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The Plotwit Tales By Laura Botsford
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Seven grand and adventurous tales of time travel, cyclops, and aliens, hope, and friendship wondrously abound in these witty tales written by children from the J. Austin Cultural Center in Eudora,... More > Arkansas. Feel free to color their magnificent black and white illustrations. This 8 x 10 book is for all ages, especially the young at heart.< Less
Gaggles of Giggles By Michelle Davila
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Do you know all of the silly names for different groups of animals? Gaggles of Giggles highlights some of these groups while the animals engage in their secret silly activities that humans rarely get... More > to see. Michelle Davila is a teacher, writer, and artist who has dedicated her life towards creatively educating children through engaging content. Located in Pittsburgh, Michelle tapped into her inner child to write and illustrate her first of many books. A percentage of all purchases is donated to charity. For more information, please visit< Less
Dr. Cecil's 7 Healthy Habits for Kindergartners By Cecil Thoppil
Paperback: $7.64
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An easy to use book intended to assist parents and teachers in teaching healthy habits to kindergartners.
Lex Knows By Gina Chiara
Paperback: $15.00
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A short collection of the daily decisions a young boy faces, including the one to listen to his heart and share his feelings of longing with those around him. This book attempts to allow children... More > to imagine that the choices they make are not only guided by their own intuitive nature, but also by an inexplicable emotional presence that will always be remembered.< Less
Mello Marsh and the Magic Toilet, Adventures in New York By Scott B. Freiberger
Paperback: $15.95
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Mello Marsh and the Magic Toilet, Adventures in New York is an innovative way for children to learn about travel. Mello Marsh, a precocious yet somewhat obstinate boy, encounters an effervescent... More > enchantress named Flushing Fairy, who, at the flush of a toilet, takes him from his home to Times Square and later, to the Adirondack Mountains and Niagara Falls! Join Mello Marsh and Flushing Fairy on an amusing, educational adventure that will have both you and your child laughing out loud. In addition to gleaning insight into the Empire State, you may never flush a toilet the same way again!< Less
Whisper Me Sweet Death By Kristina Warlen
Paperback: $15.30
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After being bounced from one family member to the next, seventeen-year-old Viola finds herself exiled from her home in California, in route to a new home with her uncle in the Midwestern middle of... More > nowhere. It isn’t exactly a move she’s excited about. It means getting used to a new home life and its strange set of rules, and worst of all a new school and the people that come with it. Viola quickly finds herself to be the reason behind all the gossip at school, especially after befriending the school Goth, a mysterious, shy boy with some very unique talents. Seemingly trivial at first, the relationship quickly becomes something that will shape the rest of Viola's life. Together they learn to deal with all the stresses that go along with teenage life today, from pregnancy to dealing with the aftermath of abuse to the loss of loved ones.< Less
The Chronicles of Daisy By Peter Ohs
Hardcover: $19.00
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Ever wonder what a dog would write about their everyday events and happenings. The term is anthropomorphism and this is a life story of Daisy, who is just a plain everyday dog who happans to be very... More > intelligent.< Less
Sky Pyrates Over Oz By Sherwood Smith
Hardcover: $29.36
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At long last! The finale to Sherwood Smith’s Oz trilogy is here! Journey back to Oz with Dori and Emma, along with old favorites like Scraps and Polychrome, as they travel through the skies... More > over Oz. There’s a plot afoot with a dastardly villain who kidnapped Princess Dorothy in Smith’s first book, The Emerald Wand of Oz. It’ll take Glinda, Rikk the Nome, Dori, Emma, Scraps, and many more to contend with this threat… even a shaggy dog named “Dad!” Sky Pyrates Over Oz is illustrated by Kim McFarland.< Less
Jake & God By Morgan Manley
Paperback: $15.99
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Jake doesn’t know where to turn, who to talk to or what to do next. His father is ill in the hospital. His grades have begun to slip and to make matters worse, he’s getting in trouble at... More > school! Jake needs help. Where will he turn to find solutions to the problems on his young mind? Morgan Manley presents a children’s book with a twist lost in today’s world, a question of faith. Jake and God is a story of responsibility and trust, love and challenges. Morgan Manley has done an excellent job telling a story of great importance in terms a child can understand. Jake and God is an essential book for your family’s shelves, sure to become a beloved classic for generations to come!< Less
Nana's Hands By Jaime Farmer
Paperback: $14.99
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A book that celebrates the loving and tender bond through the hands of one boy’s special Nana.
