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Ten Days to a Happier You! By The Abbotts
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Ten Days to a Happier You! 10 Ways to Improve Your Life by The Abbotts Now is the time for you to improve your life on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and The Abbotts can... More > show you how to do so, over ten illuminating days! You will learn how to improve your appearance, make your health better, choose a vocation that works for you, make better relationships, make new friends, become more psychic and find the love of your life! Who could ask for more! In ten easy steps, you will find that by answering quizzes and making choices, you can discover a new you who really starts to enjoy life! With wise words from the Ascended Masters and self-improvement exercises, you will be amazed at the simple changes that you can make that will give you back 100% rewards! A self-help book for everyone! In 14pt for easy reading and illustrated.< Less
The Anastasi System — Psychic Development Level 5: Developing the Energy and Skill in Spirit Communication By Sandy Anastasi
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To simply say this is a great guide to spirit communication would not do it justice. Among these pages you will find a plethora of knowledge that will help to unlock your own self-made boundaries.... More > You will learn to expand your horizons, accept your experiences, and ‘tune up’ your awareness! — Lisa Freeman, Professional Psychic Medium< Less
JS's Jolly and Joyous Book of Affirmations and Uplifting Sayings By Joseph Simpson
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This is my first official book that I put on Lulu. It is a poem/affirmation book that I published after the end of High School. I did not however have the money to have it professionally edited, so... More > it is an imperfect book. I wrote it to help people who feel like they are far from perfect, but everyone is far from perfect. To be honest I wrote this entire book one night in the middle of the night and it took under an hour! I just felt the urge to write some really positive affirmations and thoughts, and this book is the result. I still think it is a good book when it comes to improving one's mood. I wrote this book to better myself and found out coincidentally, after sharing it with others, that it helped some of them too in a positive and encouraging manner. Reading through these pages with a short uplifting poem/positive affirmation on each page has helped me convince or remind myself that I do matter and things will get better. I hope it can do the same for other people too!< Less
The WOW Factor – 7 Secrets to Great Presentations By Lori E. Miller
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In the WOW Factor – 7 Secrets to Great Presentations, trainer Lori E. Miller provides a comprehensive approach on how to deliver the most effective presentations. Drawing from her years of... More > experience as a professional trainer, she shares stories, offers best practices, and provides various presentation templates that a novice to expert presenter can use. In this one of kind encompassing guide, Miller provides a step-by-step approach on how to present with confidence and credibility, how to structure and deliver effective messages, how to achieve learning outcomes, and how to “WOW” the audience every single time. If you are a professional who has to conduct any type of individual or group presentation, this is the only book you will ever need.< Less
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Self Management Planner, Appointment Book and Day Planner By Daniel Sundberg
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If you’re organized, and love your Google calendar, but still crave the satisfaction of a written weekly planner, and checking things off your to-do list, then this is the planner for you! Not... More > only is this planner perfect for effective time management, and organization but it also allows to set and track your goals (It even includes graph paper so you can watch your progress!). The Self Management Planner is designed to be the most functional appointment book, daily/weekly planner, and personal organizer possible for someone with a packed and changing schedule, all packaged in one planner. Includes: Tutorials on goal planning and time management 8.5 x 11 pages 18.5-hour day, from 6am to 12:30pm, broken into half-hour time segments, includes Saturday and Sunday as full days, system for tracking your progress on personal goals, 52 lined note pages, blank date period, to prevent page waste and allow you to start the calendar on your own time frame, weekly to-do and daily to-do lists.< Less
Renaissance World By Matthew Burns Sr.
