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The Art of Circling - 1st Edition By Bryan Bayer
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Circling is an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal process that is equal parts art form, meditation and group conversation. Circling allows us to see one another and be seen, revealing our... More > relational strengths and blind spots, in service of deeper connection with ourselves, one another and our world.< Less
Make Your Last Relapse The Last - Create Your Own Relapse Prevention Plan! By USDrug
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You are not a statistic! There isn’t any research that shows all individuals relapse. This book focuses on the positive and negative influences on lapse and relapse that are within an... More > individual’s control. It gives practical examples and information on how to make life changes that increase the probability of leaving addiction behind. By completing the relapse prevention planning exercises in this book, you will be working on many fronts to put the odds in your favor. Our relapse prevention training method combines learning to change both behavior and thinking. It is an approach that emphasizes self-management and rejects labels like alcoholic or drug addict. Learn mastery skills in all areas of your life! Gain control of stress - Reduce risk factors for relapse - Change addictive behaviour patterns - Learn real world steps to increase your motivation!< Less
Let's Develop! By Fred Newman
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Fred Newman gives practical help for transforming your life. Based on 35 years of clinical practice and his discovery that people can reinitiate development at any stage in life, Let's Develop!... More > includes exercises to assist readers in creating their own lives.< Less
The Rebirth: Restructuring Internally Through Self Evaluation By Natasha Huyler
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The main purpose of The Rebirth, is to equip it's readers with the necessary tools to Restructure themselves Internally through Self Evaluation. The focus of the book is to challenge all readers into... More > holding themselves accountable for their actions, attitudes, and life decisions. It is aimed at providing unique ways and opportunities for persons to examine themselves through reflection, discussions, and demonstrations in an effort to create spiritually centered, balanced lives, which will lend to their professional, academic, social, physical, and mental progression. Furthermore, readers will be equipped with advanced knowledge to better prepare themselves for the professional world and that which will be required of them in that world, and in life beyond their school years.< Less
Legacy Forward, Made Easy By Ben Pandya
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It is 1934, and Ravi is just twelve when his father suddenly dies. His mother points to a star in the Indian sky and tells him his father has left the world to help others, and Ravi silently vows to... More > seek lifelong guidance from the star. As his family struggles to make ends meet, Ravi shoulders new responsibilities to help them all survive. After a family friend offers to finance his studies, Ravi embarks on a journey in which he learns about the stars, makes friends, and eventually graduates from college. Not long after he learns of Gandhi’s movement, Ravi meets his life partner and begins a daunting fight against indigenous enemies fueled by determination, truth, and a commitment to serving others. Now he must rely on guidance from the star more than ever before. This life shares the fascinating story of how a humble man found success and fulfillment without compromising his integrity with the hope that others will learn to live passionately and leave their own legacy.< Less
The Buddha's Playbook: Strategies for Enlightened Living By Joshua Summers, Michael Brooks
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Meditation Kit Includes: Book, 2-month Workbook, and 5 guided meditation MP3s. Meditation has a proven track record for increasing health, boosting creativity and strengthening clarity. However,... More > many people are confused not only about how to meditate, but even more so, how to sustain the habit of meditation. And it’s really the ability to practice meditation with consistency that delivers all the long-term benefits. Michael Brooks and Joshua Summers have brilliantly synthesized insights from theories on decision-making with ancient contemplative approaches to make the habit of meditation practice real and relevant. By practicing the simple techniques and approaches in The Buddha’s Playbook, you will infuse your life, your work and your purpose with a focused mind and a compassionate heart. Let Michael and Josh show you how easy it is!< Less
Two for the Road: A Relationship Manual Designed For Him… and Essential for Her By Gale D. Stanton
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TWO FOR THE ROAD is a fun and straightforward relationship handbook for couples of every age. Designed in the format of a car manual, it is aimed at men who prefer reading uncomplicated and... More > easy-to-use reference guides. Women appreciate the helpful information contained in the book that includes security features, tune-ups, quick fixes in emergencies, maintenance, and trouble- shooting. For pairs who have just met, are engaged to be married, have been partners for years, and especially for the newly wed, Two For The Road is a valuable tool for navigating the bumpy road of romance. All couples do better when they know better.< Less
RESPONSE ABILITY: A Complete Guide to Bystander Intervention By Alan Berkowitz, Ph.D.
