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Help Me Be Me By Sarah May Bates
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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Whatever you think you can’t overcome, know that with all the certainty in my heart, I believe you can. Sometimes we just lack the right tools to get us there because we haven’t grown up... More > in a life that presents them. That’s what this book is: a compilation of practical tools that you can apply in various situations when you get stuck or overwhelmed. Everything from family drama to finding “the one.” They are best used with the “My Best Self” happiness journal or any daily journal you complete with gratitudes. They have writing exercises and reflection exercises, and are practical and easy-to-use. You are capable of absolutely anything you decide you want to do. And you have already taken the first step toward that thing, just by reading this description. All you have to do now is keep going. Whatever you want in your life and whoever you want to become, you will absolutely achieve it. You just have to decide to take the next step. Smile, and keep going. You only get one life. Make it the best one ever.< Less
My Best Year Yet, Happiness Journal By Sarah May Bates
Paperback: $10.69
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“My Best Year Yet, Happiness Journal” is a daily journal with a happiness-inducing exercises that enable you stay present, focused, and effectively achieve your greatest goals in life.... More > One book holds two months of daily journaling.< Less
26 Keys That Unlock My Inner Treasure By Billie Watkins
Paperback: $21.94
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This book is for students of Jin Shin Jyutsu and is full of information for each of us to maintain harmony and health, collected from over 25 years of classes and study.
A New Brand You | WORKBOOK - V5.1.5.2014 By Kelley Gerwig, Mel Epstein, Gail Johnson
Paperback: $29.95
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Professional Branding is a career basic for anyone, at any age, in any workplace. It prepares you to best respond to the all-important interview question: “Tell me about yourself?” The... More > correctly defined Professional Brand makes certain you know, understand and communicate exactly who you are and your value to an organization---by emphasizing what makes you uniquely qualified and professionally memorable. Fortified by this knowledge and its resulting distinct competitive advantages, you will be equipped to achieve your professional goals.< Less
Big Little Change By Maria K., Gerry Seymour
Hardcover: $21.40
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Most people are convinced that in order to propagate truly meaningful, fundamental changes in the world, one must do something monumental. In Big Little Change, the authors address the topic one... More > step at a time. Discover how to divide your life into manageable segments, find small things you can change in each segment to improve quality of life for yourself and others, and discipline yourself to do these things regularly, in order to go from overcoming small challenges to initiating big changes.< Less
BWPE: A Conversation With Yourself By Kasey Render
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A journey into the complexity of the mind making our deepest thoughts simple. BWPE: A Conversation With Yourself gives the reader a sense of power and purpose through the life story and lessons... More > learned by the author. BWPE is not only your story, it is our story.< Less
Leadership At the Front Line: Lessons Learned About Loving, Leading, and Legacy from a Warrior and Public Servant By James L Capra
Paperback: $11.99
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James L. Capra, the former chief of operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration, captures the essence of leadership as he shares his personal story about a lifetime serving the public.... More > Filled with real-life examples of leadership in action as well as lighthearted humor, he explores how some employees can love their profession but hate their respective organizations. He also delivers tips and strategies so you can: • transform your organization from good to great; • make a difference in the lives of others; • get the best out of your people; • maintain focus and accountability. There are no magical steps to take to become a great leader, only a genuine concern from the heart for the development and welfare of those you’re entrusted to lead. While many books about leadership focus on theory, there is no substitute for learning from a warrior who placed himself in danger and earned everything he had by demonstrating Leadership at the Front Line.< Less
Digging Deep By Thomas F. Green
Paperback: $15.00
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If you live a fear driven life, this book is for you. A simple day to day approach to living a life based on the ability to think beyond what we think of as "I" in order to experience the... More > intelligence which created all.< Less
Recovery* Magik or Miracle By Daniel Cleary
Paperback: List Price: $7.77 $6.99 You Save: 10%
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The pathway to Liberation, Freedom and Personal Power is contained within these pages. To understand the cycle of life and where we stand within the creative process is where we find peace. Within... More > contains the path necessary to be happy joyous and free.< Less
