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Mastered Girls 2 By John An Old Roué
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Telling tales of girl-discipline, of past times. Caning Cousins: girl cousin sees her ‘under the strap’, leads to girly love-games, then finally to find her place under the rod of a male... More > cousin. Major Bucton’s Retirement; he catches the neighbour’s daughter stealing apples and contrives to discipline her himself. The Reverend’s Rod; young ward comes under his rod in more ways than one! All by a storyteller who truly knows of what he writes, from both ends of the rod, who knows and loves women as much as he is fascinated by the study of the effect of applying the rod to women by women or by men, at first or second-hand. A treat if you really appreciate the richness and depth of such relationships; detailed descriptions of the rituals, manner and psychological effects of such floggings.< Less
Sexchanges: A Dirty Story Anthology By Creamer OhFive
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I’ve always been fascinated by sex-for-stuff exchanges, for a variety of reasons. While the combination of romantic love and sex are lauded in our society, and the role of the fee-for-service... More > prostitute is heavily denigrated, the fact is that there exists between those extremes a wide area of gray. People exchange sex for stuff all the time, whether for favors, special considerations, or to improve their bargaining position. Lust is a big motivating factor, of course, but so is desperation and power. This anthology takes a look at several instances of people using sex to get what they want, what they need, or just to keep their lives interesting.< Less
Dear Raven and Joshua: Questions and Answers About Master/Slave Relationships By Joshua Tenpenny, Raven Kaldera
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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The world of consenting Master/slave relationships often seems murky and mysterious from an outsider's perspective, and there are few models for those who are tentatively venturing into it. When it's... More > not just a fantasy any more, reality often turns out to be so different from fantasy that would-be owners and slaves don't know how to make it work in a sustainable way. This book is as far from fantasy as it gets. Written by a real-life Master/slave couple who counsel people in power-dynamic relationships, Dear Raven and Joshua answers real questions about real problems encountered in daily living with M/s. Whether you're playing part-time with a BDSM lifestyle, live in a leather household, or are attempting a 24/7 total power exchange, you'll find this book is a trouble-shooting resource you won't want to pass up.< Less
Girls Coming Together By Teresa Joseph
eBook (PDF): $4.83
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Seven horny tales from a lady, most of corporal punishment, girls being as cruel, manipulative and sexually voracious as only girls know how! Memory Lane: women don school uniform for long weekend of... More > school CP games with stern Miss Paula. Spare The Rod: she’s the despair of her Headmistress and boss, but strict aunt sets her right, by savage, firm, fair caning and paddling. But I Meant To Pay For It: shoplifter Chantelle, punished with hand, ruler and belt by Manageress and female Security Officer! Light Fingers: Cloe steals to buy a dream dress, supervisor spanks, canes her, forces her to clean toilets, be slave at home, severe punishments. Proof Of Age: three girls spanked, strapped and slippered by landlady with mothers’ blessing. Sorry Auntie: office junior gossips of Dr Karen’s discreet visits to ‘strict auntie’. They force Becky to be their maid, salacious details sent to all colleagues in detail. Student’s Harsh Lesson: landlady’s fair punishment has her do well.< Less
The New Bride's Guide to Training Her Husband By Emily and Ken Addison
eBook (PDF): $16.25
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This book is intended for brides that want to get off to a good start in their relationship with their husbands. It is an often entertaining, yet very practical guide to marriage based on the... More > premise that men are happiest when wrapped around the finger of the woman they love. It borrows heavily from the Around Her Finger book, repackaging much of that material along with some new content from the website by the same name ( If you have already read the Around Her Finger book, you'll have already read much of what this book has to offer. Therefore, we suggest you buy one book or the other. Either book makes an excellent bridal shower gift or a creative wedding gift!< Less
The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011 (PDF) By Athol Kay
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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The author of the innovative sex and marriage blog “Married Man Sex Life” brings together his edgy and brilliant advice in a single volume primer delivering the mother lode of substance.... More > The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011 cherry picks the best ideas of books like "The Mystery Method," "No More Mr. Nice Guy," and the volatile online world of the Pickup Artist a.k.a. “Game” community and merges them with a solid grounding in evolutionary psychology, sociology, biology and behavior modification. The result is a simple, effective plan for men to create sexually exciting marriages for themselves and their wives. A fabulous PDF crammed with information.< Less
More Men As Women By Miss Kiss
eBook (PDF): $7.81
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Ten more exciting and arousing stories of males transformed – by being persuaded, cajoled or even forced by women, sometimes with the active encouragement of other males – to become more... More > like women. More feminine, more compliant, more controllable. Men dressing as women and enduring all the pleasures and thrills that come with it. Suitable for mature readers only and contains strong sexual themes and language.< Less
Billie and Mary, a Love Story By Chris Bellows
eBook (PDF): $6.25
