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Breaking the Learning Barrier By Susan McCrossin
eBook (PDF): $12.92 (excl. taxes)
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Eradicating ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia through acupressure.
The Vibration of Thought Energy By NEB HERU
eBook (PDF): $6.99 (excl. taxes)
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Did you know that everything in the Universe (Multiverse)Vibrates and is in Constant Motion? Learn the "Magical Power" of the Vibration of Thought and how you can use this Vibration for... More > your Ultimate Success!< Less
How To Be Clever By Ben Pridmore
eBook (PDF): $6.22 (excl. taxes)
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(2 Ratings)
Full of both useful and useless (mainly the latter) information and advice, "How To Be Clever" will teach anyone a few simple tricks that will give them a reputation among friends and... More > strangers as a 'really clever person'. Written by three-times World Memory Champion Ben Pridmore, who has no idea what he's talking about.< Less
Mastering the Dialogue of Self-Creation: How to Talk Your Way to a Better You By Peggy Catron
eBook (ePub): $2.50 (excl. taxes)
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In "Mastering the Dialogue of Self-Creation," the author takes us on a journey through the landscape of the self. Who are we talking to when we talk to ourselves Does the language we use... More > affect how we experience the world How does our past create the present Can we change the mind maps that were created in chilhood, and if so, how do we do that Are we just victims of our experiences, or can we actively change our memories, our reaction patterns, and the very fabric of our reality These and other such questions are examined by the author, and the answer that emerges is a resounding YES! We can consciously choose the kind of experiences we have in the world. Through self-reflection, mindful attention, and the power of intention we can become co-creators of ourselves, our relationships, and our reality.< Less
Sold Out: A Recovery Guide for Prostitutes Anonymous By J.L. Williams
eBook (ePub): $4.99 (excl. taxes)
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Our book is called "Sold out" because in our addiction we sold out everything, our dignity, our morals, our safety, and for many even our health. Sex Workers Anonymous is a group, program,... More > society, fellowship, of men and women (as well as transgenders) for whom the sex industry has/had become a problem. We meet regularly to give each other our "experience, strength and hope" so that through the process of sharing, empathy and networking we are able to find healing, hope, and happiness. If we could have found a solution on our own - we probably wouldn't be here. This is why for us, a "spiritual", not "religious", solution that has worked for many damaged people called the "12 Steps" is why we are here. So it doesn't matter if you're Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or even Atheist or Agnostic - our focus is on what is your problem today, and how we can help.< Less
Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Self-Esteem & Emotional Intelligence By Keith Gilbert
eBook (PDF): $4.95 (excl. taxes)
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Shyness, bullying – being bullied, hopelessness, depression, fear, anxiety, eating disorders – obesity, bulimia, anorexia…, loneliness, problems with body image, staying in less... More > than satisfying or even abusive relationships, hostility and violence, alcohol and drug dependence. Do you experience any of the above? This unique approach to developing Self-esteem and Emotional Intelligence can help you change these limiting emotional habits.< Less
Free Bipolar By Odalys Waugh, Ph.D., LMHC, CCS
eBook (PDF): $1.99 (excl. taxes)
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This self-help material was created with the story of a woman that during her life endures multiple traumatic events. This is the client that decides and wishes to share her ordeal, from been sick... More > and unable to get help, to finally get the help she needs, learns about her condition and recovers successfully. Although in the narrative is only presented the tragic part of her life, the reality is that once she recovers her life changes incredibly and she is now a happily married woman with a great carrier.< Less
The Myth By Otep Shamaya
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The Myth is a self-help book for people who hate self-help books. It will not provide a quick spiritual fix to crisis junkies or drama bums. Life hurts, the universe doesn't always provide. So be... More > it. But still we must fight. These Daily Affirmations will help rewire your thinking and thus help rewrite your destiny. This is a "book of unknowing" through the process of Reverse Propaganda.< Less
Don't Get Discouraged...Be Encouraged By Tempie Satcher-Ducosin
Paperback: $6.50 (excl. taxes)
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Don’t Get Discouraged … Be Encouraged is an inspirational daily-devotional type book that will uplift your spirit. The book also includes the author’s personal testimony.
