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Crushing the SAT By Lawrence Silverman
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Crushing the SAT is the ultimate SAT strategy and test anxiety guide. Improving vocabulary, studying math, and drilling grammar are helpful, but realistically take years to master. If you only have a... More > few months to prepare, then Crushing the SAT is where you must start. The SAT has a unique structure and scoring system that you can use to your advantage. Knowing how to guess, what questions to leave blank, and how to save time can raise your SAT score by hundreds of points. Brain-ruining test anxiety diminishes the ability to remember and think, both of which are needed for optimal performance on high stakes tests. Crushing the SAT uses proven psychological techniques to lessen your anxiety and elevate you to a higher level of thinking.< Less
Evangeline in Grandma's Funeral By Tamara Lorenz Hampton
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Evangeline is feeling sad. Mrs. Westerby, one of her best and favorite neighbors, died. She and some of her doll friends go to the funeral parlor and encounter Beetlejuice, Kenner Toys, 1989, with... More > all of his antics, as well as Pee Wee Herman, Matchbox Toys, 1987, as Funeral Director. Agnes and Viktor are allowed to go along and pay their respects and are actually happy to do so, as they wanted to attend a real live funeral. A gentle way to open discussion and experience the feelings that others have, including adolescents, over loss and death of their favorite loved ones with an understanding and upbeat tone.< Less
Evangeline in Mrs. Westerby's Burial By Tamara Lorenz Hampton
Paperback: $33.95
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Evangeline Ghastly must go outside for the burial of her favorite neighbor and amidst their lovely Victorian bee hive hats with special visits by Dark Angel who comes to deliver sage advice, and... More > another very special and sacred ghost makes her presence known as the group says some final goodbyes outdoors.< Less
Fuu, Fuu! By Christine Puza
Hardcover: $19.99
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Who can believe all the things Fuu can do? Though he may be little, the answer may surprise you! Join Fuu and his friend- one hapless pigeon- as they find all kinds of activities to More > least until it's time for lunch! Perfect for reading aloud, the sweet rhyming story and vibrant colors will captivate your little one as they learn some of the many things Fuu can do. Enjoy a wholesome tale of fun and exploration in this charmingly illustrated book.< Less
Petie The Mischievous Pup By Debbie Embrey
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...full colour edition.... Debbie Embrey was a substitute teacher for Drakesboro Elementary School when her children attended there. She learned much by listening to the children and what they... More > loved. Children have always been part of her life. Even now she has several grandchildren and a great granddaughter who hears her tell stories over and over again. She is the author of two books: “The Heart’s Treasures” and is co-writer of “Sweet Serenity” with Deborah Brooks Langford. With several grandchildren and a great granddaughter, books are a huge part of her life.< Less
Princess Gallantra and the Great Race By Roya Movafegh, Lyle Hysen, John Newcomer
Hardcover: $40.00
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Inspired by a story by Roya Movafegh, "Princess Gallantra and the Great Race" tells the tale of four lands and what happens as they run up against several obstacles - some self imposed,... More > some real, to get to the top of Mount Something.< Less
McGuyver Starr's Amphicar By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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McGuyver Starr was a Taxi Driver, whose life was really pretty dull. Actually, each day was fairly bleak and secretly he wondered if he was ever going to go very far, until the day he bought his ... More > brand new, second-hand, Lagoon Blue Amphicar! He’d never really thought about it, but deep inside McGuyver had a raging surfie streak; he was searching for a set of wheels to match his identity; something that spoke of the sea, yet made a statement that he was unique! By the time children read to the end of this book, they will be veritable authorities on the remarkable German-built Amphicar, which rolled off the assembly line in 1961 but had ceased production by 1968. ALSO NOW AVAILABLE IN HARDCOVER!< Less
Through the Sixth Grade Looking-Glass By Mountain Middle School 2015
Hardcover: $56.24
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The sixth grader of Mountain Middle School have collobrated to write and publish this anthology of narratives and essays inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.
