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Grownup for a Week By Austin Mardon et al.
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In Jonathan’s mind, turning ten means he’s all grown up! But he is put to the test when his father leaves on a business trip for a whole week, leaving Jonathan to care for his mentally... More > ill mother and troublesome little sister — all while starting at a new school in a new neighborhood with no friends at all. Soon, everything starts to go wrong. Determined to prove that he is a grownup and can make good decisions, Jonathan sets out to return things to normal before his father’s return. Can he do it in time? Each book in the Mental Illness Awareness series will highlight and focus on a specific mental disorder. The primary goal of these books are not to teach or relay the symptoms of these mental disorders, but to examine how the main characters, who are children, react and come to terms with the diagnosis of a family member. Ultimately, this series aims to help children who are dealing with mental illness find solace, comfort, and common ground in the struggles of the children within these stories.< Less
The Shadow and the Super Shadow By Jeffrey Pickell
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A boy on Halloween night hears a voice but sees no one. Who could it be? This question leads him on an adventure that will change him forever...
Surviving Ida By Judianne Lee
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Raine Rayburn writes a two year journal/diary that describes the double life that she is leading. Outwardly she has the perfect life. Living on a ranch with her beloved father, she pursues her... More > passions of barrel racing, reading, her singing, and preparing for her first prom with her new boyfriend. But she has another life. Her mentally ill mother is violently abusive. Along the way Raine discovers she has an angel crew who help to protect, nurture and help protect her. Raine was adopted as a small child and after one violet attack she travels to New York to meet the mother who made the supreme sacrifice in order to create the possibility that Raine will have a better life.< Less
Letters from Dad By Trinda Latherow
Paperback: $9.99
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Letters from Dad joyfully illustrates that the bond of love between a father and child cannot be broken by distance alone. Letters from Dad is a book for fathers and all those who want to make a real... More > and lasting connection with children by discovering how one father working far from home was able to touch the heart and mind of his beloved children, even the littlest one who was just two years old. Letters from Dad is especially for those who travel or live apart from their children and want them to know that neither time nor distance is a barrier between them. Take a few precious moments to read Letters from Dad to your child, for it will surely form a more loving and lasting bond.< Less
Lilly Brown Presents: Meet My Family By LA Williams
Paperback: $9.00
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In this edition of 'The Lilly Brown' series, Lilly learns it's not okay to do mischievous things without being punished.
Sometimes I wish I had a dad (and an Xbox) By Beth Schaefer
Paperback: $19.99
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This book, which is rich with illustration on every page, is customized for children who have purposefully absent dads. This book portrays a loving variety of kind, paternal men throughout the... More > pages--in the form of teacher, uncle, friend's dad, coach, and more. This book celebrates the people (male and female) who are present in a child's life, and to illustrate the richness life can still afford despite a parent's deliberate absence.< Less
Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back! By Luanna K. Leisure
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Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back! is a story about six year old cousins, Willie and Bristol, and how they create a massive mess with an exploding pillow and raining feathers. In her efforts to... More > repair Willie's flat pillow, Grandma searches for feathers and finds the perfect feather donor. An animated little duck with an attitude demands his feathers back. This picture story book for five to ten year olds, teaches how old-time customs clash with contemporary paradigms in a delightful and educational story. Also a great story for adults.< Less
Mystery at Lone Oak Ranch By Luanna K. Leisure
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From the time they were little kids, twelve year old cousins, Willie and Bristol, loved to make up exciting adventures. Little did they realize this was preparing them for their purpose in... More > life—to be the Chosen Ones—to go on real-life secret missions and to solve mysteries. Their first mission takes them to a creepy 200 year-old ranch house where they discover holographic portals, a hidden passageway, a secret underground tunnel leading to the barn, skeletons and . . . the Helping Stone! It is here they solve their first mystery of . . . the missing bones. Along with the excitement of solving mysteries, Willie is faced with family and personal problems. His cousin, Bristol, is his best friend and his grandfather is always there when he needs a confidant. Willie's best buddy is his dog, Bronco. There are secrets at Lone Oak Ranch and in Willie's family, but all comes to light by the end of the book.< Less
Normy and the Alligator By Lois H. Greenblum
Paperback: $11.99
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As six-year-old Normy says goodbye to his friends in New York, he has mixed feelings. He’ll miss his playmates, but his parents tell him it will be warm and sunny in Florida; he can go swimming... More > all the time. When his family arrives at their new home, Normy is glad to see there is a small lake in back of his house. One of his first activities is to try catching some fish. But he gets a big surprise when he reels in a small alligator. Normy asks if he can keep the little animal. His mom says he can care for the alligator until it grows too big, but he has to be careful. The kids at school help Normy name the alligator Charlie, and they are happy that Normy has shared his new friend. As Charlie grows, Normy understands that he can’t keep an alligator as a pet. Charlie needs to have his own home in the lake and his own alligator friends.< Less
With Help From my Sister By Aala Abdullahi
Paperback: $25.00
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With Help from My Sister follows Amanda as she tries to come to terms with the diagnosis of her older sister Katelyn, in the wake of her father’s recent death. Unsure of what to think and how... More > to react, Amanda finds herself lying to every one around her, including her best friend Grace. Awful impressions of British accents, Shakespeare, and peach cobbler come together in this novel as hilarious misunderstandings occur and Amanda is forced to tell the truth, but not before she finds help and solace in the most surprising of places. Each book in the Mental Illness Awareness series will highlight and focus on a specific mental disorder. This series aims to help children who are dealing with mental illness find solace, comfort, and common ground in the struggles of the children within these stories.< Less
The CHillie Coloring Book By Rebecca Thornburgh
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This charming coloring book features scenes created by children's illustrator Rebecca Thornburgh for "CHillie the Polar Bear." Kids of ALL ages will love coloring these cute and whimsical... More > characters and funny scenes!< Less
Dogs By Abby Levy
Hardcover: $16.09
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Abigail Levy is a dog connoisseur. In this book, Abby highlights some of the most unique features of a boy or girl's best friend. From the tiny chihuahua, to the grand English Mastiff, she has it... More > covered.< Less
Michael Uses His Words By Phoebe Brinkley
Paperback: $9.99
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Help encourage your child to use his or her words rather than his or her fists-read your child this book. I hope it becomes a family favorite.
