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When Hope is Not Enough By Bon Dobbs
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Does someone you love have Borderline Personality Disorder? Are you in a relationship with a difficult person? Does this person rage at you for no reason at all? Is everything always YOUR fault? Do... More > you feel lied to and manipulated? Do you believe that there is nowhere to turn? When Hope is Not Enough (WHINE) is here to help. WHINE provides a step-by-step plan for dealing with people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or BPD traits. WHINE can help rebuild your relationship and help you create a calmer life. Learn how to live with and love someone with BPD.< Less
How to Change the World (A4, PDF) By Jurgen Appelo
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How do I deal with my crappy organization? I like my work but I don’t like what our management is doing. How do I deal with it? Well, that’s easy. You have three options: 1. Ignore it.... More > Changing organizations is hard work. If you don’t have the stamina to learn how to be a good change agent, then stop complaining about what’s bad. Accept that the organization is what it is, and enjoy the good parts of your work. 2. Quit your job. The only reason there are bad organizations is that people don’t quit their jobs. Do the world a favor and find a better place to work. Help bad organizations out of their misery by not working for them. 3. Learn about change management. Most people are terrible at influencing other people and changing organizations. But, if you’re serious about it, you can learn how to be a more effective change agent. It’s take it, leave it, or change it... This book is for those who choose option 3.< Less
Her Crown By Shana Bea, J. Chavae
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Her Crown is a self love book, laying a positive foundation for our sisters to see their inner beauty and shine bright in this world. Written with love by the authors, Shana Bea and J. Chavae, the... More > sole purpose is to motivate, inspire, and lead women to live life to their fullest potential. To remind them to continue holding their heads high and keep their crown on no matter how often life tries to knock it down.< Less
Lessons of the Labyrinth By Uriel Martinez
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Lessons of the Labyrinth by Uriel Martinez is a quick study in why this simple and ancient pattern has such a profound effect on its participants. This pattern rich in history and mystery is growing... More > in popularity throughout the world. Learn how to effectively use this tool for personal and collective growth.< Less
It's the Little Moments that Matter By Wendy Christensen
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It's the Little Moments that Matter By Wendy L. Christensen When we recognize and appreciate the little moments in life, we find ourselves living with more creativity, productivity and... More > possibility. This book helps readers capture, create and appreciate the little moments that decorate our lives. The personal stories and insights provide simple suggestions and inspiration on how to live and enjoy a life of happiness and meaning. Live, Love, Laugh and LEARN - one moment at a time! Begin now ...< Less
iCanSir! - Finding Hope & Connection in the Cancer Experience...No Matter What! By George Kansas
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Change your vocabulary and you change your cancer experience. Employing a new vocabulary and breakthrough method of self-discovery, you can find hope and connection in the cancer experience,... More > regardless of the outcome. Making the most of the cancer experience can be the goal of any cancer patient, caregiver or survivor. Using Emotional Archaeology, you can discover hope and connection amidst the mayhem and disarray of cancer. George P. Kansas is a leukemia survivor, speaker, coach and author. He worked with professional athletes, artists and entrepreneurs before his cancer experience. Learn how a powerful vocabulary was born when those worlds collide! (This book is a re-edited version of a popular book previously released as Jumper Cables for the Healing Soul! Purchasers of this book receive a FREE e-book of stress-busting meditations and a bonus inspirational audio recorded by the author!< Less
Laws of Life: Numbers By Patty James
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There is far more to numbers than just adding, subtracting or even measuring time. At the moment of their purpose numbers reveal their meaning.
Marry Your Dreams By Allen G.
