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New York Review of Science Fiction 313/314 Sept/Oct 2014 By Burrowing Wombat Press
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The New York Review of Science Fiction (NYRSF) has been publishing critical essays, reviews, and commentary on science fiction and fantasy since 1988. This volume contains two issues, September and... More > October 2014.< Less
Gaia Priestess 03 ING By Ramon Suarez
eBook (PDF): $8.35
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Warning this comic is not for children. It contains nude, erotic and sexual themes. This is the last number of Gaia Priestess. I had so much fun doing this comic and I hope you enjoy the comic too.... More > This is the story about Astrid and how she meet Bodokus and Kal, I dont know if the world is ready for a Gaia Priestess, may be we will know about that in the future. In this number we will know the true power of the squid-orchid. Also we will know the pervert Bodokus thoughts. Thanks for Supporting my art! GV.< Less
Knee of the Curve By Orland Carra
Paperback: $6.99
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A collection of sci fi short stories which deal with new technologies just coming online or about to come online in the near future, told through character interaction and dialog. For those... More > interested in Ray Kurzweil's 'Singularity' this book is fun romp through some of the advancing technologies.< Less
Enchanted Incognito By W. I. Zard
Paperback: $10.02
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Have you ever felt so completely lost and out of place you wondered if your life was really even yours? Well I have. I’ve lived most of my life feeling as though I were trapped in someone... More > else’s, so when I found out that I was born a witch, it all started to fall into place. That is until I met the tall, dark and mysterious Elliot and realized that dating in the mortal world has got nothing on the complication, desire and mistrust that surrounds romance in the magical world. It doesn’t help that our families are mortal enemies either. Did Romeo and Juliet have to suffer plagued curses and time travel in their struggle? I think not. As tragic as their tale was, they were fully responsible for their fate, but not Athiya and Elliot. No, our story was completely out of our control.< Less
Deleminus By Anthony Fisher
Paperback: $15.99
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A great deal of strange things are happening on Timblur Lane. On a given day, you might notice a finch and chipmunk carrying on in conversation, or paper stars being propelled from one chimney and... More > into another. It is on this street that two very special youngsters are about to uncover a pair of books that will make life on Timblur Lane even more interesting. Deleminus chronicles the lives of Zacharias Webb and Violet Bisbee as they make a discovery that will change their lives and their neighborhood forever. They find that magic is not bound to the human imagination. It is alive, well, and flourishing right under their noses. As a result of their initial encounter, Zach is branded by a peculiar metallic crest, a long retired headmistress reopens a very old school, and other events unfold that expose an ancient evil which seeks to eradicate the race of men once and for all.< Less
Pandamonium: Death of a King, Book I By Patrick Scullin
Hardcover: $24.99
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Pandamonium, Death of a King, Book I by Patrick Scullin is a juvenile illustrated novel set in a world of bears and not men. In an age of flint, steam and steel the grizzly bear kingdom battles for... More > domination against the rampaging polar bears. In the midst of their struggle Robin the pirate, captain of an airship, steals from the rich and gives back to the poor. She is a one of a kind bear with fur bearing patches of both black and white. More than just a clever rogue Robin uncovers a powerful truth about her heritage that leads her down the path of destiny.< Less
The Hand of the Sorcerer By Stephen Brooke
Paperback: $9.50
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What final destiny awaits the young knight Donzalo and his friends? Swordplay and sorcery, love and hate, all take the stage and play their roles in the Fourth Book of Donzalo’s Destiny, The... More > Hand of the Sorcerer.< Less
FLUX By E. Azariah
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Despite their numerous experiences with capture and near-death, Kimbria, Lillia, and Trayson haven't left the worst behind them. Indeed, the three mutants soon learn that the elves never forgive,... More > their enemies never forget, and their world is more full of life and death than they realized. Now, they must continue to come to terms with this strange world, even though it is in rapid flux. FLUX is book two in author E. Azariah's series,"Post-Humana Chronicles."< Less
Doc Savage: The Ice Genius By Will Murray, Lester Dent, Kenneth Robeson
Hardcover: $39.95
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When archaeologist Johnny Littlejohn discovers an armored warrior frozen in a Mongolian ice cave, he opens a Pandora's box, unleashing humanity’s greatest scourge upon the 20th... More > century.

 For inscribed in the ice encasing this creature are these terrible words, “If I still lived, mankind would tremble!"

 Rushing to the scene of this tremendous discovery, Doc Savage and his men discover to their horror that the situation is already spiraling out of control. A monster has been turned loose upon the world. Can the Man of Bronze return him to the frosty hell from which he came?