Hot Tips for Teaching and Learning By Jean Seville Suffield
Paperback: $32.94
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Hot Tips for Teaching & Learning serves as a resource for leaders who want to incorporate knowledge of how the brain learns into their teaching. It is about interrelating with others and building... More > relationships that are healthy and satisfying. Leaders begin reviewing some of the key values upon which successful organizations are based. They then revisit and learn some new strategies, techniques, and skills to check if their pictures of what success is all about match. All activities are based on the belief in internal control psychology and intrinsic motivation. Ultimately, it is an invitation to research the convergence of neuroscience and quantum physics into the realm of Quantum Medicine.< Less
Picking Up Hope By Ileana Jennings, Rachael Collins
Paperback: $12.00
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This journal started from personal journal entries. A train of thought was derailed and the weight of guilt and inability to fully step into the grief cycle prevented fully moving toward hope. This... More > journal is a place to write and work your way from grief to hope. Guilt is heavy, grief is a cycle and hope is worth picking up. Journaling is an important way of dealing with the stress, anxiety, sadness, and blessings that are part of daily life. It provides a way to reflect and to move forward. It gives a path to plan, heal, and hope for better days. This journal is a way to move forward on the path to embracing hope.< Less
Living With Ghosts Understanding and Managing Paranormal Activity Within Your Home By Rebecca June Williford
Paperback: List Price: $12.99 $12.34 You Save: 5%
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Have you ever wondered why your house is haunted? Or,how to rid your home of bothersome spirits? As a sensitive,I have witnessed unexplained events since childhood. With over forty years of... More > experience with the other side,I have compiled some explanations that may assist you on your journey through the unpredictable world of the paranormal. In this easy to understand guide, you will learn how to accept what is truly happening in your house, recognize some of the causes, where to find answers about your situation, and other useful tips. Including, step by step instructions to calm and clear your environment. Plus, positive techniques you can use to reclaim your family’s home. Don’t Let A Haunting Overwhelm Your Happy Home! Understand It and Take Charge Now!< Less
Diary of a Depressive By Marty Embry
Paperback: $10.99
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"Diary of a Depressive" will open up and eliminate the many myths that are associated with depression. No one is immune from depression. As a professional basketball player, I also was... More > its' victim. Strokes and depression are considered the silent killers. Both are illnesses that can be controlled, but the key is to be informed. This book will open the door and allow you to regain control or assist someone in regaining control of a life that has been drifting in the abyss because of depression. If you believe that you may be depressed or know someone that may be depressed, this book will be ideal in leading you down the path of recovery. I am not nor do I profess to be a doctor or therapist. I highly recommend to any depressive to seek counseling. I am simply a depressive that fought back and am willing to help you fight back as well. The more knowledgeable you are about depression, the better your chances are for a full and speedy recovery.< Less
UNKINKED By Cathy Brown
Paperback: List Price: $21.05 $18.95 You Save: 10%
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Do you want your children or grandchildren to think it is acceptable to feel pent up, frazzled or otherwise stressed out most of the time? This interactive workbook is YOUR chance to learn living... More > skills that can better manage stress. Let your own lifestyle demonstrate healthier and happier ways to approach life!< Less
Expert Character Assassination By John Underwood
Paperback: $12.36
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The guide that will help you destroy a person's life with a clean conscious. Use their suffering to further your own agenda. Simply an indispensable book if you have these kinds of thoughts or worse... More > if you've been a victim. This book isn't what I would call 'a good book.' It adopts the point of view of learning how to conduct character assassination to assit the reader in knowing the mind of the contestants. Such investigation isn't nessesarily pleasant. It can be revealing, educational but for some people it represents down right evil. I am comforted by the fact that I did not invent character assassination. It's common enough in our society and there are enough victims that I thought I should write about it and offer an honest appraisal. Lets face it, even the most pious people inadvertently conduct character assassination to protect themselves and assert their own view of life...what might mystify us about another person can be made to make a lot of sense.< Less
Art & Self-Creation Workbook By Lorena Fernandez
Paperback: $9.99
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Expressive Arts Workbook. This book contains a series of expressive arts activities designed to facilitate personal transformation.