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Marry Your Dreams is a powerful and inspiring book written by Allen G., that will help you understand four crucial principles in the pursuit of your dreams. The book also gives you a plan for how to... More > create positive friendships, how to create a positive mindset, and how to engage in living life with purpose and excellence.< Less
Simplicity of the Heart By Robin Liebe
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You don't have to be perfect. Distraction only hinders you from moving on. Your heart reveals your focus. Satisfaction isn't hard to find. When you're broken, good things can come out of it. You... More > don't have to create passion - it's already in you. Searching doesn't have to be exhausting. These seven points of thought are the basics of a simple heart. If you find it hard to lead a simple life, it's time that you learn how. Join Robin as she talks about the reasons simplicity of heart can be hard to find. You may also realize that simplicity is already at your fingertips. Do you want a heart with less clutter and a life that is rich and fulfilled? If so, begin reading "Simplicity of the Heart" today.< Less
The Art of Cheating Anthology By Anthony Amos II
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Here are all 3 volumes of The Art of Cheating together in one book. Vol. 1 is about using slight of hand to cheat at poker. Vol. 2 is about card counting and using controlled dice throws to cheat at... More > craps. Vol. 3 is about the tricks and scams used by con men. Read these books carefully. Remember, that to actually try any of this stuff is ill advised. SO ATTEMPT ANY OF THE ACTIVITIES DESCRIBED IN HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK. - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR STUPIDITY. …NOR WILL I EVER BE. - Anthony Amos II< Less
Like Dragons Did They Fight By Maurice W. Harker, Lucas J. Reynolds
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This book bravely bridges the gap between the Spiritual and the Temporal (physical) factors of addiction and addiction recovery. It pulls the essential elements of many psychological theories and... More > fits them into an eternal paradigm as can only be seen through the eyes of those who are inspired by God. The reader will be taken on a journey from seeing the battle from high in the heavens down to the gritty and sweaty clashing of swords a warrior must experience day to day. We live in a time when many are in bondage before they are aware that there is a war. As with many examples in world history, one cannot get out of bondage with just will power and thought control. Warriors must be trained, and then trained some more, in the classroom and on the field. They must learn, that in order to escape the bondage they find themselves in, as did warriors thousands of years before: Like Dragons Did They Fight!< Less
365 Quotes of Consciousness By Minister Mission
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The pages that follow are full of quotes that I have written over the course of several years. The inspiration to write them has come from various sources. Music, travel, prayer, reflection, and... More > day-to-day interactions have all played their part in making these thoughts tangible via the written word.< Less
Dominate Title & Escrow Sales In 21 Days By Logan Coulter
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The purpose of this book is to turn you into a title and escrow sales machine in only 21 working days. Just as you can transform your body in 60 to 90 days of working out, you can transform your... More > sales by learning the 21 new sales techniques and completing the daily tasks set forth in this book.< Less
The Teen Video Game Addiction Workbook By Christopher Mulligan LCSW
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This workbook is written for mental health professionals who are treating teens with video game addiction. This workbook provides mental health professionals with the most current research on gaming... More > addiction and offers a cognitive- behavioral framework for conducting group, individual and family therapy. This workbook helps teens understand the negative consequences of compulsive gaming and provides a clear path to lasting recovery from gaming addiction.< Less
Evolving Intelligence: A Journey Towards New Frontiers By Ruben G Martinez
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Book Contains 5 major parts subdivided in chapters with themes from Evolution and Creation to our Government and Financial Systems.
Universally Preferable Behaviour - A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics By Stefan Molyneux
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In many fairy tales, there lives a terrible beast of stupendous power, a dragon or a basilisk, which tyrannizes the surrounding lands. The local villagers tremble before this monster; they sacrifice... More > their animals, pay money and blood in the hopes of appeasing its murderous impulses. Year after year, decade after decade, wave after wave of hopeful champions try to match their strength, virtue and cunning against this terrible tyrant. Try – and fail. Inevitably, a man steps forward who strikes everyone as utterly incongruous. He is a stable boy, a shoemaker’s son, a baker’s apprentice – or sometimes, just a vagabond. This book is the story of my personal assault on just such a beast. This “beast” is the belief that it is impossible to define an objective, rational, secular and scientific ethical system. This “beast” is the illusion that morality must forever be lost in the irrational swamps of gods and governments, forever lacking logical justification and clear definition...< Less
On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion By Stefan Molyneux
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From a short-term, merely practical standpoint, you really do not want to read this book. This book will mess up your life, as you know it. This book will change every single one of your... More > relationships – most importantly, your relationship with yourself. This book is radioactive and painful – it is only incidentally the kind of radiation and pain that will cure you. We are born to truth, yet everywhere we are enmeshed in error. Superstition, irrationality and patriotism all work to cripple our natural affinities to rationality and empiricism. On Truth, by Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, examines and explodes all the propaganda that stands between you and the simple truth of life, the universe and everything. All the truths that you were born with, that were scrubbed out of your mind for the profit and fun of your elders, will be reawakened in this short but powerful book. Begin the process of reclaiming your own reason, pick up this book, hold on for the ride, and arrive at the truth.< Less
