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Hot Robo By blackshirtboy
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"Let's see if your 'Project Thunder' can really help us, doctor..." In the far future the shinning city of Hub is besieged by giant monsters. Their only hope lies with STORMWATCH and their... More > curvaceous giant battle robot Hot Robo. It's up to them to keep the city safe! But is the monster even out to destroy the city? Or does it have other... needs? And will Hot Robo and her pilot be able to defeat it in time?? Find out in the first issue of Hot Robo, from! Also includes a preview of next months comic, "The Girls Who Dance at the Chapel"!< Less
The Girl on the Dock By G. Norman Lippert
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Returning to the home of her grandfather after her final school year, Petra Morganstern is a changed young witch. Confident in her recent choices, yet plagued by dreams of what they cost her, Petra... More > is unsure what to do with the rest of her life. Petra’s one ray of hope is her young step-sister, Izabella, whose simple-minded charm is only offset by the awful Phyllis, her hateful mother. Desperate to protect Izabella from the increasing rages of Phyllis, Petra struggles to find balance between the forces that seek to rule her heart. Will she cling to the choices she has already made, upholding good over her own greatest desires, or will the ghost of power and revenge, always at work in the back room of her mind, be her final undoing? As things spiral out of control, Petra finds herself confronted with the unforgiving force of destiny, thrusting her into the ultimate choice one more time. Only this time, no one will be there to save the day. This time, the choice will be Petra’s alone.< Less
The League of Allied Worlds: The Bloc Offensive By Ryan Magoteaux
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After his father is found dead, computer analyst Nathan Grey becomes the target of a group of murderous machines called the Bloc. After being nearly killed by one of them, Nathan is rescued by a... More > member of the League of Allied Worlds, a secret organization consisting of humans and aliens. After being recruited into the League, Nathan learns that his father was also a member, and that his death is linked to the Bloc and his work with the League. Nathan’s new position with the League takes him beyond the lunar base of Terra Vree to the distant world of Dreksess Major, and the city of Tabula Rasa. Throughout his adventure, Nathan survives repeated attacks by the Bloc while uncovering the secret behind his father’s death. With little but his advanced technical background and limited combat training, Nathan and the other members of the League ultimately defeat the Bloc and save Tabula Rasa from total destruction.< Less
SPAWNTIDE By Alveric Yates & Neal White III
Paperback: $12.00
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Go to sleep. When you wake up, half of your body will be alien. You'll have new bones. You'll have two hearts. But... you don't really need all those fingers, so you? There's a man aboard with eyes... More > in the back of his head. The eyes are from a dysfunctional human whose body was disassembled for parts. Rig is no longer sure where his feet end and where his shoes begin. He has a subcutaneous wrist-watch, but the battery is dead. He makes a note to get a new one at Earth Astroport. The Captain inserts a toxic thought into a hidden fold of Jane's mind.< Less
One Man's, and One Mad-Man's, Travel Through Time, and One Man's travel With Time. By Robert Langley
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When Winston woke up that morning, he had little idea he would be famous by nightfall. He would travel in time backwards, meeting the Plains Indians who infected him, and the modern world. He had... More > dreams of inventions that would not go away, until he built the actual working models, then, he met the "Doctor", a Mad-Man that would travel through Time in the same fashion, and space-time, to alternate worlds and destinies. And Last, there is the One who would travel With Time, in an entirely alternate Universe that both Winston, and the Doctor, had stumbled upon in one, or another various form of alternate existence. Rev. Robert L. Langley has intertwined the travels of many versions of One man, crossing many worldlines of coexistence, without paradox, and preparing the ground work for the culmination of the three part series wherein the lives of many cross, and criss-cross each other in non-stop action.< Less
The Verneece Chronicles By euhal allen
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One of the great fears of man is that a new Black Death will appear and, because antibiotics are becoming useless, no one will be able to stop it. Another such fear is that someone will create such... More > a plague and use it as a weapon, with newer more virulent versions of that plague appearing until the conditions of the perpetrators are met. The Verneece Fever is such a weapon This is the story of a possible future such happening and why perpetrators might do such a thing. Every society spawn in its own time, an aristocracy that seeks to cement its place in the outworking’s of that system. It is a common thing among that aristocracy that the members truly believe for some reason – birth, strength, race, or some special merit – that they are the natural holders of their station, and that any attempt to deny that assigned position is a negation of what is fore ordained. It is fiction. We hope it never comes about, yet we know that it could.< Less
Vitamin F By Len Berry
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Since the genetic crash eliminated most of the male population, Genetic Security had become the way of the world. Random genetic scans, registering males, laboratory fertilization—it was the... More > only way to secure the gene pool from destruction. As a college freshman Bridgett wants to fit in, find love, and enjoy life. Meeting Penelope has put her on track for at least one, if not all of those things. Bridgett’s life is her own. Her genes, like everyone else’s, are state property. It was only a matter of time until someone came to collect.< Less
