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The Amazons' Slave By Doctor T
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In a province of Ancient Greece, the fearsome Amazons make war with anyone who displeases them. Hella is a slave, captured and taken from a cold northern land after her village was raided by an... More > Amazon party. Hella is now the property of Hyppolyte, a mighty warrior in the queen's Elite Guard. Hyppolyte has a wild lust for fighting, drinking and crazy, deviant sex. It is the Night of the Fifth Moon, a night when the Amazons gorge themselves on meats, wine and nasty sex. The female slaves are to be used as sex toys who will have to satisfy every perverted whim their Amazonian masters desire. Hella makes a bid for freedom. But she cannot escape the fortress that holds her prisoner. Hyppolyte wastes no time in making Hella suffer for her defiance. The horribly ticklish Hella is tickled by Hyppolyte and forced to orgasm all through the night.< Less
The Sash By Chris Bellows
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Another strong story from Chris Bellows. Learn of the travails of neutered sex slave Markie as he/she turns the tables. Female dominant/male submissive with much male on male interaction. Not to be... More > read by D/s novitiates.< Less
Power Circuits: Polyamory In a Power Dynamic By Raven Kaldera
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Power Circuits is an alliance between two alternative lifestyles: polyamory, or multiple open and honest romantic relationships; and power dynamics, relationships that choose to be consciously and... More > deliberately unequal in power, such as dominant/submissive or master/slave. Both lifestyles are on the cutting-edge frontiers of romantic and sexual relating, and for a long time practitioners of both have found little sympathy in either camp. This is the first book of its kind that navigates the waters of effective polyamory and power exchanges, with many essays from the brave practitioners who swim there.< Less
his lock her key By Emily Masters
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When a man's wife is also his keyholder, you can be sure he'll do as he's told! Surrendering his sex is only the start of his submission, as the husbands in these male chastity stories are about to... More > discover. From learning to make love just the way their wives like it to making up for misdemeanours in the most intimate of ways, follow them as they find out just how far they'll go to obtain relief in his lock her key. Orgasm denial is a distinctly one-sided affair for these couples, but that doesn't make these teasing tales any less erotic. Locked in chastity belts and cages, these men are powerless to prevent their wives withholding sexual relief on a whim, finding themselves so thoroughly frustrated they'll do almost anything to come. Expected to satisfy her needs even as they're denied their own, each of these chaste husbands learns a new respect for the woman who keeps his cock under lock and key, teased and trained as part of a loving relationship in which she makes the rules.< Less
Getting Her to Be a Vanilla Dominatrix By Giles English
eBook (PDF): $8.48
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Printable PDF version of "The Vanilla Dominatrix or Getting Your Wife or Girlfriend to Sexually Dominate You". Fully Revised 3rd Edition 2014!
Grudge Match By Ero Lulz
eBook (PDF): $19.95
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A long time ago, what started as a way to settle a feud beween two dancers ended up as a high-dollar, brutal fight pit, where tough and beautiful women fought naked for money and glory. Helen and... More > Joan have had their share of battles along the way, against others and each other. Now they enter the padded arena once more, perhaps for what will be their ULTIMATE battle. The loser will be strapped to the wall for punishment as suits the winner. From a story created by Figamapar, the illustrations by LYKAMO are among his best. We chose to render this in letter-sized black and white format as homage to all the old comics that kept us going before the internet was even a word in the dictionary. What started out as a 10 page project evolved into 22 pages plus an original cover image, with nearly 60 panels of art. We hope you enjoy GRUDGEMATCH. Twenty-two, 8 1/2 x 11 (letter sized) pages in print-ready (300 DPI) PDF format. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Sporus vs Tim By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
