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Planetpals Teacher Book By judith gorgone
eBook (PDF): $6.49
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Planetpals TEACHER BOOK: Exclusive Earth friendly activities for kids. Planetpals unique activities fun for all ages include recycle kits, crossword puzzles, pencil toppers, book marks, eco patrol... More > kit, games, crafts and more. Great for the classroom or homeschool. By far our best Teacher product! For Earthday or every day. Meet the Planetpals, take a trip into their eco-friendly world, and learn to love the planet, everyone and everything on it!, ***Note each page of this book is on a separate sheet of paper for copying and cut out activities.< Less
Planetpals Coloring Book By judith gorgone
eBook (PDF): $5.49
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Planetpals COLORONG BOOK: Exclusive Earth friendly coloring pages for kids. Meet the Planetpals, take a trip into their eco-friendly world, and learn to love the planet, everyone and everything on... More > it! Planetpals unique activities for kids, teacher, families. every day. Meet the Planetpals, take a trip into their eco-friendly world, and learn to love the planet, everyone and everything on it!< Less
Tomorrow's Wish By Wade Bradford
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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"Tomorrow's Wish" is a three-act play by Wade Bradford. It is a comedy-drama with a bit of fantasy thrown into the mix. During the most boring summer of her life, 16 year old Megan... More > Pomerville must now deal with her strange, friendly yet embarrassing cousin: Juniper, a home-schooled teen who's been living a sheltered and secluded country life. Megan's cynical attitude soon changes when she discovers Juniper's secret - a secret so remarkable it will change their lives forever.< Less
Klann: The Origins By Marcus Thomas
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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A tale about a boy named Klann growing up in a military minded society where the poor are oppressed. After an incident showing Klann's great powers his uncle, who happens to be the ruler proclaims... More > him to be the great one who will conquer all. Klann is faced with a dilemma. To be the great warrior his family wants, or to free the oppressed and save his morally crumbling planet.< Less
Anna Hosanna and the Most Miraculous Mirror Ever! By Jon Clark
Paperback: $12.15
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In this hideously magical tale, Anna Hosanna learns about her self-image the hard way after a mysterious salesman sells her a miraculous mirror that can change any feature about her with the turn of... More > a dial. When the mirror goes haywire and Anna turns monstrous, a special messenger helps her discover her inner beauty and the knowledge that she is created in God's own image.< Less
Paperback: $12.15
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In this Tall (small) tale, Anna discovers a resizer machine that could make her dreams of becoming the biggest foot tromping Anna ever! But be careful with what you wish for. Anna learns, in a BIG... More > way, that God's creatures tall or small are loved by Him.< Less
The Boy Who Brought Fire: A Collection of Short Stories By Christopher Jon
Paperback: $25.00
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(8 Ratings)
Take a wondrous journey in this delightful collection of short stories. Witness the fire of one Boy's imagination as he makes new and exciting friends who teach him important lessons about the world... More > he creates in his mind and the world in which he already belongs. Parents will enjoy reading these stories to their youngsters while beginning readers find new adventures in every chapter. 14 bright and whimsical full-page illustrations are sure to captivate the eye and heart. This is a MUST-read for any child or grown-up who understands the importance of imagination. Suitable for children ages 5+< Less
THREE: Short Stort Collection By Rod Martinez
Paperback: $5.99
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THREE: A Collection of three spellbinding short stories by Rod Martinez: DANGERSTREET: 15 year old Jon Torres discovers the fine line between reality and fantasy in a computer game he's... More > created...with gastly results. MR. MOORE: A young child thinks back of his relationship with Mr. Moore, a friend in the neighborhood, who has just passed away. THE SECRET PLACE: Ten year old Andy Meeks struggles to find the Secret Place, a place he'd learned from his grandfather with a man who heals with mystical powers... he runs against time as he tries to save his grandfather from a slow painful death.< Less
Nuna's ABC Picture Book By Eleni Rigby
Paperback: List Price: $18.00 $14.40 You Save: 20%
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NUNA, friendliest Godmother of all, takes a child on a adventure of Words as you tour the world from A to Z.
