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Bad Dog? By Tracy Blom
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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This is the tale of a dog and its owner, and their differing views on what is BAD and what is GOOD. This book teaches us to look at situations from all points of view before getting upset or forming... More > a judgement.< Less
Boppy the Seal By Tina Tazekand
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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Boppy the Seal is a happy little boy who lives in the zoo and loves to play kickball, but what happens when he doesn't feel well enough to play? Join Boppy and his animal friends to see what happens... More > as he learns about seeing the doctor and taking medicine.< Less
A Child’s Eye View of Totems and Tutelary Spirits By Alan Leddon
Paperback: $9.95
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Written for the 8 to 13 year old crowd, but enjoyable for all ages, this book examines teaching and protective spirits, spirit ancestors, and power animals from mythologies from all over the world.... More > Good, protective spirits and malevolent "evil spirits" from all six inhabited continents are discussed in an easy to read format. Forty three mythological types of protector spirits and twenty two individual types of evil spirits from around the world have their own separate entries. The reader is offered seven activities to better understand the mythology, many focusing on the reader's hometown and what stories may be told about spirits there. A must have for true seekers of enlightenment and students of mythology alike!< Less
Dots and Dashes By Mitch Bensel
Paperback: $10.50
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A children's book full of short, wonderful stories ending with poetry for children, and a poem for every month of the year... come on in to Dots and Dashes!
Sky Pyrates Over Oz By Sherwood Smith
Hardcover: $29.36
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At long last! The finale to Sherwood Smith’s Oz trilogy is here! Journey back to Oz with Dori and Emma, along with old favorites like Scraps and Polychrome, as they travel through the skies... More > over Oz. There’s a plot afoot with a dastardly villain who kidnapped Princess Dorothy in Smith’s first book, The Emerald Wand of Oz. It’ll take Glinda, Rikk the Nome, Dori, Emma, Scraps, and many more to contend with this threat… even a shaggy dog named “Dad!” Sky Pyrates Over Oz is illustrated by Kim McFarland.< Less
Illustrated & Alliterated: An Alphabet Book By Samantha Hernandez
Paperback: $16.00
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Illustration: an image such as a drawing or painting used to describe and relay a meaning to the viewer. Alliteration: a sentence or phrase created using words of the same first letter or... More > sound. In Illustrated & Alliterated: An Alphabet Book you will go on a colorful journey through the alphabet. A journey provided by inventive phrases paired with bright pictures. A full glossary is provided at the end of the story to help you learn the words printed within the pages.< Less
The Chronicles of ChingyRobot: Sharing Makes Friends By Remy Lexington
Paperback: $15.00
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ChingyRobot observes a creature in need of help. He intervenes and saves the day by sharing.
North Texas Venomous Snakes By Stephen Myers
Paperback: $10.00
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Learn to identify venomous snakes, and how they look different from non-venomous ones!
Even on the Moon By Lilith Reigger
Paperback: $9.00
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Chai called the woods home but not because he liked it there. The woods is where he hid away from the world that didn't want to see him. It was the only life he knew until one day a familiar voice... More > called him out of his hiding place. Startled that God could see him, Chai imagines one hiding place after another where he thought God surely couldn't see the worthless little dog. But, no matter where Chai hides, God sees him. This is a story of why, no matter if we hide in the depths of the sea, among the stars, or even on the moon, God always sees the ones He loves.< Less
A...B...See the Scriptures By Marina Baker
Paperback: $9.99
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This is a fun and educational activity book for teaching our precious children certain key scriptures in the Bible. Although there is no substitute for reading God’s Word daily, this book... More > encourages children and parents to interact together through catchy memory hooks, beautiful illustrations, activity pages, interactive questions, and more. Your children will enjoy this book so much, they won’t even realize they are learning!< Less
Dandy Lion By Amy Klene
Hardcover: $25.00
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Hardcover: A refreshingly unique and colorful children's book that delivers a powerful message of unending love.