The Chimera Snare - Fragments By Shannon E M Vierra
Paperback: $24.99
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Spelled out of their world and into another, Celestine Guardians Navaryn and Lowenna remain trapped inside the bodies of highschool students. With the assistance of distant allies they fight to... More > reclaim their stolen memories so that they can return home. But time is running out. The forces responsible for their banishment are close to possessing the Order of Existence which will give them the power to destroy all life. Will they return in time to save their world?< Less
Project Renaissance By Ethan Sarem
Paperback: $9.95
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Humanity's rebirth after destruction... Project Renaissance! No such thing as inferior or superior, war or conflict... Does this sound ridiculous? Fyra, rescued from humanity's self-destruction... More > sequence, is the one who embodies the philosophical civilization, known as “society of one”, in which this is true. Gone are the days of death, days spent living instead. Fyra, as primary example of “transcendent life”, has his destiny before him... But is it shaped for him? No! Fyra is free to shape his destiny, unhindered by others' constraints. But... is “society of one” all it is cracked up to be? Is there still something missing? Who or what has Fyra become as a result of Project Renaissance? What will he become in the future? These questions, and perhaps others, leave room for individual interpretation... there is no one answer! Comparable titles? Think of Ayn Rand's “Anthem” and Lois Lowry's “The Giver”.< Less
Charles Schenck and the Wrath of the Viprans By Nick Noonan
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The author of The Adventures of Charles Schenck, Nick Noonan, is back with his second published novel, the awaited sequel to his first book, Charles Schenck and The Wrath of the Viprans. This... More > action packed literary adventure promises to be a page turner and will leave you waiting for more from the series. Page after page is jam packed with aliens, a post-apocalyptic world, and godly powers of mass destruction. A man, his family, and his group of friends must brave a world turned upside down by disaster to save what is most important to them. You will be cheering for each of them as they quest to stop the extraterrestrial terrorists and save the world from a terminal fate at any cost.< Less
The First Book of Exile: The Book of Albert By Kurt Schauppner
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A failed hydrologist travels to Earth to explore the newly discovered planet. What he does not know is why he was sent there. He thinks he knows but as it always does, the truth will catch him... More > unprepared.< Less
Last Spaceship To Brooklyn By Chang Terhune
Paperback: $16.00
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It's 1952: Harry Truman is president and aliens rule the world. Operative Mingus Oughatlou is not your average New York City cop with gills. He’s a stranger in a strange land: an outcast... More > among his own people, sent to Earth to serve the will of the Srreyan empire. While investigating a murder of one of his own race, Mingus is torn between two worlds: To find the killer he must work with his own people who scorn him to find the humans who wish to kill all Srreyans on earth. But not only is he searching for the killer of one of his own kind - he's on a quest for his own identity in a world where no one wants him. Mingus isn't sure he has what it takes to find the killer while fighting his own people's prejudice. He's not even sure how to thwart the insurgents before they overthrow the Srreyan Empire. But the real question is: does he even want to?< Less
The Waterman Chronicles 3: Red in the Waters By Patrick Harris
Paperback: $25.00
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Waterman, aka Eric Atl, returns to protect his city of Elko, Nevada, one last time from the Listeners.
The Abominable Sruvius By Glen Solosky
Paperback: List Price: $12.95 $11.66 | You Save: 10%
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As legend has it, Ravma Sruvius built a secret weapon high in the loft of his mysterious laboratory, and used it to sink half the royal navy. He was captured soon after, but even dungeon walls... More > couldn’t stop the rat-like villain from vanishing without a trace. Now, twenty years later, after young Bergey Fenwick and his friends overhear a plot of invasion against their kingdom, they uncover a trail of clues leading to the only person who can save them—Ravma Sruvius himself. More powerful than ever, he now controls forces that make his last weapon look like a popgun by comparison. But can Sruvius—callous, twisted, possessed of an overriding hatred for the king—be coerced into using his incredible scientific genius to save their kingdom, or is he bent on destroying it? Or is it possible that he has an entirely different agenda—something that no one could ever have guessed?< Less
Polychrome By Ryk E. Spoor
Hardcover: $49.00
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When two old enemies return more powerful than ever, Oz is quickly conquered. Only Polychrome, the Rainbow's Daughter, escapes. Following an enigmatic prophecy, she seeks a mortal hero who can save... More > Faerie -- but will the cost be more than she can bear?< Less
Interview with a Psychic Assassin By Inelia Benz
Paperback: $14.99
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Using skills learned from alien captives, occult orders and super soldier programs, Ramona became our shadow government's most deadly of assassins. In this gripping and transformative Inelia Benz... More > novel, what begins as a straightforward interview with Ramona quickly turns into a dangerous and mystical adventure into the very depths of our creation.< Less
Sycorax Resplendent By Sean Demory
