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The Cordillera - Volume 7 By Christopher Bennett
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Each June the world’s toughest mountain bike race is held. Covering over 2,650 miles with over 170,000 feet of climbing, the race course follows dirt roads, muddy tracks and snow covered... More > mountains along the Continental Divide from Banff Canada to the Mexican border at Antelope Wells New Mexico. This is the Tour Divide, a unique race where the clock never stops and outside support is forbidden. It is the rider and their bike against the elements—and the internal demons. The Cordillera is the journal of the Tour Divide. 2015 was an epic year with ideal racing conditions. This saw both the men’s and woman’s records fall. After two weeks of racing, the first three men finished within 46 minutes of each other. The Cordillera Volume 7 shares the stories of the successes, and challenges, of the 2015 Tour Divide. It shares the experiences of athletes plumbing the depths of endurance, in the transformational experience that is the Tour Divide.< Less
Surfski: Surviving At Sea By Kevin Brunette
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Surviving at Sea is an essential reference for every surfski paddler who puts out to sea for recreation, training or competition. Just being on a surfski can bring on risk, because of the distance... More > that you can reach from shore. You can either choose to be ignorant of the issues or take the necessary precautions to stay safe. This book contains information on factoring in the environment, using boat and paddle leashes to firing off flares. It includes details on coping with strong wind and big swell, selecting safe entry and exit points, and avoiding rocks and reefs. It covers the issues of setting personal limits, confidence building, avoiding hypothermia and how to respond when encountering a shark. Also included are guidelines on balancing on your craft, remounting, self-sufficiency and assisting other paddlers, all with the purpose of promoting a positive surfski experience.< Less
Battle Gals-Z By Sexy Sluggers
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They say in space, no one can hear you scream. No matter how hard the gloves are landing. Here's the joint creative effort of DP2 and Fernando Santibáñez, presenting the biggest single... More > comic we may ever have offered. Marianne Boucher, the XO of the starcraft USF DIAZ discovered a crew member has been stealing rations and equipment, and the commander has left it to her discretion as to how to manage the situation. Her decision is to engage the culprit, Margret DaVinci, in the boxing ring, her fate to be determined by the outcome. 25 pages plus a beautiful title image reveal the action round-after-round, with 7 dozen images. The topless women have combat training, so you'll be guaranteed hard hitting - and brutal - action.< Less
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To attain higher levels of performance, the game of golf will demand that you develop more than the physical nature of your golf swing. You will also need to use the power of your mind to support... More > you in being able to see many of your experiences in a new way. Through "Golfing Inside Out" you will begin to activate your imagination and creativity to support you and your golf game. No longer feeling limited by your past experiences, you will now be open to explore new possibilities. Soon you will find yourself walking down the fairway feeling more confident, being more consistent and playing the game of golf at a level you have always dreamed of.< Less
From the Ashes By Tom Gillis
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In From The Ashes Sensei Tom Gillis presents a guide for students in the new landscape of martial arts training for learning to apply traditional material techniques in a modern setting. Topics such... More > as ground fighting, knife and stick defense, and martial arts ethics are all explored while respecting our martial heritage.< Less
Karate Theory Manual By Jason Armstrong, PhD & 7th Dan
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Bunbu Ryodo in Japanese translates to "an educated & sophisticated warrior" In the West, the term is "Pen & Sword". The vast majority of karate masters declare the art as... More > first and foremost about personal development. However, it must also balance the reality of effective fighting skills. For these reasons, the physical & personal developmental journey of karate is typically taught alongside lessons covering its heritage and the theory behind the art. The book provides a journey through Traditional Japanese Karate's Etiquette Karate culture based on Tradition & History Technique biomechanics & the "shuhari" of technical evolution Philosophy 
