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On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion By Stefan Molyneux
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From a short-term, merely practical standpoint, you really do not want to read this book. This book will mess up your life, as you know it. This book will change every single one of your... More > relationships – most importantly, your relationship with yourself. This book is radioactive and painful – it is only incidentally the kind of radiation and pain that will cure you. We are born to truth, yet everywhere we are enmeshed in error. Superstition, irrationality and patriotism all work to cripple our natural affinities to rationality and empiricism. On Truth, by Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, examines and explodes all the propaganda that stands between you and the simple truth of life, the universe and everything. All the truths that you were born with, that were scrubbed out of your mind for the profit and fun of your elders, will be reawakened in this short but powerful book. Begin the process of reclaiming your own reason, pick up this book, hold on for the ride, and arrive at the truth.< Less
The Silent Whisperings of the Heart - An Introduction to Giten's Approach to Life By Swami Dhyan Giten, Swami Dhyan Giten
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How can we learn to listen to the silent whisperings of our heart? What is love? How do the three life areas, meditation, relationships and creativity, relate to each other in creating a loving,... More > fulfilling and creative life? The Silent Whisperings of the Heart consists of a collection of quotes from Swami Dhyan Giten about awareness, meditation, intuition, relationships, the inner man and woman, healing, working with people from love and awareness, truth, creativity, silence, wisdom and spiritual maturity. Each page inspires you to see yourself and life in a new way, from a new dimension. This collection of quotes is an introduction to Giten's Approach to ife. It is a beautiful gift for yourself or a friend. "When I read Giten, I am reminded of Kahlil Gibran. Yes, I would like to compare Giten to Kahlil Gibran." Gordon Banta, author of "Magic of Meditation"< Less
It Is Time By Sis. LeTava Mabilijengo
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For those who are SERIOUS about Nation-building... IT IS TIME! This long awaited work takes your Nation-building efforts and understanding of the actuality of true Afrikan liberation to another... More > level; while challenging you to embrace a SOLUTION-oriented agenda. Click on the link below the cover image to preview this great book. Sis. LeTava is a social justice writer whose total work is committed solely to the complete liberation of Afrikan people world-wide. She is a mother; a home schooler; a mentor; a highly sought lecturer and communal nation-builder. She is also the founding mother of The Black Woman's Agenda. She has lived and reared her family for the last 20 years in a functioning matriarchal community that was started approximately 40 years ago. She has spent the most recent decade living on a Matriarchal communal campus. Learn more about her and the work she does by visiting her website at< Less
How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds By Robert C. Worstell, Earl Nightingale
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Here's the secret in 3 steps: 1. Suspend disbelief as you read the following: 2. "We Become What We Think About." - Earl Nightingale 3. Then, decide that it's true. Now, the rest of your... More > life, you'll be testing this for yourself. You may be asking questions like these: - Can you actually change what you think about? - Do positive thoughts create a positive personal environment? - By being critical of anything or anyone around you actually improve conditions? - Is your health affected by negative thinking? You'll find continuing instances of how this is true and how it might not be. You'll be “haunted” by this singular thought, although the results won't make you lose sleep – instead, you'll awake with fresh inspirations from time to time about how to live your life even better than you are now. Because you've just started on a journey which has no definite end. As Earl Nightingale once said: "Start today. You have nothing to lose - but you have your whole life to win."< Less
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In thinking of the many things that an individual could leave when humbly moving on to the other side or facing death, another aspect of momentum grabs that particular reality and further encourages... More > one succumbed by that space, time and moment to share something with others that could be possibly “beneficial” to their survival strategy before that actual last breath is taken on this side of life itself. In my own walk, I have witnessed this and realize that I, too, must one day experience this for myself as a part of our life experiences. In that same momentum, I will attempt to set the perimeters for this work – “Black Respect.” Therefore, I began by offering you this rendition of “Black Respect” or the near ancient fundamental sound phrase that is believed to have been called “Sanedj - Kem.”< Less
The Magic of Manifesting By The Secret to Life Coaching
Paperback: $12.99
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"So that's what this book is all about, about how these normal everyday people, like you and me, can help you become who YOU want to become, because they've done it! And if one can do it, so... More > can all! They can help you achieve what YOU WANT to achieve. And they can make it easier for you to reach the goals YOU want to reach, no matter what they are. We all have different goals and dreams, but it's the same steps to get there. And these marvelous Coaches/Mentors have internalized the steps, so they can teach you how to get from Step A to Step B. They've been there done that, so to speak." - Nancy Ashley, President and Founder Ashley International Group, Inc. - Marketing Evolutionary Personal Development Denver, Colorado USA< Less
