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Battle of the Bulge By Sexy Sluggers
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Sunni Dae ("The Polynesian Princess") and Bambi Dahl ("The Black Beauty") are gorgeous, mega-chested babes, rookies in the world's sexiest sport, female wrestling! And of course... More > it's even SEXIER that these girls battle it out TOPLESS, showing off all that creamy goodness in each match! But in addition to their incredible chest magic, the busty brawlers have something else in common too... they haven't won a single match! So a smart promoter knew that pitting these rookies together would break ONE of the girls' losing streak, and in an equally savvy move, he set the RULES of the match to focus EXCLUSIVELY on their CHESTS! The breast massacre continues until one girl can take no more, and must surrender in a fit of tears. 25 panels of great art by LYKAMO, story by D. Nye. Presented in screen resolution PDF file. Nudity, Adults ONLY< Less
Original Sins - Books-One-&-Two-Complete By Miss Irene Clearmont
eBook (ePub): $8.46
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Both books of Miss Irene Clearmont's diabolical and perversely erotic tales of the dominant woman in all her manifestations are now released in one volume. Female supremacy has seldom been as... More > devious and evil. Not to mention sexy. CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT CONTENT< Less
Know Your Enemy: Reflections Of NPD By Sparkster Hubs
eBook (PDF): $5.62
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In addition to describing the sheer insidious (and often covert) nature of the narcissist, Sparkster Hubs unveils the mask of sanity by taking you on a journey through the disturbing worlds of... More > disguised mental and emotional abuse, hidden celebrity and government occultism, conspiracy (theory), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), various personality disorders and even on to topics as controversial as psychological murder. Sparkster adequately explains with detail and precision how such disturbing behaviour is carried out and how it can have a profound effect on the lives, mind and soul of victims. The cases of Jimmy Savile and Yvonne Freaney are used as examples. Know Your Enemy: Reflections Of NPD is full of insightful and enlightening, but sometimes highly disturbing and potentially shocking, information which has been written with clarity in a down-to-Earth, no-holds-barred, style. Never before has such a book been written. Warning: This book is not for the weak-minded.< Less
Just The Basics Please! Book 2: Marriage and Sex By Debra P. Avara
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Are you ready for a serious, intimate relationship? Whether you are still in high school, fresh out of high school, or in college, this book was written for you. Just The Basics Please! Book 2:... More > Marriage and Sex, is a guide for everyone who wants to understand their new lives! Read basic suggestions for a good marriage. What is it like to go through and survive a divorce? Ready to remarry? How do you survive a blended family? Your love is changing – that’s OK! Do you want a great sex life? Of course you do - Learn how! Marriage is tough. Make it better from the start!< Less
Dominion Day - Volume-Three By Trevor Bruhn
eBook (PDF): $7.24
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Trevor Bruhn’s work of femdom fiction and science-fiction takes us to a strange school, controlled and administered by even stranger women, and a teacher who meets the large and imposing mother... More > of a precocious pupil and finds his existence will never be the same again. Especially after she has introduced him to the female led and virtual reality world of her latest creation that is set to become the latest craze in the game-playing world. And change the lives of all men in the process. CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL< Less
The FemDom Experience By Elise Sutton
eBook (PDF): $18.99
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In her book, “Female Domination: An exploration of the male desire for Loving Female Authority”, notable FemDom author Elise Sutton examined the prevalent male desire to be sexually... More > dominated by a woman. Now in “The FemDom Experience”, Elise further examines the Female Domination lifestyle by once again taking the reader into the personal relationships and sexual practices of everyday people who live astonishing secret lives. “The FemDom Experience” is a collection of personal stories of people (past and present) who have observed, participated and encountered the Female Domination lifestyle, not as fantasy but as reality. "The FemDom Experience" looks at the Pro Dom Experience, the Relationship Experience and the Group Experience. Elise adds insight and commentary as she examines what constitutes a successful FemDom relationship.< Less
Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 1 By Mistress Scarlet
eBook (PDF): $8.92
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This is volume 1 of my journals which describe my life as a dominant female. I live with my husband, bitch-boy. Bitch-boy is a subjugated, trapped slave and source of amusement. He does all the... More > chores and housework, and fetches and carries and his reward is enforced chastity, humiliation and punishment. For this journal, the year of writing is 2010. In general, the events within are not in chronological order. Each of the events described are picked at my whim from my extensive diaries of the last nine years of my life. My tastes are eclectic and in the journal entries you will find accounts of petticoating humiliation as little girl, school girl, lesbian cuckolding and French maid; accounts of sub-human slave treatment, babyfication, bondage, enforced hospitalisation, dickie-discipline, the use of an electrical box, tease and denial, and of course sessions of discipline to maintain appropriate standards of submissiveness. My BLOG:< Less
The Hotel By Deborah Ford
