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My Grandmother's Lace By Jan Atamian
Paperback: $14.75
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Remembering the family's matriarch, a survivor of Armenia's holocaust.
Color Me Nice By edwin gilven
Paperback: $10.96
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COLOR ME NICE, is a coloring book targeted at promoting a positive mind in our younger generation. KINDNESS and caring still exist. And what better way to remind any of us would be coloring in words... More > that encourages a positive. Words used with care are always very important words. They teach and they encourage. EXPLORE the world of caring thru colors.< Less
The "Official" Baby Owner's Manual By Debra Spurrier Morrison
Paperback: $17.88
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(2 Ratings)
At last... an owner's manual for your new infant! As a new mother, thirty years ago, I searched and searched for information and hints for my "Middle-of -the -night" infant adventures.... More > There was nothing! I have spent several years compiling this volume of critical information and handy hints in hope that you may find your child rearing task easier and less stressful than I did. You will need this information at the most inconvenient times. Best wishes & GOOD LUCK. Debi< Less
Witchin' By Amy Manuwal
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When sixteen-year-old Wren loses her mother in a car accident, little does she know how the tragedy will affect her relationships, or become entwined with the horrific night terrors she is about to... More > endure. After moving to Wicked, Massachusetts, to live with her older sister Zia and Gran, she learns that the woman who haunts her dreams is Kendria, who vowed to take revenge on Wren%u2019s grandmother for taking her only love. At Wren%u2019s new school, matters only get worse, when she is dubbed a freak for defending and befriending Dylan, a gay student. When Wren finds out her soulmate is the schools "Mr. Popular," a succubus targets him to be her next victim. Wren must take charge and save him from his impending doom or live without her soulmate for the rest of her days.< Less
Mystery at Lone Oak Ranch By Luanna K. Leisure
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From the time they were little kids, twelve year old cousins, Willie and Bristol, loved to make up exciting adventures. Little did they realize this was preparing them for their purpose in... More > life—to be the Chosen Ones—to go on real-life secret missions and to solve mysteries. Their first mission takes them to a creepy 200 year-old ranch house where they discover holographic portals, a hidden passageway, a secret underground tunnel leading to the barn, skeletons and . . . the Helping Stone! It is here they solve their first mystery of . . . the missing bones. Along with the excitement of solving mysteries, Willie is faced with family and personal problems. His cousin, Bristol, is his best friend and his grandfather is always there when he needs a confidant. Willie's best buddy is his dog, Bronco. There are secrets at Lone Oak Ranch and in Willie's family, but all comes to light by the end of the book.< Less
What Makes You So Special? By Cathleen Flynn
Paperback: $14.50
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What makes you so special? This question raced in my head As I looked down at you nestled Alongside me in bed. A poem for parents. A bed time story for children. The pictures will unlock your... More > childs imagination while the verses speak to just how amazing they are. Watching our children grow up and become who they're meant to be is a great treasure in life.< Less
Journey to Gan By Karaam Ellis El
Paperback: $10.00
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First scroll in a series about a unique event for children that happens once a year called A Journey to Gan where they take a trip through the galaxy to end up in the 19th galaxy to receive gifts to... More > bring back to help humanity.< Less
Olivia Katastraphy By Angela Imbraguglio, Heather Imbraguglio
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My name is Olivia Katastraphy. Precious Perfectious is my best friend. Precious always gets As in school. Her clothes are always neat & her hair is always brushed. I’m the exact opposite.... More > My hair and clothes are always a mess. I honestly believe that almost every letter in the alphabet is mocking me. Sometimes even numbers (and odd ones too) have fun at my brains expense. School is hard for me because I sometimes get distracted by everything. Precious loves to tell everyone how perfect she is and how flawed I am. If not for my sense of humor and love of everything imperfect I would go crazy trying to be like her.< Less
Save or Kill (Her) By Yetlanezi Figueroa Almazán
Paperback: $17.80
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Save or Kill (Her) by Yetlanezi Figueroa Almazan Written at Cheekwood Art & Gardens, 2014 Published by A Novel Idea.
A Day at The Fire Station By Jonah August and Ryan Brown
Paperback: $9.50
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This book is about Billy and how he learns to be a firefighter. Billy encounters everything from jumping out of a plane to fighting massive fires. We hope you will enjoy this book!
Oh, I'm So Angry! By Cynthia Stephens Donley
Hardcover: $19.95
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(2 Ratings)
Six year old Katie has trouble finding healthy ways to express her anger for various situations.