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Want some homoerotic excitement? Are you of legal age? Then you can visit the World Wrestling Club, where members view some hard fought battles between fit gals and "hard" guys! Tonight... More > it's Tim taking on Sporus with transvestite referee "Julia." Tim's a powerful wrestler but his mouth may be causing him some regrets! His lover Julia wants to play fair but Sporus only cares about winning. Punishing low-blows take the victory! Art by ZenBayMono Studio from a story by Pepitomichel. 29 images plus 3 alternate illustrations. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY!< Less
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It is the early to mid 1960s. A young lad seeking psychological help finds himself coming under the influence of a domineering female psychotherapist, a woman not exactly unaccustomed to the idea of... More > including corporal punishment among her arsenal. The woman running this establishment has very definite ideas about how a young lad such as himself might best be treated - and it wouldn't be to his taste. Note: This is a very adult novel, exploring such controversial themes as the enforced reassignment of sexual preference, in addition to the obvious fem-dom overtones. The tale involves the domination and corporal punishment of both a young lad and a young girl - both in their late teens - at the hands of a dominant woman and includes elements of uniform fetishism including girdles and stockings and so on, in addition to the obvious.< Less
What's a Girlfriend to Do? By Ero Lulz
eBook (PDF): $12.00
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It's been a while since we've visited the Dungeon Arena, and this return event will more than make up for the delay! Tonight is rookie night, and the main event is Cherokee taking on Shanna. Both... More > girls are eighteen and fresh out of high-school, and it seems they'll be bringing their high-school rivalry with them to the ring! Also coming along is Shanna's girlfriend Dede, not a wrestler herself but always at Shanna's side. It's a best 2 out of 3 fall event, and remember at the Dungeon Arena, the wrestling can turn to erotica in a hurry, something Cherokee is happy to bring to the battle! One of the longer of our offerings, and perhaps Lykamo's best work to date as well. And don't worry - the sex doesn't interfere with a clear cut pin - just like you'd expect in a wrestling match at the Dungeon Arena! 35 original images presented in screen resolution PDF file. NUDITY, ADULTS ONLY< Less
Women Talk Too Damn Much! Reclaiming Self, Love, Intimacy, and the Ultimate Connection By Zoe Spencer
eBook (ePub): $23.95
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Women Talk Too Damn Much! Deals with the reasons why women experience heart break, failed relationships, and almost give up on the possibility of love. This book is a detailed journey of the things... More > that women need to understand about “self” and men need to understand about women in order to reclaim the ability to truly and intimately connect with others and develop meaningful relationships. This book is a thought provoking, humorous, and spiritual journey to relationship actualization. If you have ever experienced heartbreak, are looking to further understand self, and haven’t yet given up on love, this is the book for you.< Less
surrendered to steel By Emily Masters
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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Plastic chastity devices can only go so far to prevent a man from playing with himself - to stop him masturbating once and for all, the security of steel is called for! There's nothing medieval about... More > the modern-day metalwork these men have to wear, surrendering their sex completely to chastity belts that ensure they stay true to the women who hold the keys! Subject to teasing and denial at the whim of their wives, there's no escape from the cruel contraptions that keep their cocks under control - only frustration aplenty amidst their girdled groins. The fun doesn't stop there when a keyholder is feeling frisky, as the couples in these stories about men wearing chastity belts demonstrate when they fool around between the sheets - with him still locked up between the legs! With no chance of an orgasm without her say-so, you can be sure these submissive husbands will do their utmost to please, playing along with all manner of male chastity games as part of being surrendered to steel.< Less
chaste and chastised By Emily Masters
