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The Anastasi System - Psychic Development Level 1: The Fundamentals By Sandy Anastasi
Paperback: $24.95
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An Amazing Book That Will Help You Discover and Open Your Own Psychic Abilities! With more than 30 years of teaching experience, Sandy Anastasi has been successfully training students, teachers, and... More > professional psychics worldwide how to open, develop, and master their psychic abilities. Created from her live workshop material, this six-part workbook series is an excellent home or classroom study alternative and is ideally suited for the aspiring psychic, channel, or psychic medium. Each workbook contains multiple exercises with straightforward instructions to help students gain the necessary, hands-on experience to quickly and easily develop their skills. The material in Level 1: The Fundamentals is critical in giving you a solid foundation and greatly increasing your chance of success with the more advanced skills you'll learn later on in the series.< Less
Creative Imagery, Vol 2 By Linda Bennett
Paperback: $35.00
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Imagination is stronger than will power. When the imagination is engaged in positive focus amazing things can happen. This is the law of attraction. In this book you will find an assortment of... More > imagery scripts designed to empower and encourage positive outcomes. The scripts are easy to follow and can be used for self-hypnosis and for coaches and hypnotherapists to use with clients. These scripts have been shared with thousands of people with great positive results. We know they work!< Less
Death By A Thousand Sluts (Part One) By John Bodi
Paperback: $26.36
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Being terrible with women isn't easy: it takes a lifetime of planning. One day John woke up and found himself middle-aged, depressed and involuntarily celibate: with no more understanding of women... More > than a medieval peasant had of particle physics. What was to be done? Sucked into the dark and secretive world of "the pickup artists" he decided to reinvent himself and approach a thousand women on the streets of London. Surely one would sleep with him? Several nervous breakdowns later... this is his story.< Less
Make Your Last Relapse The Last - Create Your Own Relapse Prevention Plan! By USDrug
Paperback: $17.40
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You are not a statistic! There isn’t any research that shows all individuals relapse. This book focuses on the positive and negative influences on lapse and relapse that are within an... More > individual’s control. It gives practical examples and information on how to make life changes that increase the probability of leaving addiction behind. By completing the relapse prevention planning exercises in this book, you will be working on many fronts to put the odds in your favor. Our relapse prevention training method combines learning to change both behavior and thinking. It is an approach that emphasizes self-management and rejects labels like alcoholic or drug addict. Learn mastery skills in all areas of your life! - Gain control of stress - Reduce risk factors for relapse - Change addictive behaviour patterns - Learn real world steps to increase your motivation!< Less
Deceptions, Distractions & Disillusionment: Barriers to Your Success and Ours By Michael A. Wright
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The book accomplishes 2 simple tasks. First, it identifies and discusses the primary barriers to collaboration. Second, it provides the methods for overcoming the barriers. The difference is that it... More > takes the discussion deep into the system of deception, self-deception, role and identity confusion, guilt, shame, and adult development in response to the Parental Obligation. We don’t know ourselves or focus on what we think are negatives about ourselves (shame). We don’t trust ourselves (suppression). We don’t know the other (role confusion). We don’t trust the other (isolation). We are a bunch of islands attempting to convince ourselves that we are “family,” and therefore “family” has come to mean something less than people who are willing to give their all to establish your success.< Less
The Day My Life Changed By Michael Morrison
Paperback: $15.00
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In life we face all kinds of challenges, the kind that change our lives. It’s how we handle these changes that helps us through these difficult times. My book is about how I dealt with my... More > serious medical illness that changed my life. I wrote about the physical, emotional and the financial pain I went through. It’s about how I rebuilt my life through these hard times and how with the help of God, my family and friends they were able to guide me through these difficult times. I found a way to rebuild my life and start a new beginning. You can too.< Less
A Competitor's Heart: 369 Days of Development By Jeffrey Swarr
Paperback: $28.99
