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The Square Planet By Reed Fromer
Paperback: $15.00
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The Square Planet combines comedy, drama, science fiction, suspense, music & singing, and even geometry lessons to present a heartwarming parable about the value of diversity and tolerance.... More > Presented as a play by seven groups of San Franscisco Bay Area children (ages 7-8) before this book was conceived.< Less
Amazing Animal Antics By Jacki Fromer
Paperback: $20.90
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From the amazing accomplishments of Andrew Anteater's acrobatic armadillos to the zoo-bound zigzagging of Zachary Zebra, children and adults will enjoy this humorous alliterative alphabet book,... More > written by Jacki Fromer and imaginatively illustrated by her nine-year old grandson, Isaiah Usher.< Less
Magicus By Alyssa Huckleberry
Paperback: $21.50
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When Cran is sent on a mission to retrieve an ancient magical painting, he is less than enthused. His cavalier attitude quickly changes when the mission is botched and a stranger makes off with the... More > artifact. When standards (non-magical humans) begin disappearing, Cran and his friends know there is a big problem. To set things right, the friends must join in an undesirable alliance to uncover the hidden entrance to Magicus, a land locked in medieval times. When they finally make it to Magicus, they are stunned. Frightened standards litter the countryside, persecuted by evil magicals. It is clear that the oppressing magicals must be defeated in order to free the standards- but is that possible? There are hundreds of evil magicals- and just five in their small band. Not to mention that their magical powers inexplicably evaporated upon their arrival in Magicus. Cran and his friends must quickly unlock the secrets of the land and take control of Magicus- before time runs out.< Less
Ahwahnee: An Indian Tale By wandering poet
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Ahwahnee is the story of the first discovery of Yosemite Valley by white men in the spring of 1851. This book is historically accurate. This account agrees with known facts, though it is written... More > through Indian eyes rather than from the traditional white perspective. Though this book is fiction, the information offered regarding Indian culture--i.e., hunting & gathering, foods & cooking, shelters, tool making, fire making, etc.--is carefully researched and accurate. The aim is to present a glimpse of Indian culture and life in the mountains and deserts of California and Arizona. Live with the Indians as they gather acorns and pine nuts, fish in the streams, hunt grizzly and deer and wild turkeys. Events from history have been re-written and woven into a beautiful story of two friends on an odyssey. Entertaining, informative, inspirational. ILLUSTRATED "Every student should read this book to understand the pain inflicted on Native Americans by the whites." J. Tony Serra, counter culture lawyer< Less
Dare to Compete By Omar "Amaru" D. Lewis
Paperback: $12.00
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Dare to Compete is an empowering and inspiring story about a high school female wrestling prodigy who takes a male chauvinistic comment to the next level. Parts of this story are inspired by actual... More > events. Edited by Kristen Kirsch< Less
Cooka-Mamma-Fobio (Value Edition) By Givon Wayne
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This book is loosely based on the early childhood of Givon Wayne and his younger sister, Trena Kay. They spent a few years growing up on a small farm located on the outskirts of Odessa, TX. Life was... More > much different in 1973. There were no cell phones, seat-belts or video games. Freedom and boredom were the seeds of creativity, and these two kids had plenty of opportunity for both.< Less
The Wizard's Wizardry & His Travels By Pattimari & Peter Sheets Cacciolfi
Paperback: $16.00
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This Wizard is a Wizard who helps all those out in the world who need him. He has friends; Yellow Bird, Blue Eagle, Queens and Kings, and Faries, who are always able and willing to help their friend... More > the Wizard. This is the first series of the Wizards so look for Peter & Pattimari's next series.< Less
7-day children's vacation journal By Leslie Fuhs Allen
Paperback: $10.00
