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The Future of Hope By Chido Govero
Paperback: $9.99
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Chido Govero, never knew her father and witnessed her mother die from AIDS. At the age of seven she become the head of a small family nucleus, with her younger brother and blind grandmother. Her... More > uncle and cousin abused her, “the price girls have to pay to have a shelter at a family’s plot of land”, she asserts is rather the rule than the exception. At the age of 12 she learned how to farm mushrooms, converting leaves, dead tree branches, water hyacinth, coffee pulp and corncobs into a substrate. Chido is believed to have “green” fingers, farming more mushrooms on less substrate than anyone else. She is on a crusade under the program “Orphan Teaches Orphans” convinced that the only way girls can escape abuse is when they know how to provide for their own food security. By April 2009 Chido has trained her first dozen assistants and she is determined to reach out and network throughout Africa to create millions of jobs and to stamp hunger out of the continent with what is locally available.< Less
RESPONSE ABILITY: A Complete Guide to Bystander Intervention By Alan Berkowitz, Ph.D.
Paperback: $13.00
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Increasingly, it is being recognized that the solution to health and social justice problems requires that we engage bystanders – individuals who observe a problem and want to do something but... More > don’t. Despite the importance of this issue and the fact that most people want to “do the right thing” there are almost no books which explain bystander behavior, why it occurs, and what can be done about it. This book meets this need, reviewing research and theory on bystander behavior, explaining why people don’t act even when not acting goes against their conscience and values, and offering practical solutions and skills for intervening in a safe, effective and respectful way. If you were ever worried about someone’s behavior and wanted to do something but didn’t, this book is for you.< Less
Let's Develop! By Fred Newman
Paperback: $18.95
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Fred Newman gives practical help for transforming your life. Based on 35 years of clinical practice and his discovery that people can reinitiate development at any stage in life, Let's Develop!... More > includes exercises to assist readers in creating their own lives.< Less
Paperback: $10.00
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This book is comprised of four themes: Accountability, Focus, Navigation, and Change. Each one is different in function but equal in value. Each one requires you to think, record, plan, and move. To... More > be successful you have to have an idea of where it is you want to go, how soon you desire to get there, and believe that it can happen< Less
Mental Gymnastics By Leonard Anglis
Paperback: $22.45
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Mental Gymnastics by Leonard F. Anglis DDS
Dreamboarding 101 By Dorothy Hay
Paperback: $14.95
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Are you ready for your life to take flight? Today's the day! This book is a guide for those who want to discover their true heart's desires. You will walk away knowing all the tools you need to... More > create a powerful Dreamboard, which is a visual representation of your goals. This will be a daily reminder for you of what you really want in your life. It will help you focus your thoughts and actions, inspiring you to move in the direction of your dreams. Before you know it, what used to seem like wishes could become your reality! Realizing your dreams is only a picture away!< Less
It Is Time By Sis. LeTava Mabilijengo
Paperback: $40.00
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For those who are SERIOUS about Nation-building... IT IS TIME! This long awaited work takes your Nation-building efforts and understanding of the actuality of true Afrikan liberation to another... More > level; while challenging you to embrace a SOLUTION-oriented agenda. Click on the link below the cover image to preview this great book. Sis. LeTava is a social justice writer whose total work is committed solely to the complete liberation of Afrikan people world-wide. She is a mother; a home schooler; a mentor; a highly sought lecturer and communal nation-builder. She is also the founding mother of The Black Woman's Agenda. She has lived and reared her family for the last 20 years in a functioning matriarchal community that was started approximately 40 years ago. She has spent the most recent decade living on a Matriarchal communal campus. Learn more about her and the work she does by visiting her website at< Less
Make Your Last Relapse The Last - Create Your Own Relapse Prevention Plan! By USDrug
Paperback: $17.00
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You are not a statistic! There isn’t any research that shows all individuals relapse. This book focuses on the positive and negative influences on lapse and relapse that are within an... More > individual’s control. It gives practical examples and information on how to make life changes that increase the probability of leaving addiction behind. By completing the relapse prevention planning exercises in this book, you will be working on many fronts to put the odds in your favor. Our relapse prevention training method combines learning to change both behavior and thinking. It is an approach that emphasizes self-management and rejects labels like alcoholic or drug addict. Learn mastery skills in all areas of your life! Gain control of stress - Reduce risk factors for relapse - Change addictive behaviour patterns - Learn real world steps to increase your motivation!< Less
The Root Volume 1: Rejection By Maria C. Johnson
