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My Secret Life By Walter (Anonymous)
eBook (PDF): $4.69
(2 Ratings)
Subtitle: The Sex Diary of a Victorian Gentlemen Described as "pornographic writing of the most explicit and lascivious kind", My Secret Life was banned for decades in both Britain and... More > the USA as pure porn. Only about 20 sets of My Secret Life were originally published around 1880, possibly in Amsterdam. Each set of eleven volumes cost around £50/ $100, the equivalent of £4000 / $8000 in today’s money. Sets were owned by Harold Lloyd, the American silent film comedian and producer, and George Mountbatten, the great-grandson of Queen Victoria. This edition of My Secret Life, is the first compendium of all eleven volumes. Uncensored and unexpurgated, it is also a remarkable social commentary of the times. ISBN: 978-1873091050 (soft cover, European size) ISBN: 978-1873091067 (hard cover, US size) Also: Download: £9.00< Less
Bean Counter By Creamer OhFive
eBook (PDF): $2.50
(10 Ratings)
WARNING: SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONTENT! What would you do if your loving wife of six years announces one day that she is not only leaving you for another man, but is carrying his child, as well? If... More > you're "Dollar" Bill, the Bean Counter, a successful accountant, you don't get mad, you get even. OK, you get pretty mad, too -- mad enough to lock your soon-to-be-ex-wife in a bizzare sex contract, holding the prospect of divorce high over her head until she complies. It's an emotionally charged tale of perverted revenge and punishing retribution . . . as Bill embarks on one of the most twisted divorces EVER!< Less
Dear Raven and Joshua: Questions and Answers About Master/Slave Relationships By Joshua Tenpenny, Raven Kaldera
eBook (PDF): $5.00
(1 Ratings)
The world of consenting Master/slave relationships often seems murky and mysterious from an outsider's perspective, and there are few models for those who are tentatively venturing into it. When it's... More > not just a fantasy any more, reality often turns out to be so different from fantasy that would-be owners and slaves don't know how to make it work in a sustainable way. This book is as far from fantasy as it gets. Written by a real-life Master/slave couple who counsel people in power-dynamic relationships, Dear Raven and Joshua answers real questions about real problems encountered in daily living with M/s. Whether you're playing part-time with a BDSM lifestyle, live in a leather household, or are attempting a 24/7 total power exchange, you'll find this book is a trouble-shooting resource you won't want to pass up.< Less
Rough Waters By Scott Hemsley
eBook (PDF): $5.48
(1 Ratings)
The second book in PB's Gaby fanfic series, Notes of a Journey. Time passes but feelings don't fade...
Real Service By Joshua Tenpenny, Raven Kaldera
eBook (PDF): $5.00
(2 Ratings)
In any consenting and negotiated personal service relationship, there are hundreds of ways in which the servant can make the master’s life easier, and the master can manage the servant most... More > effectively. Why is it that we usually only hear about a few of these ways? From housework to driving to child care to personal care, nearly anyone who is in service (or who would like to be) has dozens of skills they already know that they can offer as a service, and there are countless more practical everyday skills they can learn. Real Service is a handbook for service-oriented submissives and the people they serve, providing techniques to help a service relationship function smoothly, and suggestions for service that can be offered.< Less
Balls, They Have 'em, I Want 'em By Chris Bellows
eBook (PDF): $2.10
(3 Ratings)
Another short story from the noted author of D/s erotica. Thorough domination of the male by the authoritative Female. Strong, not for the squeamish.
