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Building The Team By Joshua Tenpenny, Raven Kaldera
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When we create conscious and consenting power dynamic relationships, most of the models we find in fiction and fantasy are adversarial, with dominant and submissive members on opposite sides of a... More > display of force. This model works for some couples, but not for all. Instead of an adversarial model, this book outlines a cooperative Teamwork model where the dominant and submissive members work together to make effective progress in the goals of the relationship. The Teamwork method of building a mindful unequal relationship emphasizes mutual responsibility, problem solving, honesty, and trust. Complete with exercises, this book is a primer for everyone who finds that an adversarial model of power exchange isn’t the best choice for their relationship.< Less
padlocked, pantied and pegged By Emily Masters
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Is it more emasculating for a man to be prevented from enjoying an erection, to be put in panties, or to be penetrated like a woman? The helpless husbands in these stories about sexual surrender... More > don't get to choose when their dominant wives bring together all three for a singularly submissive experience. Blending erotic feminization, male chastity and strap-on sex, it's clear who's in charge when men are padlocked, pantied and pegged! Just because a man's cock is locked away doesn't mean a couple can't play with something stiff, but when her dildo replaces his dick, you can be sure his wife will have the upper hand! The tables are turned in these tales of role reversal, each with the woman leading the lovemaking as her husband gets taken like a girl, dressed in sexy lingerie and denied any chance of an orgasm. Whether sucking her strap-on in stockings or bending over to be banged in a bra, he'll feel his frustration all the more for being feminized as he's filled for her pleasure!< Less
his wife his mistress By Emily Masters
Paperback: $11.99
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There are few things more satisfying for a woman than knowing she needn't trouble herself with the chores, having a maid on hand to take care of all the jobs she hates. When the maid in question is... More > also her man, serving his mistress dressed in the most feminine of uniforms, things get very interesting indeed - as the stories in his wife his mistress show. From a husband who takes on the role of a housewife to a boyfriend crossdressed for a costume party, these men know their place is to love, honour and obey the lady of the house in a way that only a maid can - much to the delight of the women they serve! There's no doubt that the mistresses in these tales are demanding, expecting nothing short of absolute obedience from their submissive spouses, but that doesn't mean they love them any the less. Whether serving tea, scrubbing floors or satisfying more intimate needs, you can be sure these male maids will be doing exactly as they're told, surrendering to service in satin and lace!< Less
B. Dubia Queered Me By Mike Mullenax
Paperback: $2.61
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An interspecies dubcon odyssey set after the insect rebellion.
my husband my maid By Emily Masters
Paperback: $11.99
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It's every woman's dream to have their very own maid at their beck and call, taking care of the chores as well as waiting on them hand and foot. The ladies in these stories are no exception, but... More > rather than hiring help, they've trained their husbands to do the housework! Whether they wear frilly French maid's uniforms or just an apron while they work, these men have learnt how to wash, cook and clean as expected of a maid - all so their wives don't have to! No matter how exacting these mistresses may be when it comes to their maids' domestic duties, there's no denying the love they have for their submissive husbands - even when they're dishing out discipline! Cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry and entertaining guests are all in a day's work for these men, knowing that their place is to serve the lady of the house with the duty and devotion that befits a feminized maid. my husband my maid shows how a man can be both spouse and servant, making his mistress proud in the process!< Less
Tantric Sex Couples Guide: Communication, Sex And Healing By Jeffery Dawson
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Embrace the Passion and Spiritual Healing of Tantric Sex! Looking For Sexual Healing? Better Communication With Your Lover? Erotic Pleasure? Extended Ecstasy? Timed Bliss? Then THIS BOOK... More > IS FOR YOU! Embrace the Passion and Spiritual Healing of Tantric Sex! Are you curious about Tantric Sex? Do you need guidance to get started? Would you like to know how Tantric Sex can free your body and soul? Discover the many aspects of Tantric Sex: Tantric Communication Tantric Positions Tantric Exercises and Breathing Myths and Truths about Tantric Sex and Tantra The Ten Pledges of Tantra Mantras and Yantras LEARN THE SECRETS OF TIMED BLISS! Tantric Sex can Increase Love, Alleviate Depression, and Create a Positive Effect on the World. You'll discover many techniques and positions, and even learn how to give a Tantric massage!< Less
Men By Dana Sukontarak
Paperback: $11.00
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'Men' is a collection of personal writing about love and relationships from 2008 to 2016.