Paperback: $16.00
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There are so many barriers to people fulfilling their purpose in life. One of the major barriers is rejection. Rejection is a universal concept that affects everyone's life at one time or another.... More > Children and adolescents reject each other based on appearance and social status. Students all over the world receive rejection letters from the universities of their choice. Many people never set out to pursue their dreams because they don't want to be rejected if they're unsuccessful in their endeavors. Oftentimes, individuals will find themselves compromising their beliefs and moral values to gain the approval of people. Let's not forget about those individuals who settle for less in relationships and careers to avoid rejection. Consider the number of parents who struggle with the root of rejection within themselves, only to pass it on to their children in one form or another. This volume will help you look at rejection from a healthy perspective.< Less
Complete Interpretive Report For Understanding All 16 Personality Types for use with the MBTI Step II Profile By Ruth E Schneider and David S Prudhomee
Paperback: $24.00
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Go from Stressed to Best using personality Type. Gain new insight as we help you interpret your results from your MBTI Step II Profile. Use this information to better understand yourself and everyone... More > around you. You will be able to reduce your stress, regain control of your life, and to improve every relationship in your life, both personal and professional.< Less
Jikishin Dojo Budo Kenshu - Study of the Martial Way By Filip Marić
Paperback: $14.99
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Jikishin Dojo Budo Kenshu - Study of the Martial Way is a unique account of the purpose, method and content of Budo study at Jikishin Dojo Auckland, New Zealand. It offers a very personal and open... More > insight into the ideas, questions, and ever-changing thought processes that underpin practice at Jikishin Dojo, based on and partially combining the author’s research in Zen, Shiatsu, physiotherapy, Western philosophy, Aikido and many other martial arts. This research has inspired an ongoing review of Budo study, from its very fundaments to its diverse technical expressions. Consequently, Jikishin Dojo Budo Kenshu offers a renewed and fresh perspective on a wide array of topics pertinent to Aikido and Budo practice, including: - The conditioning of mind and body - The place of forms, techniques and gradings - The methods and concepts of teaching - The concept of Do, the Way - The workings of a dojo, and - The ethics of the Budo< Less
10 GIFTS to Give Yourself By Sheryl L.W. Barnes
Paperback: $20.00
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"10 GIFTS to Give Yourself - Journey Back to You!" is a book to help you figure out if you've given too much of yourself away! Author & Life Coach Dr. Sheryl L.W. Barnes challenges you... More > to figure out how you got to where you are; how much it is costing you; decide if you are ready to make new choices & set new boundaries; and restore balance. How? By giving yourself 10 GIFTS! Are you ready to discover what's inside your heart? Accept who you are? Get in touch with your dreams, purpose and deep aspirations? Life is not a dress rehearsal - this is the real deal. Open up these 10 GIFTS & give them to yourself for the journey back to you!< Less
101 Ways to Be Your Own Best Friend: A Guide to the Art of Fully Living By Susan Bregman, PhD
Paperback: $9.99
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The phrase “be your own best friend” is a well-known saying primarily because this approach really works. Being your own best friend develops self-reliance and self-compassion. It gives... More > you the strength to become the director and producer of your own life—and it can even help you enrich relationships with others. This practical guide to living life to its fullest offers insights, anecdotes, unique exercises, and daily practices that can help you see all the possibilities in life. You can discover ways to • make big decisions with confidence; • find peace and satisfaction in life; • build self-discipline and self-esteem; • relieve stress; and • accomplish your goals. When you reframe negative thoughts into positive ones, you can boost your chances of a positive outcome. You can better understand ways to care for your mind, body, and spirit—and appreciate and enjoy the precious gift of you.< Less
The Buddha's Playbook: Strategies for Enlightened Living By Joshua Summers, Michael Brooks
Paperback: $19.99
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Meditation Kit Includes: Book, 2-month Workbook, and 5 guided meditation MP3s. Meditation has a proven track record for increasing health, boosting creativity and strengthening clarity. However,... More > many people are confused not only about how to meditate, but even more so, how to sustain the habit of meditation. And it’s really the ability to practice meditation with consistency that delivers all the long-term benefits. Michael Brooks and Joshua Summers have brilliantly synthesized insights from theories on decision-making with ancient contemplative approaches to make the habit of meditation practice real and relevant. By practicing the simple techniques and approaches in The Buddha’s Playbook, you will infuse your life, your work and your purpose with a focused mind and a compassionate heart. Let Michael and Josh show you how easy it is!< Less
All Systems Go: How to Launch a Successful Job Search By Thomas Cairns
Paperback: $12.95
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Learn how to create, market, promote and sell your professional story to land the job you love and that embodies your skills, goals and passions.
