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The Queen's Code (Paperback) By Alison Armstrong
Paperback: $16.95
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The long-standing war between the sexes is the stuff of legend. In TV ads, sitcoms and chick flicks everywhere, we've all seen the images—the long suffering woman and the clueless, insensitive... More > man. But what if it's all a misunderstanding? In this fairy tale for the contemporary woman, Kimberlee seeks advice and discovers a treasure chest of esoteric knowledge hidden within her own family. As she unravels the mysteries of men's behavior in this romantic journey, so will you. As she learns the Language of Heroes, and transforms how she relates to men, so will you. Whether you're in love with men or frustrated by them—or both—The Queen's Code creates a new ethic and approach for interacting with men in a way that honors both sexes. From eight distinct points-of-view, you'll get an intimate look inside the hearts and minds of both men and women as we struggle to understand ourselves and each other. Visit for information, videos and more! NOTE: DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCESS TO ONLINE E-READER< Less
Daygame Mastery By Nick Krauser
Hardcover: $95.92
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(14 Ratings)
The new gold standard in daygame from Nick Krauser. This is the London Daygame Model in precision-engineered format.
Tangoing With Tornadoes: A Novel By S. Renee Mitchell
Paperback: $18.75
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"My power is worth more than your lies" Why are we continuously giving away our power to those who do not respect or deserve it? Krista Love is an overweight and insecure African American... More > newspaper reporter in Portland, OR, trying to manage her sometimes dysfunctional relationships with her abusive man, her emotionally ambivalent mother, her bossy best friend, and her drug-addicted sister. Along her tumultuous journey, Krista discovers the healing power of poetry to help reclaim her voice that had been so long buried under the needs of so many others in her life, and to rehabilitate her bruised sense of self. This is a healing and empowering story of the importance of not giving others the responsibility to love you more than you love yourself. After all, your power is worth more than someone's lies.< Less
Disability & The Art of Kissing: Questions and Answers on the True Nature of Intimacy By Gary Karp
Paperback: $16.16
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26 questions considered in the context of disability and sexuality. Turns out there's much to learn about the true nature of intimacy and relationship through this lens.
You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching By Gabriella Hartwell
Paperback: $15.95
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This book will help you to connect with yourself, the essence of who you are and what it is that you want in your life as well as whom you want in your life. When you connect with that essence, you... More > are at the place to remember your Soul Mate and draw that soul to you in the physical. Through exercises, visualizations, and affirmations, you will connect to the truth within you. You are love, you are beautiful, you deserve to experience the blissful connection you are craving, and that love is right around the corner. Searching for this person keeps you from experiencing the intimate love that you desire. Searching takes you away from living in the present moment. When you are aware of the beauty around you right now, experiencing all of life right now, when you are happy right now, your Soul Mate will come to you. You have a choice in your destiny. Allow for your dreams to come true. Embrace your magnificence so that you can have the love you desire and deserve.< Less
Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé By Lee "Bridgett" Harrington
Paperback: $21.99
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Japanese rope bondage and erotic macramé look complicated and intimidating, but you can learn the basics of this beautiful and sexy art form today. Bondage artist and educator Lee... More > "Bridgett" Harrington takes you step-by-step through a variety of concepts and ties, giving you the tools to make aesthetically rewarding rope work. Each tutorial is broken down into easy to follow photographs by Circle23 with detailed descriptions, including how to tie all those knots (first secret of Japanese bondage revealed- there are only a few simple knots). From restrictive poses that limit movement to decorative rope work that accentuates the human form, Shibari You Can Use includes instruction on creating: - Shinju (Chest Harnesses) - Gyakuebi (Asian Style Hogtie) - Ebi or Kuri (Shrimp or Ball ties) - Rope Corsets - Strap-on Harnesses and Crotch Ropes - …and much more! Shake off your fears of looking silly the first time you tie someone up, get some rope, and you too can learn Japanese rope bondage.< Less
Dr. Karen's Marriage Manual By Karen Ruskin
Paperback: $21.00
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Dr. Karen's Marriage Manual offers couples the inner mind of the top marriage therapist who has helped thousands of couples over the past 18 years. The world needs ‘real’ advice for... More > ‘real’ people at any and all marital stages – this manual provides the answers for how to have a happy, healthy, successful, connected, lasting marriage, now! This manual provides cutting edge insights, concrete advice, strategies, separates myths from facts, real scenarios that people can relate to, do-able techniques that can be implemented immediately, intriguing information, tasks and assignments.< Less
The Marriage Manual & Handbook: Practical Application to Proven Principles By C. Joseph Simpson
Paperback: List Price: $16.99 $16.14 You Save: 5%
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There aren’t many items you can buy or organizations you can join that will not come with some sort of manual or handbook. However, when you get married, you don’t get anything.... More > It’s all trial and error. The manual will instruct you on how to properly utilize your new purchase and the handbook will define the purpose of your new organization along with its proper etiquette and protocol. Again, you get married and you get nothing. About 50% of all marriages end in divorce. It has to be admitted that many entering are simply unprepared. Many approach marriage with the same understanding of dating teenagers. When an ill-equipped person faces a challenge in their marriage, they resort back to their teenage knowledge in finding a solution; they breakup and find someone new. In a marriage however, there is no breakup and find someone new; this time it’s divorce and remarry. Getting married is one of the greatest decisions you will ever make; shouldn’t you at least try to understand it?< Less
Two Shades of Color By Fla' She
Paperback: $19.99
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Color Andrews is confident, intelligent, and dangerously attractive, but after the tragic death of her father she has felt incomplete. While she seeks happiness in hopes of overcoming loss,... More > heartache, and pain, one thing Color knows for sure is nothing is ever what it seems. Will she find what she desires or what she most deserves? As she takes us through the challenging journey of her life, Color is exposed to the pleasures and satisfaction of sex, scandal, and revenge in this sizzling debut of “Two Shades of Color.” This engaging tale will certainly captivate your illustrative imagination...< Less