Paperback: $2.50
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The witch Sekkura, defender of the Barbary Pirates, sets off on a quest to defend her charges from a mysterious sorcerer. Her journey takes her from the Great Desert to the palaces of the djinn and... More > from the alabaster spires of Algiers to the deepest jungles before her story is complete. "Sycorax Resplendent" tells a story of magic, passion and transformation in the shadows of one of William Shakespeare's greatest plays.< Less
Lightning Lord and the Duplex of Death! By Shenoa Carroll-Bradd
Paperback: $12.00
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Mild-mannered Lincoln Lourd was just your average millionaire/underwear model/duke, until the fateful day he was bitten by radioactive lightning and became "Lightning Lord, puncher of tornadoes... More > and old buildings". Accompanied by his reluctant nephew sidekick, Lightning Lord must figure out who's behind all the freak weather and messy murders suddenly plaguing his hometown, and avoid getting a house (or two) dropped on him in the process. This silly steampunk spoof combines superheroes, aggressive wordplay, and butts. You've been warned.< Less
Tribunal By Benjie Yballe
Paperback: $9.99
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Like many of us, the main character of this poignant novella just wants to find out who he is. What he discovers, and what he becomes, is much more than he could have imagined when growing up on his... More > desolate home planet. Benjie Yballe has given us a story of a search for roots which reveals a possible future for mankind terrible in its modern implications.< Less
The Cavern By Bruce Williams
Paperback: List Price: $25.00 $15.00 | You Save: 40%
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(2 Ratings)
Three young scientists are sent on an expedition to study a recently recorded temperature aberration on their home planet of Osstar. The arrangements for their journey are made in secret, at the... More > highest levels of Government. Upon arriving at the planet’s North Pole, they discover the reason for the enigmatic mission. It involves a mysterious metal cylinder discovered by a mining company and a struggle for political power that threatens to tear their world apart. Tensions are rising and radical factions within the two intelligent species on the planet are forming. Osstar is on the brink of inter-species war. Only the final clue, hidden in the caverns of ice and snow at the other end of their world, offers hope for the future of Osstar.< Less
Kragan By Dennis K. Hausker
Paperback: $15.95
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Prince Damon competed with his younger brother Prince Tabor to be crown prince, but Tabor bested him in the final contest. Thereafter, Damon feels his life has no meaning until stunning Beth rides... More > into his life fleeing the great trauma of her life. Fate is not done with Damon who is forced to overcome self-pity to become the person he was meant to be. Their world is threatened with destruction as the vast barbarian horde, the Argore, suddenly invade the lowlands from their mountain realm. Damon, shackled with doubts, strives to become that better man, trying to win the love of Beth, but her disdain and personal focus on revenge thwart him time after time. Is it him she rejects? Does her heart belong to another?< Less
To Free the Fox By Marquel Sherry
Paperback: $9.56
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Alitha Helgren a college student, whose life so far has been rocky, but ordinary, goes to spend the summer at her deceased grandmother's cottage. While there she begins to experience some unusual... More > things. Alitha decides to investigate. What she finds she never could have expected. Alitha is lead by a wild fox to a cave deep in the forests neighboring the cottage. 
What do you do when you release a trickster god and all the chaos that comes with him? 
If you play with fire, you get burned.< Less
The Greener Forest By Vonnie Winslow Crist
Paperback: $15.95
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In The Greener Forest anything is possible. Silver maples sing in angel-song. Spriggans skulk about cypress knees and wreak havoc at an amusement park. The Applehead Lady's true identity is revealed... More > by moonlight filtering through the branches of an ancient tree. A scarecrow finds true love in an ash grove. And a wayward beech tree root sends a woman into the arms of a kindhearted giant. These stories and more lead the reader into the depths of The Greener Forest, where Faerie and the everyday world collide. There is dark and light, evil and good, and uncertain dusky gray lurking between the pages of this book. Discover that all is not what it seems at first glance and wondrous things still happen in The Greener Forest.< Less
The Dieya Chronicles - The Beginning By John Migacz
Paperback: $19.75
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Can one man's desire to preserve a culture save the galaxy?
HAVEN By Vincent E. Sweeney
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $7.50 | You Save: 50%
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(4 Ratings)
In the future, the deadliest place in the universe is the only place we can call 'home'. After crash-landing on a lush alien world, refugees from the long-forgotten planet Earth find themselves... More > confronted with horror and treachery as they are pitted against a 'faceless enemy' which haunts the darkness of the forests - killing all who dare trespass into the unknown. Young Stephen Carlisse faces a terrible dilemma when his best friend, Mandel (the son of the exalted Governor Hedrick) is taken by the phantoms. With the aid of the iron-willed Commander Lee (whose mysterious daughter Stephen has become enamored with) a search party is organized to venture into the shadowy world and rescue the heir of the human race. Harrowing action, tragic romance, mortal terror and genocidal warfare all await you if you will dare to explore the pristine and savage world of HAVEN…< Less