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For numerous young athletes they are searching for a path to be pushed to become great. Each competitor has the ability to be great and greatness is a daily practice. A Competitor’s Heart is... More > developed through a consistent daily practice of development. Each day’s message is built to develop a person’s heart to compete and become the best person possible. Put A Competitor’s Heart into your daily habit and routine and greatness will follow.< Less
How to Love Yourself By Kia Lorece
Paperback: $17.96
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Welcome to The Love Yourself Movement, where anything is everything, and everything is about loving yourself. Your happiness and worth comes directly from the source that is YOU. We, here at the Love... More > Yourself Movement, believe in YOU and encourage you to be the best YOU that you can be. For this reason, The Love Yourself Movement offers services and products to bring self- awareness, self- knowledge, and self-love to all that pursues it. This book, entitled "How to Love Yourself" is a guide which contains daily affirmation activities and tools to use towards developing self-love. It has spiritual and psychological references to heal the reader's spirit and soothe the reader's soul. This "how to guide" is a foundation in the reader's journey of self-development so that each person can ultimately naturally remember how to #LoveYourSelf and apply each chapter day to day.< Less
The Rock/Star Life Planner: Gain clarity on your career goals & practice a sustainable life/work balance By Suzanne J Paulinski, Alyssa B Jackson
Paperback: $30.00
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A personal planner that blends mindset workouts with scheduling techniques to keep track of your contacts & commitments while setting realistic, relevant, & attainable goals. The Rock/Star... More > Life Planner™ was designed with the music professional in mind, complete with tools to keep track of your fan growth & engagement, and to ensure you prioritize self-care by working smarter, not harder, with built-in breaks to avoid burnout.< Less
trivial By alee lythgoe
Paperback: $10.00
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from the eyes of another common nobody, a guide to help you dodge every little terror life sends your way. whether you're battling depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorder, this guide is for... More > you.< Less
Shrink-Proof Your Life: Top Ten Ways to Stay Off the Therapist’s Couch By Peter Allman, MA
Paperback: $14.95
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Most of us are creatures of habit. Unfortunately some habits—specifically our thinking patterns—can be unhealthy. In Shrink-Proof Your Life, seasoned psychotherapist Peter Allman shares... More > advice that will help us break away from negative habits or suffocating situations and illuminate the path toward an expanding life filled with more love, purpose, and joy. Allman, who has been a psychotherapist for more than twenty years, offers strategies to create stronger relationships, resolve inner and outer conflicts, and find the inner-strength to tackle obstacles. While teaching ways to work through normal feelings of sadness, annoyance, and grief, Allman also includes conversations with counseling clients that show practical approaches, helpful metaphors, and proven methods that train the mind to achieve better mental health and resiliency through life’s greatest challenges.< Less
Dream Girl!: A Woman's Guide To Living Her Dream In 3 Easy Steps By Felicia The GEM
Paperback: $12.99
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What is your IT? What makes your heart sing and your spirit leap for joy? You can live your life by default - just going along with what shows up next – or you can live your life by creating... More > your life and living your IT. Felicia the GEM Parker has explained how to create a fulfilling and extraordinary life by developing then working your plan until your IT manifests in her latest release, Dream Girl! A Woman's Guide To Living Her Dream In 3 Easy Steps. Dream Girl! is GPS for the woman who wants to see her dreams become a reality. Dream Girl! is all about action. Three easy steps are all it takes. These easy-to-follow three will earn you the inside and the outside of success: the spiritual understanding about the truth of your being and the assistance for fulfilling your capabilities.It will also give you the tools and power you need to get rid of the excuses for not doing so.< Less
Paperback: $19.95
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EXTREME LIFE: KEYS TO LIVING BEYOND THE NORM unveils universal principles to empower you to bridge the gap between your goals and dreams and your reality. Whether realist or dreamer, you were not... More > designed to live a mediocre life! There is a life of fulfillment and excellence designed specifically for you! Welcome to the EXTREME LIFE!< Less
Refuse to be Afraid By Warren Bluhm