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This 7-day vacation journal is designed for children aged 3-10 and helps encourage them to record their travel memories. The different sections contain prompts to help the writer describe themselves... More > and their trip (destination, duration, travel companions, favorite activities, new foods they tried, new things they experienced, different languages they heard, etc) and offers extra space for drawings, notes and photos. Having traveled quite a bit with young children, I’ve found that they enjoy being involved in documenting their adventures. A customized travel journal geared towards their age and interests is just the trick for getting them to record their experiences. It allows them to be more engaged in the trip, gives them space to record things from their point of view, and is something that they can share with relatives and friends after the trip. Kids love going back and seeing what they wrote about their trips!< Less
Who's In The Lighthouse? By David L Dahl
Paperback: List Price: $6.95 $5.21 | You Save: 25%
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Sadie moved to Savannah where her Pa has a job building a new harbor. Moving into an abandoned light keeper’s house, Pa warns Sadie and Jimmy that the lighthouse is not a safe place to play.... More > They can play in the yard, or they can go into town. However, they are never to go near the lighthouse or go near the edge of the bluff. "A fall from the cliff to the rocks below will kill you, and the waves will carry your bones to Davey Jones’ Locker." Pa warns sternly. Soon Sadie learns that the house holds more secrets, but little brother Jimmy doesn’t care. He finds a new friend living in his closet. Aunt Erin knows the secret, but Ma and Pa think it is just a joke. During the full moon of October, a storm gathers and Pa’s ship is lost in the fog. Sadie wakes to find the old Lighthouse lit. “Who’s in the lighthouse?” she wonders.< Less
The Last Chore By David L Dahl
Paperback: List Price: $9.95 $7.46 | You Save: 25%
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The sun hung low in the cloudless blue sky. Itchy’s ears twitched as he nervously stomped his feet and sniffed the air. “Easy boy, I smell it.” Livy stroked her horse’s neck... More > and stared at the ridge to the east. The wind carried the strong smell of smoke and she strained to locate the source. Olivia spent the summer working the Bar S Ranch. Her flight home was just three days away, when Pa Atkinson sends her on her last chore. Eager for a chance to make the trip she sets out at daybreak. “Keep an eye on the skyline for smoke. If you smell smoke, or hear the choppers, turn around. I can get the radio after you head home. Use your head, and keep your senses about you.” Don warns as she leaves. Unfortunately, the fast moving fire traps Olivia on the Butte. Olivia is in a race for her life. Along the way she finds the key to saving the ranch, but can she use it? “Won’t do any good if I can’t get away from this fire.”< Less
Bugga's Tales By David L Dahl
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Bugga’s Tales, a collection of short stories, follows the adventurous Olivia and her little brother Dane. Step aboard the Black Swan in Pirate Adventure and Pirates To The Rescue. Pirate... More > Captain Olivia Bonny is keeping a secret from First Mate Dane as she sails the Black Swan into dangerous waters. Pursued by Lord Windsor the crew uses a stolen map to locate Blackbeard’s treasure. Lord Windsor is bad enough,but how will they elude the vengeful Blackbeard? In The Christmas Snow, Olivia discovers a lost elf and learns Santa might not stop this year. Olivia and Dane join forces to save the day. Christmas Eve finds them climbing to the roof to signal Santa. “Watch out Olivia, the roof is slick!” In Black Smoke, Dane’s model rocket careens out of control. In the doorway, Dad looks steamed. “Guess we better go take our medicine.” Olivia and Dane fess up that it is their rocket. What happens while they repaint the room is “Remarkable”< Less
What's Going On By Niles Hawkins
Paperback: $7.99
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This book is about my generation. In this book I talk about topics such as musicians then and now, technology, the style of dressing up etc.
The Mystery of the Skeleton Key By Lori Rickman
Hardcover: $14.50
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Light mystery for children. It involves a skeleton key, a moving tree, a zombie and a light surprise ending.
The Campfire Ghost By Carol Smith
Paperback: $4.95
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Boys at summer camp come in contact with an Indian legend and learn the true meaning behind the myth.