Women Talk Too Damn Much! Reclaiming Self, Love, Intimacy, and the Ultimate Connection By Zoe Spencer
Paperback: $27.10
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Women Talk Too Damn Much! is the innovative blueprint of self and relationship actualization. It doesn't encourage women to think like men, but rather encourages women to understand themselves,... More > while giving men a blueprint to understanding women in all of their complexities. Through uncovering the gender differences and disconnects between women and men that lead to disappointments, heartbreaks, break-ups, and even divorce, not through blame, but through the art of awareness, this work forces each to take a hard look at how we can subconsciously become counterproductive to reaching our own relationship goals. Women Talk Too Damn Much paves the way toward awareness, healing, actualization, and the ultimate connection and has proven to be equally relevant and exciting for women and men. It is a must read for anyone who is seeking true understanding and growth, and isn't afraid to get "gut punched" on the way. But most importantly it is a must read for anyone who is seeking LOVE!< Less
Paperback: $10.99
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Kimberly has led an interesting life when it comes to relationships. Love, loss, and trust have played a major part in her life. From a husband on the Down Low to having a husband with an ongoing... More > criminal history, to finding a husband that she believes she can spend the rest of her life with. Her constant struggle with men has led her to her third marriage by the age of 40. She is an over achiever in all areas business, work, education, and socially but, she just can’t get it right in the relationship department. Kimberly continues to strive because nothing beats a failure but a try!< Less
Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love - Extended Edition By Stefan Molyneux
Paperback: $13.95
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**This version contains all audio transcripts, as well as links to the audio files.** Philosophy reveals the truth to us about our relations with each other, with reality, and with truth itself. If... More > we are free, philosophy will strengthen our wings. If we are enslaved, philosophy will weaken our chains. The first commandment of Socrates was: "Know Thyself." Real-Time Relationships by Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, provides the second commandment: "Speak Thy Truth." The first virtue is always honesty, but speaking immediate emotional experiences in intimate relationships can be enormously challenging. Real-Time Relationships addresses the how and the why of true intimacy in love, friendship, politics and work. Bring the power of authentic honesty to all of your personal relationships, and reap the rewards of love, loyalty and security for the rest of your life!< Less
What God Has Joined Together A Marriage Maintenance Guide for Christian Couples By Poiette McGill Bromell
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $15.00 You Save: 25%
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If you’re ready to set your marital house in order and get your marriage back on track – this book is for you. Every chapter is written with the aim of a genuinely happy, spiritually... More > centered marriage in mind. This is not a research based document; there are plenty of those available if you are so interested. It is, rather, the account of one married couple who has found a way to be happy and spiritually whole in an anti-commitment era. I am privileged and overjoyed to share these observations and experiences with fellow Christians and others who seek to live to the glory of God in the bonds of holy matrimony. -Poiette< Less
What a Girl Wants : The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex By Sara Bolden, DPT, WCS
Paperback: $14.75
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What a Girl Wants : The Good Girls' Guide to Great Sex is just the self-help book women have been looking for. This book is intended to inform, enlighten, confirm and inspire women regardless of age,... More > marital longevity, education or social status. It will help answer questions about her body, educate her on the pelvic floor, sexual health and motivate her to reconnect with her mate on new intimate levels. If you’re not having really good intercourse or you just need a “love boost”, this is just the book for you. You will NOT be disappointed. By the end of this book, you will have a fresh, up-to-date understanding of your body and learn to coach your partner with direction and purpose. The time is now! No more pretending to be asleep! Let this be a new beginning to your happily ever after!< Less
Torero Travels By Tom Torero
Paperback: $22.30
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Tom Torero takes daygame around the world, meeting and attracting girls in 25 countries over 16 months. There's 30 seduction reports, plus tips, tricks and hacks on destinations, logistics and... More > escaping the social matrix. 332 pages, paperback, ships worldwide.< Less
Daygame By Tom Torero
Paperback: $30.35
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Bond meets Banksy in a real life account of one man's remarkable journey from Oxford educated geek to top daytime street seducer. The book contains over 100 successful seduction reports, as well as... More > comprehensive detailed advice and techniques from one of the world's best daygamers. From stopping a girl on the street to getting her into your bed and life, this is the definitive guide to daytime seduction. 416 pages, paperback, 2nd Edition< Less
YOUR BOYFRIEND'S BEST GIRLFRIEND: A Tomboy's Guide To Knowing, Loving And Understanding Men By CM Writer
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $17.96 You Save: 10%
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What happens when a southern tomboy, who grew up “dating like a dude” only to discover she had daddy issues that hurt the men she was once involved with, suffers heart-break and goes on a... More > journey of self-discovery that guides her into frank discussions with men about parenting, relationships, sex, love, and growing pains? “A Tomboy’s Guide” begins with the back story of a woman who grows up as a tomboy. It delves into both heavy (a story about sexual assault) and light hearted subjects (asking “Who pays for dates?”). Each chapter includes “YBBG LESSONS” that tackle many of the conflicts that men and women face when dealing with each other in a myriad of relationship settings. "CONVERSATIONS" with men from every walk of life, help dispel the negative ways men are normally portrayed. Men open up and show the rawness of emotions they seldom reveal when dealing with relationship issues.< Less
The Education of Peter Tripman By Kuno Martin Guisbert
Paperback: $14.95
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This book, The Education of Peter Tripman, chronicles the adventures of a naive young man from a small Midwestern town who goes away to college during the Vietnam War Era.