The Nutrition Secrets of the Fit Life By Tosha Firestone
Paperback: List Price: $17.50 $14.88 (excl. taxes) | You Save: 15%
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An Informative guide about how to eat healthy and live fit. A Division one athlete and mom of three with an exercise physiology degree that went from unhealthy and overweight to healthy and fit.... More > Learn the keys to have successful weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, and the secrets to a lean and toned look. Pre & Post Workout Nutrition, Smoothies, Flat Abs, Homeopathic remedies and more. Solid advice to help you look and feel your best. Small Changes lead to Big Results.< Less
DEATH Sunset and Sunrise By Frank Machovec
Paperback: $13.95 (excl. taxes)
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Death and what happens after has fascinated people throughout history. This book presents the theories and expectations from ancient to modern times, with many quotes. some reassuring and some... More > provocative.< Less
Like Dragons Did They Fight By Maurice W. Harker, Lucas J. Reynolds
Paperback: $14.99 (excl. taxes)
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This book bravely bridges the gap between the Spiritual and the Temporal (physical) factors of addiction and addiction recovery. It pulls the essential elements of many psychological theories and... More > fits them into an eternal paradigm as can only be seen through the eyes of those who are inspired by God. The reader will be taken on a journey from seeing the battle from high in the heavens down to the gritty and sweaty clashing of swords a warrior must experience day to day. We live in a time when many are in bondage before they are aware that there is a war. As with many examples in world history, one cannot get out of bondage with just will power and thought control. Warriors must be trained, and then trained some more, in the classroom and on the field. They must learn, that in order to escape the bondage they find themselves in, as did warriors thousands of years before: Like Dragons Did They Fight!< Less
Stay Positive : Daily Reminders from Positively Present By Danielle DiPirro
Paperback: $16.95 (excl. taxes)
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For years, has been uplifting and encouraging readers around the world with content geared toward helping each and every reader live a more positive and present life. Now, with... More > 365 daily reminders, Stay Positive serves as an everyday resource for anyone striving to live positively in the present moment. With twelve monthly themes—Positivity, Relationships, Inspiration, Acceptance, Self-Love, Motivation, Productivity, Beauty, Change, Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Happiness—this little book provides insight and inspiration for tackling the challenges that come along with living a positive life. It will inspire you. It will motivate you. And, above all, it will provide you with advice and inspiration you need to live your most positive life right now.< Less
A Pictorial Healing By Rose E. Grier
Paperback: $59.80 (excl. taxes)
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This is a book of posters to help heal through the trauma of abuse
Dowse This... Explore Your Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives By Juanita Ott
Paperback: $39.50 (excl. taxes)
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An extremely comprehensive set of 155 Dowsing Charts, which can be used to explore Your Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives. They can be useful for exploring your other lives for... More > curiosity’s sake, or they can be used to assist healing in your current life relationships as well as your emotional and physical health. Included is a set of Life Purpose Charts containing 242 separate items which can also be used to dowse your current life purposes, missions or tasks. As you dowse your past lives, future lives & parallel lives, the choices and associations that you make in your current life can take on new meaning. Why not start today? ISBN: 978-0-9780258-7-8< Less
Dowse This... Dowsing Essentials By Juanita Ott
Paperback: $25.00 (excl. taxes)
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This little booklet contains the charts that I feel are essential to me when dowsing. You will find a selection of these charts in most of my books. Although for the most part these are the most... More > current, except for the Blocks Chart. I like the simplicity of the little two page Blocks to Dowsing/Clearing/Healing Chart. If I receive "Other" on this chart I will dowse the larger more complicated chart. For this booklet I felt the simpler chart would be best as a lot of beginners will find themselves using these charts. To view a table of contents please visit< Less
On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion By Stefan Molyneux
Paperback: $8.99 (excl. taxes)
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From a short-term, merely practical standpoint, you really do not want to read this book. This book will mess up your life, as you know it. This book will change every single one of your... More > relationships – most importantly, your relationship with yourself. This book is radioactive and painful – it is only incidentally the kind of radiation and pain that will cure you. We are born to truth, yet everywhere we are enmeshed in error. Superstition, irrationality and patriotism all work to cripple our natural affinities to rationality and empiricism. On Truth, by Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, examines and explodes all the propaganda that stands between you and the simple truth of life, the universe and everything. All the truths that you were born with, that were scrubbed out of your mind for the profit and fun of your elders, will be reawakened in this short but powerful book. Begin the process of reclaiming your own reason, pick up this book, hold on for the ride, and arrive at the truth.< Less
