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This Thing Called You By Ernest Holmes
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The greatest gift Life could have made to you is Yourself. You are a spontaneous, self-choosing center in Life, in the great drama of being, the great joy of becoming, the ... More > certainty of Eternal expansion. You could not ask for more and more could not have been given. Divine Guidance is yours for the asking. The answer to any problem which can ever confront you already exists at the center of your being. It is not enough merely to know that Divine Guidance exists — you must use It. You use It by consciously recognizing Its Source within Yourself and by deliberately calling upon It, expecting It to answer.< Less
Re-train Your Brain! By Edward L. Schultz
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Learn to use the power of your subconscious mind to make major changes in your life.
Power Chi Energetics By Master Bakari Alexander
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Exercise; health; weight loss; Qi Qung; Yoga; Martial Arts; Tai Chi; Kung Fu; Wu Shu; Fitness; Meditation; Concentration; focus; Long life; Good Living; Healthy Living; Strength; Flexibility; Self... More > Defense; wellness; Holistic; Longevity; Weight reduction; Aerobics; Core strength< Less
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A brilliant speaker, gifted thinker, and inspired writer, Dr. Ernest S. Holmes founded the United Church of Religious Science, an international ministry that flourishes today. His message is simple:... More > The universe has intelligence, purpose, and order. By understanding its principles and applying them to ourselves, we can see who we are and what we truly want in life. Creative Mind, produced in 1918, is a simple guide for the many thousands who came to hear his words and wished to know more. Creative Mind is a little book designed to explain what people must discover for themselves about the nature of the universe and the creative power of their own minds. Its message is as fresh today as it was a century ago.< Less
How to Change the World (Letter, PDF) By Jurgen Appelo
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How do I deal with my crappy organization? I like my work but I don’t like what our management is doing. How do I deal with it? Well, that’s easy. You have three options: 1. Ignore it.... More > Changing organizations is hard work. If you don’t have the stamina to learn how to be a good change agent, then stop complaining about what’s bad. Accept that the organization is what it is, and enjoy the good parts of your work. 2. Quit your job. The only reason there are bad organizations is that people don’t quit their jobs. Do the world a favor and find a better place to work. Help bad organizations out of their misery by not working for them. 3. Learn about change management. Most people are terrible at influencing other people and changing organizations. But, if you’re serious about it, you can learn how to be a more effective change agent. It’s take it, leave it, or change it... This book is for those who choose option 3.< Less
!WONTUOTEG second edition - EBook By Kelley Gerwig, Gail Johnson
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WHO's AFFECTING YOUR CAREER? Successful careers do not just happen; successful people are not just “lucky”. Success is something that is planned. Whether you are fresh out of college... More > or mid-way through your career, you will need to make deliberate career adjustments and handle unexpected career course corrections. It’s called change. Change is inevitable; change is the only constant certainty! Managing career change requires constant attention to your surroundings – your co-workers, your boss, your organization, your industry, yourself– and looking for Clues that foretell of coming change. Successfully managing change is the only way to ensure that you are living the life you claim you want. It starts with an honest assessment of yourself, your boss, your organization, and your industry. This assessment is the only way to really know if where you are is the right place for you right now.< Less
Relationship Wisdom : 51 Tips to Enrich Your Relationships and Make Life Easier By Jerilyn Thiel
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Relationships are the one constant in life. Everywhere we go and everything we do involves a relationship of some kind. These diverse relationships include friendships, extended family, co-workers,... More > spouse, kids, and a vital one, the relationship with yourself. Through the tips in this book, you'll learn that making a few adjustments will completely alter the dynamics of any relationship. A few key points from this book include: communicating more effectively, shifting perspective and how that will impact your relationships, valuing yourself and others, tools for the times you are in a disagreement with anyone, how to enjoy being single, the powerful journey of being a parent, and many other proactive steps to healthier, happier relationships. The tips and actions steps in this book are widely varied and have been created for anyone wanting to make positive changes in the dynamics of any relationship. With practice and a willingness to try something new - change can, and will, occur with relative ease.< Less
As Chair Turns By Kathy Jager
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Whether you are a big salon owner or employee, an independent contractor, a seasoned stylist or an excited beauty school student…within these pages you will find encouraging insights that will... More > reveal real-life situations and ideas that will help you understand the nature of our business and inspire you to enjoy the ride. The passion for sharing this information and education has been the heart and soul of my journey behind the chair.< Less
