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OM, BABY! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, ebook By Jack Haas
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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This is both a remarkable journey through sacred India, and a pilgrimage to the immortal self. With his ever inexorable determination to pursue his highest path, Jack Haas visits many holy areas... More > within the subcontinent of India, and communes with numerous masters who have passed from this plane, but who remain in the subtle realm to assist mankind in its growth towards freedom and eternity. These include Krishna, Guru Nanak, Ramana Maharishi, and Shiva himself. Within the pages of this book Haas describes his own evolution towards an expanded, unlimited consciousness as well as his unique relationships with many aspects of the divine feminine, including Mother Mary, Sophia, Parvati, Gauri, Kali, Saraswati, Durga, and Gaia. Haas' path eventually leads him to the absolute union of spirit and flesh, and to the inextinguishable Tao running through all of life.< Less
Venice By Fiona Sorg
eBook (PDF): $11.37
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Poems with beautiful pictures of venice.
100,000 Miles of solitude By Maarten Munnik
eBook (PDF): $5.03
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For more than three years Maarten Munnik travelled on his motorbike around the world. From Europe through Asia to Australia, and from South America to Alaska. 100,000 miles of culture, adventure and... More > most of all butt-pain. Every single day would be worthy of a chapter in this book, but there is just no printing-press large enough to print a book like that. Therefore you will have to settle with this collection of 'tales from the road'. Well aware of his own 'unsophisticated' view on the world, Maarten tells his tales the way he experienced them himself. He is no hero, not even a real adventurer. As he says himself: He is just stupid and naive and that combination leads him into, through and out of many unusual situations. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes hilarious, but always different.< Less
Finding the Real Japan: Stories from the Land of the Rising Sun By Daniel DiMarzio
eBook (ePub): $1.79
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FINDING THE REAL JAPAN- "Stories from the Land of the Rising Sun" takes a look at what Japanese Culture is really like, without the rose-colored glasses. It is written from first-hand... More > accounts of traveling to and living in Japan spanning several years. The work also includes black and white prints of old and rare Japanese artwork as well as pictures of modern-day Japan. The first-hand accounts make this an interesting study on a culture that is often misunderstood by outsiders. Take a journey with the author while trying to understand this fascinating and ancient culture. The highs and lows of this story are both inspiring and at times horrifying. It is a direct, in your face, look at what modern-day Japan is really like.< Less
Tanzania Travelogue (PDF) By Lucy Knisley
eBook (PDF): $8.00
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Cartoonist and writer Lucy Knisley travels through Tanzania and Zanzibar in this beautiful travelogue, told through watercolored pages detailing the food, culture and adventure of the African... More > countryside.< Less
Decoction! By Ronald Pattinson
eBook (PDF): $8.71
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Everything you'd want to know about central European brewing culture. Lager styles, lager brewing methods, extinct German top-fermenting beer styles, going out on the lash in Germany and the Czech... More > Republic. The lot, really.< Less
Bavaria! - Mini Book Series VOLUME XVI By Ronald Pattinson
eBook (ePub): $9.25
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A trip into the dark Lagery heart of Germany. Observing the world's last unspoilt folk beer culture.
A Gringo in Peru - A Story of Compassion in Action By Jim Killon
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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The story of one man's journey out of his American life and into the Andean mountains of Peru where he created a project for poor children and discovered what true wealth really was.
Beneath Berlin By CTR Berlin et al.
