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Lottery Code Breaker By Angela Lester
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WINNER!! This is a sure thing! I know, because I use it and its been paying off for me! This little book (Lottery Code Breaker) will assist you with winning the Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery in ANY... More > State that offers both of these games. That's gives you detailed explanations and illustrations on WHAT to look for to play, WHEN to play and HOW to play. Its short, to the point, and it works! Go to to see proof of winning Pick 3 & Pick 4 Lottery Tickets from myself and others throughout the US and Canada! Your eyes are open to see two of the Pick 3 or three of the Pick 4 numbers revealed each month as new number sequences and patterns are systematically played out every month. It will help you win $100s if not $1000s per month! People ask me all the time, how is it you are able to "hit" the number so frequently each month? Now, they're asking me why am I giving away my secret? Share the I am doing! You'll be very, very happy you did!< Less
Creative Imagery By Linda Bennett
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Finding the right words can often be difficult. The law of attraction begins with stating what you want in the most positive manner possible. wether you are a practitioner of coaching or hypnotherapy... More > or seeking words for self inspiration these scripts are powerful.The scripts are beautifully inspiring, creative and comprehensive, and offer a wide variety of goals and tactics. The scripts are such you can simply read them from start to finish, straight off the page with no need for alteration; or one can improvise and add his or her own personal touch, knowing that the script will still lead the client or oneself in the right direction< Less
AXIOM 23: the first Key to the 23rd Current By Autonomous Individuals Network (A.I.N.)
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This publication provides the first key to the 23rd Current of Magick, and gives direction on how to become a member of the Autonomous Individuals Network (A.I.N.)
The Myth By Otep Shamaya
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The Myth is a self-help book for people who hate self-help books. It will not provide a quick spiritual fix to crisis junkies or drama bums. Life hurts, the universe doesn't always provide. So be... More > it. But still we must fight. These Daily Affirmations will help rewire your thinking and thus help rewrite your destiny. This is a "book of unknowing" through the process of Reverse Propaganda.< Less
Dreaming Under The Tuscan Moon By Carin Holmqvist
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DREAMING UNDER THE TUSCAN MOON is a book about a dream group in Florence, Italy. It is a step-by-step guide that helps us remember our dreams, understand the messages they bring, and learn to act on... More > those messages. We explore ways in which dreams can be used as tools for inner growth, and how they can ultimately help us to become more aware, even at night while we sleep. The book tells the stories of four of the women in the group, of their daily lives, and of their dream worlds during periods of great personal transition. They share with us the ways in which their dreams helped them to make decisions and gave them strength and comfort during moments of confusion and change. We learn how their dreams brought them to a deeper understanding of themselves, and how the dreams actually "knew it all", long before they themselves consciously did. The dream-work in this book is based on knowledge from the modern Western world's dream research, as well as the ancient teachings of the Dream Yoga from the Far East.< Less
Laws of Life: Numbers By Patty James
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There is far more to numbers than just adding, subtracting or even measuring time. At the moment of their purpose numbers reveal their meaning.
