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Trip to Tatooine By Mark Dermul
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Detailed guide for an 8-day journey across the desert of Jerba and Tunisia to spot the Star Wars locations, used by George Lucas to recreate the planet of Tatooine.
Teach English in Italy second edition By Frank Adamo
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Praise for the first edition: "A detailed, compehensive guide." - Times Educational Supplement. How to find work teaching English in Italy. A completely updated second edition of the... More > highly acclaimed employment guide, expanded with a new chapter on teaching techniques. Numerous opportunities in universities, state schools, commercial language centers and private lessons, without any need for teacher training. The author is an American who has 20 years experience teaching in Italy, and reveals everything you need to know with step-by-step instructions on obtaining a visa, finding employers, avoiding scams, etc. Includes the contact information of many schools in Italy that hire foreign teachers, and updates are available from the author by email.< Less
Rowans guide to packing with donkeys, B/W version By Rowan house
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This book is the black and white version of Rowans guide to packing with donkeys. Because the photos are not in colour, it is a bit cheaper to print.
A Dutch Castaway on Ascension Island in 1725 By Alex Ritsema
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On 5 May 1725 a Dutch ship’s officer, Leendert Hasenbosch, was set ashore on the desert island of Ascension in the South Atlantic Ocean, as a punishment for sodomy. He tried to survive on... More > turtles and birds but found very little water on the barren island. He wrote a diary. He probably died after about half a year. In January 1726 British mariners found his tent, diary and other things and brought the diary to England. In 1726 a first English version of the diary of the Dutch castaway was published. Other versions followed in 1728, 1730 and 1976. Who was the castaway? The truth was disclosed by the Dutch historian Michiel Koolbergen (1953-2002), in a posthumously published book in Dutch. With the support of Michiel Koolbergen’s family and publisher, this new book discloses the truth in English. This book is the second edition, with some improvements compared to the original edition of 2006. This book is illustrated with line drawings, both historic ones and by the Dutch artist Anneke de Vries.< Less
DIY Cuenca Landing Guide By Angie and Frank Lewis
eBook (PDF): $19.99
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Are you moving to or retiring to Cuenca Ecuador? When you first land in Cuenca you'll be lost without the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide at your fingertips. Great information with excellent resources to... More > make your move or visit to Cuenca less stressful and more enjoyable. We update the Cuenca guide every three to six months with new and relevant information to make your stay or move the best it can be. We are proud to say we have just published the sixth(August 2014)edition of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide with all current information. We advertise Ecuador service businesses and products in our guide; if these businesses gringo gouge our customers we take them out of the guide and add a new product or service to take their place. With this guide in your hands you will be in the know about who to hire, what to buy, where to stay, and what's going on in Cuenca Ecuador!< Less
The I-95 Exit Information Guide By Tom Gilligan
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6th Edition. All new listings for 2008. New wire-bound format. Handy glove box size. Exit service listings for the entire length of Interstate 95 from Maine to Florida. Detailed food, gas, lodging,... More > camping, shopping, rest areas, welcome centers, AM/FM radio stations and other essential travel services in an easy to read format. Plus several alternate routes including Maine's I-295 (Coastal route), Virginia's I-295 (Richmond/Petersburg bypass), Florida's I-295 (Jacksonville bypass)and Florida's I-4 (Tampa to Daytona).< Less
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DEN.T Report - Costa Rica 2011 By Denis Morrison
Paperback: List Price: $23.90 $19.12 | You Save: 20%
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Fall in love with Costa Rica and some of the people I met. Humorous, entertaining and useful travel record of my trip to Costa Rica, in March 2011. No luxurious tourist resorts, just my first time... More > visit and drive through one of Central America's most beautiful countries, with Sweet Jane as my guide and Nellybell my vehicle.< Less
Feasting on the Breeze: A Memoir of Hitchhiking America at the Turn of the Century By Carl Cole
Paperback: $20.00
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In 1998 I left everything I'd ever known behind and began a journey that would last a lifetime.I strapped on a backpack and hit the road with no particular destination in mind. I was looking for... More > something that made sense in a world of confusion and lies. I wanted to witness a different perspective on life and find somewhere to belong. From the gutters of New Orleans to the mountains of Colorado, and beyond, an unexplicable desire forced me to keep a detailed journal of the events that transpied. This is that journal. Heralded as "On the Road' for the New Millenium" by Daniel Quinn, best-selling author of Ishmael.< Less
Morgan’s Raid Across Ohio: The Civil War Guidebook of the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail By Lora Schmidt Cahill, David L. Mowery
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This book (coil binding) serves as the official guide to the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail of Ohio. From July 13-26, 1863, Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan led a daring group of more... More > than 2,000 men across Southern Ohio. His mission: to distract and divert as many Union troops as possible from the action in Middle Tennessee and East Tennessee. Union troops under the command of Major General Ambrose Burnside gave chase. Although they were ultimately successful, ending Morgan’s raid was a much harder job than anyone anticipated. With the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail, you too can follow Morgan’s route through southern and eastern Ohio. Fifty-six interpretive signs covering 557 miles through nineteen counties tell the story of the raid’s successful beginnings, the battle with Union forces at Buffington Island, Morgan’s desperate escapes, and finally his capture. Come along and discover this amazing Ohio Civil War story!< Less
KATRINA RETURNS TO THE GULF COAST (A story of unity and hope in the aftermath) By Katrina Waddington
Paperback: $14.98
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Stories of unity and hope in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The author shares her experiences from her travels to New Orleans following the Category 5 hurricane.
