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Sissy Maid Quartery was the first magazine devoted entirely to the needs and education of male Sissy Maids and their domestic service. This issue: Uniforms, Sissy schools, Gaffs, Fashion and... More > interviews.... This is Issue one of five printed on paper by Sandy Thomas.< Less
Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis): An Update By Steven Soifer
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An update to the classic - "Shy Bladder Syndrome: Your Step by Step Guide to Overcoming Paruresis," the definitive book on shy bladder. This EBook has new and updated information on Shy... More > Bladder Syndrome/Paruresis.< Less
The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual By Allegedly K. A. Dave
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The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual explains how some of the fundamental ideas that we take for granted may well be just an incorrect interpretation of observed phenomena and provides a radical... More > and controversial view of the mysterious human body and its integral relationship to the universe it inhabits. It also proposes convincing alternatives to the dis-empowering theories of nutrition and disease and provides the tools required to operate the body and assist it in eliminating toxic substances and heal itself of any state of bad health.< Less
P3 Plan, Prepare, Protect By Yulonda Griffin
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P3 a book of insight to end-time economic predictions relating to the history of money, gold and the stock market.
The Chronicles Of The Human Race By Marvin Ellis
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This book is a continuation of the energy that was began by The Human Race Bible. While The Human Race Bible was written as a plea to the world, The Chronicles of The Human Race is written as a... More > solution to that initial plea. This book is to inspire the minds, hearts, spirits and hopefully the souls of the Human Race and to inspire action.< Less
EXPLORING INNER SPACE The voyage of self-discovery By Frank MacHovec
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Personal growth manual to help readers answer three basic questions: Who am I? Who are these other people? What the hell am I doing? Many self-help exercises. A final chapter is on wellness and... More > managing stress. The book is a distillation of 30 years of workshops by a professional psychologist.< Less
The Power to Heal Myself By Betty Jean Wall
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This is an easy-to-use book full of illustrations and suggestions for helping oneself by using the hands holding fingers and key places on the body to release tension from worries, fears, anger,... More > sadness, pretense so that one can be healthy, peaceful, happy and free.< Less
Words of Wisdom from Patty James (6x9 version) By Patty James, Valerie Moses
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Words of Wisdom from Word Up Ministries, Inc. founder, Patty James Conceived and collected by Valerie Moses
Hmm, So You Have A Problem By Mary Cullinane
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This book is written in a very simplistic manner for the purpose of helping people solve their problems. Sometimes a light will go on in our heads and we will say, "Why didn't I think of... More > that!" Hopefully you will get some answers as you read these simple biblical solutions to many of life's struggles which include depression, root of alcohol and drug addiction, anxiety, insecurity, fear, despair, betrayal, rejection, forgiveness, how to regain trust, lack of commitment, pride, anger, hate, control, dual personality, sexual problems. All these can be overcome by living one day at a time with contentment, peace, harmony, inspiration, wisdom, gentleness, and love which can be obtained by delving into biblical wisdom.< Less
AXIOM 23: the first Key to the 23rd Current By Autonomous Individuals Network (A.I.N.)
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This publication provides the first key to the 23rd Current of Magick, and gives direction on how to become a member of the Autonomous Individuals Network (A.I.N.)
All the Elements By Edward SEARL
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[Special spiral bound edition for ease of writing.] A simple and structured daily journal format for self-understanding and personal growth. This journal is organized to help you examine your life... More > in depth, to awaken insight, and to guide you toward your true Self. Its scheme is based on the Jungian process of individuation.< Less
BUDDA, TAO, ZEN Mystic Triad By Frank MacHovec
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Explains the mystic triad of Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen, the three major sources of Asian wisdom, with excerpts from ancient sources and similar ideas from Western writers. A final chapter adds... More > "other lights" of Kakuan's bull, Musashi's five rings, and Feng Shui.< Less
DIVINE SPARK By Frank MacHovec
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The latest theory of intelligence is that it is multiple, not just the scholastic aptitude or “school smarts” of IQ tests. The great composers had high levels of musical intelligence,... More > great writers linguistic intelligence, Olympic gold medalists body-kinesthetic intelligence, and the lives and works of Moses, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad reflected high spiritual intelligence (SIQ). This book explains SIQ, in past and recent history, with self-help exercises to identify and further develop your own SIQ.< Less
Laws of Life: Numbers By Patty James
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There is far more to numbers than just adding, subtracting or even measuring time. At the moment of their purpose numbers reveal their meaning.