Top of Your Game By Jonathan Albin
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The Game Market Guru, Jonathan Albin, has made it possible for you to learn the tactics, tips, and techniques designed to make you a winner at everything. This is part two of his Game Changer... More > Challenge, and will introduce you to the exciting, challenging, and thought-provoking world of all kinds of games and gamers, and offers the secrets to developing the skills of a winner.< Less
Life Beyond Fear: Faith, Wisdom, and Courage By Sha Sha
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This book is a guiding tool as to how to combat fears and live a life of freedom. By following the guidelines provided, your life will never be the same; however, it’s imperative that you do... More > the work provided, trust the process, and take the suggestions in the book. By doing so, you will be the beneficiary of an enriched life, such as I.< Less
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Everything I Needed To Know About Freemasonry By Stephen Dafoe
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There are many lessons of vast importance contained in the Entered Apprentice Degree of Freemasonry. These lessons are so important to the author of this book that he has been so bold as to title the... More > book, Everything I needed to know about Freemasonry; I learned as an apprentice. Worshipful Brother Stephen Dafoe is not a Freemason who takes his craft lightly. He is often fond of saying, "We do not need more men in Masonry, but more Masonry in men." Every page of this book reflects that expression. The book is one man's reflection on the lessons learned in that first degree and is a thorough examination of the philosophy taught with each step, pace and gesture. In so doing, Dafoe has not created a dry account of the first degree, but rather a book that will inspire all Freemasons to get back to the basics.< Less
Finding Your Integrity By Greg McBride
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Life is messy. We all fall into patterns that don’t work and keep trying the same things over and over again. This little book is intended to get you unstuck. It’s not just another... More > one-size-fits-all book of daily inspirations; these little thoughts will help you completely re-design your life. They have been kitchen-tested in my own life, as well as the lives of my clients, with great success. The first step towards taking control of your life is to be conscious of the choices you make. In this book, Greg walks you through the questioning process that leads many of his clients down a surprising new path.< Less
Inlighten the Body - The Hladina Method By Soleil Lithman
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Soleil Lithman, MA offers a comprehensive overview of our present accelerated evolution and how we can collaborate with the Divine intention. The author presents a synthesis of her new discoveries ... More > in using liquid light from the heart center with Integral Yoga, Transpersonal Psychology, and Somatic Therapies. She relates this to quantum physics and biological research. Through working with clients Ms. Lithman has developed new and profoundly effective means to embody the premises which she provides. The reader can directly benefit from using the step by step processes which are described.< Less
AXIOM 23: the first Key to the 23rd Current By Autonomous Individuals Network (A.I.N.)
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This publication provides the first key to the 23rd Current of Magick, and gives direction on how to become a member of the Autonomous Individuals Network (A.I.N.)
Correspondence Course Basic By Britta Kienle
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You too can learn to read the cards like a professional using Britta’s popular correspondence course! No skills needed. Learn from scratch with our revolutionary system! Even if you have never... More > dealt with this matter before, Britta’s famous system will show you how to lay and interpret the cards in next to no time! Thanks to numerous exercises and easy-to-follow illustrations you will soon be able to lay out a complete spread and interpret what you see.< Less
Fortune-Telling: Professional Cartomancy II - The World of Numerology and Healing Crystals By Britta Kienle
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Professional Cartomancy II A lavishly illustrated full-colour paperback. Also available as an e-book, for a small price. Book I Numerology , healing crystals and other “Little... More > Helpers” Use this quick and simpe numerology and a wide variety of other little helping hands to broaden your horizons and extend your interpretations. This handy e-book was created especially for cartomancers, so the different techniques can be used individually or combined with a spread of cards. Part I –Numerology-Introduction, The digit of your life, The digit of the year, Numerology in your cards, Special Cases: No 18, No 28 and No 29, Frequently asked questions, Your personality in the cards, Your Daily Oracle Card Part II - A Fortune Teller’s Resource Kit-, The Power of Healing Crystals Special Cards at a Glance, Epilogue.< Less
The Anastasi System — Psychic Development Level 4: An Introduction to Channeling and Spirit Communication By Sandy Anastasi