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Increase your awareness by becoming definite of who you are and where your are going. Today! This book will show you how to take possession and use your greatest asset to your personal advantage not... More > only to help yourself, but others as well.< Less
Unlocking Your Purpose By O.D Harris
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Unlocking Your Purpose is a practical guide to life’s principles to help discover God’s plan and purpose for your life. OD Harris takes you on a guided tour though the journey of his... More > personal life, highlighting the nuggets of wisdom he has gathered along the way. Your intellect will be challenged by the research supported facts dovetailed with the intimate descriptions of his experience- strategically forming the key required to unlock the door to discovering your purpose. These simple keys are easy to identify and effortless to apply to every day life, catapulting you out of a life mediocrity into one of greatness.< Less
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What They Didn't Tell Us About Life By Neil WJ Smith
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This is a selection of the best of my self help and inspirational blogs with what advice I can offer after graduating from the School of Hard Knocks. With what I've learned from the ultimate failure,... More > bankruptcy, to the ultimate survival in life, to be living my dreams in my ideal lifestyle.< Less
20 Things I Learned In My 20s By Andrea Lyss
Hardcover: $23.99 (excl. taxes)
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A memoir of a 30-something year old as she looks back on he many lessons learned in her twenties.
What We Can Do By Mark Landau
Paperback: $10.00 (excl. taxes)
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Who are we, really? How aware are we of our limitations? Is there anything we can do about them? At the root of creation are great simplicity and power. So, too, they rest at the depths of our being... More > and our well-being. Learn what you can do to unfold more of who you are. Join us.< Less
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Your Dreams of Sex, Love and Romance and What They Mean By Laura Suzanne
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If you would like to know more about what your dreams of Sex, Love and Romance mean or become more adept at interpreting any dream you may have, look no further as the " In Your Dreams"... More > books series is your ultimate guide for dream interpretation. Laura Suzanne has been a lifelong student and enthusiast of dreams and finding their true meaning.< Less
The Secret Door to Success By Florence Scovel Shinn
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If you have been hammering away at success for years without much apparent gain, unless you are unusually strong of mind resentment and envy will have started to eat away at you. Yet this outlook can... More > sabotage your success just at it is getting close to being realized. Scovel Shinn devoted her life to helping people recognize the link between their attitudes and their level of happiness. A relaxed state of expectancy, she taught, is the best mindset for bringing success into your life. Sometimes, intensity of desire can actually turn away your good because it suggests faith only in yourself and not in the higher power which has created you. Few understand the success law that deep-felt, even burning ambitions and desires are most easily realized by allowing them to be realized - a case of 'set and forget'.< Less
Your Word Is Your Wand By Florence Scovel Shinn
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We can attract a lot of good things that give us a sense of satisfaction when we use the right words. There are certain words that make a good impression on our subconscious mind which then... More > translates to our well being. Therefore your word is your wand that can change obvious failure to sweet success like magic. With the right words, you can achieve practically anything you want. To attain mastery, you have to be able to be happy and contented at all times irrespective of the prevailing situation. You have to be able to remain calm, peaceful and use the right words even when you are faced with hard times or a bad situation. Once you are able to do all these things, only then do you possess the power that can control conditions in your life by your word. This is when your word becomes your wand that is capable of transforming failure to success.< Less
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Counterintuitive By Lou Ann Daly, Ph.D
eBook (ePub): $8.99 (excl. taxes)
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What if there are signals all around you trying to get your attention? What if these signals are there to support your deepest dreams for who you can be and what you can create in this world? What if... More > life itself is quite simple and we humans make it burdensome, heavy, and a struggle by our choices? And what if the way we do this is counterintuitive? What if living in a state of joy is accessible to all who seek and choose it? And what if we are prompted throughout our lives to develop the ability to recognize how to live into the highest and best we can be with joy and grace? And what if the reason we don't is counterintuitive? What is possible for each of us individually and for societies, as a whole, when we intuitively follow inner wisdom over our fears and ego identities? Just maybe we will live into our dreams, our life’s work, and the highest and best of who we are here to be. The path presents itself. Do you know how to recognize the signals? Do you want to?< Less
Next Level Please By Shameeka Hunt
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Next Level Please is a compilation of motivational, challenging and encouraging writings that cause the reader to look within themselves and self-motivate to become a better person. In this book you... More > are challenged to look deeper within yourself, your surroundings and other things that influence who you are, where you want to be, and how you plan to get there.< Less
One With Your Warrior By Samuel Gozo
eBook (ePub): $14.99 (excl. taxes)
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This book is not a guide to simply get you motivated. This is a practical guide to getting in touch with your inner Warrior and becoming a Champion in heart, mind, and spirit. Here's the catch; you... More > are BORN one! The question is: do you bring that Champion out daily?< Less