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Alive and Ageless: How to Feel Alive and Live Fully Every Day of Your Life By Maxine Kaye
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Imagine feeling greater health and vitality in your body; enjoying more conscious, loving relationships; seeing a larger expression of your creative talents; and celebrating increased success in... More > every area of your life. In this book, you will read about real people who are doing just that, and their stories will provide you with needed encouragement to drop your limiting beliefs and change every “I can’t” to a “Yes, please!” The Life Force is ready and willing to support you on your new journey. You need only open to Its flow and accept Its serene but powerful activity.< Less
It Is Time By Sis. LeTava Mabilijengo
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For those who are SERIOUS about Nation-building... IT IS TIME! This long awaited work takes your Nation-building efforts and understanding of the actuality of true Afrikan liberation to another... More > level; while challenging you to embrace a SOLUTION-oriented agenda. Click on the link below the cover image to preview this great book. Sis. LeTava is a social justice writer whose total work is committed solely to the complete liberation of Afrikan people world-wide. She is a mother; a home schooler; a mentor; a highly sought lecturer and communal nation-builder. She is also the founding mother of The Black Woman's Agenda. She has lived and reared her family for the last 20 years in a functioning matriarchal community that was started approximately 40 years ago. She has spent the most recent decade living on a Matriarchal communal campus. Learn more about her and the work she does by visiting her website at< Less
Cookies & Donuts By S.J. Frye
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[Hard cover] S.J. Frye is a non fiction writer. His transformative memoir, Cookies & Donuts discusses his Alcohol and Drug Addiction. As a child a sexual abuse survivor, a high school drop out,... More > street life, a fugitive and facing a life sentence at 19 years old. Stephen is a motivational speaker and volunteers in his community.< Less
Why Is No One Following Me? By James Johnson
Paperback: $14.95
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Leadership training and inspiration. Business leadership material.
You Can’t Pick My Flower By Bella Noka
Hardcover: $19.90
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Bella Noka was born in Providence, Rhode Island and through her early years encountered the normal challenges of finding her way in the often complicated world of adolescence. Being different in a... More > world where ‘fitting in’ is high on the socially accepted order of things was just as difficult then, as it is today. Learning how to deal with bullying, intimidation, anger, and frustration all came with the territory. She was taught to embrace her own identity. That she was special, as are all children. That she had a great responsibility to protect the unique flower that blooms within her and not let anyone pick that flower. Bella learned that lesson well, and as she grew older and moved on in her life, she became a passionate advocate and activist for the cause of others. Each child is special... unique, like a flower and needs love, respect, and protection to grow and bloom to their fullest potential.< Less
Wing Chun - Siu Lim Tau for the Solo Student - HSE By Mark Beardsell
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This book is tha same as the earlier version, i have just included in the Home Study Edition group of books. It is an introduction for those interested into delving in to the world of Wing Chun kung... More > fu as made famous by Bruce Lee and in the last couple of years brought to the cinema with the release of IP Man (2008) and Ip Man 2 (2010). Mark Beardsell has studied the Siu Lim Tau in great depth and wished to share his findings with you and so went about writing this book.< Less
The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual By Allegedly K. A. Dave
Paperback: $20.84
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The Human Body Owner's Workshop Manual explains how some of the fundamental ideas that we take for granted may well be just an incorrect interpretation of observed phenomena and provides a radical... More > and controversial view of the mysterious human body and its integral relationship to the universe it inhabits. It also proposes convincing alternatives to the dis-empowering theories of nutrition and disease and provides the tools required to operate the body and assist it in eliminating toxic substances and heal itself of any state of bad health< Less
I.C.E. Inner Calm & Explosiveness By Jermaine Andre
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I.C.E. reveals the true, hard secrets of what it takes to become the honorable best and respectfully destroy the competition. I.C.E. educates on proven self empowerment and the etiquette of... More > personal affairs. LAYING THE FOUNDATION educates the athlete in preparing the mind, body and spirit to be dependable and impenetrable through training and competition. Morality, conquering fear, understanding losing and more! DEVELOPING SUPER POWERS arms the reader with self healing, dealing with stress, releasing the spirit and more! THE REAL WORLD guides the athlete in the social responsibilities of family issues, peer pressure, position as a role model, street fighting and more! FITNESS FIRST turns the athlete into a master nutritionist and fitness enthusiast while educating to the corruption within the fitness and supplement industry. SPECIALTY WORKOUTS give the reader the workout routines that Jermaine Andre' used personally to develop the power and strength that allowed him to dominate.< Less
Recharge By Heidi Hanna
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Learn how to train the brain to manage energy more efficiently in order to help sustain optimal health, happiness and performance. Energy management is discussed from a holistic, inside-out approach,... More > starting first with techniques to balance brain chemistry, build brain health and boost brainpower. With the brain in an energized state, we are then able to bring our best attention and effort to the task at hand.< Less
Just Listen More Intense: King Speaks By Korrie Morrow
Paperback: $16.99
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Just Listen: King Speaks-- More Intense is the 2nd book in the inspirational series written by Korrie “King” Morrow targeted towards people seeking spiritual and personal strength in... More > their time of need. Expanding upon the lessons taught in his first book, “Just Listen: King Speaks,” the author intends for this book to ultimately lead and guide you to the real, true love that you need in your life. Korrie Morrow, aka “King”, was born in Chicago and is the father of one son, Korrie Morrow, Jr. Being a God-fearing man, Korrie, Sr. enjoys writing poetry and inspiring people to be the best that they can be, just as he has decided to do for himself. His mission is to help change the world by helping as many people as possible to see their worth!< Less