The Boy Who Sewed Stars By Christopher Jon
Paperback: $25.00
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(1 Ratings)
It all started with a star…and a wish. A long time ago, in a faraway village, there lived a boy who didn’t quite fit in. One night, the boy asked, “Mother, why am I so... More > big?” His mother looked up and answered, “Because you have the biggest heart and one day that heart is going to do great things!” So begins the incredible tale of how one boy saved an entire village...the same village that rejected him. “The Boy Who Sewed Stars” is a touching story of acceptance, hope, forgiveness and most importantly...a story of love. Fully illustrated - Ages 4+ Contains a GREAT anti-bullying message.< Less
Flowers Fit For A Queen By Christopher Jon
Paperback: $25.00
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(2 Ratings)
Join the prince and the princess on a fun-filled, exciting adventure as they search their kingdom and beyond for a magic flower that will heal their mother, the queen. "Flowers Fit for a... More > Queen" is a beautiful fairy tale about love, family, and how children cope with the illness of a parent. Stunning black and white pencil and ink drawings on every page are sure to capture every child's imagination. Suitable for parents to read to children ages 4+< Less
Bad Romance By Christopher Kessinger
Paperback: List Price: $17.00 $15.30 You Save: 10%
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(1 Ratings)
How does one define who they truly are? This is the question that Christian Manks finds himself struggling with. The world around him is changing as life passes him by. New people are entering... More > into his life and others are flitting away, barely there for a moment. Yet there are a few who leave their marks upon him, hurling him into life altering situations full of heartache and tears. For all the people that are becoming a part of Christian’s world, one will stand out from the rest. One that will change everything from his heart and his mind, to his views of the world. One that he will love forever.< Less
Four White Horses By Christopher Jon
Paperback: $15.50
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(1 Ratings)
Four White Horses is a simple, bedtime poem for parents to read to their children. The poem follows four magical horses on their midnight ride around the world. Vivid, color illustrations appear on... More > every page. Appropriate to read to children of any age.< Less
Funky Foods with Alley and Chester By Alicia Flynn
Paperback: $19.50
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With light, zany verse and brilliantly colored illustrations, this book demonstrates ways to help children make healthful food choices that will last a lifetime.
The Angry Kite By Amanda Foran
Paperback: $15.00
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The book tells the tale of a small mouse named Ezequiel Tinklepaw and his friend the kite. They have many adventures together and become close friends, but sometimes being a kite isn't all it's... More > cracked up to be. The kite finds he doesn't so much like being pulled everywhere that Ezequiel wants to go, so he decides to venture out on his own. The results of his decision make for a heartwarming tale of friendship complete with life lessons and cautionary tales. Although the story is childlike, the ideas are thoughtful and the art is an intricate, complex work of it's own. Excerpt: "Ezequiel Tinklepaw was a small young mouse who lived with his mother and father in a hole at the base of an ancient oak tree. The home had been in the family for several generations and though the interior was dated, the location was desirable and the Tinklepaw family had always been very happy living there..."< Less
Telly the Turtle Learns to Come Out of Her Shell: A Story about Repairing Attachment Wounds By Jaime Henle, Psy.D.
