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Little Johnny Caterpillar and the Surfing Adventure By Mia Casasanta
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While waiting patently for his time to morph into a butterfly, Little Johnny Caterpillar wants nothing more than to fly along the trade winds with his Momma the butterfly. Late at night he sits in... More > his coconut house and looks out at the ocean blue, dreaming of the day he too could fly. After asking his mother several time if he could go swimming at the beach like the other butterflies, she decides to take him for a ride on her wings. As they fly high above the sharks, turtles and island below, the story takes a thrilling turn and the two of them are faced with unpredictable elements of wind and water. Sing along and and stay tuned for the next adventures of Little Johnny Caterpillar.< Less
With Love, The Universe By J.V. Nance
Paperback: $15.00
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This is a bold, motivating and authentic book. An original work that will amuse, inspire and motivate readers of all ages.
The Pink Monkey By Kari Wells
Paperback: $16.50
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One day many years ago in a jungle far away, a little monkey is born. Just like all his friends, Luis is a mischievous, playful monkey except for one small detail—he has pink fur! Even though... More > no one has ever seen a pink monkey before, everyone loves Luis. He learns to be happy with his colorful coat—until one fateful day, when it is time for him to go to school. All the other little monkeys stare at him. Luis is different. He does not look like them at all! In their eyes, Luis is not a real monkey. What can help the other little monkeys accept Luis for who he is? The Pink Monkey is a fun and engaging tale about the misadventures of a little monkey hero who teaches everyone around him a valuable lesson about tolerance and acceptance of others.< Less
Andy the Sandwich and His Friends at the Beach By Andrew Brinkofski
Paperback: $5.98
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Andy the Sandwich and his friends spend a warm sunny day at the beach. After a swim and lunch they decide to go on the boardwalk and ride the rides and play in the arcade. They hear an announcement... More > that begins the most exciting day of their lives.< Less
Lorelita the Hurricane Hound By Eleanor Antinis
Paperback: $14.95
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Lorelita and her puppies are having fun at the beach when their great time is interrupted by a hurricane. Little did they know they would be separated. This tender story brings about an awareness of... More > adoption and dog shelters. The capacity to love unconditionally overshadows the emotional despair Lorelita feels. The significance of a tattered tan straw hat with the bright orange bandana unfolds with this spellbinding story. This story is a must read for children of all ages to teach the importance of compassion and empathy.< Less
Share to show, YOU=LOVE! By T. Klinkhamer
Paperback: $15.90
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A heart warming educational children's coloring book about sharing, kindness and love. This book reaches out to children to teach them to share with one another!
Just Like Me By Nikki B.
Paperback: $15.00
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This book tells the story of Jason, a dyslexic child, and the journey he goes through in his struggles with his learning "difference". It captures the essence of what it is like through the... More > child’s journey and the warning signs to look for if a child may be sharing some of those same experiences.< Less
Life With Type 1 Diabetes By Sydney Clayton
Paperback: $9.50
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Take a look into my book about Type 1 diabetes! Maybe you have a friend or family member that has Diabetes. I hope you will learn something.
Before Dawn : Trilogy Collection By Rod Martinez
Paperback: $7.99
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Four school friends find something in the woods that has been hidden there for ages and never had contact with the outside world ...until they discovered it. And the small town of Lobo Cliff, Florida... More > will never be the same. This is a case of "The boy who cried wolf" taken to the extreme as the 'thing' in the woods not only may be a menace to the town but also may be the only thing that can cure one of the friends from an illness that has no cure. But this cure can also turn him into a monster.< Less
Stars in the Sky, Bring the Summer Right Back to Me By Meera Ramamoorthy
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We - campers, counselors, parents, medical professionals- come to camp and are forever changed. It is these shared experiences - the fun, the laughter, the tears, the magic, the community,... More > friendship, and love - that resonate in our heart. Regardless of where we went to camp, whether California, Colorado or Cambodia, we've been touched by the power of camp. I believe by sharing our experiences at camp, we share a bit of our heart and breathe life into memories. Our stories are linked, yours and mine, and they are linked with countless others, both in our pasts and in our futures. These stories too shall live, for we are all one and they become a part of us.< Less
Ertifferrah By Elay Understood
Paperback: $17.62