The Note By Doeneseya Bates
Paperback: $16.99
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(Connection to the end of Body Rock 4) Jason just received some of the worst news imaginable and once again, he’s gone off the rails. He didn’t think life was worth living anymore. So,... More > he did his best to end it. Jason now lies in his death bed defenseless and weak; two words that have never illustrated him. In his absence, he left a note with his friend Adrian. The note was for a woman he’s grown to treasure. Since his suicide didn’t go as planned, Jason decides to use his shallow breaths to expose everything that he wrote in the note for her. First, he wants to go back to where everything began between them. Times were troubled back then too, not just for Jason, but for Marissa as well.< Less
The More The Merrier By Agatha Magic Loveshrr
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A day in a life in childishly old-fashioned rhymes comes and passes like a summer cloud... May contain faeries and pirates. Or was it worms and Marmite? ***** Every poem is illustrated in... More > colour. *****< Less
Giving an Account (Reader) By William Walter
Paperback: $29.95
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What missed opportunities are there for teachers who do not recognize the personal narrative’s natural advantages over fiction! If you understand fiction at all, you understand that it is its... More > realistic, not fantastical, elements that make it so appealing. Fictional plots, settings, and characters have to seem real to the reader in order for them to be interesting—plots have to make sense, descriptions of settings must seem familiar, and characters’ thoughts must, at least vaguely, mirror our own thoughts. But even with the best fiction writers, the imagination sometimes can produce false fabrications. Personal narratives, such as those found in this textbook, are for the most part not fabrications, but represent the real thoughts, feelings, and situations of real people. The text will include works by Plutarch, Lewis and Clark, George Müller, James Boswell, Booker T. Washington, Charles Dickens and others. An accompanying study guide is available separately.< Less
Speaking in Symbols (Reader) By William Walter
Paperback: $29.95
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Fantasy, Gothic, Science Fiction, Mystery, and Detective: these genres are currently all the rage in twenty-first–century America. A quick look at the current best-sellers about vampires and... More > whatnot will be proof enough. But everything sold in today’s bookshops, although somewhat enter­taining, is not necessarily good. There is virtually only one proof of literary legitimacy—the test of time—and most of the works contained in this anthology have with­stood that test. ¶ This work seeks to do several things. First, it attempts to show the very origins of imaginative works through the stories of oral tradition, and thus introduces the “core” of all good modern fantasy works. It also attempts to show the connection that the various genres have with one another. Finally, this anthology encourages student readers to penetrate the mere enter­tainment value of a good story in order to under­stand its deeper levels of meaning.< Less
The Baobab Tree: An African Folktale By Erin McAleer
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A starving village in Africa sends 3 animals to solve their problem by getting the magic words from the witch doctor.
The Empty House Next Door By Phyllis Archer
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When all the kids in the neighborhood suddenly move away, Kevin finds himself all alone, sad and in need of a miracle. Young Jesus and his parents move in next door and Kevin and Jesus become best... More > friends.< Less
KOV - Event Day By Tina Bralley
Paperback: $8.99
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The four royal cousins compete to see who is the best. Just as they are about to win a cheater steals the race.
Paperback: $10.75
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I Love Being Me is a fun and easy to read book which teaches little girls the importance of loving everything about themselves. Skin color, hair texture and any other physical attributes are worthy... More > to be loved! Educational and encouraging a great way to begin or end a day!< Less
Cavities of the Caribbean By Tracy Carol Taylor
Paperback: $31.99
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This is the story of Black Tooth. The most feared pirate on the high seas. He is trying to take over the world with his drink called root beer. But one sailor will stop him. One sailor will save the... More > town of Crown Royal from Black Tooth's evil deeds.< Less
Loveable Fruits: Andy the Apple and Gia the Grape By Marlon P Broady
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $11.99 | You Save: 20%
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Andy the Apple and Gia the Grape is the first book of a six book series entitled Loveable Fruits. Andy begins his journey by leaving his fruit basket in search for a friend in the city. Andy then... More > meets Gia who is lost and crying because she fell off of her grape bunch. Andy then befriends Gia, and they become friends while playing at a local park. The Book aims to teach children the importance of overcoming challenges, teamwork, sharing, caring, and developing friendships. Look for the second book in the series entitled Otis the Orange, and see the journey Otis takes to end up as a Loveable Fruit in the basket.< Less
“I am with you always even unto the end of the world” Matthew 28:16-20 By Shawndrea Campbell
Paperback: $54.99
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I wish to give you all that has helped me so that you may use it and develop your own interpretations to increase your ability to enjoy life. Life is not long, nor short as others would have you... More > believe - it is the moment you exist, don’t miss happiness nor prepare for it in the future but ensure that every moment in all possible ways you are achieving prudent happiness. "This book is about love. It is written because of the caring love this mother has for her children. Love cares. The impact of this mother's love will be generational. This book will shape the lives of her children and their children to come in a positive manner. I believe the greatest gift you can give your children is love and the pages of this book are a gift of love to her children; page after page after page."< Less
Alphabet Of The Ocean By Shawni Hughes
Paperback: $18.60
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Alphabet of the ocean; contains letters of the alphabet with ocean creatures such as animals and plants, plus short fun facts about each sea creature that represents its letter.
Stalwart Wolves: Spirit's Tale By Serenity Murdie, Allie Schenewerk
Paperback: $14.97
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Celia and Spirit are struck into dismay when wolves randomly start attacking people. They are in grave danger, until they meet Eve, a magical guardian who has strange secrets she isn't willing to... More > share. Celia and Spirit find themselves in war, and to make matters worst, Spirit has unbelievable secrets too. Will they solve who is behind these crimes, or will something-SOMEONE-get to them first?< Less
Train Your Brain By Sharon Disher
Paperback: $13.00
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Sally the Scientist along with friends Travon and Dierra, explore optical illusions and how our eyes can trick our brains.