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General Orders For The Lion Hearted By Sis. LeTava Mabilijengo
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The Black man is a major component of The Black Woman's Agenda.
You Left Us In A Lurch: A Siblings Journey To Healing Over Loss Of A Loved One By Jacalyn Brodsky Resman
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This book is a siblings journey from the sudden loss of her brother due to suicide and her healing journey through to her new 'norm' in life. It is the story of a family of five that in a sudden... More > instant became four and how we fought to keep old traditions alive while being forced to find and create new ones. The book contains poetry and tools of healing that have enabled me to slowly move forward in these uncharted waters of sibling survival.< Less
Universal Principles of Living Life Fully By Tom Walsh
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What does it mean to live a full life? How do we stay happy and content in a world that often seems to be throwing more at us than we can handle? Universal Principles of Living Life Fully explores... More > different aspects of our selves as human beings, aspects that we are able to develop and expand when we need to in order to make ourselves more comfortable in the world we live in. It explores 57 different elements of who we are, from love to mindfulness to adversity to prayer, in an effort to help you to figure out just where to focus your energy and attention when life is being difficult for you.< Less
Elves In the Machine and Other Oddities of the 4th Dimension By The Abbotts
Paperback: $14.95
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Elves in the Machine And other Oddities of the 4th Dimension By The Abbotts Are you intrigued by mysterious and odd happenings in the world and want to know, why they are happening? Then this new... More > book by paranormal experts, The Abbotts will explain to you the true meaning of odd phenomena such as 'Elves in the machine', Clown Gods, sightings of mythical creatures, past life recall, magical horns in the sky, the crystal light body, nature devas and more! Written in an easy to understand manner and with simple exercises for you to investigate these odd sightings yourself, you will discover a new world of mystery and adventure! Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. A Beacon of Light Book< Less
Celebrating Life After Loss By Dorothy Wellington
Paperback: $13.50
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Grief is a natural response to losing someone or something that's important to you. Have you suffered the loss of a marriage, broken and failed relationships with an intimate partner, children,... More > parents, family members or best friend? A loss in "expectation" of someone you loved? The loss of health to a disability, chronic illness, dementia, Alzheimer's, or the greatest of all, the death of a love one. You would think that if you survived the death of a love one, you could survive anything. But for some people that is not true. They survived the death, yet the grief and emotional suffering stopped or paralyzed them to move on and accomplish anything more in life. "They can't leave the day of the funeral." Many people suffer in sorrow and grief without knowledge and understanding for healing. Whether a recent loss or from years ago, this book will unfold the hidden sufferings of losing a love one. You will learn how to live and celebrate a "new normal" after the loss of a love one.< Less
Morning Nuggets By Ebony Brown
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This book is designed to give you nuggets of remembering how great you are. The morning nuggets help you start your new mindset. You can greet a new day, have an amazing start, live better, and rise... More > up for greater things.< Less
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This is a workbook for Asian herbal medicine. Students can improve their knowledge and recognition using this blank card. This card includes the sections of name of herb, category, common name,... More > dosage, nature, taste, color, actions or indications, compatibility, precautions or contraindications, and related formulas.< Less
Love & Light By Clayten Tylor
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This book examines Emanuel Swedenborg's spiritual experiences through Heaven and Hell, from an esoteric perspective, as a feeling. The Feeling, is the language of angels and spirits, which begins... More > the regeneration process that develops our inner perception of celestial love and spiritual light. By examining celestial love in conjunction with spiritual light as a feeling, we can begin to conceive of angelic forces, and understand their effects on mankind. When we can perceive love and light as a feeling, we can begin to affect our psycho-spiritual development, and evolve from a sensual, to a spiritual feeling of love, and begin to experience a deeper spiritual awareness, which can initiate a personal communication with the Divine, as a Conjugial Love experience. With creative self-expression as our goal, we can take regeneration into our own hands, and transmute the forces that block the spiritual feeling of the Brotherhood of Mankind, and thereby, together manifest the feeling of Heaven on Earth.< Less
Reflective Words For The Illusive Soul: Awakening Your Inner Being By Lauren Armour-Wilson
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This book is intended to stretch the mind and awaken your inner self. Bringing you to a sense of enlightenment, stretching the mind to view things in a way never viewed before. It consists of short... More > mind provoking thoughts and poetry that will move your heart unlike ever before. Awakening you to a new refined sense of self.< Less
Interview: It’s Now Time to Sell Yourself By Ahmed Mousa
Paperback: $6.00
