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The Colorado Adventures By Kent Hovind
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Book one, The Long Trip, takes us from Pensacola to the SE border of Colorado. Watch the grandkids as they grow in their ability to see the needs of others and in their confidence to witness for the... More > Lord. Book 2, The Colorado Adventures, sees the kids win souls to Christ and see lots of amazing things all over the state of Colorado. Watch them use facts from creation and the flood to share their faith. Book 3 covers the lo-o-o-o-o-ng trip home where they continue to learn and grow in Christ while seeing many new parts of this great land we live in.< Less
Magic Globe Series Book 3 By Kent Hovind
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The goal of these stories is threefold: 1. To encourage children and adults to give their hearts and lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. 2. To teach things about God's amazing creation and to do it at a... More > level where all can understand. 3. To motivate readers to be soul winners for the Kingdom of God.< Less
Bear Cub Adventure By Kathy Boyd Fellure
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The middle Blake sisters, Marsha and Becky, are going on a camping trip to Sugar Pine Point State Park, alone with their parents. The girls have dreams of campfires glowing, roasting hot dogs and... More > making s'mores, hiking, fishing, canoeing, stargazing... Disaster strikes when the Stinky Boy Cavendish brothers show up for the morning hike. What was the point of leaving their four sisters behind at the cabin if their parents invited the neighbors? Join the hike and meet the Tahoe critters living in the the forest on the trail: raccoons, beavers, porcupines, squirrels and a Mama bear with her cub! What can the sisters do to make sure George and Robby don't tag along when they go fishing in General Creek or canoeing on the lake? A wise owl hoots answers from a tree above the girls' tent at night and their parents offer a surprise solution.< Less
The Great AmTryke Rodeo By Karen Dean
Paperback: $20.00
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Children with special needs and their parents and siblings sometimes have a longing for the freedom of movement that is restricted by wheelchairs and braces. Twin brothers, Joey and Jason, from The... More > Great AmTryke Rodeo, understood that longing. Riding bikes together was never possible until this special rodeo came to town. Joey and other special needs children were matched up with the perfect shiny red AmTryke. Therapists and AMBUCS volunteers helped to make them fit just right, then teach them how to ride or gently push them along. It was all so very exciting for the new bikers and their families. The best part of all was being able to take their wonderful shiny AmTryke home for keeps. This rhyming children’s book is colorfully illustrated to capture the fun and excitement of an AmTryke Rodeo. The emotion of this heart-warming event is evident in the apprehensive and joyful expressions as smiles light up the room.< Less
Reddy Freddy By Jem Moore
Paperback: $16.99
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"Once upon a time, there was a little fox, and his name was Freddy." Join Reddy Freddy in this sweet and gentle adventure, and share his amazement when he discovers what he truly loves.
Bear Hugging and Cancer Crushing By Eric Gilcris, Anna Gilcris
Paperback: $17.99
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One day, when Daddy lays down for a nap, Mommy calls her child to her to share some important news. Mommy and Daddy just learned today that Daddy has something called cancer. The child doesn’t... More > know what that means and asks lots of questions. What will Daddy be able to do now? What won’t Daddy be able to do? What is cancer, anyway? The child thinks of all of the wonderful things Daddy does, like chasing him and singing and going to the park. If Daddy needs more rest, that means he won’t have as much time to do all of those fun things. But the child also learns something very important, something good. There are many things that Daddy will always be able to do. Daddy can cuddle, just like always and Daddy still loves bear hugs, which help keep him strong.< Less
Hillbury and I By J.J. Goldmore
Paperback: $19.99
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Hillbury and I by J.J. Goldmore Written at Cheekwood Art & Gardens Published by A Novel Idea, 2014
Ojitos By Ashley Albarran
Paperback: $10.00
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Un libro bilingüe sobre un niño que se pregunta porqué sus ojos son cafés, su mamá lo consuela diciendole que sus ojos son hermosos así como los tiene. A... More > bilingual book about a boy who questions the color of his eyes but is comforted by his mother who tells him his eyes are beautiful the way they are.< Less
Thumperino Superbunny and the Pirates of the High Seas By Amber L. Spradlin
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In this tale, Thumperino goes on vacation to a tropical island and soon finds it’s not all fun in the sun. Someone is dumping garbage in the sea and it’s up to Thumperino Superbunny to... More > get to the bottom of the mess. But his mission may be doomed when he unexpectedly tangles with a band of pirates. Will a surprising new super-power and the skills he learned at the library help him save the day or will he have to walk the plank?< Less
Run! It's a Skunk! By Ralph and Donna Blanchard
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Two farm puppies (Rusty and Bandit) are playing 'Lions' in the meadow when they suddenly see a skunk. They are afraid of it because it looks funny. They have also heard that skunks smell bad. But... More > their mom and dad (Wrinkles and Scruffy) refuse to bully the skunk and chase it away. Instead, they encourage Rusty and Bandit to learn more about skunks before deciding that skunks are scary. With the help of Captain the Horse, Ricky the Raccoon and Frederico the Spanish-speaking Fox, Rusty and Bandit discover that you shouldn't judge a skunk by the way it looks and smells.< Less
Izzy's Hatchlings By Donna M. Zappala
Hardcover: $19.99
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Izzy’s eight hatchlings have grown into healthy and playful diamondback terrapins. However, the one male struggles with being the smallest in the bunch. To find the answer, he asks everyone he... More > meets this question: “Why am I the smallest?” [Children's Picture Book (rated G for ages 2-7) illustrated in full color from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. * | Book 3 in the Izzy the Terrapin series]< Less
