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Jade Jones By Beverly Parra
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Jade Jones is the sixteen year old junior editor of her school newspaper. She recently made headlines when she discovered who was stealing electronic gear from her school. When she stumbles on... More > another crime involving yet another classmate, her investigations lead her to a yacht belonging to rich heiress Charlotte Clayton. She also discovers that her father has not been honest with her.< Less
Tyler Trio Time Travelers Pirates By B.A. Parra
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Three brothers go back in time to the year 1710 when the youngest one wishes he was a pirate and whisks them to the Caribbean. They encounter Captain Morgan and Dangerous Dan Duggan who would like... More > nothing better than to slice their throats. They have lost the magical time piece which is their only means of getting back home.< Less
The Bean Bunch By Briana Gascho
Paperback: $9.90
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When the Garbanzo family moves in to the Farm, Gus is excited to go to school with the other bean kids. Not everything goes as smoothly as he hopes, though. How will Gus Garbanzo deal with a bully?... More > Can everyone learn to be friends?< Less
The Elemental Horses - Cohesion By Diana Huang
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The second part of the Elemental Horses series dives deeper as each horse interacts with the children that come to them. Every horse is different as is every child is different. What happens between... More > them is what this book is about. It is a fantasy/science fiction children's story & art book that introduces elements of science as well as Chinese language and culture and explores the imaginations of young people.< Less
The Elemental Horses - 12 Things to Remember By Diana Huang
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $12.75 | You Save: 15%
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Twelve special horses are waiting for riders to share a special journey with on the Elemental Horses Carousel. It was a toy, a teaching device and a tool for dire times. It is a fantasy/science... More > fiction children's story & art book that introduces elements of science as well as Chinese language and culture.< Less
Roberto's Return By Paul Ferrante
Paperback: $14.95
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Something’s Wrong in the Birthplace of Baseball... In life, he was one of the all-time greats, a trailblazing icon who played the game with unmatched passion and style. In death, his mystique... More > only grew, the circumstances of his demise shrouded in controversy and myth. When he passed into legend it was believed his like would never be seen again. But now he’s come back. And it’s up to T.J., LouAnne and Bortnicker to solve the riddle of Roberto’s Return< Less
Cooka-Mamma-Fobio (Value Edition) By Givon Wayne
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(1 Ratings)
This book is loosely based on the early childhood of Givon Wayne and his younger sister, Trena Kay. They spent a few years growing up on a small farm located on the outskirts of Odessa, TX. Life was... More > much different in 1973. There were no cell phones, seat-belts or video games. Freedom and boredom were the seeds of creativity, and these two kids had plenty of opportunity for both.< Less
Ziggy Learns a Valuable Lesson By Ruth Lott
Paperback: $7.95
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Ziggy creates classroom disruptions much like teachers find in many classes today. With patience he turns around and becomes a model student. He helps the administration and teacher solve problems... More > with a new student through teamwork. Ziggy becomes a model student and wins praise and was awarded a scholarship to a Junior Leadership Camp. Children will enjoy this story and learn how to deal with difficult classmates.< Less
Short Stories and Haiku for Young Readers By Ruth Lott
Paperback: $7.95
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Family oriented short stories for children that deal with resolving problems, responsibilities associated with having pets. Also encourages the practice of Haiku to develop awareness of... More > surroundings, thought processes, and to express same through writing skills.< Less
Avery's World By Bill Weber
Paperback: $13.60
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This is the official "pitch book" that introduces the characters and describes the proposed television series and licensing based on the adventures of Ambassador Avery Bird and his friends.... More > Visit to read this book online.< Less
The Elemental Horses - Flight By Diana Huang
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $12.00 | You Save: 20%
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The carousel is threatened by the world it was meant to help. Can the modern world be trusted with the secrets the horses protect? This is the third book in the series about art, society,... More > environmental issues and Chinese language and culture.< Less
Newport News Giraffe By Kanai Norman
Paperback: $10.00
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What happens when a young boy wakes up to find a giraffe in his backyard? Find out in this very interesting tale told by a five year old.
Wire Dog Storybook 2 By David Clyde Walters
Paperback: List Price: $9.95 $4.98 | You Save: 50%
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Wire Dog adventures are based on the true story of a little girl named Ellen whose parents wouldn't let her have a dog because they thought it might cause too much trouble. So one day Ellen found... More > some wire and bent it into the shape of a little dog. Ellen pretended that her little dog was real. Wire dog makes some mistakes and he does get into a little trouble now and then but he always learns a good lesson and sometimes Ellen does too. These are sweet innocent stories that everyone can enjoy. Kids and adults all around the world are now writing and drawing their own imaginary Wire Dog stories and sharing them on Wire Dog's facebook page at< Less
Mystery at Lone Oak Ranch By Luanna K. Leisure
Paperback: List Price: $26.98 $18.89 | You Save: 30%
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From the time they were little kids, twelve year old cousins, Willie and Bristol, loved to make up exciting adventures. Little did they realize this was preparing them for their purpose in... More > life—to be the Chosen Ones—to go on real-life secret missions and to solve mysteries. Their first mission takes them to a creepy 200 year-old ranch house where they discover holographic portals, a hidden passageway, a secret underground tunnel leading to the barn, skeletons and . . . the Helping Stone! It is here they solve their first mystery of . . . the missing bones. Along with the excitement of solving mysteries, Willie is faced with family and personal problems. His cousin, Bristol, is his best friend and his grandfather is always there when he needs a confidant. Willie's best buddy is his dog, Bronco. There are secrets at Lone Oak Ranch and in Willie's family, but all comes to light by the end of the book.< Less
An Apple Fell Off of a Pear Tree By Edy Gordon
Paperback: $16.00
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(1 Ratings)
Edy Gordon is a former schoolteacher, long-time poet, and does watercolors as a hobby. She currently lives in Los Angeles.