eBook (PDF): $1.52
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Berlin is one mental metropolis that you will never want to leave. Refusing to hide from its past and always striving towards a better future, the entirely unique history (the Wars, the Nazis, the... More > Wall, the influx of immigrants and hippies, the rise of techno and the rule of the creative industry) sets it so far apart from other European cities. All it takes is one short walk and it feels like you are travelling in a time machine. CTR Berlin< Less
DIY Cuenca Landing Guide By Angie and Frank Lewis
eBook (PDF): $19.99
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Are you moving to or retiring to Cuenca Ecuador? When you first land in Cuenca you'll be lost without the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide at your fingertips. Great information with excellent resources to... More > make your move or visit to Cuenca less stressful and more enjoyable. We update the Cuenca guide every three months and we are proud to say we have just published the fourth (Updated) edition of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide with all current information.< Less
Yakushima: A Yakumonkey Guide ebook By Clive Witham
eBook (ePub): $9.88
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Yakushima: A Yakumonkey Guide - The Second edition Fully updated and still packed full of everything necessary to visit Yakushima - acommodation, transport, 15 hiking trails, places of interest,... More > activities, restaurants, bars and cafes. Visiting Yakushima has never been easier!< Less
We're Going to Alaska By Domonic Carney
Paperback: $13.45
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The story of the two years of preparation and 38 days of travel required to move a family of 7 children, two screech owls, three dogs, two uncles, and two cousins from Northeastern Ohio to Wasilla,... More > Alaska in the Matanuska Valley. The trip was made in two vehicles, a 1949 Lincoln sedan, and a 1947 Ford 1 1/2 Ton truck pulling a four wheeled homemade "camper". Ages of the children ranged from 2 to 15.< Less
The I-95 Exit Information Guide By Tom Gilligan
Paperback: $13.95
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6th Edition. All new listings for 2008. New wire-bound format. Handy glove box size. Exit service listings for the entire length of Interstate 95 from Maine to Florida. Detailed food, gas, lodging,... More > camping, shopping, rest areas, welcome centers, AM/FM radio stations and other essential travel services in an easy to read format. Plus several alternate routes including Maine's I-295 (Coastal route), Virginia's I-295 (Richmond/Petersburg bypass), Florida's I-295 (Jacksonville bypass)and Florida's I-4 (Tampa to Daytona).< Less
Sand in My Shoes By Bob Barsanti
Paperback: $19.96
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A collection of essays about life on Nantucket.
The Dogtown Guide By Mark Carlotto
Paperback: $11.95
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A guide to an abandoned colonial settlement on Cape Ann, Massachusetts.
Beer and Bagels for Breakfast By John Carson
Paperback: $20.00
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What happens when a 23-year-old English lad, in search of freedom and a new way of life, turns up on an Israeli kibbutz? First published in 1999, Beer and Bagels for Breakfast recounts John Carson's... More > hilarious first brushes with communal culture on a kibbutz, situated just miles away from the Gaza Strip. Along with a host of international volunteers, he encounters security scares, hard work and romance, with frequent detours to the pub. Follow John's adventures - and misadventures - by taking a peek into his secret diary. This is one travel book that should occupy territory on anyone's bookshelf!< Less
On the Rails By Jamie Sutherland
Paperback: $8.94
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8000 miles by train around America's borders. New York, Miami, Houston, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and back again. This is a travel story about drifters, artists and Brazilian... More > jiu-jitsu< Less
Las Olas : From the Beach to the Boulevard By Andy Royston
Hardcover: $44.99
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A tribute to one of the finest streets in South Florida, Las Olas Boulevard. Considered the jewel in Fort Lauderdale's crown, this beautiful tree-lined street runs from the Museum of Art right in the... More > center of the city, through tree-canopied shopping and restaurant districts, past million dollar waterfront homes, right down to one of America's finest golden beaches. Two of the Boulevard's residents pay tribute to this storied thoroughfare in elegant words and beautiful pictures.< Less
I'm in Estonia and I'm Alive! By Melanie Plesh
Paperback: $21.50