Dowse This... Who Am I? Character Traits & Archetypes By Juanita Ott
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This book contains 26 Charts with a total of 701 possible Archetypes that may need to be balanced or cleared. To create a more centered and enlightened you. As well as supporting charts. Use these... More > charts to discover how others see you, use them as a tool in your life and interactions with others. You can visit to view a complete Table of Contents< Less
Write the Vision and Make it Plain By Deniece E. Senter
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Are you trying to launch your ministry or organization and can’t seem to pull it all together? Are you tired of redoing your vision? Are you having trouble finding support? Do you feel like... More > you’re working your ministry alone? Or perhaps your team has just walked out on you and left you with massive work undone. If this is you, have no fear-your help has arrived. “Write the Vision and Make it Plain” can be used as an educational textbook for ministries. It is loaded with valuable tools needed for every ministry. It is also designed to help you break through walls and overcome obstacles, and it will help you get to your wealthy place and advance your ministry by leaps and bounds. God’s divine providence and Holy Spirit has led you to the keys of success for ministries and Christian organizations through “Write the Vision and Make it Plain.”< Less
Daily Devotional By Deniece E. Senter
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Throughout my life I have been through more than I can ever write about. If the enemy had its way, I should have been a mean, bitter woman who hates the world. It was the Holy Spirit who led me to... More > Scripture and sound doctrine to get me where I am today. In spite of life’s battles, I’ve decided to become better instead of bitter. Through this Daily Devotional book, you will read the same scriptures and motivational quotes God gave me during the hardest times in my life. It is my prayer God would bless whatever your hands find to do for the kingdom, in spite of what you’ve been through, because you are chosen and will never be forgotten. Begin each month writing your prayer request to the Lord. Only read the pages for that month very carefully and mediate and apply what you’ve learned for that month. At the end of each month, write your prayers of thanksgiving.< Less
2015 Lunar Planner By Nick Anthony Fiorenza
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The Lunar Planner is a daily writing journal and calendar based on the Lunar Cycles and Moon Phases. Using the Lunar Planner on a daily basis quickly reveals how the changing lunar phases naturally... More > support a continuous spiral of personal growth and unfoldment. You can quickly learn how to participate in harmony with the natural lunar spiral of growth and gain an entirely new understanding and perspective of your life experience. Living in awareness of the changing lunar phases teaches us to live in the present, out of the stress commonly experienced when we live outside of present time, worrying about the past or future. We learn to peacefully breath and confidently dance with the ebb and flow of our life experience while cultivating the personal empowerment required to embrace the true gift that our daily experience offers.< Less
Pure Smoke Chronicles Vol #2 By BigSmoke Soprano
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A Passion For Living By Marnie Tate
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This is an inspiring book about moving from tough times filled with trials and tribulations to a life filled daily with joy and celebration. You will feel Marnie’s positive energy build... More > throughout these pages as you travel with her from being in the valley, fresh out of hope, to the top of the mountain, enjoying many epic adventures along the journey. It’s a story about courage and dedication and how Marnie found the way to create her own circumstances. She re-wrote the ending to her story, becoming captain of her own ship.< Less
Do College Smarter By Jarim Person-Lynn
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The college experience of today is not like it used to be. We’re being pushed through college with more debt than ever simply to graduate with fewer prospects than ever. There is a smarter way... More > to go about the process. And with the level of debilitating student loan debt for the average grad approaching epidemic proportions, its high time we educate these students on the truth about their decisions In #DoCollegeSmarter, both prospective & current students will get all of the information about navigating the college system others could only dream about. Sections include: How to graduate debt free The importance of picking the right school & major Navigating the financial aid & scholarship process The art of budgeting as a college student The difference between money made & money earned v Why you should or shouldn’t go to grad school What to do when skipping college all together ...and more< Less
The New Five Rules of Effective Israel Advocacy By Neil Lazarus
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Gaza, boycotts, antisemitism on the rise....this book is very timely and essential reading for all who care about Israel. Based on the seminars of Neil Lazarus, this book will enable you to answer... More > the many claims against Israel.< Less
Dorothea Brande's Wake Up and Live Collection By Dr. Robert C. Worstell, Dorothea Brande
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What could you accomplish if you new it was impossible to fail? Anything you do, you could do successfully - to make yourself rich, improve your health, have better relationships - all these thing... More > would be possible. That is exactly what Dorothea Brand uncovered. This classic self-help bestseller, out of print for years, was recently uncovered and edited for easy reading and use. This author coined the phrase, "Live as if it were impossible to fail." And she changed her life into one of unparalleled success in her industry. As mentioned on Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret", I've researched to find this long out-of-print classic, editing it in order to make it easily readable and available to you. This collection of her two bestselling books now gives you the chance to study both cause and effect of discovery not just on her life, but on her readers' and students' as well. Get Your Copy Today!< Less
How to Make Extra Money at Home Right Now By Franklin Gillette