Paperback: List Price: $11.99 $10.79 You Save: 10%
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This children's book is about repairing attachment wounds. As a little turtle, Telly does not feel safe with the grown up turtles and as a result was not able to trust others and would hide inside... More > her shell. This worked for her while she was young but when she grew up she wanted to have relationships with others and had to learn how to come out of her shell and to connect with others. She learns how to do this with the help of a wise owl.< Less
Lead With Your Heart: A CritterKin Tale By Jena Ball
Paperback: $9.99
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Told through the eyes of a goofy, fun-loving pit bull named Lance, Lead With Your Heart is the story of how one dog overcomes prejudice and fear to find his forever home. Lance's adventures involve... More > everything from obedience training and spaghetti sauce to visits to the principal's office. But no matter what the challenge, Lance always leads with his heart. Kids and adults alike will chuckle over his struggle to understand vacuum cleaners, cell phones and shoes, and cheer as he learns to overcome his enemy's fear. Lead With the Heart is a story for all ages that will leave everyone smiling.< Less
KALEIDOSCOPE: Our Fine Feathered Friends Flip Book Puzzle By Nina Hackman
Paperback: List Price: $17.50 $16.63 You Save: 5%
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Welcome puzzle fans and sleuths! Kaleidoscope: Our Fine Feathered Friends Flip Book Puzzle is the 2nd in a series of books for ages 8 and up. Younger children will enjoy the images, but may not be... More > able to complete the puzzle activity without help from an adult. In this 2nd book, I have taken photographs of different kinds of birds commonly found in Northern Illinois. I then used those photographs to create a kaleidoscope pattern of each bird picture. The object of the activity is to identify the picture of the bird depicted in the kaleidoscope! There is something in each kaleidoscope pattern to lead you toward the solution of the puzzle-a shape, a texture, a color, a design, etc. Once solved, flip to the answer page and see if you are correct! I have also included a hidden letter on each puzzle page. Find the letters to solve the hidden message! I have 2 more books planned: Exotic Animals, and Flowers.Thank you for your interest in Kaleidoscope: Our Fine Feathered Friends Flip Book Puzzle.< Less
Finley's Great White Adventure By Melissa Marquez
Paperback: $13.00
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(3 Ratings)
Finley may be the biggest fish in the ocean but he’s afraid of one thing: humans. What happens when he meets a human?
Salem Twilight By Calvin Downes
Paperback: List Price: $15.99 $12.79 You Save: 20%
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Day in and day out, the harvest fields of Danvers, MA only provide endless hard labor for 17 year old Claire Proctor who desires more out of life. The longing for excitement Claire holds in her heart... More > is fulfilled when she meets a mysterious woman. With this stranger is a secret that will change her life forever. Little does this young farmer know about the deadly fate she entangles in.< Less
Everyone With Tourette's is Special By Mikki Kramer
Paperback: $13.50
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We learn about four very special children with tourette's. Joe, Kia, Mandy and Nick tell us about what they enjoy doing, how special they are by being God's children, and how they can do anything... More > that anyone else can even with tourette's. We see a little bit about what tourette's can do and how no matter what God loves us.< Less
The Extraordinary Team By Hannah Hassell
Paperback: $16.00
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The Extraordinary Team is a book about Clawer, a werewolf who starts an epic journey to save the planets. Clawer meets a genie, a pack of werewolves, a dragon, a mummy, a mermaid and an alien. They... More > all become good friends as they join him on the quest to battle the evil alien, Zorozaz. Together they are an extraordinary team who use their talents to save the universe and bring peace, love and compassion to the galaxy.< Less
Out Out Sourkrout! By Lauren Ellis
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $14.25 You Save: 5%
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(1 Ratings)
After a young girl finds out her mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer, she describes the journey they go on together from her perspective. "Mommy went to the doctor today. She told me at... More > dinner that she had a boo-boo. I have had boo-boos before, but she told me that it wasn’t the kind a Band-Aid can fix."< Less
The Spider in My Den By Rebecca Crosdale
Paperback: $14.99
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One day, while sitting in her den, a little girl comes upon a small spider. The spider does not scare her or offend. The spider is a comfort, especially as the girl watches the spider spin in... More > circles. The spider is so full of life, and the girl hopes to be the spider’s friend—but what does the spider want? Why does she sit in the den? The girl and the spider don’t speak the same language, but after a while, they learn to communicate. The girl even tries to share food with the lovely spider, but the spider doesn’t want apples and cheese; the spider needs flies and other bugs to eat. Despite their differences, they remain friends. Still, the spider can’t stay in the den forever. Miss Spider must make a web somewhere outside to catch her prey. The little girl is just happy to have made a new friend—one that is fun, fascinating, and not very scary at all.< Less
Love, Fame, War By Chanese Fortson
Hardcover: $24.28
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A young woman by the name of Shawna Taylor meets her dream man Kurk Johnson, unknowingly to her he's an upcoming rap superstar out of New York. They date several months before she moves in with him.... More > He blows up in the music industry, does tours, late night sessions, and gets accompanied by groupies. He and Shawna are together for seven years and share a child together before she finds out who he really is.< Less