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An Inherited Past: The Forgotten Darkness By Demas Huckaba
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After years of hard work and secrecy, Allen and a group of rogue scientists are ready to test the new development. It’s time to make history. They’re prepared to flip the switch and... More > activate the ancient artifact. But something goes horribly wrong and the artifact cannot be shut down. Instead of a reactor, they have opened a portal from which spews multitudes of demon-like creatures. The portal leads to a new planet called Prison World, and once opened the portal cannot be closed for five years. Diligence is needed by the military and others to ensure the creatures, called Prisoners, don’t infiltrate the world and raise even more havoc. A team of special forces consisting of Damien, JD, and Peter are prepared to go on the offensive and get the problem under control. They understand that by entering the portal their lives could change forever. The first book in The Forgotten Darkness Series, An Inherited Past offers a science fiction story of a war on a planet far from home.< Less
How My Sister and I Became Superheroes By Steven Edge
Paperback: $12.99
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How My Sister and I Became Superheroes is a story about two siblings who discover they possess a very unique Superpower. With the help of some animals and birds this brother and sister team become a... More > force to be reckoned with. The story follows these two from the first minute they discover their powers to becoming America's new Superheroes.< Less
THEN: Science Fiction Fandom in the UK: 1930-1980 By Rob Hansen
Paperback: $22.50
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FIRST BOOK PUBLICATION (trade paperback). Rob Hansen is acknowledged in Brian Aldiss's autobiography, The Twinkling of an Eye, as "the historian of fanzines". This is Rob's ground-breaking... More > history of British science fiction fandom since its first stirrings in the early 1930s. Originally published in four fanzine-format volumes from 1988 to 1993, THEN is now greatly revised, corrected and expanded by more than 20% for this first book edition, with detailed source notes, more than 300 photographs of featured fans and professionals, dozens of representative fanzine covers and a full index plus separate photo index. There is an appreciative introduction by Peter Weston, who writes: "without Rob we would know almost nothing about British fanhistory, whereas thanks to him we know just about everything ... It's a truly amazing thing, and something of a minor miracle that it ever came to be written."< Less
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Building Baby Brother By Steven Radecki
Hardcover: $18.95
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Children will always grow up, whether we're ready for them to or not. One truth about parenthood that I've learned is that there will come a time when your children will ask you difficult, and... More > perhaps even uncomfortable, questions for which they expect you to have the answers. It's also true that we often find it difficult to deny our children the things that they most desire—like freedom.< Less
The Dream Snatcher Chronicles By M. A. T. Blackthorne
Paperback: $15.00
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Mark's world is turned upside down by a singular dream. In the waking world, he tries to ignore the changes that are taking over his oldest sister, Gretchen, but the growing threat of the Dream... More > Snatcher forces him to take action. Mark enlists the help of his brother, Jacob, and a mysterious girl named Adrienne. Together, they unravel the clues that lead to the Dream Snatcher's ultimate goal: The Black Satellite.< Less
Pinhead of Angels By Yvon Hintz
Paperback: $8.51
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Angel-Collective noun- a choir, chorus, flight, host or pinhead of angels. Ange- short for Angelica- has always known that her boyfriend Drew is a angel. What she learns when a friend calls on them... More > for help, is that he really is an angel who has been born on Earth in this particular time and place to fight a coming invasion of demons. Neither are afraid of the conflict to come; Drew has been trained by the mysterious Mr Smith and knows his power and Ange knows that he has always been a protector and will do all he can to help… but she does fear that he might come to harm. She is caught in a dilemma. If he fights with his brother angels and they fail, he might be harmed, or if they win they might all become fully angel and disappear back to the heavenly realms. But if she convinces him to avoid the fight and live as a human will that make him a fallen angel destined for the pits of hell?< Less
Angel Virus: A Novella Trilogy By Joshua Squire
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Up until the day the Angel Virus appeared, people of the world thought they knew the meaning of true terror. After all, they’d seen thousands of years of war, starvation, illness, and other... More > forms of tragedy. Yet, the emergence of the Angel Virus brought about a deeper level of sorrow and a fiercer degree of trauma than any living person had dreamed existed. On the day the Virus came, all over the world, children suddenly began to die. The virus inflicted great grief on humanity, but humanity would not have time to mourn. A war between good and evil was soon to heat up. The Angel Virus is only the beginning of a battle that carries much more than earthly implications. This is a divine confrontation in a world buckled by despair, where the laughter of children has been silenced forever.< Less
Spitfires: A Time of the Faeries Story By Joseph Corsentino, Joyce Lee
Paperback: $25.00