When a Child Cries By Cassie Edwards
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When a child cries is a story that can be used as an educational tool teach young child about cancer. Utilizing visual aid and a well told story the teaching of the subject matter is easy and fun for... More > the children to learn. The way the story has been organized makes it a must read for any educational institution that teaches children.< Less
The Little Girl Who Wanted One Best Friend By Kim Barker
Paperback: $10.00
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The story is about a little girl named Kaisyn who decides having many friends is better than one best friend.
Penn and Bean The Guitar Lady By Donald Landes-McCullough
Hardcover: $27.05
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Welcome to the world of Bobby Penn and Shelly Bean, two country children enjoying life in the late 1940's. They value their friendship and live with kindness and generosity in a world that offers no... More > luxuries. In this story, Penn and Bean take a trip to bring a surprise to an elderly lady known for her guitar playing. What might it be?< Less
Jacob Bear goes on Safari By linda corbin
Paperback: $6.00
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Jacob bear continues his journey when he takes his friends on a safari
Two Mommys By Kathy Wach
Paperback: List Price: $19.99 $14.99 | You Save: 25%
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Angel Babies choosing their own families? What? That’s crazy you say! But not in this story. You just wait and see… Take a peek way up high in the clouds and see what really goes... More > on before you were born! You see, today families come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t look like they did in the “Leave it to Beaver” days of the 50’s. Some children are being raised by a Grandma, a single Mom, one Dad or two, or in the case of this story Two Mommys. There are Angel Babies living in Heaven waiting to be born into these unique and wonderful families. Most of the time their families are chosen for these Angel Babies, but every once in awhile an exception is made for an extraordinary little Angel to choose his own family! This is the story of one of these little Angels.< Less
A Grandparent's Gift - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness By Pamela Metea
Paperback: $8.99
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A Grandparent's Gift. As grandparent's, all one can do is put guidance out there and hope our grandchildren review and take even a little advice to heart. Our goal is to give love and be a positive... More > influence in their lives.< Less
I don't feel like it By Mary Woolford
Paperback: List Price: $19.65 $18.67 | You Save: 5%
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This is a short story about a boy name Brandon. Every time his mothers asked him to do anything, he would tell her " I don't feel like it" and he refused to do as she asked of him, so one... More > day, she decided to teach him a lesson.< Less
Jack and the Castle of Sand By Florence Shearer
Paperback: $15.00
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Jack was a sweet little boy that never complained. One day things were not going his way and he began to cry... His mom found a way to make him happy again.
The Princess With the Broken Heart By Jonathan Schultheis
Hardcover: $20.00
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The story of a little princess and the choice her mother and father must make in order to save her from a powerful curse. A fairy tale of adoption and special need. If your child is wondering about... More > their birthparents, this story puts a positive spin on the subject!< Less
Valley of the Yellow Stones By Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi
Paperback: $7.98
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In the land of the ancients called Sheran and later renamed the Valley of the Yellow Stones. Its name came from the large yellow stones that were discovered in the streams, lakes and rivers. Back in... More > ancient times, the yellow stones were so plentiful that the ancients made jewelry and gold coins with them to barter with the surrounding villages and towns. They accumulated such a vast amount of riches that their greed overpowered their love for the land and stripped it of its minerals and nutrients; altering the rivers, lakes and soil; leaving the land barren.< Less
Mark Needs a Home By Herbert Nyakudya
Paperback: $14.20
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Mark the dog finds himself on the side of the road and believes he is dumped by yet another owner. Mark goes in search of another loving owner. After a long search he reunites with his owner Jamie... More > who was upset for loosing Mark.< Less
Warlocks of the Revolution By Stephen Gambuti
Paperback: $12.95
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If I told you the patriots of the American Revolution had the secret help of a bunch of warlocks and wizards, would you believe me? It's true! I should know because I was there. I had the misfortune... More > of being chosen by the Liberty Chronicles. That stupid book brought me all the way back to the year 1773. The next thing I knew, I was recruited by a group of warlocks to save the history of the United States. This became the adventure of a lifetime. Many lifetimes.< Less
Kisha Loves the Summer Time By Ron Porter (Author), Amber Sessoms (Photographer)
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Kisha Loves the Summer Time, is a colorful and fun narrative poem, showing a day in the life of ten year old Kisha, as she explores and plays in a park.