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The Mischievous Monkey By Annie Mathew
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A mischievous monkey wrecks havoc on an Indian village.
Why Dylan Doesn't Talk: A Real-Life Look at Selective Mutism Through the Eyes of a Child By Carrie Bryson
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In this book you will meet Dylan, a smart, energetic 7-year-old who shares what it's like to be a child with Selective Mutism. Follow him as he tells his story and his struggles so that other... More > children, parents, teachers and caregivers can understand what it's like to live with a fear of speaking. Why Dylan Doesn't Talk sensitively portrays the internal struggle and isolation that a child with this rare disorder endures on a daily basis. The photographs and text beautifully complement each other to help young readers vividly identify with the author’s son, Dylan. Inspired by a need to find ways to communicate with her child, the author has written an excellent book that is both informative and therapeutic for children and their parents. An invaluable resource for teachers and mental health professionals. An excellent resource filled with questions to help children and parents communicate and to better help them discuss this sensitive topic that may otherwise be hard for children to express on their own.< Less
Boots. A Bedtime Read-Aloud Story Poem By Roy B. Merritt
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Boots. A bedtime read-aloud story poem. A charming story of a lost (and found) kitten.
My Real Family By Marvin Ellis
Paperback: $15.00
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A delightful coloring book explaining the benefits of being raised by a village.
Rusty's Boo-boo By Ralph and Donna Blanchard
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Wrinkles lived on a farm with her two puppies, Rusty and Bandit. The pups loved to play a game they called “Lions.” They would growl, chase and pounce on each other the way they imagined... More > lions did when they played. One day, however, Rusty got a boo-boo on his leg from playing too rough with Bandit. Suddenly the game of “Lions” was no fun. This is the story of how Grandma fixed Rusty’s boo-boo and what lessons can be learned by puppies (and children) everywhere.< Less
The Condo Bunny By Ralph and Donna Blanchard
Paperback: List Price: $14.95 $14.20 | You Save: 5%
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Grandma and Grandpa invite Wrinkles, Rusty and Bandit to visit the big city and spend a night at their condo. The dogs have a wonderful time playing at the dog park, looking at the city lights and... More > eating snick-snacks. But when Grandma tells them a rabbit lives at the condo who gives gifts to visitors, they become very excited. They look everywhere but cannot find the rabbit. The next morning, however, Rusty and Bandit learn that Grandma was right - the Condo Bunny has left them a really cool gift. The pups now face a dilemma: what can they give the Condo Bunny in return? Solving this problem teaches Rusty and Bandit (and puppies and children everywhere) some valuable lessons.< Less
Half you see Half you don't By Neia Hicks
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Half you see Half you don't is a inspirational story that will help young girls see that when they are faced with challenging circumstances they don't have to feel defeated. They can utilize their... More > trials and tribulations to motivate them to make positive changes. The story shows how people should take a non-judgemental stance in life because at any moment they could find themselves in the same predicament as someone else.< Less
Sanu Saves Her Mom By Kayti Ellis El
Paperback: $10.00
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Sanu is a cheetah who lives with her family. After her mother is kidnapped, Sanu must rescue her and bring her family back together.
Owls and Elephants By Raphaela Riparetti
Hardcover: $18.99
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Small children and grown ups alike will enjoy this story that describes the miracle of being born into this world. The content is presented through the Wisdom of Owls and the Knowledge of Elephants.... More > It ties together the mystery of the inner- and the beauty (and challenges) of the outer worlds. The story is inclusive of a wide range of spiritual and religious beliefs. The narrative is as much presented through words as it is through the paintings. The vivid watercolor images bring the story to life, to form an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all readers: after all, we all took this journey into the world once, whether it was just recently, or a quite a long time ago.< Less
Yarns for Youngsters By Tracy Carol Taylor
Paperback: $24.99
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Yarns for youngsters is a collection of stories with a lesson that was learned. Bad Bart is a story about a bully that learned his lesson. Derrick the Dumb Squirrel is a story about a squirrel that... More > learned his lesson about crossing the road. The Treasure Hunt is a story in that two kids learn that silver and gold are not the only treasures in the world.< Less
Meeting the Mark By Jillian Franko, Rachel Keich
Paperback: $6.00
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Cole is an average boy with two marks against him: a stutter and a large birthmark that covers nearly half of his face. These never bothered Cole until... Meeting the Mark is a story of accepting... More > others, accepting yourself.< Less
Frankie's Tale By Kelly Riemenschneider
Paperback: $8.99
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This is a true story about a baby squirrel that fell out of his nest and was on his own for several days. He found food under a bird feeder. He found a stick to play with. He made the most of a bad... More > situation until his momma and brother found him. This heart warming story is brought to life in beautiful animated pictures. You are sure to fall in love with Frankie and his brave days on his own!< Less
ABC Aliens By Dominicus Bratcher
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For kids, by kids. ABC Aliens is written and illustrated by the 7 year old, Dominicus Bratcher, and is a creative example of students teaching students. Unleash your child's imagination with a... More > made-up alien species for each letter of the alphabet. Dom even shares a little of how he sees the planet and life of each alien from A to Z.< Less
Blended with Care: Filled with Love By Jocelyn Stephens, Candace Wells
Paperback: $16.50