Harmed 1: Glove in Boom By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
Emma and Elle are sisters, bound by magic and their newly found lust for each other. And things would be fine except for ONE thing... their oldest sister Endora, who thought Emma was bound to... More > HER! Emma has her loving sisters pull on the gloves to settle which of them will have her heart - and other useful parts. It's a breast-punching, low-blowing slugfest by our great and talented friend LYKAMO. This is a screen-resolution PDF file with 26 images @ 690 x 720 pixels. Mature content intended for adults only.< Less
Junior Open By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Pro-style wrestling on the mat between sexy 18 year-olds RITA PINSLIP and KAREN LOCKLEG. These slender gals wrestle with all the enthusiasm and dirty tricks of veteran pros. In two-piece suits,... More > barefoot, and slippery from a liberally coating of baby oil, the loser will be stripped by her opponent and must bow down to the winner. This five page cartoon contains over 40 panels of art by the very talented artist from Greece, KONSTANTIN. 5 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 (letter sized) Ready-To-Print PDF File About 4 MB Partial Nudity, Adults Only< Less
Girls In Action By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $12.95
Five years after their first ring encounter, RITA PINSLIP and KAREN LOCKLEG are now both successful professional girl wrestlers, and they meet again in the wrestling ring. One girl hasn’t... More > forgotten the embarrassment of being stripped in the match, and vows to do it to her rival in this long awaited rematch. The women square off in one-piece suits and heels, and wrestle until one is stripped naked and forced into a painful submission hold. Another beautifully rendered wrestling adventure by KONSTANTIN, with nearly 60 panels in all. 7 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 (letter sized) Ready-To-Print PDF File About 4 MB Partial Nudity, Adults Only< Less
The Prize Is Right By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $15.95
At the TEEN BOXING club, favored fighter DEANNA finally gets a shot at the rookie LEIGH. She's supposed to hold back for a while, to give LEIGH a chance to look good, and her manager CHERI will give... More > her the signal when it's time to take LEIGH out! The only problem is, CHERI seems to REALLY be taking her time to give the signal, meaning DEANNA really takes a beating! What's going on? Even though a gal gets knocked out, the winner isn't satisfied until... well, until she's SATISFIED! Brutal boxing with an erotic finish. Nudity, ADULTS ONLY. 36 panels by ARISTA in screen-resolution PDF File.< Less
Cabaret Clash (Illustrated) By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $7.95
Years ago a good friend John wrote us with several remarkable stories were were assured to be true. With a little encouragement John submitted a few in detail, and among the best of those was this... More > story of a wrestling match in a Cabaret near Heidelberg, Germany. Here John and his girlfriend bear witness to a hard fought match between two big girls, Yvonne and Ilsa, with no ring but just a cleared space between the tables where mats are put down. The first part of their match is intense wrestling, the second part is the humiliation stage where the loser is stripped for the entertainment of the audience, with a little help from a leather strap. This is a 20 Page Adobe wide format PDF document, with over 2 dozen illustrations. Nudity, adults only.< Less
Everyone Loves A 3-Way By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
Bored with her easy victories (16 successful title defenses in a row!), Jennifer "Irish Clover" McCullen sets up a match for the 3 so-called "best" contenders for her Topless... More > Wrestling Belt! So it's Honey Foxx, Beverly "Hills" Lewis, and Nicole "The Spanish Rose" who find themselves in the ring together for their special elimination match. The girls are free to double-team to weaken and eliminate a girl, then it's a one-on-one finale to a humiliating defeat, and an inspired winner will go on to face Jennifer in a future tale. Breast punishment and sensual groping are just part of this exciting new tale! 27 Original Panels by LYKAMO from a story by E. Whyte. Also several "ZOOM-CAM" image versions too. Presented as screen resolution PDF file. Nudity, Adults ONLY< Less
With Friends Like These By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
BETTY McCANE and LOLITA LANE, a pair of 18 year old, big-busted beauties, show great promise in the topless wrestling business, and we decided to showcase their talents against a couple of equally... More > big-busted ring veterans! We're speaking of course of SUNNI DAE and BAMBI DAHL! They're none too happy about having to work as partners - and whether or not they WILL remains to be seen! Spoiler alert - when you have THAT much boob in the ring, it's an easy guess what's going to get attacked! 29 images by LYKAMO from a story by D. NYE. Presented in screen-resolution PDF file. Nudity, Adults ONLY!< Less