 Balancing Kata Bunkai vs Tournament strike fighting Yoga integrated into karate stretching & injury prevention Basic Terminology & basic target physiology Basic teaching, traditional stances & biomechanical considerations This book acts as the textbook for the required theory tests for students within the Traditional Japanese Karate Network.< Less
Wild Access Florida By William Holcomb
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There are people that depend on mobility aids, from power chairs to canes, and there should be places for them to enjoy nature. There are parents that want to take their children beyond the local... More > playground. There are people that have impulse control or impaired vision, hearing, or motor control. There are brilliant minds caged within unresponsive bodies. Each and every one deserves the exposure to the rejuvenating verdigris of nature in a safe built environment. "Wilderness should not just be for the young and agile. Everyone needs their wild places, and nature is just around the corner."< Less
The Dumb Runner Training Journal By Mark Remy
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If you like to write things down, you’ll love The Dumb Runner Training Journal. If you like to run, you’ll love The Dumb Runner Training Journal. If you like to laugh, you’ll love... More > The Dumb Runner Training Journal. And if you like all three of those things? Well, friend, if that’s the case, then this is the journal you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Like any training diary, this 52-week log has plenty of space to record your daily workouts and mileage. Unlike other training diaries, however, this one might actually make you laugh. And not because of the ridiculous models in the stock photos.< Less
Simply Springs By William Holcomb
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Simply Springs is a simple book about Florida springs. A quick reference book about the history, science, and habitats around Florida's freshwater springs. From the Spanish explorers, to traveling... More > vacationers, to photographers tracking wildlife, to locals taking a cool dip, springs are Florida.< Less
Cavallini From Kane: The Snub, Mark's Pub, The Chair, A Rental Car, Mohawks, National Champions. By Ray Schneider, Eddie Powers
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The 1984 National Championship hockey game between Bowling Green State University and Minnesota-Duluth is considered by many one of the greatest NCAA title games ever played. However, the game and... More > the pass Gino Cavallini took from Danny Kane to finally end it, is merely one chapter in the story of this special group. The ensemble of individuals will forever be connected by the historic game, regardless of what team they wanted to win. It was a moment that unified a University and a community in Northwest Ohio. It also fused a University and community located near Lake Superior. While hundreds of articles have been written about the game, and the famous goal has been dissected frame by frame, what was missing were the stories of how those associated with the 1984 National Championship ended up in Lake Placid, New York on that March evening.< Less
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Our Time in the Stripes By Ryan Root
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North Central College is a small liberal arts school nestled in Naperville, Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago. The school may be smaller than a number of high schools in the area but bolsters a... More > huge distance running powerhouse among the Division III ranks. North Central, at the time of writing this book, was fresh off its 15th team championship in Cross Country. This story is a first hand account of a team searching for #16.< Less
Wing Chun Illustrated: Conversations Volume 1, 2011-2014 By Mui Fa Publishing
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Wing Chun Illustrated proudly presents Conversations: Volume 1, a compilation of interviews with some of the world’s finest Wing Chun exponents who were featured on the covers of Wing Chun... More > Illustrated between 2011 and 2014. Since it was founded in 2011, Wing Chun Illustrated has consistently published in-depth interviews with leading Wing Chun practitioners. Those collected together in the first volume of this new series offer candid conversations with: Alex Richter, David Peterson, Emin Boztepe, Eric Oram, Garry McKenzie, Gary Lam, Gregory LeBlanc, Henry Araneda, Ip Chun, James Sinclair, John Little, Michael Quijano, Philipp Bayer, Robert Chu, Samuel Kwok, Sergio Iadarola, Sunny Tang, Victor Kan Wah Chit, Wan Kam Leung, Wayne Belonoha, and Wong Nim Yi. Coming from various Wing Chun lineages, these Sifus offer diverse, and occasionally controversial, perspectives and unique insights into the training and teaching of Wing Chun, as well as sharing personal anecdotes about their martial arts journey.< Less
BPSA Pathfinder Handbook - A5 (Coil Bound) By BPSA US
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The official handbook for all Pathfinder-level scouts in the Baden-Powell Service Association, U.S.