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Another unique story from Chris Bellows, the Master of D/s fiction. A couple with complementing penchants for control and governance, she learning the thrill of having it, he aroused by the... More > degradation of giving it, meet and form an unusual lifelong bond. Other works by Chris Bellows... 'Pony Girl Zesty' (Lulu Item 1195861)... 'The Glass Oubliette' (item 2053235) and over two dozen stories available from Pink Flamingo (< Less
Backyard Foxy By PC Toons
eBook (PDF): $12.95
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A lifelong friendship ends in betrayal, and leads to a brutal boxing match in a backyard ring! As hot as the summer sun is beating down on the girls, the beating they're putting on each other is even... More > HOTTER! 27 pummeling panels (of various sizes) by PC TOONS in screen resolution PDF file. Nudity, Adults Only.< Less
Big and Busty Boxers By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.00
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These are full-fledged women, well endowed from head to foot! And they're not afraid to show the whole package off in their skimpy bikinis, as they don wicked leather boxing gloves, to do harm to... More > each other JUST for your enjoyment! It stands to reason their fight gear just isn't up to the rigors of a body-smashing fight like this, so before long the tops are ripped away, leaving the big-bodied-beauties to finish their match topless. The poor little ref tries to bring some level of enforcement to the rules of boxing, but even within those confines our Debbie and Jayne can really do some damage. Great back-and-forth action, great gals and great art make this one of our FOXIEST battles, harkening to the days of our beloved PC TOONS! We hope you'll think so TOO! 28 Images (800 x 600 pixels) in a 5 MB PDF file. by Dimitrious. Nudity, Adults Only< Less
Cabaret Clash (Illustrated) By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $7.95
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Years ago a good friend John wrote us with several remarkable stories were were assured to be true. With a little encouragement John submitted a few in detail, and among the best of those was this... More > story of a wrestling match in a Cabaret near Heidelberg, Germany. Here John and his girlfriend bear witness to a hard fought match between two big girls, Yvonne and Ilsa, with no ring but just a cleared space between the tables where mats are put down. The first part of their match is intense wrestling, the second part is the humiliation stage where the loser is stripped for the entertainment of the audience, with a little help from a leather strap. This is a 20 Page Adobe wide format PDF document, with over 2 dozen illustrations. Nudity, adults only.< Less
Welcome to Hard Core By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $4.50
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No ropes to catch you, no padded mat to ease your fall. This is the HARDCORE, Apartment brawling with virtually no rules, as any brutal thing goes. Sue agreed to be the "loser" in this... More > high-dollar bout, but she may not have counted on just how much Erica wanted to hurt her! This is ILLUSTRATED FICTION, a dark story by CONSTANTINE accompanied by 8 of his stark and brutal drawings. They're formatted as Adobe PDF, Ready-To-Print or read and view on your computer. Story and images occupy 10, 8 1/2 x 11 pages. Nudity, Adults ONLY< Less
The Power Series By Chris Bellows
eBook (PDF): $1.25
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(4 Ratings)
Originally posted on the author's blog, this series of short stories is offered for a nominal sum. More of Chris Bellows available from
Mighty Mounds vs Vivacious Vicky By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $14.95
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Buxom pro champion MIGHTY MOUNDS has been working girls over in the ring for 25 years! Age hasn't taken anything away from this gal though! Enter the challenger, smaller but still sexy VIVACIOUS... More > VICKY, a former rock star now bringing her fans to a new stage of entertainment. "MM" still loves to show off with the new girls, and the younger the better. But has she under estimated Vicky? Grab your ringside seat and find out in our 21 panel tale PLUS 21 just-for-fun Super ZOOM panels from the action! Great work (as always) by LYKAMO. Delivered as screen-resolution PDF file. Nudity, Adults ONLY< Less
Mistress Mayhem By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $14.95
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It's been a while since we've seen Little Susie, and it's also been a while since we've done anything approaching a catfight! So here was a chance to bring the two together, in "Mistress... More > Mayhem!" After getting trashed by Tawny in one-on-one wrestling, Susie went to pro wrestler "Crusher Carl" for training. He sure worked her over, and his wife Pam pitched in too. Impressionable as she is, Susie ended up in an affair with Carl, but it was short lived as Pam quickly caught them almost in the act. What happens next awaits you in this 26 panel battle between wife and mistress, with even a little support from Carl along the way! And hey... it's a catfight! So the girls are stripped nude before it's over! It's got sex! It's got violence! What more could anyone ask? Told by 18 year old "Little" Susie herself! 26 beautiful black and white images by Centaur. Delivered as screen-resolution PDF file. Nudity, Adults ONLY.< Less
Miss Pletcher's Farm By Chris Bellows
eBook (PDF): $3.50
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The travails of Mr. Grieves continue in this sequel to 'Madam, Me and It' (available for free on Lulu, also published on the author's blog, http:\\ As with all Chris... More > Bellows stories, this is strong and intense D/s. Not to be not read by the timid, faint of heart or those not enthused by sexual power exchange. The sequel is now available, 'Nurse Smith's Obedient Slave'.< Less
Gabriel and Gina: When Fantasy Became Her Reality By Zorro Daddy