 From New York to Inner Mongolia, the action sprawls across half the globe, as an alliance of despots and determined world conquerors brew up a catastrophe for all mankind.< Less
Medusa: a Tale of Vengeance By A.M. Brosius
Paperback: $20.00
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MEDUSA: a Tale of Vengeance When Stephan Dragutin, Crown Prince of Serbia, violates his father’s safe-conduct for an Embassy of Hellenes, all hell breaks loose. The Commonwealth decides on a... More > nearly unprecedented course: a punitive Incursion into Serbia. The Hellenic Muster gathers at the border. Can Nikos restrain Eleni as she seeks revenge on those who tortured and murdered her friends? Can he master his own desire for vengeance? In Athens, two young women recently freed from bondage in Serbia beguile Selos. His quasi-sister Nikkisi is coming of age, showing interest in one of his friends. And with the Muster at war in the north, Venice threatens the City. As the Hellenic Muster closes in on the Serbian Royal family and the Venetian Navy descends on Athens, every member of Estelli’s Line takes up some part of the burden. Those too old for war, and those too young, prepare to defend Athens. And young people ‘court and spark’ while the Balkans are consumed in blood and fire.< Less
Guardian of the Kingdom Last Safe at By Susan Wilson
Paperback: $10.98
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On the moon Titan the Great Exchange has taken place. Guardians and Environs are working together. One thing is wrong. Three Metaphors have escaped back to Earth to recruit others to destroy Titan.... More > Guardians and Environs get word of it. Jonathan Thatcher along with some of the other Guardians and Environs will be going back to Earth. In the meanwhile the rest of titan help to set up defenses; to keep Titan safe. Will the Guardians and Environs succeed in their mission to stop the invasion of Titan? See what happen to titan and Earth in the exciting Sci-fi book, Safe at Last.< Less
The Zombie Chronicles By FlexTech High School Humanities
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During the Fall of 2014, Mr.Jones' World History & Humanities class were challenged with chronicling their personal (fictional) experiences surviving a Zombie Apocalypse and rebuilding... More > civilization. Through a series of informal journal narratives, the students take us on a path exploring human behavior, the elements of civilization, human faith, and diplomacy.< Less
Doc Savage: The Whistling Wraith By Will Murray, Lester Dent, Kenneth Robeson
Hardcover: $34.95
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When the ruler of the Balkan state of Merida vanishes from his locked limousine, official Washington is baffled. The President of the United States summons the one man who can solve the... More > mystery––Doc Savage! No sooner does the Man of Bronze reach the nation’s capitol than an even more bizarre phenomenon manifests. A long-dead monarch, King Fausto the First, returns from the grave to plunge his royal sword into the vitals of anyone suspected of knowing the whereabouts of the vanished modern ruler! From Washington to Manhattan, Doc and his fighting brain trust race to unravel one royal riddle while battling the untouchable phantom potentate known as The Whistling Wraith!< Less
The TranSEXtion By Carlo Caccavale
Paperback: $10.48
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100 years from now. Society is addressing the effects of global warming and extreme weather as well as fighting a terrifying and inexplicable epidemic - at age 40, about 50% of the world population... More > spontaneously turns into the opposite sex. Humanity is reassessing culture, customs and personal relationships in light of this life-altering change. Marina and Josh have been married for 18 years - they live in Los Angeles, they love each other. Josh is now 42 and went through his 40th birthday unscathed. Marina is turning 40 in 5 days.< Less
Welcome to Arcadia (Geek Force Five #7) By Brendan Flaherty
Paperback: $4.99
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What’s an assassin to do when a demon rips out his heart? Move to the most strangest city in the country and kill monsters, of course! Featuring two new stories by Brendan Flaherty, Welcome to... More > Arcadia (Geek Force Five #7) continues the tale of Benjamin S. Marshall, now in the employ of the Grim Reaper, and introduces Anna, a witch who’s finding magic pretty hard to come by on the night that a werewolf wanders into her life and makes a right mess of things.< Less
Transform By Emily Rose DiBernardo
Paperback: $12.00
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Seventeen year old Avery Vega is still immersed in her grief two days after her grandmother dies. While deep in thought in her bedroom, Avery receives a ghostly visit from her grandmother to forewarn... More > her about a loved one and tell her about her supposed supernatural heritage. After she tells Avery where to find a box that holds all the answers, she disappears.After Avery’s brother is murdered later that night, she finds a shocking truth inside a box under her grandmother’s bed: she is next in line to take over her family’s supernatural throne. Now, with the help of a special locket, Avery must undergo a transformation that will make her the most powerful human in the world. Guided by her grandmother’s spirit, Avery embarks on a dangerous journey that will determine her fate.In this compelling tale, a teenager who must escape her life in order to embrace her new supernatural destiny is about to discover that nothing is ever as easy as it seems, especially when you are a queen.< Less