Harmed 2: Pole Position By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
Lykamo's sexy sluggers return in another chapter of Harmed! Endora and Emma are playing a boring game of cards when Elle bursts in showing them her newest toy... a wicked black sex toy! Well both of... More > her sisters want to try it out, but Elle remembers that Emma made her pull on the gloves (Glove In Boom) for sexual favors, so now payback is... a witch... and Endora and Emma must duke it out in topless boxing to see who gets to "ride" with Elle! 28 images presented in a screen resolution PDF file. Nudity, Adults ONLY Art and concept by LYKAMO< Less
International Foxy Boxing By Byrons Gorgeous Boxing Girls
eBook (PDF): $16.95
HEY! You got a RINGSIDE SEAT! Brought to you by the collaborative team of BYRON and MATTHEW HENRY, here's an exciting new tale of topless foxy action! You remember Crissie, our former Junior Foxy... More > Fighter? Well she's ALL grown up now, and she's made her way to the final match of the International Foxy Boxing Championship! Her opponent? None other than the pride of Mother Russia, Ivana! It's the cold war all over again, but freshly heated up for your Foxy Boxing enjoyment! These girls won't stay down, but someone WILL go down once and for all, and we hope YOU'LL be soon to get your ringside seat! 30 images tell the tale! Story by Matthew Henry, illustrations by Byron. Presented in screen resolution PDF file< Less
Hell on Wheels: Disabled Dominants By Raven Kaldera
eBook (ePub): $4.99
In the world of Dominant/submissive and Master/slave relationships, new seekers often find an overriding ideal archetype of dominants, masters, and mistresses always being big and strong, and able to... More > physically overpower and discipline their submissives and slaves. But what happens when the dominant is or becomes disabled, and requires caretaking from the submissive? This book is an anthology of the experiences of brave disabled dominants and the people who gladly serve them, and how they maintain their authority from the darkness, the chair, and even the bed. These stories are a bouquet of triumph and loyalty, and an inspiration to every temporarily-abled person who reads them.< Less
ZenBayMono Wrestling Gallery # 2 By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $8.95
ZenBayMono Studios presents another unique gallery, a set of 12 unique images PLUS 10 "just for fun" variations of the original group. CAUTION! Some images feature nudity and/or erotic... More > content! ADULTS ONLY< Less
Changes: Erotic Tales of Forced Feminization By Barbara Deloto, Thomas Newgen
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Changes has five stories about forced feminization of men. "Neighborly Advice " - A wife talks with her psychiatrist neighbor about and she teaches the wife to feminize the husband and have... More > him enjoy watching his wife entertain other men. " I Once Was a Man, Until my Wife Got Done with Me"-A wife gets her husband to understand how a woman wants to be handled by a man by feminizing him. "Natasha's Weekend"- A once a month party for a dom wife where her husband is her and her playmates sissy slave while he watches her play. "What Happened to Me!?"- A husband mistreats his wife one too many times until she literally puts the shoe on his foot. "A New Job: Great Pay, But at What Price?" - A man is hired at an outrageously high salary by a beautiful, powerful, woman boss that makes him wear women's clothing on his first day of work and changes his life completely. All of them are highly erotic and incredibly titillating! Don't miss this one. 53,000 words for Adults only.< Less
The Daycare School: An ABDL Story By Tendau Ramis
eBook (PDF): $6.99
This is a short story about Dylan Howard who is sent to a boarding school because his parents are going abroad for a year. At first it seems like a normal school but after spending some time there he... More > realises that something about the school is quite odd…but things start to seem even more odd as other weird events start happening and then it accumulates in a student going missing and it’s a race to find out what was causing these problems and why…but at the same time he’s fighting against his own sexual desires that he wants to explore with some of the girls here..< Less
so you want to be a maid? By Emily Masters, Sophie Maidswell
eBook (PDF): $14.99
Do you long to be of service to a lady, satisfying her every whim as befits a humble housemaid? Whether you fantasise about being at a woman's beck and call, all dolled up in a pretty uniform, or... More > desire to get down on your hands and knees while your mistress puts her feet up, your dreams of domestic duty could be closer than you think! Many women would love to have their chores taken care of, gladly accepting a male maid if only they were to be approached in the right way - and this book will show you how! Packed with practical advice, psychological insights and personal experience, so you want to want to be a maid? will tell you everything you need to know about overcoming the most difficult challenge for a would-be male maid - how to persuade a potential mistress to employ your services. With chapters devoted to tried and tested techniques for winning over wives and girlfriends, dominatrices and even the woman next door, it's full of tips and tricks to get you started serving!< Less