The Quiet Bear By Gretchen Leary
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There once was a very little girl whose voice matched her tiny size. Her family moves from a small town to a large city, where she makes a friend in a most unexpected way. This book was written to... More > promote Autism awareness but could be applicable to a variety of audiences. The most appropriate audience may be around Pre-K through Kindergarten.< Less
Helen May Saves the Day By Nina Wolf
Hardcover: $19.99
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Helen May the field mouse lives in a shoe at the top of a hill surrounded by all of her creature friends. She loves her home with a view and doesn’t plan to leave. But one day, she hears some... More > startling news. The farmer plans to sell their little piece of paradise, and the new owners plan to turn it into a resort. Helen May calls a meeting of all her animal friends. They decide she should talk to Farmer George and convince him to keep his land and their home. But will the farmer listen to a little mouse? Through rhyming words and pictures, Helen May Saves the Day tells the story of a little field mouse, who overcomes her biggest fear of facing a human to fight for what she loves most: her home and friends. It teaches children that even the smallest creature can make a big difference in this world if they set their mind to it.< Less
Shelly Hobbes: Master Detective By Templeton Moss
Paperback: $8.99
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When Warren arrives at the foster home on East Treebark Street, he assumes it will be just like all the other homes where he never quite fit in. But then he meets his roommate, Shelly, who wants to... More > be just like Sherlock Holmes. The two quickly become friends and embark on a series of exciting adventures together. Whether it's finding out who stole the answers to the big test, uncovering the secret of a club for kids with red hair or learning the truth about the mysterious dog monster of Grimpin Park, Shelly and Warren are a perfect team. And their adventures will make the perfect addition to your library.< Less
Chitra's Secrets By Jan Fenimore
Paperback: $10.25
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A multi-cultural book set in India for middle-grade readers.
4089 By Ciara Stone
Paperback: $8.99
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Collin Peters tries to convince his friends that a time machine appeared in his yard. When they don't believe him, he gets them to come to his house to see it with their own eyes. With the time... More > machine nowhere in sight, Collin's friends turn around to leave, having to speed up their pace when they hear a mysterious, talking voice with no one around. Shocked and confused, they run, but are surprised and fearful when the time machine pops into their path. Feeling defeated and not ready to take on any adventures, the four friends climb aboard the time machine and travel 2,074 years into the future to help save the world from The Elite government force and stop its plan to take over the universe through mind control, all while avoiding evil, killing robots who want to take them as prisoners.< Less
Dusty and Albert's Beaver Tales - Mr Chang's Ten Sheets of Paper By G. Daniell
Paperback: $25.20
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This adventure follows the two beavers as they help a new friend fulfill a long-held dream through the process of making paper in the traditional Chinese method. Once again, hard work and friendship... More > are the framework of this beaver tale.< Less
On Top of a Hill There's a Billy By J. Seth Davey
Paperback: List Price: $14.20 $12.07 | You Save: 15%
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Tired of trying to pry your kids away from the TV and computer? Having trouble getting them outside for some fresh air? Billy and his giant black hound can help! This whimsical tale of a dwarf and... More > his dog will inspire your kids to get outside and explore the world around them.< Less
Middle & High School Voices 2014 By National Writing Project in New Hampshire
Paperback: $15.00
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A collection of award-winning writing by New Hampshire students in grades 7-12
Little Pabilito: In The Case of The Missing Sombrero By Jose Robles Jr
Paperback: $16.99
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Join Lil Pabilito in his first adventure! Lil Pabilito goes to a museum only to discover that someone stole Pancho Villa's sombrero! Go on a journey with Lil Pabilito to discover who Pancho Villa was... More > and look for the missing sombrero before it's too late! Can Lil Pabilito find the sombrero and restore order in the museum?Let's find out! (Ages 6-9 reading level)< Less
The Legend of Mucho Gracias By John Brylinski
Hardcover: $22.00
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When a group of men do not return from a hunting trip, imaginations run wild throughout a wagon-train in Texas.
Magnetic Betty By Rob Hunter
Hardcover: $17.50
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An eight-year-old Brownie Scout marshals her troop, the Browntown Ocelots, to save the world, Santa Claus, and Christmas as we know it, assisted by Walt and Madge, her bewildered parents, along with... More > Dolby Jenks, World’s Number One Champion Detective.< Less
My Little Feathered Friend By Peter Ohs
Paperback: $14.00
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A small orphaned duckling is lost and saved. Raised for the summer on a small lake and then released back into the wild.