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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The men in these female led relationships know they shouldn't try to cheat their chastity belts, but sometimes temptation gets the better of them and they try to break the rules. Whether they attempt... More > to achieve an unauthorised orgasm, disrespect their keyholder's decisions or simply fail to do as they are told, the outcome's sure to be the same - a punishment that'll put them in their place, teaching them that male chastity requires mental commitment beyond merely suffering cold steel. When his cock's locked up, there's no excuse for a man not to obey the wishes of the woman who holds the key - especially when she isn't afraid to employ psychological discipline and physical discomfort to help him learn his lesson. Surrender, submission and self-control become the watchwords for these humbled husbands and belted boyfriends, finding no relief but plenty of frustration as they pay the price for their crimes. Follow their fortunes as they come to terms with being chaste and chastised.< Less
Anal Sex Secrets: A Guide to Great Anal Sex By Svetlana Ivanova
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Anal sex has been a taboo topic, but recent surveys show that almost one-third of heterosexual couples have experimented with back door pleasure. Sex blogger Svetlana Ivanova has written a guide to... More > great anal sex for both anal sex beginners and for couples who are searching for new things to try.< Less
feminized and frustrated By Emily Masters
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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The incessant frustration of being locked in chastity can drive a man to almost any lengths for an orgasm. The longer his cock is kept in a cage, the more submissive he becomes, until eventually he's... More > begging to do whatever his keyholder asks him - even if that involves feminization! Kept from touching himself without the key that hangs around her neck, he'll happily wear women's underwear and more if that's the cost of a climax, accepting such humiliation as the price that must be paid for both punishment and pleasure. From wearing high heels and foundation wear to working as her fully dressed maid, these feminized husbands have surrendered their sex in more ways than one, submitting to the whim of their wives without question when it comes to dressing up like a lady. There's orgasm denial aplenty as they're teased beyond belief before being put back in their chastity belts and cages, with chaste males turned female for the amusement of those who keep them feminized and frustrated.< Less
MOVING FORWARD: But Knowing The Rules to the Game of Love By Kenneth Brown
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MOVING FORWARD:But Knowing The Rules to the Game of Love. Are rules and stories with real people in mind. People who love and hate and sometimes even have sex for all the wrong reasons. I wanted my... More > stories to wrench the soul. Open the mind to feel my love, my pain and to teach us to support in the cause and our relationship with each other. Maybe my words might counsel you into coming to grips with anger, fear and pain, that’s behind our behavior in our way of living.< Less
Building The Team By Joshua Tenpenny, Raven Kaldera
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When we create conscious and consenting power dynamic relationships, most of the models we find in fiction and fantasy are adversarial, with dominant and submissive members on opposite sides of a... More > display of force. This model works for some couples, but not for all. Instead of an adversarial model, this book outlines a cooperative Teamwork model where the dominant and submissive members work together to make effective progress in the goals of the relationship. The Teamwork method of building a mindful unequal relationship emphasizes mutual responsibility, problem solving, honesty, and trust. Complete with exercises, this book is a primer for everyone who finds that an adversarial model of power exchange isn’t the best choice for their relationship.< Less
Real Service By Joshua Tenpenny, Raven Kaldera
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $14.00 You Save: 30%
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In any consenting and negotiated personal service relationship, there are hundreds of ways in which the servant can make the master’s life easier, and the master can manage the servant most... More > effectively. Why is it that we usually only hear about a few of these ways? From housework to driving to child care to personal care, nearly anyone who is in service (or who would like to be) has dozens of skills they already know that they can offer as a service, and there are countless more practical everyday skills they can learn. Real Service is a handbook for service-oriented submissives and the people they serve, providing techniques to help a service relationship function smoothly, and suggestions for service that can be offered.< Less
Unequal By Design: Counseling Power Dynamic Relationships By Raven Kaldera, Sabrina Popp, M.D.