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Ertifferrah (Er-tiff-err-ah) knows something is going on in her land known as Akasha but no one believes her because of all the wild rumors the high school student body spread about her being... More > "crazy".She feels sad and so lonely and wishes her living nightmare would stop. In her quest for truth she becomes quickly addicted to a special drink given to her by the Queen. The drink causes Ertifferrah fall into a deep sleep. When she dreams, Ertifferrah feels as though she is traveling to another world where she experiences a talking book, magical deities,and most importantly, a charming guy on a football team named;Octavious. As Ertifferrah wakes up from her dream she is saddened because she has to face realities of being "that crazy girl" when she goes back to school.Not wanting to do so, she drinks more of the special drink and slips back off to sleep. It is then, while sleeping Octavious appears to her in her sleep and warns to Ertifferrah that she is not dreaming at all.< Less
Lulu and the Boys By Barbara Rainville
Paperback: $9.95
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Lulu and the Boys is a family-oriented adventure story centered on a quirky, magical dog. Her rhinestone collar flashes her star power but it’s her old tattered collar that’s the key to... More > other worlds and times. A cutesy dog, Lulu is a bit of an embarrassment to the 2 active boys who own her. But she is unflappable, joining them for everything - neighborhood walks, little league, and hikes – gradually winning them over with her mysterious charisma. Each escapade takes a unique twist with Lulu there. One of the boys’ favorite make-believe places even becomes the gateway to an unbelievable nighttime journey.< Less
The Crest Riders: Expectations By Street Endie
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Rigley Kurosawa is the lowest scoring under-achiever of the prestigious private sector, a segregated curriculum of Sheltevue High. When he is mistakenly placed on Zionée Dunnelin's team to... More > sabotage her academic ranking, they are stranded on a beach together with her little brother Edin. Upon being rescued by their college team counselor, Vicky, they return to school with the lowest rank waiting for them. As they struggle to build their way back to the top from the bottom up, rumors spread about the awesome legend of the super achiever, Tessa Seredin, who haunts after Zionée's features. As this maternal revelation tests her sibling bond with Edin, she must also struggle with the warring pictures painted about the mysterious identity of her mother.< Less
Where Do I Fit By Zayquan Graham
Paperback: $14.00
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Copyright @ 2014 ZayQuan Graham All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 2014, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form... More > or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission from the publisher.< Less
The Everlasting Love: The Beginning By Rebekah Mitchell-Wagner
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Hannah a senior at Salem High School herself in danger that she can't seem to get out of after meeting her true love who can read her mind. Can she get away from the danger before its too late?
Escape From Plantasia By Ariana Agler
Paperback: $5.50
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Written by a little girl with Asperger's/Autism, this is a very creative story about a girl that goes into another world.
Pretty Please With Sugar On Top? By Katrina Pope
Paperback: $8.99
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This is a cute book about a sweet little bear that always ask her mom for something. At the begining her mom may say no but, after sweet little bear ask in her own special way her mom can't help but... More > say yes.< Less
Little Purple's Big Surprise By Kelly Coryell
Paperback: $16.99
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Little Purple is a very friendly little chicken, but, she has a problem. She was born four shades of purple and the other chickens laugh at her. She tries her best to fix her problem by changing how... More > she looks, and of course, that is not as easy as it sounds and she learns a very important lesson.< Less
Watermelon for Everyone By Martha Woodward
Hardcover: $20.00
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"Watermelon for Everyone" is a lively, colorful book that teaches students the life cycle of watermelons while also presenting historic and fun facts. Also included in the 38 page book are... More > lesson plans for teaching math and reading along with 27 cooked and non-cooked recipes using watermelon.< Less
Gaby - It's a Swiss! 4 By Madeline Bell
eBook (PDF): $6.73
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The final part of the 12th Gaby book see's the Bond clan head to Denmark for the World Championships - nothing can go wrong - can it?
Scary Things Are Now Funny By Amie Williamson
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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Annabelle loves stories about witches and goblins and monsters. She loves them, that is, in the daytime. At bedtime those same stories creep back into her imagination and Annabelle is too afraid to... More > sleep. One night her mother has a special idea. Maybe the things that make Annabelle feel scared can make her laugh instead? “It’s rare to find a children’s book that appeals to all ages, but this one gets our whole family laughing. Amie Williamson brilliantly addresses a universal challenge: the creepy things that are so amusing during the day can leave our kids feeling frightened at night. This lovable book is an excellent parenting tool for teaching children to conquer their own fears in an easy and delightful way. I don’t know which is more fun: reading this book with my children, or the imaginative conversations afterwards.” - Shari Shallard, mother of Stella 9, Harrison 6, Henry 2< Less