Like Dragons Did They Fight By Maurice W. Harker, Lucas J. Reynolds
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This book bravely bridges the gap between the Spiritual and the Temporal (physical) factors of addiction and addiction recovery. It pulls the essential elements of many psychological theories and... More > fits them into an eternal paradigm as can only be seen through the eyes of those who are inspired by God. The reader will be taken on a journey from seeing the battle from high in the heavens down to the gritty and sweaty clashing of swords a warrior must experience day to day. We live in a time when many are in bondage before they are aware that there is a war. As with many examples in world history, one cannot get out of bondage with just will power and thought control. Warriors must be trained, and then trained some more, in the classroom and on the field. They must learn, that in order to escape the bondage they find themselves in, as did warriors thousands of years before: Like Dragons Did They Fight!< Less
Mayan Messages: The Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment By Theresa Crabtree
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The Mayan Messages are a collection of 260 self-empowerment tools, one for each day of the sacred Tzolkin calendar. These pearls of wisdom will allow you to create a life filled with peace, joy and... More > abundance. . . NOW and in every moment, no matter what chaos is spinning around you. Available in paperback, pdf and EPUB, for more information, visit: Visit for more transformational tools.< Less
Universally Preferable Behaviour - A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics By Stefan Molyneux
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In many fairy tales, there lives a terrible beast of stupendous power, a dragon or a basilisk, which tyrannizes the surrounding lands. The local villagers tremble before this monster; they sacrifice... More > their animals, pay money and blood in the hopes of appeasing its murderous impulses. Year after year, decade after decade, wave after wave of hopeful champions try to match their strength, virtue and cunning against this terrible tyrant. Try – and fail. Inevitably, a man steps forward who strikes everyone as utterly incongruous. He is a stable boy, a shoemaker’s son, a baker’s apprentice – or sometimes, just a vagabond. This book is the story of my personal assault on just such a beast. This “beast” is the belief that it is impossible to define an objective, rational, secular and scientific ethical system. This “beast” is the illusion that morality must forever be lost in the irrational swamps of gods and governments, forever lacking logical justification and clear definition...< Less
26 Keys That Unlock My Inner Treasure By Billie Watkins
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This book is for students of Jin Shin Jyutsu and is full of information for each of us to maintain harmony and health, collected from over 25 years of classes and study.
Angels in Training By Rosemary Altea
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This book contains 52 weekly 'Angel Actions' that all of us can take to improve our own sense of self and to help our Angels in the work that they do for us here on this earth plain. Also there are... More > some inspirational stories which Rosemary tells of her own experiences with Angels.< Less
Maturing In The Prophetic By Samson Ajilore
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This book was birthed from a holy obsession for the deep things of God. It is intended to spread a prophetic and prayer wave and to provoke men into the supernatural depths of God. It proceeds from... More > the spirit of a man that is uninterested in the game of religion but is desperate for all that Christ has to offer. It is high time for the saints of Zion to live in the richness of her supernatural potentials and manifest the kingdom of God in fullness upon the earth! Things in the Spirit are easily caught than taught, for revelation is initiation into divine truth, and it is downloaded from God’s Spirit into the spirit of the New Creation. Of some of the things the Lord showed me I will teach, but more extensively on some than others. I will write as the Lord inspires me, yet I will write in different styles, sometimes as an anointed teacher and at other times as an inspired poet.< Less
Into Your Meditation: Metaphors on Essential Elements of a Meditation Practice By Noëlle Vignola, LCSW
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The key pillars of a meditation practice can daunt even the most practiced spiritual traveler. In Into Your Meditation, author Noëlle Vignola explores these pillars through the playful use of... More > metaphor and storytelling. A life coach and social worker, Vignola breaks down a series of daily, bite-sized meditations. Arranged in thematic sections of seed, root, stem, branch, leaf, bloom, and fruit, each piece is designed to be brief and read before or after a sit. The selections can be read in any sequence and each stands alone as a practice piece. Lovingly prepared for any spiritual traveler, the meditations offer food for thought to carry with you, not only in your sit, but throughout the day. Some will immediately resonate with you, while others may not. Take what serves you and feel free to leave the rest.< Less
Last Falls By Terence DEN HOED
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This essay about political fiction, popular musical biography, psychological reflection and, in the final chapter, "A dead-end universe", science-fiction, pushes the limits of fiction and... More > makes in the field of literary essays, whose territory is always characterized by terminology problems, at the edge of pure concepts, which are to be found in other essays that aren’t expressly apparent here: philosophical essays. One thread that runs through these complementary chapters as tree models is that related approaches create the unity of this essay around high standards, individualism, intellectual rigor and disillusionment. The Last Falls metaphor, explaining the title of the work, is reflected in incomplete elements of truth, which exist in many areas and condemn the exercise undertaken to synthetize information to certain failure.< Less
Dreaming in Silence:Finding Your Life's Purpose By Kareem Wilson
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Dreaming in Silence is the reality the vast majority of the human population lives in; the constant struggle that we face internally, as we desire to have more within the confines of our minds while... More > we struggle to manifest that which we want outwardly. Far too many of us are reserved to dream within our minds, not taking action to outwardly create the circumstances we want to show in our existence. It is only when we take those inner desires, apply strategy and action, and continue the process daily, only then can we grow to realize our inner goals. Dreaming in Silence is a testament to the inner fire that burns within all of us, it is an acknowledgment of our collective desire to establish our dreams. By using personal failures, defeats, setbacks, and any other hinderance to progress, Dreaming in Silence is proof of the determination and motivation that is necessary to live our dreams.< Less
Estate Sales Made Easy By Victoria Gray
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In this book you’ll learn how to: * Respectfully sell your loved ones items * Begin, setup and run your own estate sales business * Research to bring in the big bucks * Build a customer base... More > and keep it * Pay attention to insightful feelings within an estate, where stories unfold Selling the contents of a loved one’s home? How will you see it through? What do you do first? How do you price the items? Aunt Harriett’s treasures must sell, its true. Can I continue life's circle of rebirth? I must! But how is the daunting question! If the tedious task of what-to-do is before you, then this book is for you!< Less
Live in the moment coloring book By Eva Arebalo
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A coloring designed with affirmations and self development quotes.