Never Never Land By Anne Hunter
Paperback: $16.56
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This book was written to relieve daily sober stress, during the process of writing this book, many dramatic things happened in my life, such as seizures. The "never never land" part to the... More > title is to find your sacred space during a stressful day to take a five minute meditative vacation. I'm sure many people can relate to a stressful day and would always want to take a break from the reality that they live in. Who says we can't be 5 years old again and have a huge imagination?< Less
The Work - Mentor's Manual By Anonymous Alcoholics
Paperback: $5.00
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This is a manual to create a five-session class to address 12-step Relapse - a return to drinking and drugs after a period of being clean and sober. This is not an introductory class - it is about... More > the hard core WORKING of the steps in a structure environment. For details go tot< Less
War Paint...Battle Cries-Living, Learning, Loving and Ultimately Surviving Life's Little Realities By Yolanda J. Ash
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $12.75 You Save: 15%
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War Paint...Battle Cries is an honest dissertation on the inevitable little realities of life. It is a compilation of short essays exploring the truth and circumstance of many of the experiences we... More > all have in life. Author Yolanda J. Ash has taken simple words and expounded on them figuratively and theoretically in an attempt to help readers have a deeper understanding and acceptance of the things which happen to us all. In this little book, she explores love, Motherhood, religion, relationships, marijuana, men, women, children and a whole host of other every day topics which affect us all. This is not a "self-help" book in as much as it is a book of spiritual and mental exploration.< Less
INSPIRED By Wole Adeoye
Paperback: List Price: $22.52 $20.27 You Save: 10%
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"INSPIRED" is a collection of short true-life stories of ordinary people like us and how they fared in the face of life’s challenges. It is a book of secrets to a happy life. It is a... More > book for every soul. This book points the way: to survival, to victory, to happiness. To success!< Less
Perspective Shift Therapy: Changing Perspective at Will By Robert Anthony
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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In therapy I figured out how to challenge then change my perspective and reasoning tendencies. As a result I overcome life's obstacles. Here I go into detail explaining what I have learned about... More > perspective. Things like why we draw the conclusions we do and how to change them. What we perceive as reality is what is real to us. We use what we perceive as to draw conclusions and base our decisions on them. Before reading this book we all usually tend to believe what we perceive is accurate without much doubt. You can choose how to perceive life which enables you to better cope. I have decided to be grateful in life despite having good reasons to just give up and complain full time. I am grateful for the many blessings I do have. Here I share how you can use what I use in my life to deal with practically every situation. I won't promise you a rose garden or a million bucks, but I can promise you that you learn how to perceive life which will enable you to live the life you want to live.< Less
Ageless if you Dare: Ageless Fearless By louiseannetteuk
eBook (PDF): $25.31
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This will probably be different from anything anti-aging you've done before, because instead of striving to preserve your face, this little course is about making it more and more alive
The Relaxation Principle By Patrick Baigent
eBook (ePub): $5.86
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Relaxation fundamentally involves reducing unnecessary effort. This is a core working principle we can make use of in any path of development. Patrick Baigent explores how this principle works in... More > Buddhism, meditation and training methods such as Qigong. The reduction of unnecessary effort is combined with mindfulness to become ‘the direct path’ of relaxation. Bringing together the great traditions of Buddhism and Qigong Patrick Baigent explores what relaxation really means and offers useful conclusions. Discover the five orders of relaxation, the six gears of relaxation, why meditation is a health training, how meditation becomes a psychological therapy, and what tension and trauma may mean for meditation. Discover how to work with relaxation in your own path and training. The Relaxation Principle offers a radical new understanding of the place of relaxation. Patrick Baigent has nearly twenty years of experience in Buddhism and Qigong and offers teaching, mentoring and coaching in Cambridge, UK.< Less