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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When Gina revealed a love for a fetish to a friend during a drunken Saturday night college party, she had no idea that she would be living out that fetish with him in a few short days. On this autumn... More > weekend at a college campus, Gina sees her most erotic wishes come true as she learns how much she enjoys being submissive. Her fantasies become a reality, heating up at the end in a sexual climax that leaves her body and her mind in a state of absolute ecstasy. This story is a romantic fantasy with heavy sexual content, situations and actions. It is adult material and not intended for anyone under the age of 18.< Less
Ardoni Art # 8 By Ardoni Art
eBook (PDF): $16.95
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BAR ROOM BATTLE: Maureen tells her tale of her battle of revenge when she sees Dee flirting with her man in a bar. The crowd hoots and howls as the two beauties lose all control and tear into each... More > other. CHERI VS HEATHER: CHERI is a sexy, dark haired beauty with a gorgeous body but one big problem. She regales the tale of her dedication to fighting any bitch who comes between her and her man. But does she meet her match in Heather? ALSO INCLUDES SKETCHBOOK PAGES 90 pages • PDF Format About 16 MB NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Pamela is spanked By John Derek
eBook (PDF): $2.95
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A first person spanking story told from the perspective of Pamela. Pamela is a young lady with a bit of an attitude. And she finds herself in a situation that may only be resolved with her baring... More > her bottom! The spanking is a little harsh, but she earned it.< Less
Crosstown Matchup # 6 By Ardoni Art
eBook (PDF): $16.95
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DAN & KATE'S FIRST FIGHT! The Fight Couple from CROSSTOWN MATCHUP #4 are back!!! Dan and Kate are an athletic competitive couple who love meeting other couples to test their skills in wrestling... More > and sexfighting. This tale is narrated by Dan who tells of his love of watching women in combat, how he approached his wife to wrestle other women and his inevitable induction into joining her in competition. They soon meet another couple from South America who are anxious to teach the Americans all aspects of this highly combative and erotic sport. 46 pages & Illustrations 19 MB PDF File Story & Art by ARDONI NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Original Sins By Miss Irene Clearmont
eBook (ePub): $6.04
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Book-One in another collection of femdom fiction from the glorious Miss Irene Clearmont that contains the agony-aunt letters of the divine Ms Maxine by way of an introduction to stories containing... More > women from everyday backgrounds whose fantasies and the way they fulfill them are anything but. This femdom eBook, contains adult material involving foot worship, oral servitude, forced feminization, CBT, and male chastity.< Less
Babysitting Dan! By John Derek
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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This is an adult spanking novel that involves a man willingly being treated like a child. Somewhat willingly anyway. This is a follow up to the book the Lady Boss. Dan works for Claire. Claire is a... More > hard task mistress - mostly because Dan owes Claire some money and she wants it back - eventualy. Dan seems to be always over her knee and getting his bottom warmed. That is until a babysitter gets involved. See what happens when she takes Dan's experience in a new direction. Over 18 only.< Less
The Femdom Compendium - Volume One By Gudrun Lindstrom, Sandrine Bessancort, Vera Carlisle
eBook (PDF): $9.95
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The first volume of "The Femdom Compendium" provides three riveting femdom reads. "Hanifah's White Body-Servant" tells the story of a British Secret Service man on overseas... More > assignment who finds his life is now owned by a young Arab girl. "Ancient Sorceries" revisits the classic Algernon Blackwood tale to relate the adventure of a timid Englishman whose visit to a sleepy French visit and his meeting with the evil and seductive daughter of his monstrous female concierge ensures he will never return to his homeland again. "Man-Beast to Male-Pet" is not for the fainthearted and gives us the tale of a middle-aged gigolo whose young and wealthy German wife and her sadistic Senegalese housekeeper ensure his days of seduction and desertion are over... For good! CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL< Less
eBook (PDF): $7.64
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Her aunt's house was only a spitting distance from London’s Paddington station and hence the shops of the West End, which was more to the point. She knew nothing of the dark repressed days of... More > the Victorian era when a young woman her age - or even older - might well have found herself transferred from that very same address to another, similar, house in Clifton, Bristol for a period of ‘obedience training’ which might have lasted a year, eighteen months - or even longer! But then again, what was that knowledge worth? It was only history, after all. And she certainly would not have taken at all seriously any suggestion that in some manner the spirit of that place - and of that age – might still be alive. Nor that the influence of the long-deceased professional disciplinarian woman who had once owned and run that establishment for the ‘chastisement of wayward young women’ might still shadow and darken her aunt's home. That view would change... and her bottom would pay the price of her ignorance!< Less
Satinmaid's Bumper Book of Feminization Stories By Satinmaid
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A massive collection of Satinmaid's sexy feminisation stories. Over 400 pages of men forced to be women and dressed in the sexiest of feminine clothes. This book collects 6 of Satinmaid's previous... More > books - Sissies in Satin volumes 1 & 2, Sheila's New Girly, Dancing in my Girlfriend's Mini Skirt, His School Skirt and the awesome Not Always a Bridesmaid.< Less