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Classical Conditioning By angrboda
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Spending the weekend recovering from a car accident is never fun, and honestly, all of this could have been avoided if Nicole wouldn't have tried to drive home from that conference so... More > tired... Fortunately for her, Teresa has quite the estate up in these treacherous mountains, and is more than happy to provide lodging for the weekend while Nicole waits for some roadside assistance. It's the least Nicole can do, then, to help look for Teresa's missing dog. And Pavlov's collar has these wonderful bells that make the sweetest sound; perfect for calling her home. Dogs can be trained to come at the ring of a bell, you know? ---- Classical Conditioning offers a TF story with 13 full color illustrations, most of which are full page and in my modest opinion, super hot. The story was written by Abe E Seedy, who is seriously the man as far as writing super sexy stories about girls turning into stuff. Themes include transformation with a heavy focus on mental change, f/f, petplay, dom/sub, and coming on command.< Less
The Party By Abe E Seedy
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Sometimes, you just want to have a good time. And at a party thrown by a prospective new cheerleader just starting out at college, that “good time” turns out to involve a selection of... More > people drinking improbably spiked punch and turning into a variety of sexy animal-people (and also having sex). Yet another collection of 5 short stories, all revolving around sex, transformation, and sexy transformation. Featuring enthusiastic goo girlification, shy guy-to-girl (and lady-to-man), first-person slow burn lesbian animal slutification, a cow dude ploughing (his girlfriend, not the land), and a squad of cheerleaders giving new meaning to the phrase “give me a D”. Containing three full-colour pictures by Angrboda, as well as the amazing cover art and formatting. If you like TF porn enough to read this description, well, you're probably going to like this book!< Less
Hive Mind By Angrboda , Abe E Seedy
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Lieutenant Carmen Ortega felt confident she and her partner could handle the unexplained disappearances of a survey team on some distant planet. However, as she found herself captured by the Hive,... More > plastered to a rocky wall with an insectoid guard holding open her mouth, she was forced to consider that she may have been mistaken. And all the while, as the tube pulsing with unidentified fluids is brought nearer, a quiet but insistent voice whispers inside her head, asking her to consider one simple question - if these creatures were insects, where was their queen? From the team who brought you “Classical Conditioning” comes Hive Mind, a short, sexy TF story written by Abe E Seedy and illustrated by Angrboda. Themes include transformation, bondage, humanoid insects, non-consentual themes, and jizz tubes. If that seems too much for you, be advised, but if you’ve ever thought to yourself “yeah that girl looks hot but what about if she had a big ol’ sexy thorax?”, then this might be something for you.< Less
Bullseye Marriage: Intentionally Targeting a Great Relationship By Sara Fontana, Francis Fontana
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Is the objective of marriage to just stay married for life or is there something more? Francis and Sara Fontana believe there is something more. They believe that when you intentionally target a... More > great relationship you not only hit the Bullseye of staying married for life, but also get to live life to the fullest. You get to live a great adventure filled with more ups than downs, laughter and tears, epic moments and quiet conversations. A Bullseye Marriage is not easy, but it is worth it. Pick up the book and start can hit the Bullseye as well.< Less
Dr. Karen's Marriage Manual By Karen Ruskin
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Dr. Karen's Marriage Manual offers couples the inner mind of the top marriage therapist who has helped thousands of couples over the past 18 years. The world needs ‘real’ advice for... More > ‘real’ people at any and all marital stages – this manual provides the answers for how to have a happy, healthy, successful, connected, lasting marriage, now! This manual provides cutting edge insights, concrete advice, strategies, separates myths from facts, real scenarios that people can relate to, do-able techniques that can be implemented immediately, intriguing information, tasks and assignments.< Less
40 Days to Oneness By Stephen Cervantes
Paperback: $9.99