feminized and frustrated By Emily Masters
eBook (PDF): $7.99
The incessant frustration of being locked in chastity can drive a man to almost any lengths for an orgasm. The longer his cock is kept in a cage, the more submissive he becomes, until eventually he's... More > begging to do whatever his keyholder asks him - even if that involves feminization! Kept from touching himself without the key that hangs around her neck, he'll happily wear women's underwear and more if that's the cost of a climax, accepting such humiliation as the price that must be paid for both punishment and pleasure. From wearing high heels and foundation wear to working as her fully dressed maid, these feminized husbands have surrendered their sex in more ways than one, submitting to the whim of their wives without question when it comes to dressing up like a lady. There's orgasm denial aplenty as they're teased beyond belief before being put back in their chastity belts and cages, with chaste males turned female for the amusement of those who keep them feminized and frustrated.< Less
Building the Team By Joshua Tenpenny, Raven Kaldera
eBook (PDF): $5.00
When we create conscious and consenting power dynamic relationships, most of the models we find in fiction and fantasy are adversarial, with dominant and submissive members on opposite sides of a... More > display of force. This model works for some couples, but not for all. Instead of an adversarial model, this book outlines a cooperative Teamwork model where the dominant and submissive members work together to make effective progress in the goals of the relationship. The Teamwork method of building a mindful unequal relationship emphasizes mutual responsibility, problem solving, honesty, and trust. Complete with exercises, this book is a primer for everyone who finds that an adversarial model of power exchange isn’t the best choice for their relationship.< Less
Sex & Tarot By Toni Allen
Paperback: List Price: $9.53 $5.72 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Sexual interpretations for all 78 tarot cards, including reverse meanings. Toni Allen has worked as a professional tarot card reader for nearly 30 years and these interpretations are drawn from... More > practical experience. Toni outlines a variety of sexual preferences and activities that can be seen for each card during a reading when the questioner is enquiring about sex or relationship. Interpretations for each Court Card offer insight into what type of person someone may be involved with; and sexual compatibility. Examples of card combinations are included to aid in depth understanding of how a reading will work in practice. Suitable for beginners and more advanced tarot readers. This book contains sexually explicit material and is only suitable for adults. Other tarot books by Toni Allen – The System of Symbols, a new way to look at tarot< Less
The Queen's Code Companion: A Guide for Book Clubs By Alison Armstrong
Paperback: $6.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
If you want to start a book club for The Queen's Code, you can use this Book Club Companion to access book club agendas and topics to discuss during your group's journey of The Queen's Code. For... More > those who have already purchased The Queen's Code in digital format (KooBooKee web version at, this Book Club Companion contains exactly the same worksheets that are already available for download there, which are available in the "Live Interaction" section)< Less
a love of lingerie By Emily Masters
Paperback: $11.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Do you love lingerie? These couples certainly do - so much so that the men wear it too! Whether it's a boyfriend finding himself dressed in women's underwear for the very first time, a man taken... More > shopping in frilly pink panties or a husband who has to wear a bra to work, you'll find it all here in this exciting collection of erotic feminization stories. There's nothing like having a man don a little satin and lace to spice things up, with women's underwear keeping him on his toes wherever he wears it - as these men are about to discover! It's not just the wives and girlfriends who dress up in these stories about men wearing lingerie, with bras and panties proving just as powerful when he wears them for her pleasure! Each of these exciting tales distils the very essence of erotic feminization into a scenario that's as plausible as it is passionate, featuring loving couples whose respect and affection for one another becomes ever stronger as a result of sharing a love of lingerie.< Less