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To All My Sisters In The Struggle 2nd Edition By Natalie M. Lewis
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Purchase your copy of Author Natalie M. Lewis’ book entitled To All My Sisters in the Struggle. Hear her own personal triumph from Domestic Violence, Suicide attempts, and other traps set by... More > the Enemy to take her life. Natalie has a story of hope and encouragement to share with “All Her Sisters in the Struggle.” Purchase your copy today and “Let The Healing Begin!”< Less
Touching the Untouchable By Petur Gudjonsson
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This book helps us to be more frequently in close contact with that“other“ part of us, something that we have always yearned for. When that contact ocurred, we had the most beautiful... More > experiences of our lives. And when we are not connected, there is always a feeling that something is „missing“ in our life. How do we go about establishing this contact? How do we know we have touched that other part of us? And what exactly is the untouchable? How does this other dimension express itself and how will you recognize its presence? What we know is that “you, like all other of us humans feel that there's something inside of us that calls for a close connection with what cannot be connected with, a longing for a sound that cannot be heard and to be able to speak to the Great Beyond with words that cannot be expressed”.< Less
The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts By Amazon Kindle Users
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How to Win Friends and Influence People By Amazon Kindle Users
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Universally Preferable Behaviour - A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics By Stefan Molyneux
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In many fairy tales, there lives a terrible beast of stupendous power, a dragon or a basilisk, which tyrannizes the surrounding lands. The local villagers tremble before this monster; they sacrifice... More > their animals, pay money and blood in the hopes of appeasing its murderous impulses. Year after year, decade after decade, wave after wave of hopeful champions try to match their strength, virtue and cunning against this terrible tyrant. Try – and fail. Inevitably, a man steps forward who strikes everyone as utterly incongruous. He is a stable boy, a shoemaker’s son, a baker’s apprentice – or sometimes, just a vagabond. This book is the story of my personal assault on just such a beast. This “beast” is the belief that it is impossible to define an objective, rational, secular and scientific ethical system. This “beast” is the illusion that morality must forever be lost in the irrational swamps of gods and governments, forever lacking logical justification and clear definition...< Less
Dowse This... Your Journey to Emotional Balance By Juanita Ott
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This life we are living today is our personal journey. We have the power to create the life we desire. Research has shown that our emotions affect our health. But what does one do about it? How does... More > one discover which particular emotion is causing a problem? For instance, something may have happened to you as a small child, which the mind has long since forgotten, but the body is still holding onto in some way. These charts were created to assist in discovering these hidden problematic emotions. Our emotions, feelings, and thoughts shape who we are today. If what is happening to us now is a cause for concern, then we need to make changes. If it is true that our feelings and thoughts shape who we are then it follows that we need to make changes to our emotions, feelings & thoughts. This book contains 62 Dowsing Charts to assist us in reclaiming our lives. ISBN:978-0-9780258-3-0< Less
On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion By Stefan Molyneux
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From a short-term, merely practical standpoint, you really do not want to read this book. This book will mess up your life, as you know it. This book will change every single one of your... More > relationships – most importantly, your relationship with yourself. This book is radioactive and painful – it is only incidentally the kind of radiation and pain that will cure you. We are born to truth, yet everywhere we are enmeshed in error. Superstition, irrationality and patriotism all work to cripple our natural affinities to rationality and empiricism. On Truth, by Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, examines and explodes all the propaganda that stands between you and the simple truth of life, the universe and everything. All the truths that you were born with, that were scrubbed out of your mind for the profit and fun of your elders, will be reawakened in this short but powerful book. Begin the process of reclaiming your own reason, pick up this book, hold on for the ride, and arrive at the truth.< Less
Detailed Summaries of all 16 Personality Types By Ruth E Schneider and David S Prudhomme