Paperback: $18.97
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A magic pudding who changes from steak and kidney to jam roll and apple dumpling in seconds. A walking, talking dessert that never runs out of pleasing things to eat. A koala bear, named Bunyip... More > Bluegum, A sailor named Bill Barnacle, and Sam Sawnoff the penguin have a wonderful hilarious magical adventure defending the Pudding against thieves who want it for themselves.< Less
Looking For Color Rhymes with the Color Rhyme Kids By Deborah Finger
Paperback: $21.60
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Introducing The Color Rhyme Kids. They each represent a different color and have fun finding and presenting the words that rhyme with their color.
Wow By Aevi Nakai Gluzman
Hardcover: $25.00
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A Pirates Trilogy By Tod Newman
Paperback: $19.92
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Compilation of the three books in the Pirates Trilogy. The Incredible Adventures of Pirate Zach, Pirate Hannah, Queen of the Seas, and Pirate Sam: A World Reborn. These books began as bedtime... More > stories and took on lives of their own as Tod discovered characters that used courage and cleverness to overcome challenges. Mixed into these stories, a sharp eye will find themes and characters from various legends of the world as well as interesting descriptions of unique geographies.< Less
The Metaworld Adventure By Jacob Velasquez
Paperback: $10.00
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Another Davis adventure, but this time into the land of Metaworld. Will he escape?
It's Okay To Be Lonely By Zachary Gibson
Paperback: $14.99
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A monster struggles with feelings of loneliness, only to realize he has had friends all along!
Eggs-citing Tales from The Nest By BEPS 345 Students
Paperback: $3.01
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A collection of pieces from students in the 345 Learning Community - 'Il Nido,' which in Italian means 'the nest.'
A Christmas with Mighty Max By Paige Hurley
Paperback: $12.00
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A Christmas with Mighty Max is the third book in the series "Mighty Max". Max is a student with Down syndrome and the book shows how he copes with situations with other students around... More > him. In "A Christmas with Mighty Max", Max decides to help out a classmate giving him a special Christmas surprise.< Less
Claire the Bear and her trip to the fair By Mary Quattrini
Hardcover: $22.57
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Claire the bear takes an alphabetical trip through the fair. Wonderful story for young children.
Alphabet Zanies By Daniel Freeman
Paperback: $11.64
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An alphabet book filled with zany drawings and poems. Readers won't know what to expect one letter to the next. More interactive than the average ABC book, this collection of unusual drawings and... More > silly poems is designed to engage the imaginations of those new to the alphabet as well as those who learned it long ago.< Less
Unicorn Park By Sophia and Chris Lee
Paperback: $20.00
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When something magical happens and there’s no one there to see it, how do you get people to believe? That’s the spot Cee Cee finds herself in after she has an unexpected encounter with... More > some flying, one-horned friends. But before she figures out how to make believers of her classmates, Cee Cee has to first believe in herself.< Less
Goodbye Yucky Thoughts and Feelings: An EMDR Workbook for Children By Ann P. Waldon LCSW, Christopher J. Waldon
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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Using this workbook, the child EMDR psychotherapist guides the child client through the EMDR protocol. Visually appealing illustrations based on children's drawings are used to encourage the child... More > to draw imaginal and existing resources for strength, mastery, and comfort. Using these drawings, the therapist prepares the child for processing a trauma. Then, after the child draws a safe place, the therapist uses the workbook to help the child identify the thoughts, emotions, and body sensations related to the trauma. The child is then ready for Phase 4, desensitization and reprocessing of the trauma. The workbook continues by helping the therapist guide the child client through the remaining phases of the protocol, finishing with a Certificate of Accomplishment for the child to keep. Instructions for the therapist and worksheets for the therapist's notes are included.< Less
The Adventures of Isabella Bean - Me and My Shadow By Jeremy O'Rourke
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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Join Bella and Andy on another adventure! Shadow get's into trouble and it is up to Andy and Bella to save him. This book is sure to make you laugh out loud and excited to see what comes next.
Bad Character Is Not Good By Freedom Isaac
eBook (ePub): $4.00
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Bad Character is not good Bad Character can make a king to become a slave, bad Character will make anyone to suffer. This book is short but its Informative, Educating and Entertaining to children,... More > youth and even adult. It's about a guy that became a slave of his younger brother because his younger brother caught him doing bad thing. so, the little boy took that opportunity to oppress his elder brother, he commands him to do whatever he wants and threaten to expose him if he don't do whatever he tells him to do. Find out for yourself more in this book.< Less