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Save your money from investing in multi-level marketing schemes and business ventures where you have to invest in products to sell or pay for memberships! That's unnecessary guesswork! The cost of... More > this book is a whole lot cheaper with greater and faster results! This book is a 131 page no-nonsense guide and resource to helping you to make the money necessary when times are rough. It is different from a money opportunity magazine because it doesn't have the advertisements trying to sell you things that you don't have the money for in the first place! This book has REAL companies that will pay you to work at home, and we list companies that will send you free stuff just for the asking! If you have to borrow the money to get this book, it will be worth your while to do so! There is something for everyone to get started with whether you are unemployed, employed, or looking to make some extra income on the side. If you are serious, this is one to have for making easy money when you really need it!< Less
How to Attain Nirvana While We Are Still Living By Umesh Gupta
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In this book, you will learn about a simple process on how to live a phenomenal life to its fullness. Life will become so much easier and mesmerizing once you understand and follow this process. You... More > will feel the true magnificence that your amazing life has to offer you. You will come to know who you really are. Simply written and easy to read, this book gives a profound outline for achievement of spiritual success in addition to personal success.This book is written in a way that you will cherish for a lifetime. A must read for anyone who wants to learn the way to unveil and attain his or her purpose in life.< Less
Taking Control of Your Life from the Inside Out Workbook By Tunishai Ford
Paperback: $10.79
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This workbook is motivational and informative in the areas of improving your personal life and work habits. It is used for a workshop in which Dr. Tunishai Ford touches on topics in the areas of... More > health and wellness, self improvement, job productivity and more.< Less
The Cross Section By Lauryn Medeiros
Paperback: $12.88
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Informing, Inspiring, and Motivating: Quotes and Bonus Poetry for Personal Empowerment By Katrina Simpson
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In the book Informing, Inspiring, and Motivating: Quotes and Bonus Poetry for Personal Empowerment, the new, up-coming author develops 125 unique quotes based on real life situations. The quotes... More > developed within the book are meant to spiritually renew and motivate it's readers'. What makes this book stand alone, compared to the rest is it's raw poetry, as well as the author's descriptive biography that is meant to define the quotes contained throughout the book. The book also contains Biblical Scripture in which the author relates to throughout the book in hopes of linking everyday issues with solutions that can be found within the Scripture.< Less
Rasta Bible By Clifton Tulloch
Paperback: $14.99
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I LOVE them that LOVE me; and those that seek me early shall find me. Riches and honour are with me; yea, DURABLE riches and righteousness.
Bathrooms Make Me Nervous: A Guidebook for Women with Urination Anxiety (Shy Bladder) By Carol Olmert
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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THIS IS THE E-BOOK COLOR VERSION OF MY SOFT COVER PUBLICATION BY THE SAME NAME. Shy bladder – the inability to urinate in a public or private bathroom if someone is nearby – can create... More > great distress for its millions of sufferers. Bathrooms Make Me Nervous is the first book to explore this condition (paruresis) from a woman’s point of view. Written by a recovered shy bladder sufferer, it offers clear and effective information on understanding, coping with, and recovering from the phobia. Readers will discover ▪ they are not the only ones in the world who suffer ▪ how a female’s bathroom experience differs from a male's (and the implications) ▪ practical suggestions and extensive illustrations that help apply the information and techniques ▪ updated treatment methods. This complete handbook offers hope and inspiration to those who suffer from urination anxiety, supporters of paruretics, and professionals treating those with this debilitating condition.< Less
The Secret to Selling: The Master Key to Success in Sales and Marketing By John Mark
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Upon reading this secret breaking book, you will discover I am actually not a fan of sales people. Sometimes I feel like I really hate them. They’re always trying to get into my pocket and rip... More > me off. They have no care or concern regarding the fact they are intruding on my supper, invading my personal space, and are unwelcome guests. Salespeople are self-centered, greedy, impolite, insincere, and downright rude. They treat me like a moron, yell at me everything I don’t want to hear, and once they’ve separated me from my hard-earned cash, are quick to abandon me for another target. Arrrgggg! I hate sales people! In every interaction with every person we come into contact with, those of us who are paying attention discover that people are like magnets – we either attract or we repel. This book is going to set you on the path to attracting people who will allow you to attract business and give you the success you’ve been looking for.< Less
How to Live a Longer Healthier and Happier Life: A Straight Talking Health Guide By Dr. Bret S. Palmer
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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A plain speaking straight talking health guide for anyone who wants to improve their health and happiness to live a longer life, based on scientific research and sound thinking. By following the... More > simple suggestions within this book you will help yourself maximise your genetic potential to live a longer, healthier and happier life. To increase the likelihood of being physically healthy and living past one hundred years in good health shouldn’t be left to chance alone. This health guide unlike most health guides out there will help you quickly get a healthy lifestyle, by telling what you need to know without the background noise. The information in this book has been collected over many years to bring you advice you can trust and that can be used by you to live a longer, healthier and happier life.< Less