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I Am Not a Minority! I’m Part of the Majority! By Valerie Christopher
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The word minority in part means smaller and less power. No race should be associated with a word that suggests little or less. Sheer numbers should not determine what degree of power we should... More > expect. Children are not less because they are sometimes outnumbered. They are more because of who they are inside, and for their natural thirst to grow in every way when it is not discouraged. Children who possess physical characteristics that are noticeably different need to be inspired to celebrate their unique place in this world. With rhyming text and a reinforced message, this one-of-a-kind, uplifting, delightful, and motivating story offers encouragement, promise, determination, and confidence in young ones. I Am Not a Minority I’m Part of the Majority will become the “go to” book for big-hearted children of many age groups. It will serve as a reminder of what they are meant to accomplish, and an inspiration to adults for the hope, assurance and courage it instills in their youths, and for posterity.< Less
An EA/TEF Story Inside and Out By Vanessa Munsch
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It is Castalia's Sharing Time at school today. She talks to her classmates about what EA/TEF is and what it means in her life. Her friends sure have a lot of questions! How about you, would you like... More > to host your own Sharing Time too? Read the book with your class and then discuss what EA/TEF means in your life. If you have time, make awareness ribbons with your friends or bring glitter to duplicate Castalia's fun experiment! Vanessa Munsch, an EA/TEF mom, created this book to empower children, educate the public about the condition and offer ways to help. The book is designed to serve as a conversation starter and enable kids to better explain what EA/TEF means to them specifically. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY TO HELP EA/TEF FAMILIES. Best suited for school aged children.< Less
Home is Not a Place By Chelsea O'Malley
Paperback: $15.31
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Follow Hendrix and his best friend Kitty on their journey in discovering what a home truly is.
Skipper the Circus Dog By Hailey Turpin
Paperback: $12.95
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Skipper the pup is excited about the circus. But when a circus pup gets sick, Skipper is there to save the day and join the circus for the day.
My Paperback Book By Jen Linares
Paperback: $7.13
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The story of a young girl living in America and her hopes for a better future
My Life Story By Omar Perez
Paperback: $6.93
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The story of a student from Mexico making it in the United States
Unhinged By Shelley R. Pickens
Paperback: $11.95
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Being normal isn't always a good thing, especially if it ends up killing you. 16 year old Aimee can see your every memory with just one touch. After surviving a killer, she tries her best to find a... More > new normal at school, but for those who are cursed, happiness and normality aren’t easy to obtain. A bizarre illness spreads like wildfire through the school causing those around Aimee to lose their sanity, before falling into a coma. Slowly, all the people she loves succumb to this strange disease. Alone and terrified, she must use her curse to find a way to save her family and friends. As she delves deeper and deeper into their memories, she realizes David, a delusional person from her childhood, is the bigger threat that could destroy her. Despite the danger that surrounds her, she struggles to solve the puzzle before it’s too late to help those she cares for the most. But as David moves closer to eliminating her, one puzzle still remains. Will she be able to save herself?< Less
Write Outside the Box 2012-2013 By Christ King School creative Writing club
Paperback: $1.98
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Write Outside the Box, the 2012-2013 Christ King School Creative Writing Club
The Ella Zoo By Elizabeth Dimmette Coyne
Hardcover: $22.99
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With a clever name game and adorable illustrations, The Ella Zoo gives every impression it is a children’s book — and it is, but so much more! Track a whole zoo of endearing animals such... More > as Koella Bear, Ellagator, Nightingella and Ellaphant as Ella grows from infant into young woman to arrive at the central theme of this touching collection of poetry — nothing less than the greatest love story of all time – a parent's love for their child. Suitable for readers of any age, whether 5 or 75, The Ella Zoo presents poetry to be savored and shared with those you love.< Less
Jamie and Horrace By MC Todd
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Jamie Bargall Van Fleck Heckleford Smithwickle struggles with more than her freight-train-sized name. Her creative inventions are drawing interest from a giant bug named Horrace, and that's causing... More > problems. As Jamie faces her biggest challenge yet, will Horrace be able to assist her or will he derail the whole project?< Less
The Adventures of Princess Praline By Eric Cuffie, Illustrator, Marcelle K. Ernewein
Paperback: $16.99
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Princess Praline, a beautiful Persian cat, overhears a conversation by her owners about the newest fashion craze to hit New Orleans…shiny red alligator shoes. Knowing that could only mean... More > trouble for her alligator friends down in Bayou Black, Princess Praline and her best friend Mint Julep, set out one night to warn Garfield Gator, Governor of Bayou Black, of the impending trouble. Along the way, they meet various swamp friends who help them make their journey from the City of New Orleans to the swamp lands of Bayou Black to warn the alligators. I am 88 years old from Pearl River, Louisiana, located on the edge of the Honey Island Swamp. I have 6 children, 11 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. I love telling stories using local swamp animals and a mixture of French words, come alive in the minds of young children.< Less
My Black Children's First Picture Book: Fairies, Angels, Mermaids, Heroes & More (PREMIUM PAPER COLOR VERSION) By BlackHomeSchoolAcademy
Paperback: $101.37
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Unicornephant By KC Swink
Paperback: $16.00
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This book is about a daydream. It begins when the daydream starts, and finishes as the daydream ends. If you've ever enjoyed the power of imagination, then this book may be just right for you or... More > someone close to you.< Less
The Business Adventures of Wombat and Possum By Jan Smark Nilsson
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In order to make lots of money, Wombat and Possum start various business schemes, including a barber's shop, and a great running race. They also set up a detective agency and ran a restaurant with... More > hilarious consequences.< Less
Stereo By Jayna Ostler
Paperback: $14.50
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Lonica Wilkes and her best friend, Wren Magpie, think there’s no better way to start off the summer than by getting Lonica over her stupid crush on Steven Lero. For years she’s been... More > trapped under his spell (unbeknownst to him) and she’s finally saying NO by dating other people who are obviously much cooler than he will ever be. But what happens when he figures out she’s always had this thing for him? Will she continue to stand her ground or will she end up falling more in love with the boy who always lets her down?< Less
Hope Island By Katlyn Gilmer
Paperback: $11.00
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When an Outsider lands on the shores of an idyllic island, he unwillingly stirs up trouble with the inhabitants. His talk of freedom and the outside world enthralls some, but angers others. A group... More > of teens find themselves growing up fast over the course of a summer that will change everything.< Less
Prairie Sam By Marylyn Diebold
Paperback: $15.75
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A homeless dog becomes a hero and finds a new home with a farmer and his wife on the North Dakota prairie.