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Go from Stressed to Best using personality Type. This handy Book gives you a detailed summary for each of the 16 Personality Types. Each Summary includes a page describing their Best, Secondary,... More > Third and Stress Modes. It includes their driving force in life, top four strengths and even four suggestions for living a happier and more productive life. Each summary also includes a one page synopsis for helping them shift From Stressed to Best. Use this information to better understand yourself and everyone around you. Permission to copy the summaries for your clients is included as long as the from Stressed to Best footer remains intact.< Less
INFP Stress Reduction Guide By Ruth E Schneider and David S Prudhomme
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Written specifically for the INFP. Learn what stresses you and why. And, most importantly, what you can do to stop stress in its tracks! Stress is now a top health concern and is responsible for... More > or exacerbates 85% of all illness. You can take back control and eliminate the negative effects of stress on your mind and body. Just follow our easy, four-step process -- specifically for INFPs.< Less
Born Ready: Unleash Your Inner Dream Girl By Jennifer Elisabeth
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This is a book for the girl who feels like she feels too much... the girl who is so on fire with her own passion and questions that sometimes she can’t even sleep at night. She is fueled by... More > beauty and by truth and wants nothing more than to share these gifts with the world. This girl recognizes that her voice is unique but her story remains untold. She longs for the day when she will finally feel safe enough, within herself and her life, to risk it all and materialize her dreams. This book is an invitation to ‘Unleash Your Inner Dream Girl’ - that little warrior, goddess of a girl you were before life got its hands on you.< Less
CommUnity in Transition By Emery C. Walters, Infamous Todd Kachinski Kottmeier, Robyn Walters
Paperback: $19.99
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We sent over a thousand invitations to the transgender community around the world asking them to share wisdom, advice, and compassion for those questioning or struggling. No restraints, using topics... More > they created, as they guided the conversation over forty chapters and fifty topics. By the close, these remarkable people had created the largest compilation book in transgender history. They opened their heart with these words.< Less
Modesty By A Mayar
Paperback: $10.02
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You read this book to discover who you are. This attached is a collection of Bedil’s views on modesty in the format of a book
The Recovery Dictionary Deluxe Edition A Resource Guide to Understanding Our Literature By Any Addict
eBook (PDF): $6.55
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This dictionary was created as an easy reference guide to clarify some of the words that seemed important in Narcotics Anonymous literature. Definitions of what Narcotics Anonymous believes certain... More > words mean have been added. In this case the book, IP, or booklet including the page number will be provided to you as a reference. We suggest that this resource should not replace the use of a standard< Less
Masters Manual of Hsing I Kung Fu By John Price
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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This was the first book published about the internal art of Hsing-I Kung Fu in English. It contains the Seven words, 6 Harmonies, descriptions of the 5 Elements and much,much more. In the second... More > edition we have added more commentary and herbal recipes.< Less
The Female Baller's Handbook By Ronnell "Chewy" Coombs
eBook (PDF): $7.00
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The Female Baller's Handbook is a hustler's bible for women , The book teaches women every single rule of thumb that can be used to get ahead. This book is raw and uncut!
A Work in Progress: A Collection of Poetry By Leesa Abbott
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This is the author’s second book following Dreams Like Mine. A Work in Progress is an insightful collection of poetry delving deep into an array of human emotions. The author writes with an... More > intensely personal, honest, and genuine approach weaving her own experience with grief, trauma, and depression. While the poems are intense and dark at times, they often relay messages of hope and strength in the face of life's obstacles. Her poems speak to people who have faced significant life challenges, ultimately lifting their spirits and inspiring positive change and healing.< Less
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Dr Janni Lloyd uses a wonderful blend of psychology, spirituality, science and alternative / complimentary medicine to make this new possibility become palpable. 'Being Ageless….feel into... More > that for a while….. It is a state of being that opens an infinite number of doors… We are going to peep behind some of those doors in this eBook. ...May it’s life enhance your LIFE….'< Less
The Secret Laws of Social Wisdom By Eddie Fews
eBook (PDF): $35.00
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Social Development Coach and Co Owner of Eddie Fews list the primary Fifty Laws that must be followed for every many with intention on having a rich and fulfilling social life.... More > Each law within the book has been designed to ensure a man develop higher levels of personal magnetism, natural presence, and self esteem. Get your copy and begin to practice the law thoroughly to ensure you will have the leverage in every social situation.< Less