UnLearn: 101 Simple Truths For A Better Life By Humble The Poet
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Life is hard, and the older we get, it only seems to get more complex. We can easily get overwhelmed trying to deal with everything all at once. We look everywhere for solutions to make the journey a... More > bit more bearable; everywhere but within. Sometimes we gain more from letting go. Whether it’s old habits, stale mindsets, regrets of the past, or simply the way we view our lives; in order to grow we have to shed the things that are holding us back. UnLearn is collection of writings to remind you of the wisdom you’ve already acquired, but may have lost under the weight and pressures of daily life. UnLearn touches upon a myriad of topics that we all go through in life, from love, relationships, to success, and chasing our dreams. This book is the perfect primer to clean the slate, and allow you a life of fulfillment through life long learning. Simple, honest, and effective, UnLearn is a “collection of nuggets that remind you of the things that keep this wild ride steady”< Less
Fire in the Moon, the Intimate Diaries of Mahatara Youssef By Mahatara Youssef
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Fire in the Moon is more then just a book, it is a journey! A journey into the realm of infinite possibilities. Where your mind will expand to a new level of awakening. These pages are filled with... More > passion, magic, intimacy, and charm. This book is about a young woman's journey to inner peace deeper self love, and unshakable faith. Sit back and enjoy the Intimate Dairies of Maha-tara Youssef.< Less
It's No Secret ... Spirituality Bites By R. P. Sharpe
Paperback: $9.95
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You can STOP SEARCHING for your 'spiritual path' because YOU'RE ON IT! This book contains observations and bits of awareness that I have gained from the hundreds of self-help and... More > spiritually-focused guests I have had on my Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show. Some of the Insights include: * The Law of Dis-traction * It's All About ME ... and My Choices * Well, What Do You Expect? * Ungrateful So-and-So * Leave Your Judgments at the Door * Forget the So-Called 'Experts' * It's No Coincidence * In Your Dreams * Thank God for Unanswered Prayers Also included are 60 Actions I (and show guests) have taken to make life better and less stressful, based on those observations. Some may work for you, some may not. But even if there is ONLY ONE action that you take to improve your life experience, then the time you spend reading this book will have been worth while.< Less
ESTJ Stress Reduction Guide By Ruth E Schneider and David S Prudhomme
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Written specifically for the ESTJ. Learn what stresses you and why. And, most importantly, what you can do to stop stress in its tracks! Stress is now a top health concern and is responsible for... More > or exacerbates 85% of all illness. You can take back control and eliminate the negative effects of stress on your mind and body. Just follow our easy, four-step process -- specifically for ESTJs.< Less
Healthy Within By Maria Dorfner
Paperback: $23.00
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Healthy Within: A Story about Loss and Gain is an inspirational true story about the author's journey from a traumatic event to a spiritual encounter, which has her redefine health, beauty, wealth,... More > success and leadership from the inside out. If you have ever experienced ANY type of loss in your life, you will benefit from the insights in this book. Find out what events in your life are leading causes of illness, and what you can do about it. Her story is interspersed with a commentary on how to fix existing problems in the world. Her decades long journey of self-awareness leads to many universal wisdoms she hopes will inspire and empower the rest of the world to improve their lives and live value-driven lives, based on health first.< Less
Bonsai Days, The Art of Living After Trauma By Annie Bane
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On any given day any one of us could awaken to an event that may change our lives forever. Experience this REALITY with those who created a new life from the trauma. DISABLED VETERANS: Discover a... More > creativity you never knew existed. Artists tell their own stories in color and words to find healing in the process. FAMILIES: A nuts and bolts guide to giving support in tough times. Everyone in the family needs a full life after trauma. YOUNG ADULT DRIVERS: Envision your own life after an accident caused by alcohol. Your attention to safety on the road will skyrocket.< Less
Ignorance is the only unpardonable sin (A riot-proof time machine) By Pendleton
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Two years worth of drawings and notes on art, therapy, memory, history and culture.
I.C.E. Inner Calm & Explosiveness By Jermaine Andre
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I.C.E. reveals the true, hard secrets of what it takes to become the honorable best and respectfully destroy the competition. I.C.E. educates on proven self empowerment and the etiquette of... More > personal affairs. LAYING THE FOUNDATION educates the athlete in preparing the mind, body and spirit to be dependable and impenetrable through training and competition. Morality, conquering fear, understanding losing and more! DEVELOPING SUPER POWERS arms the reader with self healing, dealing with stress, releasing the spirit and more! THE REAL WORLD guides the athlete in the social responsibilities of family issues, peer pressure, position as a role model, street fighting and more! FITNESS FIRST turns the athlete into a master nutritionist and fitness enthusiast while educating to the corruption within the fitness and supplement industry. SPECIALTY WORKOUTS give the reader the workout routines that Jermaine Andre' used personally to develop the power and strength that allowed him to dominate.< Less