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $15.00 You Save: 25%
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Power dynamic relationships – meaning deliberately negotiated unequal relationships – are often misunderstood by mental health professionals as inevitably abusive. This anthology of... More > essays by kink-aware therapists explodes that myth, and gives solid, practical advice for effectively counseling couples in these alternative relationships. Edited by a psychiatrist and a professional educator on power dynamic relationships, this book should be a cultural-competency reference for any mental health professional, because you never know who might be sitting on your couch someday.< Less
Belialian Woman: The Complete Collection By Hydra M. Star
Paperback: $25.00
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Adults Only! This collection contains art and articles dealing with sex and other adult themes. Reader discretion is advised. Born in late 2010, the “Belialian Woman” was the first... More > creative partnering of Hydra M. Star and Dave Lipscomb and was a regular feature in Horrotica, an online magazine that which primarily published erotic horror fiction, art, and poetry. The magazine is now gone, but the “Belialian Woman” refuses to die. This is the complete collection of “Belialian Woman” articles published by Horrotica Magazine, running from December 2010 until December 2012.< Less
Body Rock 4: This Is Forever - Part Two By Doeneseya Bates
Paperback: $20.99
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Marissa has made a terrible mistake and she is terrified to know what's coming next. In Part Two of Body Rock 4, Marissa holds many secrets. They're beginning to haunt her reality and dreams, but I... More > don't think anyone is prepared for one in particular.< Less
Fifty Shades Of Justin By Deanna Ingraham
Paperback: $20.00
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There comes a time in your life when you realize you don’t want to be with anyone else. Even though you’ve been through all of the fights, the negativity, the mistakes, and even the pain,... More > it doesn’t matter because that one person means more to you than anything in this world. Your whole world turns upside down after you meet this person and you fall in love. You fall so deeply in love that you don’t think you’re ever going to be able to get yourself out. Everything that person does from the moment they wake up to the moment they close their eyes at night you realize is true beauty. You realize that this person is the only person on earth that’s meant for you and there’s not any other living breathing soul that can give you the happiness that person brings you. But what happens when that person is the world's biggest popstar?< Less
from belt to bra By Emily Masters
Paperback: $11.99
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Imagine the predicament of a man who is told that the only way he can earn release from his chastity belt is by wearing a bra for as long as amuses his keyholder. Perhaps she fancies making him wear... More > panties too, or perhaps skirts and stockings are the order of the day as far as his feminization is concerned. Of course, the choice is his, but unless he does what he's told, there'll be no escape from the steel penis prison which emasculates him just as much as the feminine attire he'll soon find himself wearing - like it or not! Whether donning all the lingerie a woman would is so arousing as to only add to his sexual frustration or just the thought of doing so is acutely embarrassing, one thing's the same - a chastity belt is sure to provide all the motivation a man needs to feminize himself for his keyholder's pleasure. from belt to bra follows four such men through their adventures in male chastity and feminization as they dress like women in order to perform as a man.< Less
I'M A Man, That's My Job By Frank Kermit, MA
Paperback: $15.00
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Buy the ebook at I'M A Man, That's My Job is a self-actualization Workbook that will require you to actively take part in self actualization writing exercises and will... More > challenge you to find yourself. This workbook is to help each reader develop a PERSONALIZED inner game (aka Self Actualization) by discovering his beliefs, boundaries and eliminating his own hypocrisies. With over 50 writing exercises to challenge the reader, and the steps for the reader to create their own Persona to establish new repeating behavior patterns to replace the entrenched dysfunctional habits that keep a man from finding relationship success; Frank Kermit takes the reader on a journey sharing HIS OWN personal self actualization history. This book includes various charts so that the reader can track his own personal development. Your new level of existence begins NOW! For reviews, previews and to listen to media interviews about this program, please visit< Less
Water Into Whine By Michael H. Kelly
Hardcover: $24.01
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When Robert and Jackie Grace move out of the city and into a new home in a peaceful country village, they expect a peaceful, pastoral existence for themselves and their daughter Aileen. What they... More > don't expect to experience are passionate affairs, wife swapping, perverted role play and peeping tom antics, all centered around the local vicar, James Redders, whose ministry is unconventional to say the least. Nor do they expect their daughter's sexual boundaries to be thoroughly explored to their limits and beyond in the local manor house. A novel of steamy sex, shameless pleasures and broken taboos, as the Grace family discovers that when a man of the cloth drops his trousers, heaven takes on a whole new meaning!< Less
The Queen's Code Companion: A Guide for Book Clubs By Alison Armstrong
Paperback: $6.95
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If you want to start a book club for The Queen's Code, you can use this Book Club Companion to access book club agendas and topics to discuss during your group's journey of The Queen's Code. For... More > those who have already purchased The Queen's Code in digital format (KooBooKee web version at, this Book Club Companion contains exactly the same worksheets that are already available for download there, which are available in the "Live Interaction" section)< Less