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When parents separate and enter into a new adult relationship it can be a difficult adjustment for the children. This book was self-published by Jocelyn Stephens and Candace wells, and aims to... More > clarify some questions children have when they transition into a blended family. Most importantly, this book portrays blended families in a positive manner, not a family filled with chaos and dislike for one another.< Less
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Have you ever stretched out on a grassy knoll, face down, and watched an ant or a snail meander through their own unique and private world? Have you ever wondered how that world may look from their... More > point of view? Realizing that life is a matter of perspective or just a point of view, JUST A POINT OF VIEW illustrates the idea that a great many worlds exist for us to discover. A "tour guide" invites the young reader to explore a new frontier, that of their own backyard and wonder about the tiny world of the beetle, ant, centipede and other diminutive friends. The young reader discovers that the world around them can change when seen from the viewpoint of these lilliputian acquaintances. A flower to us becomes a tree to a snail, a puddle becomes an ocean and a rock becomes a mountain. A challenge to stop, look and think from a different point of view is suggested to the young reader as well as parents.< Less
On The Edge By Dazmine Dawodu
Paperback: $14.99
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I dedicate this to the kids who have Sickle Cell at Cook Children's Hospital. The Doctors have inspired me throughout this process of writing this. I know because of my experience,because of the... More > staff I am accomplishing things for the terminal children.< Less
T.E.A.M Terrible. Events. Affect. Many. By Hope Kennedy
Paperback: List Price: $6.99 $5.94 | You Save: 15%
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Ever since your first sports team you’ve been told, “ there is no I in team”. But apparently there is a Z. Or at least that’s what teenage, volleyball player Addi learns when... More > a terrible tragedy leaves her team, including her button pushing, idea stealing , teammate Z , spending a lot of quality time together. But will this help Addi get to know her team in depth or will the tragedy pull them apart at the stitching of the volleyball net holding them together? And how will this terrible event , change their lives forever? What about Addi’s school life and her future career? And will her team be able to move past it to strive?< Less
Once Upon a Time and Long Ago By Templeton Moss
Paperback: $12.99
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A new collection of thirty fairy tales combining little known favorites from the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen with some brand new stories which are certain to become favorites. Stories... More > include "The Brave Little Tailor," "The Witch's Scrapbook," "Sir Jimmy and the Helpful Rat," "The Purple Rose," "The Talking Eggs," and twenty-five more unforgettable adventures.< Less
HOSS - The Wise Old Owl By Jessica Linn
Paperback: $11.63
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Hoss, The Wise Old Owl is a heartwarming story that will take you on a lifetime journey with a curious little owl and her papa owl. The story is based on real adventures experienced by the author,... More > Jessica Linn, and her papa, Billy “Hoss” Bearden.< Less
Rooster By Robert D. Culp
Paperback: $14.95
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Rooster covers one year in the lives of two twelve year old boys, living in oak-wooded foothills along with Rooster’s dog Flitter and seven pups. The story recounts the boys’ battles with... More > two persistent antagonists: a fierce old boar hog named Old Lop Ear, and a weird old recluse named Garvey Bockenweiler. The stories are a mixture of real life adventures of the two young boys, and fantastic constructs of one boy’s fertile imagination. The recurring conflict with the ferocious hog and the cantankerous old man are resolved in ways that teach the young protagonist and his best friend strong lessons about life. The book ends with a powerful message as the young boys discover that the old man they feared can be turned into a friend. The book is targeted for eight to twelve year olds.< Less
Long John Silverback and the Island of the Perfect Pearl By Hugh N. McGoose
Paperback: $19.98
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A young girl named Nana follows her intuition to discover the truth about her island, the predicament of its diverse and once industrious community of animals, and a mysterious but powerful character... More > that emerges from the sea.< Less
Jane's Adventures: Seasons in the Hollow By Nancy Banner Redding
Paperback: $20.00
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Enjoy meeting Jane and her family who live in the Hollow close to their family and friendly neighbors. Among those you will meet in Jane’s life is newcomer to the Hollow “mean ole... More > Billy” whose encounters with Jane and her sisters bring about an unexpected friendship, as well as Jane’s new friend, Gertie, whose life begins anew with her move to the Hollow. Life can be hard in the Hollow but with the meeting place of the “special sitting tree” for this group of friends, they discover that friendship, faith, hardships, and joy bind them together in the Hollow that they love.< Less
The Summer of Ira Thurston By Corbin Montenegro
Paperback: $9.00
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10-to-11-year-old Ira Thurston goes on three adventures with his family over the summer. First, he goes to a water park and stays at a hotel. Next, he has his birthday. Lastly, he goes back to school.
Joaquín the Hairless Dog By Teresa Pérez
Paperback: $32.99
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The origins of Joaquín, a dog whose condition leads him to a life of international travel and adventure.
The Happy Baby Duckling and Jesus By Karen Szelest
Paperback: $13.95
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The non-fiction Christian children’s book, “The Happy Baby Duckling and Jesus,” was written by a first time author, Karen Szelest. The story is about what the author perceives as a... More > "God wink" that happened to her early one morning in May. A miracle involving a happy baby duckling and a magnificent mallard lovingly watching over the her. The author recognizes that there is more to coincidence than meets the eye with God intervening in our lives when we least expect it. Enjoy the spiritual and magical story enforcing that God is with us always.< Less