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Marriage is hard work! And a good marriage requires working hard at building oneness. 40 Days to Oneness is designed to be a tool for couples to use in establishing or rebuilding intimacy. It is... More > for husbands who have a difficult time emotionally connecting with their wife. It is also for a wife who wants to help her husband grow in areas of emotional attachment. Don't leave the intimacy of your marriage to chance. Order 40 Days to Oneness today!< Less
The Queen's Code Companion: A Guide for Book Clubs By Alison Armstrong
Paperback: $6.95
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If you want to start a book club for The Queen's Code, you can use this Book Club Companion to access book club agendas and topics to discuss during your group's journey of The Queen's Code. For... More > those who have already purchased The Queen's Code in digital format (KooBooKee web version at, this Book Club Companion contains exactly the same worksheets that are already available for download there, which are available in the "Live Interaction" section)< Less
Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love - Extended Edition By Stefan Molyneux
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**This version contains all audio transcripts, as well as links to the audio files.** Philosophy reveals the truth to us about our relations with each other, with reality, and with truth itself. If... More > we are free, philosophy will strengthen our wings. If we are enslaved, philosophy will weaken our chains. The first commandment of Socrates was: "Know Thyself." Real-Time Relationships by Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, provides the second commandment: "Speak Thy Truth." The first virtue is always honesty, but speaking immediate emotional experiences in intimate relationships can be enormously challenging. Real-Time Relationships addresses the how and the why of true intimacy in love, friendship, politics and work. Bring the power of authentic honesty to all of your personal relationships, and reap the rewards of love, loyalty and security for the rest of your life!< Less
Taking A Ride And Letting Go By Veda Clark
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Taking a Ride and Letting Go will take you through the exploits of a love struck young woman that falls in love with the man of her dreams. The poems are sensual and wanting. The story verse is... More > open,revealing and tempestuous. Veda did not hold back the young woman’s passions nor the young man’s desires for young woman that wanted his love.< Less
The Overwhelmed Bride (paperback) By Jennifer Hallak
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The Overwhelmed Bride is your quick guide to a stress-free wedding planning experience. While I do promise that there will be bumps along the way, my six years of experience helping hundreds of... More > brides with their planning and being a bride myself just last year, has brought me to keep one goal in mind for all of you. I strive to keep you from getting too overwhelmed with the thought of planning your own wedding, so you can just enjoy that engagement bliss! This quick guide contains the largest stress points and steps to keeping that stress in check. And ultimately, I hope and pray that with my help, each of you will have a positive planning experience. And remember, the goal of a wedding is to celebrate a marriage. If at the end of the day you stand in front of your best friend and vow to be by his or her side for the rest of your life, then I would say your wedding day is a success! Happy Planning!< Less
The Queen's Code (Paperback) By Alison Armstrong
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The long-standing war between the sexes is the stuff of legend. In TV ads, sitcoms and chick flicks everywhere, we've all seen the images—the long suffering woman and the clueless, insensitive... More > man. But what if it's all a misunderstanding? In this fairy tale for the contemporary woman, Kimberlee seeks advice and discovers a treasure chest of esoteric knowledge hidden within her own family. As she unravels the mysteries of men's behavior in this romantic journey, so will you. As she learns the Language of Heroes, and transforms how she relates to men, so will you. Whether you're in love with men or frustrated by them—or both—The Queen's Code creates a new ethic and approach for interacting with men in a way that honors both sexes. From eight distinct points-of-view, you'll get an intimate look inside the hearts and minds of both men and women as we struggle to understand ourselves and each other. Visit for information, videos and more! NOTE: DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCESS TO ONLINE E-READER< Less
The Sacred Spot: A Handbook For Sexual Awakening By Charles Muir, Caroline Muir
Paperback: $15.95