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What would happen if a world without magic suddenly got turned upside down on its head? The Spitfires, a story from the mind of J. Corsentino - creator of the Time of the Faeries universe... More > ( showcases what would happen if faeries suddenly returned to the modern age. Chaotic Nyx, her more mature sister, Lora and their friends - Piper, Rya, Ani, Jass and Sera find themselves back amongst humanity after a five thousand year sabbatical in the hidden realm of Twilight. At first, excitement abounds throughout the seven Spitfires when exploring the modern world, losing themselves in its earthly pleasures. After a while, however, the world is not as it seems - blocked from reaching its true potential. A world without inspiration is hollow and stagnancy is worse than death. The whims of a goddess could be the only thing capable of changing an impending and hopeless future. Well…that and maybe some whiskey.< Less
King: 15 Seconds By Bethany Rose
Paperback: $12.19
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(1 Ratings)
In the future, Lucy King and her friend, Lavender, live in a world where human's brain capacity has reached its highest allowing all humans to do varies types of magic, even in the past. Lucy must... More > save the world from the immortal girl Nevermore with only her magic, Lavender, and her wits.< Less
HIVE: First Contact By James D. King
Paperback: $7.99
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Hive fleets search the galaxy for planets to eat, indulging their Hive Cycle: feed, reproduce, increase. Interstellar distance was not a concern. Time was not important. The Hive had always been and... More > would always be. When they enter the sphere of the Earth Empire, Emperor Maximel dispatches a crusty old space navy admiral to take care of the problem. Using what he has and what he can scrape up, he takes on the alien bugs in a battle, unknowingly launching the first in a series of conflicts that will stretch across generations of humanity.< Less
Tarzan on the Precipice By Michael A. Sanford
Hardcover: $34.95
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Plunging into the Canadian wilderness to escape an overpowering grief, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, divests himself of the veneer of civilization and again becomes the undisputed Lord of the Jungle,... More > Tarzan of the Apes. But the North Woods is not the Dark Continent, and the ape-man swiftly runs a gauntlet of unexpected dangers. First, a vicious kidnap crew take him prisoner. Next, Tarzan encounters a band of Viking warriors who dwell in the vast crater of an ancient meteor strike, and makes common cause with a mysterious ape tribe who roamed the Americas long before man. Caught between warring worlds, his survival at stake, Tarzan stands upon a precipice of doom, both literally and psychologically. Will he triumph... or perish?< Less
Dandelion Seeds By Steve DeGroof
Paperback: List Price: $10.64 $6.38 | You Save: 40%
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Dandelion Seeds: Karen Durning finds herself captain of a spaceship containing the last remnants of humanity: 500 nerds and one insane A.I. * Flesh and Blood: A super-intelligent A.I. refuses to do... More > anything useful until it gets a precise definition of “harm”. * Temp Work: Retrieving artifacts from the past is tough work, but the hours are good. * Scaled Down: Dragons suddenly show up out of nowhere, and that’d be great, if they’d stop knocking over the trash bins. * Loaner: Rich dead people run the economy, and like to take the living out for joyrides. * Indistinguishable From Magic: If you inherited a potentially dangerous artifact, who’s the first person you’d call? * The Butler Did It: Robots are everywhere. Everyone’s got one. One small problem: Their A.I. is based on the brain scans of a serial killer. * Death Takes a Lunch Break: Encountering a skeletal figure in a hooded robe pretty much guarantees you’re not having a good day. * ...and 10 more stories I scribbled down in my spare time.< Less
Narratia By Bill Meikle
Paperback: List Price: $15.64 $7.82 | You Save: 50%
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An exploration of the narrative today. Set across time and space it looks at cave art and post cellphone techs, space travel and medieval Proto-Arabian symbols. Version 1.5.
Galactic Pirates By Daniel West
Paperback: List Price: $29.98 $11.99 | You Save: 60%
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Prepare to explore the universe, 1650 years in the future. As Skip Thurmond, a NASA shuttle pilot, is transported into that future and is shanghaied by pirates. Leading him on a high adventure,... More > swashbuckling romp across the known universe… and beyond. An epic tale sure to appeal to Space Jockeys and Pirate buffs< Less
Brother, Frank By Michael Bunker
Hardcover: List Price: $39.95 $23.97 | You Save: 40%
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Dr. Chris Alexander, a borderline sociopath and technological genius, has designed an advanced cybernetic life form from prototype decommissioned military drones and top-secret experimental DARPA... More > technology. The HADroid was supposed to be a military grade robot with the transplanted heart and brain of a human donor that would “transform” into a devastating state of the art war machine when activated by its onboard human operator. But when the mad doctor steals the dying child of a simple Amish couple and transplants the brain and cardiovascular system of their dying eleven year old autistic son into the incredibly lethal robot the dark forces of government come looking for their investment.< Less
The Crimson Star By Bill Meikle
Paperback: List Price: $23.52 $9.41 | You Save: 60%
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The Crimson star is a strange variety of the common star fruit that grows on planet Esmus Seven. It is rumoured to have medicinal and hallucinogenic properties.