Texas Death Row Yogi By Pete Russell
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This book contains the sacred science and spiritual technology for anyone who has set themselves on the spiritual path to learn about the great mystery of a human life. Regardless of race, color,... More > nationality or creed, this is a book for lovers of God who are seeking love, peace and contentment in this age of Kali Yuga. "Even from Texas Death Row, Pete shows us the example of a life well lived! This book is full of inspiration and wisdom from someone who struggles in an unimaginable environment every day." J. Hammond Atwater, Journalist< Less
Dowse This... Explore Your Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives By Juanita Ott
Paperback: $39.50
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An extremely comprehensive set of 155 Dowsing Charts, which can be used to explore Your Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives. They can be useful for exploring your other lives for... More > curiosity’s sake, or they can be used to assist healing in your current life relationships as well as your emotional and physical health. Included is a set of Life Purpose Charts containing 242 separate items which can also be used to dowse your current life purposes, missions or tasks. As you dowse your past lives, future lives & parallel lives, the choices and associations that you make in your current life can take on new meaning. Why not start today? ISBN: 978-0-9780258-7-8< Less
Food for Thought Anthology By Gail Pursell Elliott
Paperback: $9.99
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Over the years our world has changed dramatically. People often treat each other like objects and opportunities rather than as human beings. In many cases we’ve lost touch with one another as... More > people. Each of us is unique; each of us has wants, hopes, needs, dreams, desires and the right to dignity and respect as individuals. We must gain insight and awareness to see each other with new eyes. This Food for Thought Anthology is the original collection of essays, stories and quotes that was released by Gail Pursell Elliott in 2001. This edition is in response to numerous requests to reissue the original collection, an insightful and inspiring book for you to enjoy and to share with others.< Less
Complete ENFP Interpretive Report for Use with MBTI Step II Profile By Ruth E Schneider and David S Prudhomme
Paperback: $27.00
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Go "From Stressed to Best" using Personality Type. Gain new insight as we help you interpret your results from MBTI Step II Profile. Use this information to better understand yourself and... More > everyone around you. You will be able to reduce your stress, regain control of your life, and to improve every relationship in your life, personal and professional.< Less
Paperback: $10.92
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This book is the story of my life and my journey of recovery from alcohol addiction.
ESTJ Stress Reduction Guide By Ruth E Schneider and David S Prudhomme
Paperback: $21.00
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Written specifically for the ESTJ. Learn what stresses you and why. And, most importantly, what you can do to stop stress in its tracks! Stress is now a top health concern and is responsible for... More > or exacerbates 85% of all illness. You can take back control and eliminate the negative effects of stress on your mind and body. Just follow our easy, four-step process -- specifically for ESTJs.< Less
Austin's Guide to Girls By Kelli Dougal
Paperback: $8.99
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Not sure how to make the girl of your dreams look your way? Even less sure about what to do if she DOES? Kelli Dougal, up-and-coming blogger and self-proclaimed dating guru, gives you the tips you... More > need to survive in today's fast-paced dating world. What started out as a gift for her brother has quickly become the go-to guide for any guy who wants to stand out as a classy date. Learn how to win over the heart of any girl with flirting tips, relationship advice, date ideas, and even tips on how to ensure that your first kiss is absolutely MAGICAL. Each chapter is broken down into easy-to-follow steps, including practical examples and even sample conversations. Also included in this first edition are hundreds of dating ideas and tons of helpful hints for winning over the girl you've had your eye on. Now you no longer have an excuse to sit at home on a Friday night. Start dating!< Less
Rumble Young Man Rumble-Hardcopy By Joshua Rivers
Paperback: $15.00
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“If you ain’t rumbling, you ain’t living!” With sincere truth, actual life circumstances, and a few honest laughs, Joshua J. Rivers pens Rumble Young Man Rumble as a coach,... More > preparing its protégé for its most challenging fight; life. With actual strategies, motivational quotes, and even a pep talk, Rumble Young Man Rumble will surely whip you into mental shape and inspire you to continue to fight, even after you have been knocked down! Life may throw so ugly haymakers at you. But find out how to fight back and even more with this second book published by Joshua J. Rivers!< Less
When You Love Yourself It Shows By Catherine .N. Pyson
Paperback: $15.20