The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011 (PDF) By Athol Kay
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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The author of the innovative sex and marriage blog “Married Man Sex Life” brings together his edgy and brilliant advice in a single volume primer delivering the mother lode of substance.... More > The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011 cherry picks the best ideas of books like "The Mystery Method," "No More Mr. Nice Guy," and the volatile online world of the Pickup Artist a.k.a. “Game” community and merges them with a solid grounding in evolutionary psychology, sociology, biology and behavior modification. The result is a simple, effective plan for men to create sexually exciting marriages for themselves and their wives. A fabulous PDF crammed with information.< Less
candybombed By angrboda
eBook (PDF): $5.50
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(7 Ratings)
“Oh man, you’ve gotta try this stuff!” There are some things you really shouldn't drink without reading the warning label! Sophia and Sierra are college room mates who get along... More > when they can stay out of each others' hair. When Sophia indulges in something she shouldn't and something... weird... happens, the two girls end up changing in ways they couldn't have expected. A pretty short story that includes 10 full color illustrations that are 'pretty boners'. I mean... candy fox girls. What are you waiting for?< Less
injection - the art of angrboda By angrboda
eBook (PDF): $9.00
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(1 Ratings)
Injection is a selection of images I did over the course of a 5 year period; from fall of 2008 to fall of 2013. It contains forty one pages of finished art that has never been shared publicly, plus... More > the front and back cover. Most of the art is girls, but if you know me, you already knew that. Included are a ton of misc. pinups and: two 2 image sequences (cow and butterfly) two 4 image sequences (dolphin and devil girl) one 8 image sequence (dragon girl) [the centerpiece of the book] I packed this book front to back with things I love; hopefully you'll dig it. Thanks for reading.< Less
Experiments By Abe E Seedy
eBook (PDF): $6.50
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(2 Ratings)
Sometimes you just want to try something new. And sometimes that "something new" involves turning into sexy animal people and having wild sexytimes, because sure why not? Another... More > collection of 5 short stories, all revolving around sex, transformation, and sexy transformation. Featuring werecowgirl women (and eventually men), catgirl covens, gooey tentacle science, a loving couple taking petplay exactly far enough, and good old-fashioned rubber dog dickgirls. If you like TF as a sex thing, and want to read 50+ pages of stories ranging from short and to the point to longer and more elaborate - well, you should probably go ahead and check this out. Cover art and book layout by Angrboda< Less
Classical Conditioning By angrboda
eBook (PDF): $6.50
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(2 Ratings)
Spending the weekend recovering from a car accident is never fun, and honestly, all of this could have been avoided if Nicole wouldn't have tried to drive home from that conference so... More > tired... Fortunately for her, Teresa has quite the estate up in these treacherous mountains, and is more than happy to provide lodging for the weekend while Nicole waits for some roadside assistance. It's the least Nicole can do, then, to help look for Teresa's missing dog. And Pavlov's collar has these wonderful bells that make the sweetest sound; perfect for calling her home. Dogs can be trained to come at the ring of a bell, you know? ---- Classical Conditioning offers a TF story with 13 full color illustrations, most of which are full page and in my modest opinion, super hot. The story was written by Abe E Seedy, who is seriously the man as far as writing super sexy stories about girls turning into stuff. Themes include transformation with a heavy focus on mental change, f/f, petplay, dom/sub, and coming on command.< Less
The Fight Life By Boob Colosseum
eBook (PDF): $16.95
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Linda and Ari are going at it in this apartment fight! With Ari's relationship at risk she won't back down, but is she strong enough to face Linda's crushing boobs? Find out now on this 25 pages... More > full color comic!< Less
Research And Discovery_WIP By max tony
eBook (PDF): $8.04
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WORK IN PROGRESS Two researchers seems happy to have found a special plant. After falling asleep, the guy wakes up with some special needs ! A first Person Video. Still a preview ! Final work will... More > I hope soon be finished !< Less