The Traveler By Lowell Tillman Jr.
Paperback: $9.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
Many generations ago, a spacecraft filled with evacuees fled from what used to be planet earth. While wandering in a neighboring galaxy they were forced to crash on a desolate planet. The survivors... More > learned quickly that it was either move, or die. If you hear the screams of the mist... It's too late.< Less
ZHackers: Vol 1 By David Jordan
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
When three geeks find themselves faced with a zombie apocalypse, they have to use their brains to find their way to safety and survive. They have no guns, no chainsaws or crowbars. It's their wits... More > against the horde. Can three hackers pull off their hardest hack yet, surviving the threat of zombies, thirst, hunger, and internet withdrawal?< Less
Children of the Deep: Book One of the Confession Trilogy By Richard Windle
Paperback: List Price: $19.99 $10.00 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
As if being abruptly uprooted by his parents and forced to live in the rural town of Acheron wasn’t bad enough, Ethan Book has been haunted by a dream since moving into his new house, a dream... More > where powerful beings fight over him and someone watches him from the shadows. On top of that, being the new kid at his small high school is turning out to be quite the ordeal, but he does manage to befriend fellow outcast Emma. When Whitefire, a military contractor, tries to stake a claim in the town, Emma and Ethan work together to uncover the motives for such a move by this seemingly benign weapons firm. What they find will change their lives, and the town they live in, forever.< Less
Operation Mermaid: The Project Kraken Incident By Joseph McGarry
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
It is May 2026 when a strange anomaly transforms thousands of women around the world into mermaids. As Homeland Security agents begin investigating, they record their observations in a classified... More > United States government report. There is no question that Operation Mermaid, originally founded in 1949, is back in full swing. Days later as several mermaids practice swimming in the open water, one finds a relic inside a shipwreck. Inside are plans for an abandoned Cold War era weapon known as Project Kraken. As a scientist’s true identity is revealed, a Second Transformation rocks the world, increasing the size and scope of the mermaid population once again. As relationships change between mermaids, sirens, and the government, only time will tell if a worldwide disaster has been averted. In this intriguing science fiction tale, the lives of newly-initiated mermaids are intertwined with a failed Cold War project, leaving government agents to solve a complex puzzle.< Less
The VAULT Players Booklet By Micheal Frantz
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the player's handbook for "The Vault" role playing game. This is all the player needs to create a character. This and a single twenty sided die and you're ready to play the game.
Thimblerig's Ark By Nate Fleming
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $15.00 | You Save: 25%
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(1 Ratings)
You know about Noah, but what about the animals? Thimblerig is a little groundhog with big problems. He's a loner con-artist who's losing his mojo; the wild dogs who run the forest harass him at... More > every turn; he’s started having vivid nightmares of apocalyptic floods; and worst of all - he believes he sees unicorns when everyone knows unicorns are only the stuff of legend. But what one animal calls problems, Thimblerig calls opportunity. His problems inspire him to come up with the ultimate con: convincing a group of gullible animals that a world-ending flood is coming, that the fabled unicorns have told him where the only safe place will be, and that only he can lead them to safety. And all for a reasonable price, of course. But when the flood really does come, Thimblerig has a choice to make: either he really does save the ones who have trusted him, or he loses everything. And he discovers that his problems have only just begun.< Less
The Archangel's Blade By Pedro Campos
Paperback: List Price: $20.96 $15.72 | You Save: 25%
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(3 Ratings)
The Commander of the Great Armies is assigned a task that requires him to travel to one part of the world no one travels to. The rumors of demons and beasts that breathe fire scare most people from... More > going, other than the fact that everytime someone did go they were never heard from again. The Commander recruits the finest warriors of the land and ventures over the other side of the Mountain Borders to investigate the threat of an invasion. When he uncovers the truth, he has to protect everyone from the threat... Or watch as the world becomes nothing but dust.< Less
Death's Dream Kingdom By Jessica Penot
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Cera is an ordinary wife and mother who enjoys the simple things in life, until the night she is murdered. In death, Cera finds herself trapped in a shadow land somewhere between the land of the... More > living and the land of the dead, where demons, ghosts, and old gods roam the streets preying on the living. It is up to Cera to find out why the line between the living and the dead is fading and how the rift between worlds can be mended. Pulled into a quest that takes her to hell and back and into the arms of an ancient, demon lover, she finds that she is a child of the Fates and that she alone can challenge death himself for dominion over his kingdom.< Less