My Best Year Yet, Happiness Journal By Sarah May Bates
Paperback: $10.69
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“My Best Year Yet, Happiness Journal” is a daily journal with a happiness-inducing exercises that enable you stay present, focused, and effectively achieve your greatest goals in life.... More > One book holds two months of daily journaling.< Less
21 Days of Loving YOU! By Alicia Nicholson
Paperback: List Price: $18.00 $17.10 You Save: 5%
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When is the last time you spent time with yourself? Often times we spend all of our time with our love ones and/or significant others. Just like you love them, it is equally as important that you... More > love yourself! Take the challenge! Spend the next 21 days loving you!< Less
Southern Good Life Volume II By Gaining Ground
Paperback: $9.99
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Articles, art, poetry, how-to's on sustainable living in Mississippi by those on the journey.
Becoming Awake and Alive By Michael Corona
Paperback: List Price: $13.95 $11.86 You Save: 15%
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Back in the day I lost everything when I was a homeless couch hopper. I got a second chance, took it, made something out of nothing and learned a ton along the way. Inside you'll find some short... More > entries about how that can help you!< Less
Embracing Your Greatness: Healing Wounds & Reclaiming Our Greatness through Theology of The Body By Christina King
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $18.95 You Save: 5%
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Many people live a life of darkness and suffering under the weight of childhood trauma, neglect or abuse. My journey of Inner-healing and deliverance based on Theology of The Body has truly... More > transformed my life so that I could reclaim the truth that God has made me for greatness. One person can change the world and that person is you. Stop living a life of darkness, doubts and despair and embrace the healing power of Jesus Christ! My personal journey is a roadmap for you to begin your own journey towards healing your whole person. Reclaim your greatness with the goodness that Christ has come to set the captives free.< Less
Wise Men Food By Elizabeth Darville
Hardcover: $26.95
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This book will inspire you; this book will lift your conscientiousness. It will help you make the best of your life and live up to your God giving potential. Read this book and it will help you to... More > soar to new heights.< Less
Live Your VIP Life By Monique Spence
Paperback: $19.95
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Experience The Vision Inspired Performance (VIP) Life! Learn the lessons needed to live the life you dreamed of.
I Sense: At Play in the Field of Healing By Sam Berne
Paperback: $22.00
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In his new book I Sense: At Play in the Field of Healing, Dr. Sam Berne describes a paradigm shift that brings together vision science, somatic awareness, and energy-based healing. Using a cutting... More > edge approach that expands human potential, Dr. Berne facilitates his patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual healing with modalities including Behavioral Optometry, Biofield Analysis, Light Therapy, Continuum Movement, Craniosacral Therapy, Medicinal Essential Oils, and Dolphin-Assisted Therapy.< Less
Brass Knuckle Finance Investing School By Jarim Person-Lynn
Paperback: $14.00
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Brass Knuckle Finance Investing School. Stop Gambling and Start Investing.
CHANGE FOR HEALTH: Making positive changes in your life and in your health through Ericksonian principles By M. Eugene Morgan
Paperback: List Price: $13.50 $12.83 You Save: 5%
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Change For Health was created from the work of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. It is an accumulation of blog posts, from the website: The website was created for those who want to make... More > personal changes. There are countless books about Erickson's work, concerning how he used his therapeutic and psychiatric techniques and strategies to change another person. Instead, I realized, when I read Erickson's transcripts, listened to audiotapes, and watched videos of him in action, that he would always suggests ideas to his patients or anyone who was listening. Many of his ideas stemmed from his philosophy of life: to deal with reality as it is and to use our own resources that we already have to move through life's transitions and difficulties. He often spoke about the differences between our conscious and unconscious mind, our experiential learnings, our resources, and our choices to celebrate life. These are the things that he would remind his patients. My goal is to do the same for my readers.< Less