Fly & Be Free By Beckie Rasmussen
Hardcover: $25.00
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Come climb around the branches with Chloe and her friends as they learn about life. Read along and enjoy the beautiful pictures, as Chloe learns that changing and growing will help you fly and be... More > free.< Less
The Very Clumsy Caterpillar: A Parody By Steve Gritton
Hardcover: $15.99
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A Parody of the much beloved book by Eric Carle, a tiny egg hatches into one clumsy caterpillar. Follow along as the caterpillar tries to eat different foods but always tumbles and fumbles his way... More > around.< Less
Stella and The Seven Naughty No-No's By Danielle Taylor
Paperback: $21.99
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The King of Animalandia is throwing a big party! But only those who have been on their best behavior are allowed to go. There are seven naughty creatures who are "uninvited", and they are... More > very disappointed. It's up to Stella the Swan, the King's special helper, to teach these animals good behavior and the rewards that follow. Will they cooperate with Stella, or will they continue to misbehave? This is a story every parent ought to read with their child. They will enjoy a light-hearted tale of the benefits and consequences of good and bad behavior.< Less
Until I'm Safe By Jane Grace
Paperback: $13.95
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Does she stay and possibly get shot by her crazed father or run into the storm of the century, Hurricane Katrina? Marguerite Aucoin has no choice but to run! Like the fiction heroine she writes... More > about, a teen named Toots Gentry, Marguerite must be brave, despite the fact she’s lost both hearing aids and is virtually deaf. Amand rescues Marguerite from the swirling bayou waters. At his home, she awakes but doesn’t speak, writing her name, Toots Gentry. With time, he learns her secrets, and discovers someone’s trying to kill her. But’s he’s fallen in love with Marguerite and is determined to protect her.< Less
Connecticut Student Writers Vol. XXXVII By Connecticut Writing Project --Storrs
Paperback: $10.00
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2015 Connecticut Student Writers' Magazine contains original poetry, stories, essays and art by K-12 students
Food & Monsters in My Room By Kwame Vance
Paperback: $10.00
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Kwame likes food. He also likes to play with his brother and his friends. What happens when monsters interrupt his good times? Find out in Kwame's adventure.
6-day Camp Journal By Leslie Fuhs Allen
Paperback: $9.00
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Are your kids heading to overnight camp this summer? This journal was created just for them. It features enough journal pages for a 5-night/6-day camp with writing prompts to help them record their... More > week away. It includes pages for addresses, packing lists, and spaces to record memories, with words and pictures.< Less
Write Like a Girl By Liberty Kratz-Gullickson
Paperback: $24.95
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A compilation of Liberty's best work in 2014-2015, including poetry, prose and art.
Searching By Hannah Ackley
Paperback: $5.99
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Sixteen year old Maddie’s life has changed quite a bit since her dad died a few years ago. She still gets good grades, and her best friend is still Sarah, but Maddie’s mom has become an... More > overprotective bear. When her dad was alive, her mom could act like such a goofball. Now she won’t let Maddie do anything fun, and to top it off, she’s always stressed out about money. When Maddie’s grandma dies, a simple search for a beloved recipe turns up so much more. What Maddie finds leads to a search for a long lost relative, and along the way helps Maddie and her mother find each other.< Less
The Flaw in the System By Amira Sarder, Kelly Wu
Paperback: $3.35
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A story about two teenage girls who live in dysfunctional families full of sadness and drama, a cycle that has continued generation after generation, until one day these two girls set out to find... More > happiness, the one flaw, in this continuous system of misery.< Less
Nobody Looks Good in Stripes By Shawn Jones
Paperback: List Price: $19.90 $9.95 | You Save: 50%
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Nobody Looks Good in Stripes gives many reasons that fighting is out of season. These range from nobody looks good in stripes to someone is always tougher than you. It then explores prevention that... More > eliminates tension using body language, words, actions, tone of voice and respect.< Less