Escape from Tarionia By Genevieve LaFosse
Paperback: $7.99
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Elizabeth, John, Rose, and Luke are planning to have a fun afternoon on the beach, but the day doesn't go as expected. When they are kidnapped by pirates then sold, it is up to the four siblings to... More > "Escape from Tarionia"!< Less
The Last Chore By David L Dahl
Paperback: List Price: $9.95 $7.46 | You Save: 25%
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The sun hung low in the cloudless blue sky. Itchy’s ears twitched as he nervously stomped his feet and sniffed the air. “Easy boy, I smell it.” Livy stroked her horse’s neck... More > and stared at the ridge to the east. The wind carried the strong smell of smoke and she strained to locate the source. Olivia spent the summer working the Bar S Ranch. Her flight home was just three days away, when Pa Atkinson sends her on her last chore. Eager for a chance to make the trip she sets out at daybreak. “Keep an eye on the skyline for smoke. If you smell smoke, or hear the choppers, turn around. I can get the radio after you head home. Use your head, and keep your senses about you.” Don warns as she leaves. Unfortunately, the fast moving fire traps Olivia on the Butte. Olivia is in a race for her life. Along the way she finds the key to saving the ranch, but can she use it? “Won’t do any good if I can’t get away from this fire.”< Less
Gracefully Dangerous By Melina Ann Scott
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $15.00 | You Save: 25%
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(1 Ratings)
Isabel Ilaina is a magical Sirenel who is trapped inside the opposing land's kingdom. She must escape to help fight a war ongoing in her own land and finds adventures, love, and friendship along the... More > way.< Less
Tori's Tracks By Judy K. Johnson
Hardcover: $26.30
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Tori's adventure begins when she visits her grandparents, Mikey and Mini, on their farm. Mikey shows Tori how to be extra observant by noticing clues and following tracks. Soon she discovers that... More > pigs and chickens are missing. Tori follows their tracks and brings them home with the help of the farm dogs, Midnight and Moonshine, and by using tracking knowledge that Mikey has shared with her.< Less
Emily and the Golden Pizza By Pete Montacute
Paperback: $15.95
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(2 Ratings)
After school one day Emily meets a group of Pirates and sets out on an adventure through space in search of gold. This isn't a normal pirate ship that they have - It is a spaceship! Can Emily help... More > the Pirates with their search, and can she find the greatest "treasure" of all?< Less
Shiver Lake By Incredible Shrinking Press
Paperback: $12.41
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ZOMBIES, WEREWOLVES, ALIEN MEN FROGS, OH MY! There isn’t a child alive that isn’t afraid of what lurks in the dark and eight year old Dee and Little Brother are no different except for... More > the fact that there really is something lurking in the dark in their ultra mysterious hometown of Shiver Lake! Here what goes bump in the night are zombies, werewolves, terrifying man frogs from other planets and that’s only some of it! And only Dee and her mysterious mentor Dorothy who owns a magical thrift store can possibly stop the forces of darkness from plunging Shiver Lake into eternal night. Will they succeed? The answer lies hidden within. Enter of your own freewill and enjoy!< Less
Escape From Plantasia By Ariana Agler
Paperback: $8.13
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Written by a little girl with Asperger's/Autism, this is a very creative story about a girl that goes into another world.
Museum book By Bre Vader
Paperback: $5.00
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This simple activity book guides a child’s eyes through practically any art Museum. Through simple questions and thoughtful drawing exercises, children come to realize and appreciate the... More > beauty around them. Have a wonderful trip to the museum!< Less
Magic Travels By Sharon Oster, James Fair
Hardcover: $20.16
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An enchanting tale of three cousins who use magic to travel across place and time. A warm family story.
A Little Girl In: The Land Of The Hiccups By Rick Pipito
Paperback: $12.99
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When a little girl finds herself a long way from home, she must help her new Eskimo friends to rid their land of the Hiccups, miniscule little creatures that are more of an annoyance than anything. ... More > From award winning author, Rick Pipito, the story is aimed for a young female audience, but can be enjoyed by all. With art by Dan Pipito, this heart warming tale will inspire young readers to never give up hope and put their best thoughts forward.< Less
Promised By Vee Anderson
Paperback: List Price: $12.50 $11.25 | You Save: 10%
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I ran, I ran like I've never ran before. I can hear them behind me, what do I do? I have to lead them away from our home so I took them to the warehouse district. I crouched down hiding myself, I sat... More > there quietly waiting for them and I could feel that they were close. I can't go back, if they take me back I'll never be leaving again, he will make sure of it. Bryce sighed showing his annoyance, he raised his voice "Olivia we have your pet so you better come out." You're probably trying to understand why am I hiding from these people who know me, well I have to take you back three years for you to understand why I'm running for my life.< Less
Bear Bear from There to There: …A Story About Letting Go By Trisha Todd
Paperback: $14.99
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This is the story of Bear Bear, a deeply loved - but mangled and old stuffed bear - and how he is finally able to leave his worn out body behind ... A story about life, death, and letting go of... More > those we love.< Less
My Aunt The Alien By Raven Cooper & Nathaniel Hawke Marlow
Paperback: $8.03
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About The Author: Raven Cooper "My Aunt The Alien" is Raven's very first book ever. Raven has always wanted to publish a book. She has been writing since 5th grade. Raven lives in Urbana,... More > IL with her mom, grandma and two pets. She is a 17-year-old sophomore in high school. Her hopes are this book will help kids understand that it’s OK to be different. Her co-author, Hawke, is also her best friend. .... About the co-author: Nathaniel Hawke Marlow “ My Aunt The Alien” is my first book ever also. I always wanted some of my creative work to be shared with the world and not for just family and friends to see it. I also live in Urbana IL. I live with my mom, my 3 brothers, and my 4 pets. I am a freshman in high school. I really hope that the book will teach kids that being different is okay, and that it’s you. My co-author and best friend is Raven Cooper. ... Also available on AMAZON.COM & AMAZON KINDLE< Less
I Am NOT Telling Student Edition By Shawn Jones
Paperback: $8.95
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Children can learn how to solve their own problems using the simple strategy "I Am NOT Telling". The first letters in the words are ways children can solve problems. Big Trouble Tommy has... More > no friends and decides to follow some children to figure out why people like them. He learns techniques from ignore to I messages and becomes Trouble Free Tommy.< Less