The Adventures of Ross: Your Average Superhero By Nathaniel Betters, Hannah Betters
Paperback: $7.27
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This is a book written by my younger brother, Nathaniel, when he was ten years old. It chronicles the crazy adventures of a superhero named Ross, who saves the world from cat ladies and sumo... More > wrestlers, all while struggling with his weight (and learning how to ride a mouse). The illustrations and penmanship are all his (and my sister's).< Less
Whaddya Want? By John Parker
Paperback: $9.99
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StuntMasters is the story of 13 year old, Levi Kraft and his struggle to make sense of the crazy world around him. Finding little purpose in the daily routine of life his thoughts often wander to... More > more exciting places. He falls in with friendly cohorts to suffer through his days until a mystery BMX rider blasts onto the scene at the bus stop. This after school daredevil captures Levi's heart, mind, and dreams with BMX riding. Suddenly he has a reason to care about the people and events that swarm around him. Bit by bit he wakes to a world he never knew existed. With the help of a BMX bike, a skater kid, and some other odd characters he begins to learn that he has special powers of his own; powers of positive thoughts turned into purposeful action. Follow and laugh along as Levi discovers the meaning of the StuntMasters, the identity of the mystery rider, and perhaps the secret of life.< Less
Toothtown Boys in Action By Tracy Carol Taylor
Paperback: $12.00
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This time the little teeth are having fun in the sun with extreme sports, professions, and world cup soccer. Come and color the flags of some of the World Cup Soccer Teams. ToothTown: Boys in Action,... More > Come and Join the fun. Dental Coloring Book< Less
A Short Book On Time By Kelly Holden
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A Short Book On Time was inspired by some big ideas about time and conversations with a boy who loves numbers. From daughter-father creative team, Kelly Holden and Frank Holden comes the debut... More > childrens' book that is all about time. A great conversation-starter for those particularly inquisitive minds about the relativity of time, from the ways that we count it, to the ways that we experience it, all in a light-hearted rhyme. In this era of fast-paced living, we hope to encourage children (and remind parents) to take some time to slow down, to treasure their time with loved ones and to spend time on the things that really count.< Less
Tropic By Scott Tippett
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Tropic is the tale of Benjamin and Summer, whose families are among the first to join the fledgling program known as the Peace Corps. The tale begins in the U.S. as the families prepare to travel to... More > Hawai'i for their initial indoctrination, then to Norfolk Island for training. Assigned to the incomparable islands of the South Pacific, Summer and Benjamin encounter adventure and romance in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Mo'orea, Bora Bora and Tahiti. Profiles of indigenous islanders are woven through the story of the two families' struggle to make a difference in the underdeveloped island nations of the South Pacific, while remaining ever mindful of J.F.K.'s stated mission: "To promote world peace and friendship through a Peace Corps, which shall make available to interested countries and areas men and women of the United States qualified for service abroad and willing to serve, under conditions of hardship if necessary, to help the peoples of such countries and areas in meeting their needs for trained manpower."< Less
Before Dawn : Trilogy Collection By Rod Martinez
Paperback: $7.99
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Four school friends find something in the woods that has been hidden there for ages and never had contact with the outside world ...until they discovered it. And the small town of Lobo Cliff, Florida... More > will never be the same. This is a case of "The boy who cried wolf" taken to the extreme as the 'thing' in the woods not only may be a menace to the town but also may be the only thing that can cure one of the friends from an illness that has no cure. But this cure can also turn him into a monster.< Less
I Believe I Can Fly, And So Can You! THE COMPLETE SERIES (Volumes 1-4) By Angela E. Burse
Paperback: $45.90
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This compilation of books was designed to let you know that you can do whatever you set your mind to. It contains Volumes 1-4 of the series. It includes the stories of the characters in books 1-3 and... More > the workbook provides sight words and other developmental learning tasks appropriate for Pre-K through Grade 1.< Less
Adventure of Roo & Winston A Hound's Tail By Brenda Bryson
Paperback: $13.50
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The adventures of a Winston (a rabbit) and Roo (a guinea pig) as they travel to Ireland and deal with a new member of the family,
The story of Alexis the Walking Stick By Jamie Delvaux
Paperback: $16.50
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This is the story of a walking stick and her friends as they go on adventures in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin. A great book for new readers aged 5-8! Includes fun activities!
La Canción del Coquí By Maria Garcia
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Una historia sobre un pequeño coquí que vive en el bosque tropical El Yunque y desea cantar una hermosa melodía. Tristemente, después de haber consultado a varias aves... More > indígenas, él se da cuenta que no puede cantar como ellos. Al seguir los consejos de su mamá, el crea su propia canción y a sus amigos los coquíes les gusto tanto que todos comenzaron a cantar y se convirtió en su melodía tradicional.< Less
Flowers and Twigs, The Story of Wild Flower and Mr. Twig By Linda L. Deeter
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A magical story about a flower and twig that come to life, becoming best friends and spending time in a big yard. They meet Rosy, a red rose that joins them walking from place to place. Having... More > adventures of swinging high above the ground, or searching for a hole in a fence, and finding challenges that only flowers and twigs could. Enjoying their time together, as best friends do.< Less
Gaby - Culture Clash By Madeline Bell
eBook (PDF): $7.79
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Can Drew overcome his injury? Will life ever be the same again? Of course nothing is that simple where the Wunderkind is concerned....