Paperback: $11.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Tired of the fear mongers? Ready to plow through the nagging doubts and outright fears of various sizes and shapes that are keeping you from living your best life? Eager to take the leap into that... More > new job, start that new business, or meet that person you'd really like to know better? What's keeping you back? This is the challenge before you: Faced with a scary reality, to navigate past the anxiety, refuse to be afraid, and free yourself to move on to your dreams. This revised and expanded edition of Warren Bluhm's groundbreaking 2010 book is more relevant to our times than ever.< Less
Man, You Got This! By Cedrick D. Brown
Paperback: List Price: $18.00 $17.10 | You Save: 5%
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If you look around you, it can become very discouraging to be a man. There seems to be a pandemic of fatherlessness. Many fathers are absent from their homes either literally or figuratively. We have... More > become the butt of jokes within most family sitcom scenes. Many men seem to have lost their way - they are discouraged. "Man, You Got This!" doesn't damage a man even more but rather encourages him not to lose heart and not to give-in. After reading Cedrick's thoughts, every man will truly believe - he's got this thing called manhood.< Less
Metamodernism and Mental Illness By David Samuel Neuer
Paperback: $9.99
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Metamodernism and Mental Illness, is an essay on the synchronization, mysticism, and the addiction of the existential present as a means of influence on the future manifestations of the bipolar... More > condition, neurosis, psychosis, and paranoia. David takes us through his Id, Superego, and Ego, to discuss women, passion, religion, death, bipolar disorder, mental health, and eventually, his thesis: on identity, grammar, postmodernism, film, and art.< Less
Everyday Mindfulness By Michael Johnston
Paperback: $27.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Most people go through life on autopilot, never truly being present and failing to appreciate all of the wonderful things that constantly surround them. Everyday Mindfulness takes a new approach to... More > meditation, providing short but powerful exercises that anyone can do. Each exercise reinforces the opportunities for positive personal growth that exist through meditation and mindfulness, and lays the foundation for a more mindful and more fulfilling life.< Less
Yes - a practical guide to loving your life By Anando
eBook (ePub): $8.87
YES invites you to take a fresh look / look from a different perspective at your relationships, emotions, work, your changing situations, your body and the structure of your personality. It offers... More > real, practical techniques for dealing with problems in your life, based on ancient wisdom and modern brain research.< Less
The Most Powerful Techniques To Hypnotize Your Lover By Dean Amory
eBook (PDF): $3.92
Yes, you too can learn and practice hypnosis. You can use it to hypnotize your lover, friends and even strangers, and this practical guide on hypnosis will explain you in a comprehensive way how to... More > learn this powerful skill. As the techniques set forth here lead to real in depth hypnosis, the book is less recommended for performing stage hypnosis. Included in this guide are: the structure of the hypnosis proces, ready to use word for word induction and deepening scripts, practical approach to suggestions, anchoring and post hypnotic suggestions, detailed examples of hypnotic language pattern, etc... Hypnosis is a skill, which means that reading about it, is only just the beginning: putting the techniques into practice is the necessary next step to get true results. The description of the techniques is therefore conceived in such a way that you can easily create your own flash cards to guide you through this wonderful experience. Why wait any longer? Start this wonderful new adventure today!< Less
If You’re Happy and You Know It By Dr. Charles Nelson, Ph.D., C.Psych
eBook (ePub): $9.24
(1 Ratings)
Happiness is rooted in our culture, religion, and language, and even in our national constitution. It is a defined right to some, and freedom to pursue it guides our charter of rights. Despite its... More > foundational roots, it can be elusive, scarce, and even the source of conflict and war. “If You’re Happy and You Know It” examines the research on happiness against the back-drop of existential and real life crises of the protagonist as he reflects on key relations in his life as they change over time. While psychology has taught us about cognition, behaviour, and emotion, biology has patiently evolved to propel the human organism forward in the pursuit of happiness. When we distill the key factors common in life, we soon learn that happiness is an essential driving force. Happiness propagates the human species, and our interaction with life provides the meaning. Everything else is details.< Less
Make Money Legally By Adrian Vidale
eBook (PDF): $2.00
A list of over 130 low investment, small business ideas that the average person may engage in to make legal income in Trinidad and Tobago.