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The Hunt for the Haunted Gems By Kristin Elizabeth
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Is there anything worse than a school field trip during summer? How about watching as your teacher is kidnapped in broad daylight! Five twelve-year-olds who begin as strangers are about to learn... More > there’s more to museums than guided tours and paintings. Together they learn to work together to elude capture, rescue their teacher and solve a centuries-old mystery involving a long-lost treasure and Marie Antoinette herself. The Hunt for the Haunted Gems is a mystery of truly historic proportions.< Less
The $1.75 Guardian Angel By Thomas Dixon
Paperback: $6.99
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Billy Warren knows fifth grade is going to be great. His teacher is wonderful, and his classmates are growing up fast, just like him. But when his teacher asks Billy to befriend Todd Jones, a new... More > kid in town, Billy’s dream of a perfect school year quickly transforms into a nightmare. After Todd lures Billy to a remote area of the playground, beats him up, and steals his lunch money, he vows to make Billy’s life miserable every day. With help from two other kids, Todd keeps his promise. Isolated from all his friends, Billy turns to the Internet for help. When his search leads him to an unexpected answer, Billy discovers that he has the power not only defeat Todd, but to help him change his ways. The $1.75 Guardian Angel is the heartwarming tale of a fifth grader’s amazing journey as he learns how to summon the strength from within to stand up to a bully, with a little supernatural help.< Less
Pijo and Penda: A Story About a Bulgarian Springtime Tradition By Teodora Masters
Paperback: $17.95
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Spring is almost here! Ms. Tina’s class is ready to celebrate by creating and exchanging special little ornaments made out of red and white yarn with their friends and family. As the children... More > learn to make two little martenitsas—Pijo and Penda—Ms. Tina teaches them about the ancient Bulgarian tradition surrounding the ornaments, the meaning behind Baba Marta and the ornament colors, and why people wish for spring. Soon, the children craft beautiful ornaments that they use the next day to celebrate the upcoming spring as a symbol of new beginning and harmony between nature and people, and wish each other happiness, good luck, and great health. Now the children know the tradition of the martenitsa, so they can practice it every year! This charming book teaches young students about a Bulgarian springtime tradition and it is a great tool to help children understand and embrace other cultures.< Less
JD's Baseball Game By Stacey Hamm
Paperback: $13.99
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It is JD's first baseball game. He is nervous about playing in front of a crowd and his team. JD's coach helps him get the courage to play. JD makes several strikes while playing. Before the game... More > is over, JD scores the winning home run for his team.< Less
ABCs for Mommy! Part of the Young Parenting Series By Juliann Mangino
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ABCs for Mommy! Part of the Young Parenting Series
Fiction By Autumn R. Rivers
Paperback: $1.78
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Celeberity crushes: we've all had our share. But what happens when they go too far? Sophie is a normal girl. She listens to loud music, she talks on the phone too much, and she is absolutely in... More > love with the hero of her favorite book. Cody has a dream; he's going to be in a Broadway play. But first he has to make the money to get there. When Sophie's mental condition takes a turn for the worse, she falls even more deeply into a delusion she's created for herself. And Cody could be the only one who can get her out.< Less
Toby Tabitan: A Story of Inspiration By Phil Nicholai Sacro, Jr.
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Toby Tabitan is written by Phil Sacro, who is a fourth grader at Donaldson Way Elementary School.
ALICE or In My Little Girl's Garden By Betty Norman
Paperback: $14.95
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(2 Ratings)
The story of a fuzzy caterpillar named Alice who longs to belong in her little girl's garden.
The Dragons of Serpens: The Mission By Anthony and Karen Weems
Paperback: $7.65
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Adventure awaits you in this first installment of The Dragons of Serpens... Sid is a twelve-year-old Praesideo dragon who lives on the Islands of Serpens. Sid is very talented at magic but is... More > impatient and easily frustrated. Because he possess a mysterious special ability, he is chosen to carry out a dangerous mission. Will Sid be able to protect the future of the Dragons of Serpens? This is an exciting fantasy book ideal for readers in grades 2-6.< Less
Toni the Tiger Worm Where Is Chewey By Sabine Mahrt
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This is not just about a legless, eyeless, stripy, wriggly thing. This is about TONI the TIGER WORM and his adventures. You met Toni and his friends and now you will find out what happened with... More > CHEWEY. Enjoy having fun while learning about Worm Farming, natural, organic fertilizer and organic gardening.< Less
Ober and Obertine By Devon Nicholson
Paperback: $11.95
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(3 Ratings)
Obertine is an exceptional little girl who longs to have a pet of her own to care for, despite her mother’s disapproval. By chance she is granted the opportunity when she comes to the aid of... More > Ober, a mistreated zoo lion. Together they secretly embark on a mission to make the world a better place, to champion the helpless, and to rescue those in need. Ober and Obertine is a children’s book that doesn’t talk down to children, with humor and language that can be appreciated by all ages. Providing wonderful opportunities to interact and teach, it is a treat for parents to read aloud, and for older children to read on their own.< Less
Healing, Hospitals, Happiness By Katie M. Dean
Paperback: $12.00
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Keep Jason Jam company as he spends a day at the doctors! This book is to help children feel better about the hospital and doctors. I hope it helps!