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Expand Your Developing Psychic Abilities into the Amazing Areas of Channeling and Spirit Communication! The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Levels 1 through 3 are the foundation for your... More > psychic journey. These books lay the groundwork to rediscover your natural-born psychic abilities, such as how to develop a meditative personality, seeing and feeling auras, performing health scans, using a pendulum, and much more. In Psychic Development Level 4: An Introduction to Channeling and Spirit Communication, Sandy brings you to a more advanced level of focus, using tools you’ve already learned and coupling them with new exercises. You will learn how to channel, connect to the other side and to your guides, how to interpret messages and symbols, and how to protect yourself and your environment. This book is a must have for the aspiring psychic channel or medium!< Less
Freedom Is (period.) By Dr. Robert C. Worstell
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If you don't have all the wealth, abundance, loving relationships, good health, or anything else you want in your life - you don't have to look further than your own thoughts. Here's a new idea for... More > you: All the Freedom, Happiness, and Peace you want can already be found within you. The only things keeping these from showing up are the mental habits you have. And it's just too easy to get rid of these. But these are easy to solve. You can simply learn to control and quiet your own mind. Follow these authors: Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Charles Haanel, Earl Nightingale, Max Freedom Long, Lester Levenson - as they show you how simple it is to get all these thoughts quieted. And then everything else you could possibly want simply starts showing up in your life! For the first time, these teachers' secrets have been assembled for your use. Will you take the offered hand?< Less
Scarred by the Blue Sky By Vanessa Soyer
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This is a fiction novel based on the life of a young boy who was stripped of his happiness at a very young age, he’s lived the life that most adults have never experienced. He’s been... More > through hurt and pain, he literally died inside. As you read his story keep an open mind, and know that this is fiction (untrue story), no parts of the counseling advice should be applied to real life situations. If you are experiencing challenges in your life seek the help from Pastors, Psychiatrists, or a counselor in the field of choice.< Less
Dowse This... Explore Your Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives By Juanita Ott
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An extremely comprehensive set of 155 Dowsing Charts, which can be used to explore Your Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives. They can be useful for exploring your other lives for... More > curiosity’s sake, or they can be used to assist healing in your current life relationships as well as your emotional and physical health. Included is a set of Life Purpose Charts containing 242 separate items which can also be used to dowse your current life purposes, missions or tasks. As you dowse your past lives, future lives & parallel lives, the choices and associations that you make in your current life can take on new meaning. Why not start today? ISBN: 978-0-9780258-7-8< Less
Dowse This... Dowse for Your Animal Totem and Other Animal Guides By Juanita Ott
Paperback: $25.00
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Have you ever wondered how to determine your Totem Animal? This was a question I heard so often I decided to create a dowsing chart to simplify the process. A few years ago I began to collect lists... More > of animals and soon my list became too large for a simple chart. This book consists of 27 dowsing charts and 1 blank chart to assist you in discovering your totem, power, message, guide, and/or medicine animal to name but a few. This book also contains Dinosaurs and Mythical Creatures. For More Information on this title visit< Less
The Buddha's Playbook: Strategies for Enlightened Living By Joshua Summers, Michael Brooks
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Meditation Kit Includes: Book, 2-month Workbook, and 5 guided meditation MP3s. Meditation has a proven track record for increasing health, boosting creativity and strengthening clarity. However,... More > many people are confused not only about how to meditate, but even more so, how to sustain the habit of meditation. And it’s really the ability to practice meditation with consistency that delivers all the long-term benefits. Michael Brooks and Joshua Summers have brilliantly synthesized insights from theories on decision-making with ancient contemplative approaches to make the habit of meditation practice real and relevant. By practicing the simple techniques and approaches in The Buddha’s Playbook, you will infuse your life, your work and your purpose with a focused mind and a compassionate heart. Let Michael and Josh show you how easy it is!< Less
26 Keys That Unlock My Inner Treasure By Billie Watkins
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This book is for students of Jin Shin Jyutsu and is full of information for each of us to maintain harmony and health, collected from over 25 years of classes and study.
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How Do You Live A Good, Quality, Positive Life? What is the Secret to a Joyful Life that Proceeds with Strength over the many Obstacles that we all must Face Every Day. A Life filled with... More > Meaning, Purpose and Satisfaction in which you Engage this Most Noble Journey of Self Discovery How do we Redirect Our Path and Redefine Our Priorities to Let the Light of Life Shine Inside of Us. Through a Lifestyle of Simplicity and Gratitude We Elevate Ourselves Above the Distracting Nonsense of Our Present Times to Gain a Fresh Perspective of What is Really Important. You Will Discover if you Expect Only the very Best that is What You are Going to Receive. You are a Miracle that will only once come to this Earth to Share Your Unique Gift… You are the Ultimate Inspiration!< Less