice, he was beaten, doused with gasoline, and burned over ninety-five percent of his body. That... More > moment transmogrified a hopeful young man into a walking husk deprived of everything human save a formidable will and larger than life heart. Perhaps in an effort to defeat his greatest inner demon Vincent becomes a fearless Los Angeles firefighter. His fragile, reclusive life is shattered once again when his personal physician and best friend dies and as a last request sends Vincent to a new doctor. Certain that the young Dr. Stella Winters will find him repulsive, he is befuddled by her genuine interest and concern that slowly blossoms into the deepest and purest love. With bleeding edge stem cell therapy Vincent is offered a new life, which leads to the most difficult of decisions: should he regain a human appearance and lose his super-human ability to save lives?< Less
Out of the Blue By Steven Clark
Paperback: $13.00
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I come from a large family in north central Minnesota. Brought up during the Great Depression and never attended the same school two years in a row from the third grade on.
The Stone Stairs By Michael J. Searing
Paperback: $12.00
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Welcome to a new world of magic. A world in which people have the ability to change from human to animal at will. A world of wizards, mystical creatures, and spirits. A world in which Princess... More > Ellen is having disturbing and prophetic dreams that are leading her to an enchanted garden, and the ghost of her mother is begging her to find the Stone Stairs. In her search for answers, Princess Ellen will go on a quest for the truth, and discover revelations that will change her life forever. Where are the Stone Stairs? Where do they lead? Beware the man in red!< Less
If Adam Had Been Stronger By Michael J. Searing
Paperback: $16.00
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What if Adam had been strong enough to resist the temptation of the forbidden fruit? What would happen to Eve — alone — cast from the Garden of Eden without her husband? How would Adam... More > cope, left in paradise without another soul for companionship? And how would their choices affect God Almighty’s eternal struggle with Satan?< Less