DEN'T Report - Ecuador 2013 By Denis Morrison
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Travel journal record of new friends and places, including photos of my 2013 trip to Ecuador, which includes the three primary cities visited this trip; Guayaquil, Vilcabamba and Cuenca. Enjoy the... More > record of my travels in the southern half of Ecuador in May 2013. "Sweet Jane" the name I gave my GPS system was my guide while traveling there and managed to get me through from start to finish although she managed to lead me astray several times. Perfectly enjoyable trip. Hope you are encouraged to do the same, since I missed seeing a whole lot of places and people.< Less
University of the Road By Dave Upton
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“… we came upon what we thought to be a quaint little convent. What I did not realise was that this ‘convent’ on the outskirts of town rented out its rooms by the half hour -... More > and that it was, in fact, a brothel. No wonder the resident ‘nuns’ were so friendly! ” It was 1976, the height of apartheid in South Africa. Keen to get out of the country, 22-year-old Dave Upton made the bold decision to backpack around the world with nothing but $800 and a penchant for adventure. ‘University of the Road’ chronicles Upton’s epic journey as he barters and bargain hunts his way across the globe, as recounted in letters home to his parents. His experiences are remarkable, revolting, and anything but expected… from enduring nightmarish riverboat trips up the Amazon to discovering a bizarre “breed” of toilet in Goa. By turns hilarious and thought provoking, ‘University of the Road’ is a tale of self-discovery, perseverance, and the new worlds that can open up when we dare to follow our dreams.< Less
The Nine Horizons By Mike Robbins
Paperback: $16.99
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In 1987 Mike Robbins, a young journalist in London, felt restless and decided to travel. He never really stopped. In the quarter century that followed he lived and worked in countries as diverse as... More > the world itself. The pieces in this book take the reader from rural Sudan to the headwaters of the Amazon, from Semana Santa in Quito to Buddhist temples in the Himalayas, across Bhutan on a motorbike, into the ancient souk of Aleppo, to the steppes of Central Asia and finally to New York. Along the way there is Ethiopian gin, a sex tourist in Moscow, Kyrgyz women in cycling pants, a surreal toilet in Brussels, echoes of slavery in Brazil, and an encounter with Helen of Troy in Third Avenue. The Nine Horizons is an anarchic snapshot of a troubled but beautiful world in transition.< Less
The Traveling Man By David Chance
Paperback: $6.53
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This book describes the life and travels of David Chance. He has visited all 50 states on at least 3 different times.
Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails By James Dorsey
Paperback: $19.99
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Adventure traveler James Dorsey takes readers around the world to not only explore ancient trails, but to help immerse readers in the old traditions of lands that seem to be disappearing in the... More > modern world. This book of short stories takes readers on a descriptive journey through parts of Asia, Africa and South America. "James Dorsey is no ordinary travel writer. In this remarkable book, ranging from Southeast Asia to West Africa, he takes us inside tribal cultures that many readers will be surprised to learn still exist. The author's sincere fascination with remote lands and the ancient practices of their inhabitants often makes him as much participant as observer. That a 21st-century man could yet invoke the spirit of a Stanley or a Shackleton makes "Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails" all the more a must-read." - Dick Russell, author of "Eye of the Whale: Epic Passage from Baja to Siberia."< Less
DIY Cuenca Ecuador Landing Guide By Angie and Frank Lewis
Paperback: $24.99
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Are you moving to or retiring to Cuenca Ecuador? Then you'll need the DIY Cuenca Ecuador Landing Guide to help make your visit or stay more enjoyable and less stressful. We update the Cuenca guide... More > often with new and relevant information to make your stay or move the best it can be. We are proud to say we just published the sixth(September 2014)edition of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide with all current information. Do you want to save money on rent, shopping, restaurants and more? Do you want to know the nitty gritty of what it's like to live in Cuenca Ecuador? Do you want to read something pleasurable and satisfying? Then it's all right here! Available in paperback or eBook.< Less
Adventures in Wisconsin By Lynn Trainor
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In August 2014, my nine-year-old grandson, Luke, and I traveled for nine days to and around the southeastern quadrant of the great state of Wisconsin. From this quadrant of Wisconsin on the coast of... More > Lake Michigan, we explored as far northwest as Wisconsin Dells and as far northeast as Green Bay. We saw many attractions of both large cities and small towns, and we enjoyed some truly off-the-beaten-path jewels. We wanted to discover what this mid-western dairy land had to offer, and we were pleased with what we found. We had a great time and gained a new respect for Wisconsin, the 30th state of our Union. Luke and I traveled, via the Amtrak Lake Shore Limited on an overnight sleeper car, from Boston to Chicago. We then rented a car to make our 800-mile journey around part of this state. We lodged in Wisconsin Dells, Milwaukee, Manitowoc, and Green Bay, but we visited many Wisconsin towns and attractions along the way and in the surrounding areas. This is a book about grandfather-grandson travel.< Less
Rainbow Caravan Songbook Collection 1 By uri budgie
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This book is the collection of songs that have been sang at the countless Rainbow Gatherings around the world since 1972. Also in the Nomadic Rainbow Caravans that have traveled around the world... More > creating Rainbow Gatherings in many places where it has never been before, to have cultural exchange and share the spirit of love and unity and true simplicity and sustainable world wide community for peace and healing, spirituality of oneness and the natural balance. With the spirit of music and joy. It contains 325 songs that I collected all over the world over 20 years from the heart fires of the Rainbow in more then 10 different languages. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Native American, African, Hawaiian, Maori, Australian Aborigine, Indian, Sanskrit, Russian, french, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Yiddish, Aramaic, Gypsy. Enjoy this edition and I will continue on the second edition with many more songs. Bless you family. Share with love.< Less
Discover The Interior of BC Book 2 By Teresa Cline
Paperback: $43.95
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Get off the beaten path to discover 50 of the Interior of British Columbia's hidden gems.
Discover the Interior of BC Book One By Teresa Cline
Paperback: $45.94
Ships in 3-5 business days
Teresa the Traveler reveals 50 off the beaten path hidden gems to visit in the Interior of British Columbia
Decoction! By Ronald Pattinson
Paperback: $21.45
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Everything you'd want to know about central European brewing culture. Lager styles, lager brewing methods, extinct German top-fermenting beer styles, going out on the lash in Germany and the Czech... More > Republic. The lot, really.< Less
Suitcases And Vacations From Hell By Rodney Tupweod
Paperback: $8.99
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This book is about a number of Vacations(holidays)I have been on and the trauma I suffered, from all aspects,broken suitcases, dirty Hotels,problems with banks and money,missing flights, walking the... More > streets, ending up homeless, stranded, broke and ill, eventually getting home after nearly five months< Less
The Happy, Fun, Party Travel Guide to Reno: A Guide to Casinos, Bars, Restaurants, and Special Events in Reno and Sparks By Ed SJC Park
Paperback: $14.00
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2015 Edition: Some might argue that travel guides are history. I agree, and that is why this is not your traditional travel guide. Over half this book covers the fun and exciting dining and... More > nightlife scene of Reno. In addition to covering the traditional travel guide basics, it covers one of the greatest cultural movements both locally and nationally, the move toward natural, sustainable, local, independent, bio-diverse, eclectic, and authentic cuisine and drinks. It covers the whole new, exciting neighborhood of Midtown. Also in a nine square-block area of southwest downtown, there are a dozen restaurants and nineteen bars, the majority of which have opened in the last five years. Reno also has several large annual bar crawls like the Santa Crawl, Superhero Crawl, and Zombie Crawl. This is one of the most exciting times to live in and visit Reno. Get the most out of your stay in Reno, and if you live here, get out and discover the great new things happening right under your nose.< Less
Mysteries of Paris "Darkside of the City of Lights" By Father Sebastiaan
Paperback: $23.00
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Explore the Darkside of the City of Lights with professional investigator Father Sebastiaan.