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The book that gave birth to the entire genre of sissy, cuckold, chastity tales. A full eight chapters of forced sissification and cross dressing, spankings, humiliation, canings, cuckold, chastity... More > belts and delightful lingerie. Our hero(ine) talks his wife into spending a weekend at The Hotel where he can experience full maid training in the cutest of outfits. However once beyond the doors no one escapes, save the wives with their new lovers. Experience Debbie’s full training from ham fisted cross-dresser, via school girl to elegant airhead maid. Meet the dominant women and males who love to take advantage of a simpering, obedient sissy. Read and experience it for yourself. Could you escape and save your wife from the attentions of the lusting alpha males? Read and add your comments at Deborah Ford's blog:< Less
No (G)Love Lost By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
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First they faced each other wrestling (Battle of the Bulge), then forced together as tag-team partners (With Friends Like These) and now SUNNI DAE and BAMBI DAHL are in the ring for a boxing battle... More > of body-busting proportions! Sure, those mammoth melons are primary targets, but the girls also lavish leather on heads and "tails" too! It's the pain that will bring you pleasure, in this latest story from D. Nye, with the usual hot and sexy drawings by LYKAMO. Delivered as high-quality screen-resolution PDF file, 24 images in all. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY!< Less
Oral Sex Orgasms and How to Give and Receive Them: Learn How to Perform the Most Exciting Fellatio and Most Beautiful Cunninglingus (Illustrated) By Andy Macbeth, Jane Tothree
eBook (ePub): $2.28
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This is a comprehensive oral sex manual, written tastefully and with sensitivity. It explains and defines oral sex, then describes all of the preparations and other steps necessary to ensure that... More > you can make your partner achieve beautiful and satisfying orgasms, disposing of old wives' tales along the way. Written by two 30+ heterosexuals, it is not intended for casual sexual encounters, but for couples in loving relationships wishing to fully explore their sexuality. Despite the obvious hardships and time involved, the contents have been fully tested by the authors to their extreme and breathless delight! It is, of course, sexually explicit and contains images of male and female genitals.< Less
Women of Power - Book Two By Vera Carlisle
eBook (PDF): $4.89
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A man reduced to the status of a canine-pet to his young Wife, via medical procedures and simple psychological conditioning? Not possible, you tell yourselves. Vera Carlisle in "Man-Beast to... More > Male-Pet" begs to differ. This is book-two in the "Women of Power" series. CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL< Less
Tantric Sex: A Guide to Tantra Lovemaking Secrets and Practices By Jennifer Lawless
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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In popular culture, Tantric sex is often associated with marathon sessions of lovemaking in a variety of different positions,. The reality is Tantra is so much more than that. Tantra is a gateway,... More > not just to sexual ecstasy, but to personal healing and fulfillment. Long-time Tantra practitioner Jennifer Lawless describes Tantric lovemaking secrets and reveals the truth about this ancient practice.< Less
The Mia Series: Book Eight By Zorro Daddy
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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This is an adult age play romance between a Daddy and BabyGirl couple. The fall has begun to set in and Mia is gearing up for so many things to come. But beginning the planning of her wedding with... More > Eric, she finds herself also beginning to fear making the wrong steps - essentially leading to a lack of confidence. And though so many things need her attention, nothing more so needs it than her little heart. But her beloved Eric has plans for her little heart on this particular weekend and by Sunday night, she'll be free of all worries, remembering nothing but how good his white-hot attention to her felt. This is adult material and therefore not intended for minors.< Less
Shortcuts By Abe E Seedy
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Sometimes, you just want to cut to the good stuff. A collection of 5 short stories, all revolving around sex, transformation, and sexy transformation. Featuring women turning into cowgirls,... More > googirls, horsegirls and more, as well as winding up with extra fun parts like penises and the occasional tentacle. Basically, if you're okay with the equation of TF + Sex = Jizz Everywhere, you should probably seriously consider looking into this. Cover art by Ripperelite Book formatting by Angrboda< Less
Companions in Femdom - Two Novels of Female Domination - Volume Twenty-Six By David Beats
eBook (ePub): $9.88
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The two books of "The Jury" from David Beats, describing one man's descent from "BDSM-Play" to "Femdom-Reality", comprises volume-twenty-six in the "Companions in... More > Femdom" collection. CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL< Less
Sporus vs Tim By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
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Want some homoerotic excitement? Are you of legal age? Then you can visit the World Wrestling Club, where members view some hard fought battles between fit gals and "hard" guys! Tonight... More > it's Tim taking on Sporus with transvestite referee "Julia." Tim's a powerful wrestler but his mouth may be causing him some regrets! His lover Julia wants to play fair but Sporus only cares about winning. Punishing low-blows take the victory! Art by ZenBayMono Studio from a story by Pepitomichel. 29 images plus 3 alternate illustrations. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY!< Less
Breaking the Seduction Code By The Seduction King
Paperback: $24.95
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The Seduction King has over 20 years of experience coaching men in understanding and connecting with women. Women read this book and say YES. Men read this book and change their relationships and... More > their lives for the better!< Less
Where I Am Led: A Service Exploration Workbook By Christina Parker
Paperback: $20.00