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The purpose of this book is to get you ready: both technically and psychologically for a job interview. I like to think of an interview as the art of selling oneself in return for a job. You... More > don’t have much time to impress the buyer(s) that you are the chosen one; not only that, there are many others, who are more qualified than you, selling themselves as well; as a result, you should invest every minute before, during and after the interview to ensure that you will stand out among the crowd. This book will provide you all the needed tips and step by step procedure to prepare you for the interview and make you stand out among the crowds.< Less
Look in the Mirror By Doron Townsell
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Crime, violence, self-hate, and drugs continue to destroy our communities. When you really look at the many problems we face today, a lot of what we suffer stems from our conscious and subconscious... More > mind. "Look in the Mirror" was written to help us, as a community, re-evaluate our actions and mentalities so that positive change can be made. In order for things to change long-term, we all must take a long Look in the Mirror. This book is suitable for ages 12 and up.< Less
Climate Change Yoga: A Mystical Worldview & Practice for Significantly Reducing Greenhouse Gasses By Sri Publius
Paperback: $11.11
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Climate Change Yoga describes the application of yoga to the climate crisis. The climate crisis is a crisis of consciousness and yoga is a 5,000 year-old practice to develop samadhi-unity... More > consciousness with Nature. With this mastery of consciousness, one achieves the power to influence nature, to facilitate carbon dioxide removal (CDR), to de-acidify the oceans, to stabilize the polar ice caps, and to realize Enlightenment. A visionary Climate Change Yoga Cooperative is proposed for a powerful practice of Karma (Service) Yoga.< Less
Quantum Psychophysics By Ernest Solivan
Paperback: $16.95
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With the advent of quantum physics, science must now recognize that there is something happening below our level of conscious awareness that dictates the types of experiences we create. Quantum... More > Psychophysics is a book that discusses an extraordinary transformation technology that explains, on a quantum level, how to create positive change in your life and program your mind for success using Hemispheric Kinesiology.< Less
The Feeling By Clayten Tylor
Paperback: List Price: $12.95 $9.07 | You Save: 30%
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This Book is an Esoteric interpretation of Emanuel Swedenborg’s spiritual writings. It is written from a sinner’s perspective as a personal spiritual memoir meant to impart guidance by... More > example. It is a hands-on self-help book on how to birth the Divine Feminine Essence of Love from within. The author traces the Divine, back to its original source as Essential Love, and Essential Innocence, which begins in the body as a sensual feeling of love, and becomes the Word of God as a Heavenly Feeling of Love, a blissful union with the Divine within - Swedenborg’s New Church. The New Church is a life of Love, without any pain, but it also has a two-fold purpose. For when the feeling of love from a sensual life experience has been transformed into the Heavenly Feeling of Love, and when done on a mass scale it ultimately manifests as the true purpose of the New Church, Swedenborg’s New Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, a Visible Divine Essence, the Brotherhood of Mankind as a visible Heaven on Earth.< Less
Earth Lessons: That Brown Girl Girl from Compton By Queen Alekka Jackson Jarrell
Paperback: $20.00
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Earth Lessons: That Brown Girl from Compton is a collection of lessons and experiences about life, love, domestic violence, parenting, race, and education from the perspective of wife, mother of... More > eight, and Master Teacher, straight outta Compton.< Less
Self Care Zine By Rachelle Abellar
eBook (PDF): $4.00
This is a zine dedicated to all things self care. Self care is the act of improving your mental and physical well-being by making yourself a priority. Self care means different things to different... More > people and this zine will show you various ways to be kind to yourself.< Less
Self Care Zine: Food By Rachelle Abellar
eBook (PDF): $4.00
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This issue of the Self Care Zine is 56 pages of comics, illustrations, recipes, personal stories, tips, and resources all related to how we use food as self care.
Love Is a Decision By Kiran David
eBook (ePub): $11.99
A book designed to help people of all ages understand the beauty of love and relationships.
How to Disappear From The Internet Completely : How to Be Anonymous Online By Phillips Raymond
eBook (ePub): $2.99
How to Be Anonymous Online Why do some people want to erase themselves completely from the internet? I used to wonder about the same till I found the reason and had to do it myself. I am sure if you... More > are reading this book, you too have a reason, but going through this process, I have learned a few valuable lessons. This book is all about those lessons, so you don't have to learn on the go as I had to. Instead, you can use this book as a guide and just follow the step by step process and see yourself disappear from the big World Wide Web. Back in the days, if anyone wanted to live a private life, all they had to do was unpublish their home phone number and opt out of all mailing lists and you were done, but it is not as easy anymore. Every time we fill out a form, a survey, or fill out personal information on the social media, it is there forever. You may not remember what you filled out ten years ago, but it is there for any prying eyes to see.< Less
Life Rocks By Petra Jungmanova
eBook (ePub): $2.98
IT'S TIME TO BURN YOUR BOATS! If you are ready to leave behind the pain of the past, this book is for you. Join Petra Jungmanova as you she joins you through the journey of living a fully creative,... More > conscious life. In this book, you will learn how to fully embrace the seasons of life, you will learn the steps of living an authentic empowered life. This book is for anyone who wants to let go of the past, and move forward into a beautiful vibrant future.< Less