The Sexual Spark By Michael Krychman MD, Alyssa Dweck MD
Paperback: $10.00
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The Sexual Spark is a thoughtful, user friendly and common sense guide to essential exercises meant to reignite passion in the bedroom. It is perfect for any and all couples or individuals, young... More > or older, happy or struggling sexually, straight or gay. It will serve to complement those already in counseling, self help minded, or curious and adventurous. Health care professionals will find this an invaluable tool as well. This book is written by two gynecologists and nationally known experts in female sexual health and medical sex therapy.< Less
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Carmella's Twins- a romance By Joey Donato Ph.D.
Paperback: $8.95
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"Everyone wants to be an Italian from South Philly," jokingly states the Saia family. "I guess it's the Rocky syndrome," agrees Uncle Joe the baker. In this light Carmella marries... More > her high school sweetheart, John Leonard, upon his mother's rape and murder. When the twins arrive for these newlyweds, Nana Maria, a want-to-be Sicilian, favors the female offspring. Maria has blackmailed, lusted after, and lured many "friends" in her life. Now she wishes to usurp the Saia empire by brainwashing baby Grace while diminishing older twin Philip's birthright. Eventually good wins out, or does it? In any event twists, turns, and intrigue fill the pages of this novella.< Less
Sam . . . My "Bestest" Buddy By Brian Lee Slovin, Ph.D.
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This book describes the wonderful relationship between a family and their dog, and how a dog becomes a best buddy. When you love your dog just like a family member and he (or she) becomes a memory,... More > the memory becomes a treasure.< Less
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Wicked Women - Book One - Three Novels of the Superior Sex By Kurt Steiner, Gudrun Lindstrom, Sandrine Bessancort
eBook (PDF): $8.99
The revised edition with added chapters of "A Journey to Disgrace" by Kurt Steiner; Gudrun Lindstrom's "Ms Shafiqah"; and "The Parasite Revisited" by Sandrine Bessancort... More > comprise Book-One of the "Wicked Women" collection. From the Indian Subcontinent, to the Middle-East, and on into the Caribbean, the "Wicked Women" in these novels may share different nationalities, but they all have one thing in common. The joy to be had from taming, training and, eventually, owning a white male. STORIES CONTAIN EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL< Less
A Female Led Marriage - One Woman’s Path… to Marital Supremacy By Gillian Ormendroyd
eBook (PDF): $7.50
With this part-fictional, part-autobiographical tale, Gillian Ormendroyd brings us the evolution of "A Female Led Marriage". From its beginnings as a loving and traditional - if male... More > slanted - union, to its current condition of outright wifely authority with the wife in utter and complete control, both sexually and domestically, this is a considered and completely believable portrayal of a covert marital arrangement becoming more and more widespread. CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL< Less
in the grip of his girdle By Emily Masters
eBook (PDF): $7.99
When it comes to enhancing the wearer's feminine curves, the lightweight lingerie of a modern woman pales in comparison to a proper panty girdle and longline brassiere. Such figure-hugging foundation... More > garments have a devastating effect when they're worn to tease a man with a penchant for old-fashioned underwear, but these wives don't stop there, insisting their husbands dress up for them too. From open bottom girdles to bullet bras, you can be sure such stern elastic will shape more than just a man's body, effortlessly enforcing a submissive state of mind that's perfect for further feminization. Corselettes and control panties come back into style in these stories about men made to wear vintage shapewear, supporting fully fashioned stockings for full body discipline under both trousers and skirts. Such traditional undergarments ensure a man stays right where his wife wants him, there being no question of her husband going anywhere else when she's got him in the grip of his girdle.< Less
crossdressing creatures By Emily Masters