Tell Me Tree By Rita Folse Elliott
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An illustrated historical children's book about the Abercorn Archaeology Site in Savannah, Georgia (9CH1205). It tells two stories back-to-back. One is the story of Enitan, an African American girl... More > living in a plantation village in Georgia in the mid-19th century. The other story describes Vicente, the son of an archaeologist who works with archaeologists in the early 21st century and learns about the village.< Less
Vernon's Piece of the Pie By Gwendolyn Duffie
Paperback: $16.99
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Everyone has a “not so good day” sometimes, but we must remember not to take this out on others. This book teaches a lesson on how to treat and respect others, even when you are upset. It... More > also teaches one how to respond to someone who is not being so nice to them. Come along and take a ride with Vernon as he takes a journey through the woods. Everyone watch out!!! Vernon is on the way and he is not having a very good day.< Less
Eden and Her Happy By Tracy Schlepphorst
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One day Eden wakes up and thinks her Happy is gone. Her emotions take over as she searches in all of the wrong places for her Happy. You will never guess where she finally finds it!
Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back! By Luanna K. Leisure
Paperback: List Price: $14.80 $14.06 | You Save: 5%
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Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back! is a story about six year old cousins, Willie and Bristol, and how they create a massive mess with an exploding pillow and raining feathers. In her efforts to... More > repair Willie's flat pillow, Grandma searches for feathers and finds the perfect feather donor. An animated little duck with an attitude demands his feathers back. This picture story book for five to ten year olds, teaches how old-time customs clash with contemporary paradigms in a delightful and educational story. Also a great story for adults.< Less
The Amazing Clean-up Machine By Ivan Costa Neto
Paperback: $3.77
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Ivan is a Grade 1 student and tomorrow he will have a "Show and Tell" competition. He will need to build his project using recycles. He doesnt have a great idea yet. What should he build?
Year of The Phenoms: A Volleyball Journey By Henry Gonzalez
Paperback: List Price: $20.99 $16.79 | You Save: 20%
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(1 Ratings)
The odds of one volleyball phenom transferring to your school are a million to one. The odds of two volleyball phenoms transferring to your school in the same year are...well, they're too mind... More > boggling to calculate. Pankus High has struggled at volleyball for as long as anyone can remember. All that changes with the arrival of two volleyball phenoms--the brooding Fabiana Strazzi, and the energetic Guy Pritchard. JC is ecstatic over their arrival, but not all of her teammates share in her enthusiasm. Can the team come together or will jealousy, fighting, suspensions, and injuries derail their promising season?< Less
The 5 Powerful Dragons By Matt Kraft
Paperback: $5.99
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Fireball, Water Wing, Mysterio, Thunder, and Rocky are the powerful 5. They go on fun adventures to keep the world from danger.
Lulu and the Boys By Barbara Rainville
Paperback: $9.95
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Lulu and the Boys is a family-oriented adventure story centered on a quirky, magical dog. Her rhinestone collar flashes her star power but it’s her old tattered collar that’s the key to... More > other worlds and times. A cutesy dog, Lulu is a bit of an embarrassment to the 2 active boys who own her. But she is unflappable, joining them for everything - neighborhood walks, little league, and hikes – gradually winning them over with her mysterious charisma. Each escapade takes a unique twist with Lulu there. One of the boys’ favorite make-believe places even becomes the gateway to an unbelievable nighttime journey.< Less
The Walls We Keep By Audrey Y. Woodsum
Paperback: List Price: $13.99 $12.59 | You Save: 10%
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Avis Williams is spending her summer before college working as an intern at The Los Angeles Times. Due to the cracks of her past, however, trust is not an option. Yet over the summer she learns to... More > trust not only her sister for the first time, but also her new acquaintance and boss, Ben. The novel follows her growth and development as she learns to let people in - becoming vulnerable, yet maintaining her independence.< Less
What's Next? By Cathleen Flynn
Paperback: $14.50
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Our days go so quickly, and there's much to be done. When your just five years old, it's all about fun. It's hard work, fitting it all in. You bounce from one thing to another. You might not... More > notice a special someone, trying to catch up to her big brother.< Less
The Moose and the Fox By Natan Gimelfarb
Paperback: $16.00
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This was a story told by our three year-old, and later one that he memorized and typed-up himself on an old word-processor that my husband let him use. He sounded out each of the words, hunted for... More > the letters that made up each word on the keyboard and typed each one with pain-staking care. Since he was so proud of his first story, I illustrated the story for him and decided to turn it into a book that he could share with his friends and family! We hope that you enjoy it too! It touches on a lot of things that little boys like to do, seen through the eyes of a Moose and Fox who take a journey across the United States, ride trains, and sing songs forever. Refreshing perspective of the things that matter most to children, and a reminder that some people travel all the way to Wyoming to find an awesome traffic jam to get stuck in (for fun).< Less
Buck the Beaver Learns to Save By J. E. Demick
Paperback: $13.00
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This story depicts Buck the beaver, who learns how to save the hard way- after making a big mistake. It is designed to help parents teach children about good money habits. The book includes three... More > bonuses: First a nonfiction note about beavers. Second, a section detailing earning and saving money, as well as setting goals. Finally, it concludes with a 'learn to draw' section. This book is a great way to introduce financial literacy to young children.< Less
Moonlight Warrior Wolves By Jilene Mallari
Paperback: $5.84
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Adventures of the Wolf Warrior Team. Their formation, friendship, and challenges.