Glory and Heartbreak: The History of Men's Intercollegiate Basketball in the San Francisco Bay Area By Bernie Schneider
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This book recaptures the exploits of the San Francisco Bay Area's intercollegiate men's championship teams, coaches, and players. These championships included teams from Stanford, Cal, and the... More > University of San Francisco and featured Hall of Fame players such as Bill Russell, K.C. Jones, "Hank" Luisetti, and Jim Pollard. The coaches featured are Hall of Famers Pete Newell and Phil Woolpert. USF was also a racial pioneer. Then the book describes the winning seasons of the "Best of the Rest" from almost a hundred years of college basketball in the San Francisco Bay Area from the 1920's to 2014. Players featured are Bill Cartwright of USF, Steve Nash of Santa Clara, and Jason Kidd of Cal. Coaches include Mike Montgomery of Stanford and Cal, Randy Bennett of St. Mary's, and Carroll Williams and Dick Davey of Santa Clara. Lastly, the book includes an appendix of interesting facts including all of the Bay Area's Hall of Famers and the names and ranking of the all-time best players divided by sides of the Bay.< Less
Knots Made Good: Sailing Adventures in Eastern Canada By Eric North
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This is a book for those interested in adventure, travel and the exploration of Canada's vast eastern seaboard and Great Lakes. Each chapter is a first-hand account of exciting and challenging... More > voyages aboard a 41-foot sailboat named Bagatelle. Photos, trip summary tables and beautifully hand-drawn charts are available throughout the book. Take a trip along the rugged coastline of the Gaspé peninsula, marvel as you journey around Québec City, Magdalen Islands, Halifax and the southern coast of Nova Scotia. Witness the awesome power of wind and wave as Bagatelle makes her way in the Gulf of St Lawrence, her crew at the mercy of the elements. Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!< Less
How To Puzzle Cache By Cully Long
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FACED WITH A MAP FULL OF BLUE QUESTION MARKS AND NO IDEA WHERE TO START? Geocaching novices and pros alike are often daunted by puzzle and mystery caches. Ciphers, enigmatic photos, nonsensical text,... More > or just a blank page -- it often isn’t clear what the CO wants or expects you to do, and even less clear how any of it will lead you to a cache. THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU ASK -- AND ANSWER -- ALL THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. 300 pages of lessons, tips, tricks and hints for dealing with even the trickiest puzzle caches, plus step-by-step techniques that start with examining the cache page and lead you through codes, ciphers, steganography, math, music, and dozens of other common puzzle cache types will have you on the trail in no time.< Less
one on one By Keith Coleman
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WAVA Youth Basketball Training System. The book is on how to train your child in basketball.
The Study of China Hand Techniques By Morinobu Itoman
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The Study of China Hand Techniques is unique in the literature of Okinawa Karatedo. It is the first book of its era to provide not only an outline of the history, and philosophy of Toudi (Karate) but... More > also provides detailed instruction on a broad range of techniques and their application including striking, kicking, locking, throwing, and choking.< Less
The New Science: Weaponless Defense By Frank Lewis
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The Jiu-Jitsu killer! This extremely rare book has long been sought after for the practical self-defense methods shown by wrestling champion and boxer Prof. Frank S. Lewis. In response to the... More > Jiu-Jitsu invasion in the early 1900s, Lewis showed the American public that its own methods of fighting were even more effective than the Japanese import.< Less
A Gentleman's Fireside Diary By Doubles and Dogs
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…a special day afield, excellent (or not so excellent) dogwork, fly fishing a forgotten stream, a weekend stay in the back country, the first hunt with a new friend or the last with an old... More > one. A Gentleman's Fireside Diary is a wonderful compilation of short stories, essays, poems and journal entries dealing with individual pursuits afield. Foreword by Dez Young, Illustrated by Bob White.< Less
Rich Burk's Baseball Scorebook Model BN15-100 By Rich Burk
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Category: Broadcaster & Media // Model BN15-100 includes 100 15-inning scoresheets featuring a clean layout with plenty of white space for pregame and in-game notes. With beginning and advanced... More > instructions and a glossary of baseball terms, it's also suitable for beginners. To see the entire lineup of Rich Burk's Baseball Scorebooks, go to< Less
Rich Burk's Baseball Scorebook Model BN12-200 By Rich Burk
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Category: Broadcaster & Media // Model BN12-200 includes 200 12-inning scoresheets featuring a clean layout with plenty of white space for pregame and in-game notes. With beginning and advanced... More > instructions and a glossary of baseball terms, it's also suitable for beginners. To see the entire lineup of Rich Burk's Baseball Scorebooks, go to< Less
This Saturday Night! Detroit Wrestling 1965-80 Photo Album By Brian Bukantis
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This book takes you back to the 'air-conditioned' Cobo Arena and the famed Olympia Stadium where for 15 years wrestlers like The Sheik, Dick the Bruiser, Bobo Brazil, Pampero Firpo, Luis Martinez and... More > others appeared. This photo album consists of full page 8x10 photos - many never seen before. Relive the glory days of territorial pro wrestling in the Motor City through the nearly 200 photos included. Individuals, tag teams, ladies, managers, even announcers are included!< Less
Defensive Exercises By John W. Hurley
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"Defensive Exercises" is an abridged reprint of the manual published in 1840 by Donald Walker. It offers instruction in various forms of wrestling, boxing and stick-fighting then current in... More > Ireland and Britain, and is a precious resource for those interested in Irish martial arts.< Less