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Learn to remove your barriers, and liberate your life! Explaining life lessons in common terms and providing new perspective to enlighten the reader, When You Love Yourself it Shows, allows you to... More > manifest a happier healthier life by understanding how YOU create. Enjoy new perspective on how your ego works for you with techniques and insights into how we all need greater self love! Share in the Self-Love revolution because When You Love Yourself It Shows, it really does!< Less
Paperback: $18.98
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Happy Money: Increase the Flow of Money with a Simple 2-Step Formula By Laina Buenostar
eBook (ePub): $1.00
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Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Do rich people know something that poor people don't? Discover the "Happy Money" secret method of attracting... More > abundance, and you'll wish you had known about it sooner. It's so simple and easy that even children can do it. Once you see positive results, you'll be convinced every child should be taught this technique while still young. After doing the steps outlined in this short ebook, watch as the flow of money in your life increase in seemingly magical ways. And that's without having to work more or harder than you are doing now. "Happy Money" will show you how money works, what's keeping people from attracting prosperity, and how you can have a life free from money worries.< Less
The Opposite of Sad - Healing from Heartache and Finding Happiness Alone By M Osterhoudt
eBook (ePub): $3.25
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This Ebook is in essence two books in one. It is a book of encouragement, hope and healing in the midst of a dream that is shattered and a relationship lost. Sometimes we just need a little push in... More > the right direction to lift our spirits and help us find a way out of the sorrow. There is a time to mourn, a time to cry and a time to take those tiny steps to a road of healing, forgiveness and happiness. This Ebook is also a guide to finding true happiness within yourself. Why do we think we cannot be happy if we are alone? Has society painted a false picture of what happiness is? There is a freedom and a strength that comes from within when you lean only on you. You can do things others cannot do and you can go on adventures that others only dream of. The sky is the limit and you are liberated and free when you are the boss of you. This ebook will guide you through the steps to becoming happy with just you.< Less
91 Days of Q : questions to help you create the life you desire : Volume 1 (ebook) By Mary-Jane Liddicoat
eBook (PDF): $13.20
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Is work, business, study, family, relationships, money, body, health or anything in your life not working how you'd like? Would you like to shift the places you're stuck? Are you looking for... More > change? Or did change find you? Perhaps you'd simply like something greater, or more fun in life? What is the answer? After decades of looking for answers, Mary-Jane realised there were none. Instead, she discovered the power of the question and how it was always a Q that helped create the changes she was looking for. This is the first collection of Qs selected from her online service The Daily Q.< Less
How Thoughts Become Things By Neb Heru
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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What are Thoughts made of How do Thoughts control your Success in life Learn the Ancient Egyptian Way of Manifestation called "MENTAL MAGIC" (NUNOLOGY)!Learn now how you can have anything... More > you want just by MIND POWER! Your Very thoughts! Become the Master of Your Own Destiny!< Less
As Chair Turns By Kathy Jager
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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Whether you are a big salon owner or employee, an independent contractor, a seasoned stylist or an excited beauty school student…within these pages you will find encouraging insights that will... More > reveal real-life situations and ideas that will help you understand the nature of our business and inspire you to enjoy the ride. The passion for sharing this information and education has been the heart and soul of my journey behind the chair.< Less
The Power of Dignity and Respect By Gail Pursell Elliott
eBook (PDF): $3.33
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Being true to our inner identity in the face of the challenges and inequities of life can be incredibly difficult. It is especially hard to return evil with goodness. But what we must do is not... More > focus on what to return, but how to transform it and that transformation can only be accomplished by holding on to our personal power and inner truth.< Less
The Spirit of Flying - Softspoken Realitales from Other Realms By Liz Rosales
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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“The mists are the place where this world meets all the others. The worlds you once knew, the ones you more often than not got told did not exist, until you talked yourself out of seeing.... More > Unless you are a bit like me and refused to let go....” So begins The Spirit of Flying – Soft spoken Realitales from other realms. It tells of first-hand experiences with the unseen worlds, ghosts, extra terrestrials, and more in a world which spans dimensions, lifetimes, and even planets. Little has been written about the Indigo Adults who paved the way for the new children. Growing up the author slowly came to recognize she had levels of awareness than no-one around her shared. Only as an adult in her 40s did she realize she was an "indigo," one of a generation of people with unusual talents and abilities, yet who rarely fit neatly into societal roles. The Spirit of Flying is the inspiring story of how she learned to embrace these challenges, walk between worlds, found her voice and identity.< Less