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When I was 46 I traveled for 6 months, alone, through Europe and Russia. Here is what happened on my first day in St. Petersburg. "I walk a few blocks to the Fontanka Canal. Traffic is heavy. ... More > A barefoot woman, pregnant and carrying an infant, is weaving among the stopped cars. At first I think she's simply bullying her way through traffic. Then I see she's begging, and I see the light is out in her eyes. The horror comes when I see a boy, about four years old, still on the curb from which the woman had just come, trying to see a way through three or four erratic lanes of traffic, trying to find his way to his mother. His eyes show that he is terrified, but he doesn't say a word and he doesn't cry. She makes it to the other side of the street and keeps walking. The traffic light changes and the cars don't wait for the boy, who is forced back to the curb. He stands on his toes, trying to see over the cars, trying to keep his eye on his mother, who continues walking. All I can do is run away."< Less
Prophecies Of Pale Skin By D.S. Phillips
Paperback: List Price: $24.99 $22.49 You Save: 10%
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The true story of a young couple barely out of their teens who stumbled across a fierce, murderous, stone-age people group in the remote jungles of Indonesia only to find that they were the... More > fulfillment to prophetic dreams given to the tribe long before their arrival.< Less
Morgan’s Raid Across Ohio: The Civil War Guidebook of the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail By Lora Schmidt Cahill, David L. Mowery
Paperback: List Price: $27.00 $24.30 You Save: 10%
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This book (coil binding) serves as the official guide to the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail of Ohio. From July 13-26, 1863, Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan led a daring group of more... More > than 2,000 men across Southern Ohio. His mission: to distract and divert as many Union troops as possible from the action in Middle Tennessee and East Tennessee. Union troops under the command of Major General Ambrose Burnside gave chase. Although they were ultimately successful, ending Morgan’s raid was a much harder job than anyone anticipated. With the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail, you too can follow Morgan’s route through southern and eastern Ohio. Fifty-six interpretive signs covering 557 miles through nineteen counties tell the story of the raid’s successful beginnings, the battle with Union forces at Buffington Island, Morgan’s desperate escapes, and finally his capture. Come along and discover this amazing Ohio Civil War story!< Less
The Nine Horizons By Mike Robbins
Paperback: $16.99
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In 1987 Mike Robbins, a young journalist in London, felt restless and decided to travel. He never really stopped. In the quarter century that followed he lived and worked in countries as diverse as... More > the world itself. The pieces in this book take the reader from rural Sudan to the headwaters of the Amazon, from Semana Santa in Quito to Buddhist temples in the Himalayas, across Bhutan on a motorbike, into the ancient souk of Aleppo, to the steppes of Central Asia and finally to New York. Along the way there is Ethiopian gin, a sex tourist in Moscow, Kyrgyz women in cycling pants, a surreal toilet in Brussels, echoes of slavery in Brazil, and an encounter with Helen of Troy in Third Avenue. The Nine Horizons is an anarchic snapshot of a troubled but beautiful world in transition.< Less
Chocolate Bella By Sukenya Best
Paperback: $21.99
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"Chocolate Bella" is a book of cartoons that capture day to day moments of a tour to Vatican City, Italy and Paris, France. This full-colored text depicts drawn places and people who... More > attended a summer college study tour. It is my hope that this book inspires others to travel and enjoy art from all over the world.< Less
Dog Thieves, Street Fights, & School Wreckers: Tales of an Expat Do-Gooder in the Dominican Republic By Caitlin McHale Floreal
Paperback: $8.99
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A collection of stories from the La Vida Idealist blog on Author Caitlin McHale Floreal lives in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic where she runs a non-profit organization called Project... More > Esperanza. Topics covered include inconsistent electricity, cultural differences in waiting in line and customer service, gender inequality, and more!< Less
The Happy, Fun, Party Travel Guide to Reno: A Guide to Casinos, Bars, Restaurants, and Special Events in Reno and Sparks By Ed SJC Park
Paperback: $14.00
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2014 2nd Edition: Some might argue that travel guides are history. I agree, and that is why this is not your traditional travel guide. Over half this book covers the fun and exciting dining and... More > nightlife scene of Reno. In addition to covering the traditional travel guide basics, it covers one of the greatest cultural movements both locally and nationally, the move toward natural, sustainable, local, independent, bio-diverse, eclectic, and authentic cuisine and drinks. It covers the whole new, exciting neighborhood of Midtown. Also in a nine square-block area of southwest downtown, there are a dozen restaurants and nineteen bars, the majority of which have opened in the last five years. Reno also has several large annual bar crawls like the Santa Crawl, Superhero Crawl, and Zombie Crawl. This is one of the most exciting times to live in and visit Reno. Get the most out of your stay in Reno, and if you live here, get out and discover the great new things happening right under your nose.< Less