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Tantra Masters Charles & Caroline Muir (originators of Sacred Spot Massage) reveal their secrets, gleaned from over 35 years of practicing and teaching experience. This original work is now a... More > worldwide movement to bring healing, awakened consciousness and a new aliveness to women's sexual and creative centers. Come alive! This handbook provides step-by-step instruction on the art form of Sacred Spot Massage on women and its various implications for healing as well as sexual empowerment. (Includes photos to guide you.)< Less
Jezebel's Last Dance, It's Every Woman's Story By ZELDA HAYES
Paperback: $19.99
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We women no matter what race, culture or sexual preference, hold a deep dark secret truth of why we lay our heads on satin pillows & perfumed sheets right beside the very force that inhales our... More > power. On the surface we seek to love & be loved, inside however, is another story. It is there we hide our secrets of rape, domestic violence and these very secrets cause us to give away our power in relationships, simply because we have yet to let go of the past. Follow the journey of one woman's truth, one that almost killed her. Perhaps out of this you my dear sisters will face your own truth and in it find freedom. From tragedy to triumph, surviving domestic violence, rape, and so much more, until one day, she heard the voice of God instructing her how to really be free. It’s your turn to step up are you ready?< Less
Paperback: $19.99
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PEACE: A Multiethnic Marriage Enrichment Program was designed to help ethnic couples, particularly African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Interracial and Multiracial couples to embrace peace in their... More > lives, relationships and marriages, and in their homes. Workbook lessons focus on communication, conflict management, trust, jealousy, coping, financial management, purpose, intimacy, renewing your vows, and so much more. The Workbook skills are enlightening and you are encouraged to work through each lesson with your partner. This will make learning fun, allow you the chance to spend some quality time with one another, turn your relationship from good to great, and build intimacy because you are working together! I pray the completion of every exercise will help to guide you and your spouse toward better habits, a happier life together, and bring the two of you closer together in many ways—by enhancing spiritual, emotional, and sexual intimacy!< Less
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The P.E.A.C.E (Promoting Empowered African-Americans through Couple Education) Program is based on marriage research and focuses on Strengths, Spirituality and Skills to put Knowledge with Action to... More > truly bring peace into our homes. The program focuses on giving couples the tools related to communication, conflict, trust, jealousy, expectations, roles, purpose, emotional intimacy, sex and more! As a Doctor and Professor of Psychology, I have written this book in a way that offers education but also healing, explores problems but offers solutions, and some lessons simply require awareness. I teach you how to counsel yourself and your marriage through intergenerational patterns by bringing awareness of historical effects on modern life and relationship matters. This book is for single men & women and dating & married couples. I speak the truth with love to bring healing into your heart, life, and relationship!< Less
Faith, For Sex By Sheryl Dillard
Paperback: $20.00
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If you want good Sex, No, great Sex, and a loving committed relationship God's way; Faith, For Sex is the book for you (workbook included). You deserve the Big "O" and the way to your... More > partners heart is not fussing, complaining or comparing, its preparation!< Less
SHE RULES: One Man Woman By Rachel Renee
Paperback: $14.99
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SHE RULES II looks into the most common mistakes women make that ultimately end up costing them their relationships. Here you will find sound advice on how to avoid these mistakes entirely in an... More > effort to redeem your relationship! If you’re beginning to lose confidence in your relationship and think it just might be headed for disaster, it’s time to act quick! If the grass is beginning to look greener on the other side, it’s high time we begin to water our own grass and watch it flourish!< Less
Un- Breakable Love By Larone & Patrice Woodard
Paperback: $15.00
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Un-Breakable love is a book written to strengthen marriages and relationships that involve children, Love and Finances.