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Letting himself be dressed in lingerie is just the start of a man's submission when he becomes his wife's pet, as the husbands in these stories about erotic animal roleplay are about to find out!... More > Whether his mistress wants to turn him into a puppy or a pussy, you can be sure she'll make him look pretty, pampering her plaything with satin and lace before having him perform for her pleasure. Nothing demonstrates a sissy's surrender more keenly than adopting the role of an adorable domestic animal, all dolled up in dainties as he accepts his place at the feet of his owner! From the discipline of dog training to the leisurely life of a collared cat girl, there's no doubt as to who's in charge of these house pet husbands when they're turned into sex kittens and kennel hounds for the amusement of their wives. Feminization and pet play come together to make for exciting stories of sissies who worship the women who own them, kept on a leash and in lingerie as crossdressing creatures.< Less
Girl' to Boys' School Swap Tales By Glynis Dunnit
eBook (ePub): $4.68
Very English gender-role-swapping, set in schools. Schoolmaster to classroom assistant Bella. In Girls force chauvinist bully teacher, boy into subordinate, feminine roles, hijack their male lives.... More > Transatlantic take-over of twin boys’ and girls’ public schools is thwarted by the intrepid and role-swapping staff and pupils of both establishments, lots of jolly good fun all around, with ‘special’ roles for the school bully, maid, French assistant and butcher’s boy! Exiled Princess takes over her brother’s school to create an alternative St Trinians which her brother attends, in a pretty dress, as her secretary! Schoolmaster sets and gets back an essay with the title What I Did During My Last Half-Term Holiday, learns that for fun she had the girls in her gang force boys to be their ‘girlfriends’ after they’d taken and put on the boys’ clobber. They notice his fascination with it, and takes over his life, whilst he’s forced into her’s; paper-round, school classes and all!< Less
Twin Flames By The Abbotts
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Every woman and man wants to meet their special Twin Flame partner who will love and encourage them to their full potential. The Abbotts, counsellors and psychics will explain who your Twin Flame... More > partner is and how important it is to find that one special angelic person who will complete your life! With special exercises to help you meet your Twin Flame partner and overcome the emotional blocks that are separating you from this special lover, you will soon be on the path to meeting this elusive being. The channelled loving messages from The Ascended Beings and angels will also help you understand the unique role this person has in your life! Why not start the search for your Twin Flame partner today?< Less
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Your $7,000 Wedding Budget Formula By Melanie Cameron
eBook (ePub): $9.95
Check it out! Here it is! The easy formula to plan a beautiful wedding reception on a budget of $7,000. Impossible? Not for the Author, who is a bridal nonprofit President, author of a wedding... More > planning book, and home-based wedding florist. This quick formula comes organized in 10 easy vendor steps.< Less
The Infinity Sign By Michael Bassey Johnson
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Basically, this piece of writing centres on love, relationship, humour, random, systematic, philosophical thoughts, each summarizing different topics. The thought of putting together this refreshing... More > masterpiece was essentially to rekindle the fire of our love lives, philosophically, spiritually, financially, Ecumenically, Socially, etcetera. Humorously witty and perhaps, satirically woven in a modern fashion of introduction, quotations, reflections, and commands. Written for everyone in every creed, this writing will reform and construct your life given the chance.< Less
Why Ask … Because In Love Sh** Happens!: Just About Every Question to Ask Your Mate or Date By Indy V. Smith
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Relationship expert Indy V. Smith offers advice and tips that will motivate and guide people to ask the kind of questions that will lead to finding and keeping the right person. Through a series of... More > specific introspective questions and real-life scenarios, Indy Smith shares a valuable process that will help others: enhance communication skills; look within to discover personal needs first; identify common interests that build a lasting relationship; learn to compromise regarding physical needs, schedules, and family obligations face and overcome varying enemies of a relationship; and manage major life events together with respect. Why Ask … Because in Love Sh** Happens! offers advice and questions that will help anyone interested in forming healthy relationships based on the foundation of friendship, mutual respect, and unconditional love.< Less