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Increasingly, it is being recognized that the solution to health and social justice problems requires that we engage bystanders – individuals who observe a problem and want to do something but... More > don’t. Despite the importance of this issue and the fact that most people want to “do the right thing” there are almost no books which explain bystander behavior, why it occurs, and what can be done about it. This book meets this need, reviewing research and theory on bystander behavior, explaining why people don’t act even when not acting goes against their conscience and values, and offering practical solutions and skills for intervening in a safe, effective and respectful way. If you were ever worried about someone’s behavior and wanted to do something but didn’t, this book is for you.< Less
The Apprentice of Peace: An Uncommon Dialogue By Ronnie 'Qi' Harvey, Pos 'Lu Chan'
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The Apprentice of Peace: An Uncommon Dialogue, is a unique platform from which we can all learn and grow, and find the peace missing in our life. Oftentimes we are distracted with the different... More > facets of life and compromise our self peace. This book speaks to some of the circumstances that disrupt our peace and provides a blueprint to reclaim it.< Less
My Lonely Walk By Gwendolyn Morgan Chambers
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My Lonely Walk was written for survivors by a survivor. This is the personal and heartbreaking story of Gwendolyn Morgan Chambers; a twenty-year-old woman who endures abuse of every kind as she... More > strives to be a good soldier in the United States Army. This is a unique experience unlike any that you have read before. What you are about to read is so disturbing and upsetting that her own brothers and sisters don't even know her story. As you are reading this, so are they. My Lonely Walk uncovers the truth and reality behind domestic violence. As Gwen encounters this abuse, she is faced with hardship and personal challenge forcing her to become a statistic. Her life is a true survivor story. On the battlefields throughout the world, wars wage on. While Gwendolyn defends her country, who will defend her and the war she fights in her own home?< Less
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What separates this book from the dozens of other self improvement books? The answer: author Randall Chesnutt's piercing insight into simplifying complex ideals and philosophies. In short, this book... More > provides a road map to increasing awareness of how fear, doubt and worry can control every aspect of our life. It offers simple tips on how to take control of your emotions and live a more enriched life.. Author Randall Chesnutt is an accomplished Speaker and business owner. His writing style is both informative and encouraging. When not traveling the world (his travels provide inspiration for his writing), Randall lives in Houston and maintains a busy speaking schedule.< Less
Attitude Affects Your Health By Margaret Mysiw
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This Book by Margaret Mysiw on surviving cancer is to help patients, families, and caregivers cope with depression and lonelines by use of practical suggestions to keep a positive attitude while... More > enduring terminal-cancer and other disabling illnesses. Includes personal stories related to keeping a Positive Attitude throughout ones life. Incredible witness to experiencing death of multiple family members within a very short period of time while also faced with her own cancer and other ailments. Great suggestions at overcoming challenges of lonelines and suicidal thoughts. Ideas for family support and ways to include loved one in many activities designed to fight pain with pleasure. - margaret mysiw< Less
Ashtanga Yoga: Beginners Course Manual for Teachers By Dr Monica Gauci
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A step-by-step guide with a word-for-word detailed script on how to safely and effectively teach Ashtanga Yoga to beginner. This manual came into creation as a resource and aid to help Yoga... More > teachers-to-be to find the words to describe some of the techniques and asanas when teaching yoga. It is a modification of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, which deletes or modifies any postures which are not accessible to the average beginner student. This present method has been distilled from many years of observing students practice and the influence certain ways of demonstrating and delivering instructions achieves. You will find that this method will achieve a high level of proficiency and quality in your student’s performance, while adhering to the highest safety standards. With this comes the highest level of benefit for the student. Foreword by Gregor Maehle.< Less
The Most Important Health Book You Will Ever Read *Guaranteed* By Christa Krzeminski
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The Most Important Health Book You will Ever Read Guaranteed
Complete Interpretive Report For Understanding All 16 Personality Types for use with the MBTI Step II Profile By Ruth E Schneider and David S Prudhomee
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Go from Stressed to Best using personality Type. Gain new insight as we help you interpret your results from your MBTI Step II Profile. Use this information to better understand yourself and everyone... More > around you. You will be able to reduce your stress, regain control of your life, and to improve every relationship in your life, both personal and professional.< Less
Leadership At the Front Line: Lessons Learned About Loving, Leading, and Legacy from a Warrior and Public Servant By James L Capra