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This book is for the use of slaves who wish to perfect their life by daily, weekly and monthly written exercises. The assignments are thoughtful and provoking and lead the novice into a higher... More > understanding of the slave culture. This is a revised and expanded second edition of Parker's "The Path of Service".< Less
House of Penheligon: Danielle's Rules By M.J. Carey
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A Dynasty of Domination: Three sisters and a successful business underpin a house of secrets, where dominas play games of dominance and submission with their servants and slave maids. Nestled in... More > Cornwall, near the southern-most tip of England, the House of Penheligon; a former, minor stately home, restored to its original, owning family, the two sisters Penheligon; Danielle and Alicia, practise female domination in a secret, exclusively female society, where Danielle’s rules ensure secrecy and exclude all males. Summoned from Australia, invited to take her place in the running of the house, younger sister, Rachel is determined to bring male slaves into the household. Will she succeed or will she fall foul of Danielle's rules? In this first book in the series we learn the secrets of the house while Rachel says farewell to Sydney in a poignant encounter, before making the journey to the other side of the world. Because of its sexual content, this book should be only read by someone over 18.< Less
Service Notebook - Black By Joshua Tenpenny
Paperback: $16.00
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The Service Notebook is a place to keep detailed notes about the preferences and priorities of someone who you provide personal service to, in order to improve the quality of your service. It is... More > spiral bound, and available with a red cover or a black cover.< Less
Donkey Work By John Silver
Paperback: $11.61
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Donkey; made to stand-in as a donkey. Cape Town; used as shop-window dummy, sold as housemaid. Finding My Place; cross-dresser’s wife has him in pinnies, ends as a whore and cleaner in brothel.... More > Green Raincoat; catalyst turns cross-dressing husband into Betty, maid to ex-wife and Masterful new lover. Friends; wife let him cross-dress as her maid, takes up with boss, he’s housemaid slave to friends, serves dinner to ex-wife, new husband. A Friend In Need; moves to London to stay with older boy friend from school, finds his room full of girlie clothes, dresses in them, be taken out, sold into whoredom. Maid By Marriage; married for mum to train him as her maid. Staying With Aunty; dresses in girl cousins’ clothes in secret; forced to wear girls’ clothes all time, work as their maid. Travellers Trials; back-packer forced into nappies as a girl-baby, offered life of feminised servant girl or African jail. Relative Conversation; uncle prostitutes adult nephew.< Less
Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love - Compact Edition By Stefan Molyneux
Paperback: $10.25
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Our relationship with virtue brings us happiness - our relationships with others bring us joy! Philosophy brings us closer to the truth - and to virtue - but its greatest gift is bringing us closer... More > to each other. “Real Time Relationships” helps you bring the virtue of real honesty into your relationships with your friends, family, colleagues and lovers. Filled with practical examples of how to achieve true intimacy, this book will open your heart to the beauty of love without endless conflicts, resentments and misunderstandings. Don’t spend another day mired in the misery of inconsistent, fractious or disappointing relationships – use the power of “Real Time Relationships” to bring the peace and joy of relaxed intimacy to all aspects of your life! Take the red pill... Read this book.< Less
surrendered to steel By Emily Masters
Paperback: $11.99
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Plastic chastity devices can only go so far to prevent a man from playing with himself - to stop him masturbating once and for all, the security of steel is called for! There's nothing medieval about... More > the modern-day metalwork these men have to wear, surrendering their sex completely to chastity belts that ensure they stay true to the women who hold the keys! Subject to teasing and denial at the whim of their wives, there's no escape from the cruel contraptions that keep their cocks under control - only frustration aplenty amidst their girdled groins. The fun doesn't stop there when a keyholder is feeling frisky, as the couples in these stories about men wearing chastity belts demonstrate when they fool around between the sheets - with him still locked up between the legs! With no chance of an orgasm without her say-so, you can be sure these submissive husbands will do their utmost to please, playing along with all manner of male chastity games as part of being surrendered to steel.< Less
House of Penheligon: Collars and Cuffs By M.J. Carey
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House of Penheligon: Collars and Cuffs - Power struggles in the Dynasty of Domination - Rachel Penheligon arrives at the House of Penheligon to a welcome, of sorts, from her two sisters; Danielle... More > and Alicia. Immediately she finds herself at odds with the iron rule of Danielle. Rachel arrives with an agenda; to include males at the house, which, of course, goes strictly against Danielle’s rules. Furthermore, Rachel soon finds that her cousin Imogene is one of the resident maids, and denied to her by Danielle. Finally, an even greater problem stands in Rachel’s way; Danielle has doubts about her suitability as a dominant, believing she’s truly a sub. As she twists and turns to get her way, Rachel negotiates her relationships with the entire household as they fight to attract her attention, causing more ructions in the house and causing trouble for Danielle. Because of its sexual content, this book should be only read by someone over 18.< Less
Torero Travels By Tom Torero
Paperback: $22.30
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Tom Torero takes daygame around the world, meeting and attracting girls in 25 countries over 16 months. There's 30 seduction reports, plus tips, tricks and hacks on destinations, logistics and... More > escaping the social matrix. 332 pages, paperback, ships worldwide.< Less