Prioritizing Your Purpose By Robin May
Paperback: $10.00 (excl. taxes)
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I hear it often. Either it is a desperate cry from someone who feels purposeless, or an expressed frustration from someone who has a vague idea of what they want to do, but can’t quite figure... More > out how to move forward. The truth is I was there many years ago and eventually I made the decision to prioritize my purpose. I made figuring out my purpose a daily process, and now you can too! Join me on a 21-Day journey towards identifying the customized plan that God has created just for you. Imagine in just 3 weeks you can move from existing to truly living! I think you are worth the commitment. No more delay’s…let’s get started now!< Less
12 SECRETS To Getting Selected: Spec Ops Essential Guide For All Future Operators By Chase Warren
Paperback: $32.95 (excl. taxes)
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(4 Ratings)
Thinking about trying out for Spec Ops? You can make it with these ESSENTIAL Spec Ops preparation guide SECRETS. Guaranteed the fastest way into Spec Ops. This book is a MUST read if you are... More > thinking about trying out for Spec Ops. Full of Spec Ops Fitness workouts (8 week with and without equipment workouts, Spec Ops specific swim workouts), simplified nutrition, gear preparation, Spec Ops foot care, MINDSET, and the 12 MUST know SECRETS on how to get through any hell week (BUD/S, A&S, SFAS, Indoc). This is the book the Spec Ops cadre don't want you to read before you try out. About The Author: Chase Warren has extensive training in Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Unconventional Warfare, Para Operations, Amphibious Operations, Small Unit Tactics, Medical Trauma Care, Survive, Evade, Resist, and Escape (SERE School), Language Training, various team leader and war fighting schools. He has deployed to every continent (except Antarctica) in support of missions to shape the environment. See more at< Less
26 Keys That Unlock My Inner Treasure By Billie Watkins
Paperback: $21.94 (excl. taxes)
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This book is for students of Jin Shin Jyutsu and is full of information for each of us to maintain harmony and health, collected from over 25 years of classes and study.
The Black Man of Happiness: In Pursuit of My 'Unalienable Right' By Peter J. Harris
Paperback: $20.00 (excl. taxes)
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A jazzy journal, an unprecedented meditation, that ranges in scope from Thomas Jefferson's era to the Digital Age, seeking to answer the simple, provocative question: What is a happy Black man?... More > Harris explores his journey from childhood in Southeast D.C. to adulthood as a nationally published writer, educator, and respected cultural worker in LA. In powerful, poetic essays, Harris navigates the labyrinth of his life as son, father, stepfather, and grandfather; as lover; apprentice to wiser big brothers; as straight man crafting brotherhood with his gay Homeboy; as an orphan finding affirmation after his father’s death; even as survivor and symbol of deep healing that blossomed from the agonizing work of confronting, surviving, and transcending his youngest daughter’s rape by her Black step father.< Less
Surviving Your Friend's Cancer By Kayleigh Ellison
Paperback: $7.99 (excl. taxes)
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A simple advisory of things to do (or not to do) with your cancer friend as you both work through your journey with cancer.
Moments of Realization By Ayesha Raj
Paperback: List Price: $39.99 $35.99 (excl. taxes) | You Save: 10%
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Moments of Realization offers simple, everyday wisdom that cuts across boundaries of age, gender, nationality, and religion. The ‘realizations’ will inspire the reader to find happiness... More > in the small things in life, to shed negativity, and rise above all adversity with courage and determination to lead a content life. Sometimes when the weight of your life is too much on your soul, you start to wonder, “How did I get here?” Have faith that the universe has brought you there and it is your path. The best future decisions are made in the present. Do what is best for you on a daily basis. At every stage in life, you will encounter someone who makes you feel inadequate. Believe in yourself, and know that what you are doing is the best for you.< Less
Journal II By Taco Pica
Paperback: $22.00 (excl. taxes)
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This journal is meant to track all of the points in a person's life that contribute to their well being. I started this project to help me be accountable for journaling in a way that would produce... More > data that I will then visualize using my design skills.< Less
Rasta Bible By Clifton Tulloch
Paperback: $14.99 (excl. taxes)
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I LOVE them that LOVE me; and those that seek me early shall find me. Riches and honour are with me; yea, DURABLE riches and righteousness.