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James L. Capra, the former chief of operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration, captures the essence of leadership as he shares his personal story about a lifetime serving the public.... More > Filled with real-life examples of leadership in action as well as lighthearted humor, he explores how some employees can love their profession but hate their respective organizations. He also delivers tips and strategies so you can: • transform your organization from good to great; • make a difference in the lives of others; • get the best out of your people; • maintain focus and accountability. There are no magical steps to take to become a great leader, only a genuine concern from the heart for the development and welfare of those you’re entrusted to lead. While many books about leadership focus on theory, there is no substitute for learning from a warrior who placed himself in danger and earned everything he had by demonstrating Leadership at the Front Line.< Less
The Leader-Ship: Who's On Board? By Dr. Frank Rudnesky
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Discover just how easy it is to become a leader and control your destination. Leadership turns to success. The Leader-Ship organizes your life into four cabins. What your life becomes is entirely up... More > to you. Jump on board!< Less
No More Career Pity Parties By Dr. June Hall
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No More Career Pity Parties covers four topics in a succinct manner so readers can determine what needs to be done in terms of developing and handling career concerns then and jump right into doing... More > it. The four topics are: • discovering ways to determine a good career that fits your personality and skills; • the traditional and non-traditional employment search • the application and interview process • ways to handle various situations that occur while employed such as stress and burnout Each chapter begins with my 2 cents, followed by Q & A from the advice column, then leads into the heart of the matter. There are so many people in college, others trying to get back in the workplace, and those who are displaced homemakers that don't know where to start regarding a career or even basic employment. No More Career Pity Parties offers help regardless if you’re a teenage or mature adult looking for simple answers regarding gaining, sustaining, or changing employment.< Less
Don't Stand On the Sidelines and Shout! By Val Marcel
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This book serves as an easy-to-read guide illustrating the simple steps that can be taken to implement a variety of healthy life style choices as parents and guardians that will prepare our... More > children and teens on and off the playing field, long before they ever participate in their first sporting event or playground physical activity. Don't Stand On the Sidelines and Shout unless you have assumed responsibility as your athlete's first coach by taking the necessary steps and choosing the path that will allow you the ability to prepare them physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally to reach their genetic potential. Who is the coach that will have the greatest impact on the daily exercise, overall health and nutrition that will navigate your child's and teen's ability to participate or play and how well they play in the most important game of all, the game of life? YOU.< Less
Mindfulness For Health Workbook By Vidyamala Burch
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Workbook to accompany Breathworks Mindfulness for Health 8 week course, based on the bestselling book, Mindfulness for Health: A practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring... More > wellbeing by Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman< Less
The Peace Donor's Journal By Margo Ruark
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At Peace Centers International, Inc., we call ourselves Peace Donors, (a term we have service marked) as opposed to Peace Ambassadors, or Peace Keepers, because just as blood donors give something of... More > themselves they continually regenerate, we give intentionally of our Peace, a consciousness and energy we continually radiate. Ambassadors negotiate: we don’t negotiate about our Peace Donations. Peace Keepers defend a peace that was taken away and won back. No one can take away the peace given to us by the Creator, any more than someone could take away the rose’s redness or scent. Keep this book with you. Let it be a collection of unique reminders to the part of you knows it is forever connected to the source of all Peace! And let it offer strength to the part of you that knows it is part of birthing a New Peace Movement!< Less
Endangered Bipolar By P. S. Lutz
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A new, dramatic exploration by the author of Bipolar Blessing. Endangered Bipolar addresses the grievous symptom of suicide in a practical, mystical, poetic fashion and shares uncommon tools for... More > survival and a bipolar life of fulfillment.< Less
I Can't Play Chess: A Strategy For Life By Tommie G. Eaddy
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A brief, yet intricate, analysis detailing the principles of chess, and applying them to life. The reader is challenged to not only exceed the normal rhetoric of tradition, but to ask questions that... More > inspire higher cerebral function. This is usually what playing chess sounds like to the average non-player. Some overly complex thought pattern that can't be grasped with a PhD in physics. This book is meant to help people escape that trap, by simplifying ideas surrounding the game of chess, and life in general. So, get a nice cup of tea and enjoy the book.< Less
Emergency Kit By Dr. Robin Wallace
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Emergency Kit- Your Survival Kit to Abundance is a quick, easy, funny, journey, to prosperity, joy and health. The conversation between the Self, the Subconscious and God is so true with humor you... More > will giggle out loud. Set your intentions on "what do you want" and witness miracles, and yes you deserve to have it all!< Less
Her Crown By Shana Bea, J. Chavae
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Her Crown is a self love book, laying a positive foundation for our sisters to see their inner beauty and shine bright in this world. Written with love by the authors, Shana Bea and J. Chavae, the... More > sole purpose is to motivate, inspire, and lead women to live life to their fullest potential. To remind them to continue holding their heads high and keep their crown on no matter how often life tries to knock it down.< Less