Collared Cooking: Recipes to Spice Up Your Kitchen… and Your Love Life By Dominique Schiavoni
Paperback: $14.99
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For more than two decades, Dominique Schiavoni has lived the intimate, exciting, and often-misunderstood world of Dominance and submission (D/s). A respected Dominant, he has woven his study of... More > psychology, his knowledge of Maslow and Freud, and his extensive personal experience together to create a new lifestyle primer for novices who want to enter into a Domination and submission relationship safely. Much more than a step-by-step manual, he offers in-depth explorations of sexuality, intimacy, security, belonging, feminism, psychology, and more. A skilled Italian chef, Dominique offers up tantalizing recipes designed to entice, thrill, and torment. The seduction starts with appetizers—the promise of things to come. Your appetite aroused, the meal progresses to entrees, and finally the sweet reward and release of dessert.< Less
Love on the Rocks: A Positano Tale By Catie Costa
Paperback: $26.99
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Thirtysomething best friends Kit and Bridget flee their humdrum lives to spend the summer in Positano, the infamous “Pearl of the Amalfi,” for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation filled with... More > frivolously expensive and tantalizingly wonderful experiences—and that was just the food. Kit is in love with the cliff side resort town —and with Lassino, a pizza chef who lives there. At the prospect of spending the summer in a country synonymous with pizza and gelato, neurotically obsessive and weight-conscious Bridget is already in panic mode. But she’s ready to risk a few pounds to get away from it all for a few months. So she and Kit rent an apartment, and they invite their friends over for a visit. They find themselves with no shortage of good friends who want to spend time in Italy on the cheap. Their idyllic summer getaway flies by, thanks to a wedding, a death threat, a missing teen, a lunatic Australian, love on the rocks, a pregnancy, and lots and lots of sparkly prosecco.< Less
Cultivating Closeness By Jeremiah Peck
Paperback: $9.95
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"Cultivating Closeness" is a relationship workbook designed to both inform couples about the importance of relational closeness, as well as outline practical tools to serve as a catalyst... More > for building, maintaining, strengthening and renewing a couple's relational closeness. With full-color graphics, exercises with detailed instructions, worksheets, as well as a feeling inventory to assist both partners in further developing their emotional vocabulary, "Cultivating Closeness" hopes to help bridge the gap with 'close-walks' and 'close-talks' to help you and your partner come together. "The goal of conflict resolution is less about attacking the conflict, and more about drawing closer together so as to resolve the conflict and not wound one another in the resolution process"< Less
Marriage: Ordeal 2 Ideal Workbook By Alton & Mona Roberts
Paperback: $18.95
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All too often we find ourselves in what seems to be an unbearable situation, married but not fulfilled, asking the question “how did I get here and what do I do now?” In order to answer... More > that question, you must re-commit and say “Yes” Yes you can develop and open the lines of communication with your spouse. Yes you can meet each other’s expectations. Yes you can meet each other’s intimacy needs. Yes you can learn to trust again. Yes you can get the love and respect that you deserve. Yes you can have a happy marriage. I know first-hand that marriage can be a difficult and painful experience, one that severely tests our character and endurance, but don’t give up, there’s hope! In this book you’ll get the tools that will move you past the feelings of hopelessness, resentment and the feelings that you’re trapped with no good options. Learn the principles in this workshop and take your marriage from an ordeal 2 the Ideal.< Less
7 Beautiful Weeks By Royce Gomez
Paperback: $14.97
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7 Beautiful Weeks: A Love Affair That Wasn’t Meant To Last is a short story. This story reveals how different their perspectives were, his from a series of short term relationships, hers from a... More > long, yet unsatisfying marriage. Yet, how similar their interests were. 7 Beautiful Weeks is raw, personal, and walks you through the emotions and thoughts the couple experienced during their short, beautiful love affair.< Less
SOBER JIM Coma, Canes & Courage By Patricia Decker
Paperback: $24.95
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This spirited tale with a twist is a true account. Detailing teenage "Sober Jim’s” life, along with his family and other head injury survivors they met along the tragic road to each... More > hopeful recovery. His steep climb to healing is shown in this captivating account of silliness, heroism, craziness, and stubbornness the minute he could get off his deathbed. Instead of a gratifying future carefully planned, many TBI families must often exchange their vision for fear and turmoil. Jim was never one to take situations lying down, with the unique personality he continued to exhibit. Jim's mother became the founding president of the Southern California Head Injury Foundation, Inc. in 1982, which today is joined together with the California Brain Injury Association of America. A chapter of BIAUSA. Hundreds and then thousands of hopeful families and professionals pioneered a wide healing corridor from that time, to support new laws and legislation, prevention, and ongoing research. This is their story.< Less
Choices By Francesca Arway
Paperback: $5.50
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Jeremy Franklin Williams is about to enter his senior year, He thinks he is prepared for what will be thrown his way. But is he really ready to face the ups and downs of his senior year? Join Jeremy... More > on his journey, and witness the choices he had to make.< Less