Herkie By Marylyn Diebold
Paperback: $15.75
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A half-starved calf, lost on the prairie, finds a home with a kind farmer, his wife, and their dog. During a summer storm, the calf helps the farm family make a happy discovery!
McSkeeter McNoid By Michael Verrett
Paperback: $16.95
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Mosquito McNoid, a monstrous singing mosquito invades the peaceful animals of the bayou spreading panic and pain. Three not-so-brave animals (Roux Rabbit, Chumsly Raccoon, and Lindy Turtle) and... More > Tommy-Two Frog (who is never afraid) are selected to get rid of the mosquito. They create a giant bug swatter to destroy the monster, but will it be big enough?< Less
Music's Rainy Day By MAGIC BROWN
Paperback: $18.48
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"Rain, rain go away!" What will Music do on her rainy day? Or will the rain stop so she can go out and play?
Tyler's Dream By Matthew Butler
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $6.00 | You Save: 60%
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A bloodied stranger stumbles in from the night, half bent with exhaustion and pain. Behind him is a cart with a rider draped, half-dead across the seat. But what intrigues Tyler most is the deep... More > breathing that only he seems to be able to hear. As he draws closer to investigate, the gloom behind the bars fades to reveal a most horrific animal, a beast that whispers words of warning… Locked into a devil's pact with a monstrous creature, Tyler must travel across a vast and alien landscape whilst plagued by increasingly bizarre dreams. As it begins to dawn on him that he may well be on the edge of losing his sanity, he is forced to face the demon that murdered his family. A fast-paced, wickedly clever fantasy adventure!< Less
The Fire in Grace: Coming Home By Laurie J. Perrone
Paperback: $25.00
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Gracianna "Gracie" Marks and her widower father Dr. James Marks are starting life anew away from Manhattan. To Gracie's frustration, they are away from everything she's ever known and... More > loved. Once out of familiar territory, Gracie starts seeing her life unraveling while at the same time coping with her mental illness. While Gracie wants to believe that there is a God who cares about her problems, she gets too caught up in blaming Him for causing all her problems in the first place. What Gracie truly would like to know is this: if God truly exists, then why do bad things happen?< Less
The Elephant Boy’s Dilemma By Robert Kracauer
Paperback: $14.20
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From India’s mythic past comes Simbu, an 8 year-year-old boy living in an enchanting land where Bengal tigers roam free and all powerful maharajas rule over great kingdoms. All his life,... More > Simbu has always dreamed of having his own elephant. However, in the kingdom where his family lives, only the maharaja can own the most majestic of all the animals. Yet Simbu never loses sight of his oversize dream in spite of merciless teasing from friends and family. It would seem as though Simbu’s friends and family are right and his dream can never come true-that is, until he hears the pained sounds of an elephant in need of help. Join Simbu as through luck, determination, and great bravery he faces the challenges of trying to help a hurt elephant and possibly get his dream realized while boldly facing the most powerful and possibly dangerous person of all - the maharaja himself.< Less
Snowy and Moey By Sarah M. Farah
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This book teaches children about the importance of caring for pets. It also makes clear that adopting a pet helps to eliminate overcrowded pet stores. Millions of pets are abandoned by their owners... More > each year and risk being put to sleep. This book is a great way to introduce and educate children about some of the many different dog breeds. It also states some very important facts about them that every dog owner should know.< Less
Tawny PaPawny and Helping Others Is Fun! By T. P. Mckinnon
Paperback: $6.99
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So it's Saturday again and Momma has a surprise activity planned for the day. Tawny, Sam and Duke are taken on a trip to the local soup kitchen. Momma says that they have to help serve and learn... More > the importance of helping others so that they don't become selfish. As Tawny and her family take the short ride across town she finds out that there is a lot going on with other families outside of their own neighborhood and that some don't have a place to call home. While at the soup kitchen she meets Miss Dorothy, who is in charge of the kitchen and one who gave Tawny the best job ever. Tawny discovers that there are far more important things than getting birthday gifts and making hats for Duke. She now understood that her Momma was right, sometimes people need help and she wanted to be one of those people who helped, because helping others is fun!< Less