Small Town Hero By Cassandra Pletcher
Paperback: $6.75
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Ten year old small town hero Cole finds his town being taken over. He realizes he is going to have to take things into his own hands. Little does he know, his life is literally hanging in the... More > balance.< Less
Alex and the Amazing Recurring Nose Goblins By Richard Gerardi
Paperback: $16.60
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(1 Ratings)
A funny, educational and sometimes gross look at the stuff that comes out of our nose. Wonderfully illustrated by Heather Shirin, this book for children 4 to 9 tells the story of Alex, who is... More > spending the week with his dad and his dog Bacci. Dad is working on taking care of Alex which he does not do often and Alex is working on dealing with a tissue shortage at school. This is an especially great book for fathers and especially single dads and will make you laugh so hard that stuff will come out of your nose. Let professor nose goblin teach you a little about boogers at the end and then take a quiz to see what you've learned.< Less
Look Like a Boy, Think Like a Man By Stacey Jordan
Paperback: $5.99
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This book gives a simple but powerful message that teaches young men the values of true manhood. Stacey Jordan's insightful lessons and relatable stories give them the tools to excel from boys to men.
Lilly Peppertree Lilly's spell By Julie Hodgson
Paperback: $7.44
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(3 Ratings)
It is 1612 and a dangerous time to be a witch. The people of Pendle, Lancaster are terrified of witches and any woman suspected of witchcraft is taken to The Dying Tree and hanged. But witches... More > aren’t real. Are they? Lilly Peppertree knows nothing of witches. Her life has its own challenges. Three years after the horse-riding accident that claimed her mama’s life, she is starting to dream about her again. She had longed to see her mama in dreams, but now she won’t leave her alone. Could it be that Mama is trying to tell her something?< Less
Princess Pristina By Jennifer Klein
Hardcover: $19.95
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Pristina longs for a family and is overjoyed when the king himself chooses her to be his daughter. But after a lifetime spent playing with the pigs, will Pristina be able to act like the princess she... More > has become? Learn about the Father's unfailing love and tremendous grace in this story about being welcomed and accepted no matter how many times you fail.< Less
Chapters By Elisabeth Cairney
Paperback: $8.95
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I have always felt dissapointed in myself when turning down a challenge or opportunity. I have faced some of the biggest challenges of my life so far and I invite you to join me, to share these... More > experiances and become part of my next challenge; to change perspectives on life experiances and inspire others to share theirs. If we can understand others, then we may teach others.< Less
Tommy and Rosie By David L Dahl
Paperback: List Price: $11.99 $9.59 | You Save: 20%
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It is Christmas Eve, and Tommy and his sister Rosie, can’t sleep, they are too excited. Is that Santa they heard? Sneaking downstairs they find the jolly fellow filling their stockings, but... More > when he turns to his pack, Santa discovers that he has forgotten Rosie’s doll. He must return to the North Pole to fetch it. "Can I go with you to the North Pole to get my doll?" Rosie pleads. A delightful story from my Grandmother. Tommy and Rosie visit Santa's Workshop on Christmas eve.< Less
The Treasure of Monterey Bay By James Garvey
Hardcover: $28.00
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This is the third in a series about the Birch kids and their adventures - this time in Monterey. Sea otters and mysteries and danger follow the kids in this seaside tale.
The Crooked Crocodile By Micky Moore
Paperback: $10.90
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Cranky the Crooked Croc is a story that addresses bullying, emotions and a desire for change. It is about a faithful God Who loves us very much and answers our prayers, but not always in the ways we... More > expect. Reading this book, parents and children have the opportunity to take a journey with Cranky through the wetlands of Florida and meet his forest friends. Along the way, they will discover alliteration, increase their vocabulary, and become familiar with synonyms. Through the author's use of repetition, children may be active participants in the reading of this book.< Less
ANIMAL TALES By Peggy Lee Tremper
Paperback: $10.95
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ANIMAL TALES is made up of Tales in the Woods, Tales in the Air, Tales at the Pond, Horse Tales,Dog Tales and Cat Tales. With a little imagination and a lot of true life facts these tales will... More > entertain and delight even the youngest readers and listeners.< Less