Walls By R.T. Donlon
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Henry Walters has set his mind on a return to the overrun, quarantined city of Boston to find his girlfriend. To Henry, rescuing her may seem as momentous as a zombie tale can get, but he will soon... More > discover that there is much more to his story than outrunning the Dead. A greater evil lurks and will attempt to change the world for the worst.< Less
The Gold Coin of Great Falls By Robert W. Simons
Paperback: $15.99
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This is a story of adventure and mystery that takes place 700 years from now. Tanei, a fogeign student from East Africa, and her fellow students at the University of Great Falls attempt to find the... More > origin of a small gold coin, so that they can find additional artifacts to help them learn why our current civilization collapsed. As they search for the old and seemingly homeless woman who found the coin and then sold it, they are drawn into a dark and dangerous world. The Great Falls of the future is a city of 500,000 people that was destroyed by war and then rebuilt twice in the distant past. In its center are the remains of an ancient city where gangs, criminals, and homeless people find shelter in the abandoned buildings and underneath in the ancient tunnel systems. Tanei is good at searching, but she is not so good at staying out of trouble, and there is plenty of trouble waiting for her and her fellow students in the tunnels under the old city.< Less
Tales In Firelight And Shadow By Alexis Brooks de Vita
Paperback: $15.99
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Tales in Firelight and Shadow is a collection of short stories by well-known and fresh new writers of fantasy, speculative and science fiction, retelling folktales from many lands and cultures.... More > Award-winning authors present challenging new twists on familiar tales: James Morrow’s museum curator and his university professor daughter discover the ultimate answer to the human condition; Mary Turzillo’s talking cat rats on a legendary illusionist; and Tenea D. Johnson’s fairies deal with the dream dolls of nightmare.< Less
Below Gravity By D. L. Faughn, S. D. Schakel
Paperback: $25.00
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Dive into a fascinating story with adorable and unforgettable characters. This fast paced tale is an adventure loosely based on Metaphysical theory, with a fantasy twist. Main character Zyact finds... More > himself lost in a new realm, a place composed of consciousness! He discovers anything can happen in this realm with the help of his comrade Samoan. Any reader who enjoys knights in armor and cuddly creatures will surely enjoy this read. Laughing to the humor in this thrilling fiction is fun and enjoyable. This book will be read over-and-over again!< Less
Bridging: The Land of One's Kingdom By James Wait
Paperback: $7.77
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It is about seven chosen ones set in 2113 fighting King Mabuz who has brought darkness upon the world since most of the world is blinded by the true colors of this King. The seven chosen ones want to... More > bring goodness and true hope back to the world.< Less
Mythos By Daniel Regelbrugge
Paperback: $10.00
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A boy called Sullen sets out on a mythic adventure in order to discover a way to render the fleeting moments of joy one experiences in life permanent. He crosses through a magical doorway into the... More > sky before soon arriving in a strange land in which an ominous gloom pervades and one must first be open to the idea of love before it can ever warm the heart. On his journey he encounters characters who travel by his side, subtly urging him towards self-realisation and a greater understanding of the rare person he can be. A hopeful, silly tale meant to make the reader smile.< Less
Dishwasher on Mars By Jeff Bagato
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The Clangers want to smuggle screech into Mars. The cops want to stop them. The huggies want to save the Martian environment. The native Paubaubau want to protect their sacred waffle paddies. The... More > waffle gods want to preserve the interdimensional gateway. Javelin Praecox just wants to wash dishes. But first he has to escape the Clangers, avoid the police, deal with the huggies, survive life with the native Martians, and navigate the layers of Waffle Consciousness. But what good is it to be a drug mule, outlaw, guru, warrior, or ambassador if he never gets to work on the second planet along his goal of dishing on every inhabited world in the solar system?< Less
With Strings Attached, or The Big Pink Job By D. Aviva Rothschild
Paperback: $15.50
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The legendary Beatles fantasy novel, finally finished and ready to read in its entirety! 29 years in the making, and partially online since 1997.
Draco's Awakening By Tre`
Paperback: List Price: $34.99 $24.49 | You Save: 30%
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Draco's Awakening is literary catnip for readers! It is an epic vampire fantasy tale! We have never understood the vampire, and breakthrough new author Tre` shows us why.