Aliens, Ufo's & Stargates By The Abbotts
Paperback: $14.95
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Aliens, UFO’s & Stargates Fully Revised Edition By The Abbotts Is there anyone out there? The Abbotts and Spirit say YES! Amazing facts about aliens, UFO’s and life on other... More > planets! You will learn why and how they visit us through the incredible complex stargates that are being abused by the sinister Greys. Channelled messages from aliens and the Ashtar Command will alert you to the fact that two alien races walk amongst us and manipulate humans and our societies. You will be shown how to work towards meeting friendly aliens and how our DNA holds encoded missions for us all! Issues about the comet Hale Bopp and the coming asteroid Apophis will amaze you! If you have a genuine interest in extraterrestrial life forms and their contact with Humanity, then this is a must read for you. In 14 pt print for easy reading and illustrated.< Less
Dreaming In Silence: Finding Your Life's Purpose By Kareem Wilson
Paperback: $15.00
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Dreaming in Silence is the reality the vast majority of the human population lives in; the constant struggle that we face internally, as we desire to have more within the confines of our minds while... More > we struggle to manifest that which we want outwardly. Far too many of us are reserved for dreaming within our minds, not taking action to outwardly create the circumstances we want to show in our existence. It is only when we take those inner desires, apply strategy and action, adding faith and belief, and continue the process daily, only then can we grow to realize our inner goals. Dreaming in Silence is a testament to the inner fire that burns within all of us, it is an acknowledgment of our collective desire to establish our dreams. By using personal failures, defeats, setbacks, and any other hindrance to progress, Dreaming in Silence is proof of the determination and motivation that is necessary to live our dreams.< Less
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Ancient Times Ultimate By Austin Torney
Paperback: $29.95
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Written by Omar Khayyam and Edward FitzGerald; edited, designed, and illustrated by Austin P. Torney Content All 114 quatrains are presented herein from Edward FitzGerald’s first four editions... More > (111), and his notes (3). The quatrain order is that of the second edition, with some slight rearrangement for accommodation of the few quatrains that are in editions other than the second. Notation Following the quatrain number is the edition that the quatrain was chosen from (in parentheses, with an ‘*’ if from the notes). If in blue, the quatrain appeared only in that edition; if in red, the wording is the same in all editions. Introduction This is my third illustrated rendition of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam as transmogrified by Edward FitzGerald. It utilizes high resolution 4K images made in iclone, in which software a 4K video was also created and placed on Youtube (I am ‘austintorn’ there), along with other videos. There are four word frames per page and sometimes two word frames and two images per page.< Less
Great Minds Think Alike By Ritchard G. Fewell
Paperback: $10.00
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Having a success based mindset is the essential foundation upon which you can build a life of health, wealth and achievement.
HAPPY CREDIT! How To Avoid Jacked Up Credit. By Leonard D. Brown
Paperback: $19.99
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With the world of credit turned on its head like never before, this is undoubtedly the most crucial time in history to educate the next generation about how to properly use credit. "Happy... More > Credit" by former Chicago Banker Leonard D. Brown, does just that with solid fundamentals readers can use for decades into the future. By striking the perfect balance of personal experience and professional expertise about the do’s and don’ts of credit, he answers the most often asked questions about how to establish, use and maintain good credit.< Less
Meditation Handbook By Mark Maxey
eBook (PDF): $7.00
I know that when one dedicates themselves to these practices your life changes. Many positive attributes are fruits of this practice. With any practice the roots are embedded in religious traditions.... More > You may even be surprised to see that even in the Judeo Christian tradition meditation has a rich history. For many the roots are the essential foundation upon which Buddhism is based. From there it flowed into Hinduism, Sufism, and other Eastern traditions. No matter what your faith may be, or the reasons surrounding studying meditation, this book is full of knowledge. It will help you understand the heritage and benefits of sitting in silence.< Less
20 Essential Points of Self Defense: A Guide to the Physical and Mental Techniques of Self Defense: The Greatest Opponent You Will Face is Yourself By Frank Raimondi
eBook (PDF): $4.14
(2 Ratings)
Here is a book that finally reveals the long held secrets of the martial arts. You have the power to unlock these secrets that are held within you. This book is offered as a manual to help you unlock... More > the hidden potential for success and happiness within all of us. This book gives you the essential tools needed to succeed not only in the martial arts but in daily living as well. Master Raimondi captures the essence and roots of life in these 20 essential points. The greatest enemy we have to face is to be found within you. This book will not only reveal that enemy to you, it will also teach you how to defend against it.< Less
Self Care Zine By Rachelle Abellar
eBook (PDF): $4.00
This is a zine dedicated to all things self care. Self care is the act of improving your mental and physical well-being by making yourself a priority. Self care means different things to different... More > people and this zine will show you various ways to be kind to yourself.< Less
Treating the Whole Child By Samuel Berne
eBook (ePub): $8.88
Parents ask: “Why? Why did my child develop Autism or Attention Deficit Disorder?” Join Dr. Berne as he discusses possible causes and promising therapies to help children and adults who... More > have received this diagnosis. "Treating The Whole Child: Join The ASD To ADD Revolution" explains his scientific-based method and offers practical information for educators, health practitioners, and families.< Less
HOW Anyone Can Make Money From Home Without Qualifications, Talent or Money. ; Real Jobs for Real PEOPLE! By Martin Brie
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Get work immediately! Get Rich work from home in a real job! Build a business without investment! Jobs that elderly,disabled, long term unemployed can do easily. Get a fresh start! Real jobs that... More > anyone can do, start tomorrow! Ground breaking ideas that will turn into huge businesses as well as genuine jobs.< Less