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Vision Changes Lives: A Trip to Remember By Sr. Stella Santana
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Vision Changes Lives: A Trip to Remember is about our partnership trip to Kenya and Uganda. Both a “A Bridge to Kenya, Inc.” and SITEAW, Inc. sponsored this trip. The intention was to... More > screen and provide eye glasses to people in villages that expressed the need for them in Kenya and Uganda. With our friends Maria and Ulf from Austria, we spent three weeks of intensive work: screening and training screeners and visiting with some SITEAW girls in school. Nothing went as we planned but nothing of what we were supposed to do was left undone. We learned to let go and submit to the Creator’s will. We have written this book to share our experience and also to raise money and supportthe trainees we left behind to continue helping the people in their communities who are badly in need of eye glasses.< Less
101 Questions about T@B, T@DA and T@G Camping Trailers By richard lewis
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Our adventure with our T@B started with a 800 mile round trip to Tucson, AZ to buy a used 2007 DM (Dutchmen) T@B. I had never seen a T@B in person except in pictures. For the next several years we... More > would see incredible places and meet many incredible fellow T@Bbers. During that time I started modifying our T@B trailer and then began to help others to modify theirs for more fun, better safety, improved reliability and usability. This ebook is a collection of over 101 T@B modifications and troubleshooting questions that I have answered on the various T@B discussion groups. There are over 50 photos and 50 internet links to T@B, T@DA and T@G trailer resources.< Less
BusinessBook GP2015 english version By Marc Limacher
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BUSINESS / book GP is an independent book exploring the business of Formula 1 for five years. Filled with information on Formula 1, BUSINESS / book GP analyzes the previous season in detail, displays... More > economic data references as well as important data on the upcoming season. All figures and statistics needed to understand the business are included in this publication cited by several media in the world. Are also included in the book: Three economic predictions based on the theory of black swan, a comprehensive directory of all the teams, drivers wages, circuits, television and websites. Providing a base of unprecedented economic data every season< Less
Birding Guide to Forsyth County, North Carolina By David K. Disher
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A Birding Guide to Forsyth County is available in print and via PDF. It contains the historic bird records for Forsyth County, North Carolina and also thee best birding locations in Forsyth County... More > and nearby counties. This is the PDF version.< Less
Yakushima: A Yakumonkey Guide ebook By Clive Witham
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Yakushima: A Yakumonkey Guide - The Second edition Fully updated and still packed full of everything necessary to visit Yakushima - acommodation, transport, 15 hiking trails, places of interest,... More > activities, restaurants, bars and cafes. Visiting Yakushima has never been easier!< Less
US 50 Coast to Coast By Wulf Berg
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For two years we planed and prepared for a trip on US Route 50 from Ocean City, Maryland, to San Francisco, California. We believe that Route 50 crosses some of the most beautiful parts of America.... More > On May the First we watched the sun rise above the Atlantic Ocean and departed on our journey to the Pacific Ocean where we observed the sunset twenty-one days later. Our trip was memorable and inspirational. As we crossed the country we met and talked with people from different backgrounds and affiliations. Everybody was proud of his or her heritage and place of residency. America the Beautiful is the greatest country on Earth. We still can see the colorful canyons in Utah. As we crossed the Green River, our thoughts went with John Powell as he explored this territory in 1869. I hope my book will encourage other to take a journey across America and see this beautiful country. Only those who have experienced the tranquility of nature will fight to preserve it Our public land is not for sale!< Less
Walking through Sunflowers: through Deepest France on the Road to Compostela By Denise Fainberg
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Inspired by walking the famous Camino de Santiago, teacher and travel writer Denise Fainberg and companion Patrick Roberts undertook to walk one of the ancient pilgrimage routes running across France... More > toward the same shrine of St. James in northwestern Spain. Walking through Sunflowers: across Deepest France on the Road to Compostela is the account of their journey. Their path leads from the mountainous Auvergne to the high limestone plateaus and fertile river valleys of Quercy; to jewels of Romanesque architecture at the many traditional shrines along the way; through the vineyards and rich farmland of Aquitaine; and over the Pyrenees to Spain. The motley parade of modern pilgrims, the thousand-year history of the path and its artistic and spiritual heritage combine with the seductive environment of southern France to leave an indelible impression on body and soul.< Less
The Spanish Bible By Anonymous
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A guidebook with common and important phrases that can help when travelling in Spanish speaking countries.The book includes greetings, goodbyes, and necessary questions and phrases for shopping and... More > ordering food. It also includes phrases to use in emergencies just in case the journey gets a little rough. The book isn't meant to teach fluency in Spanish but will help immensely with finding your way around town, restaurants, stores, schools, and many other locations. It even has a section for wooing and flirting with Spanish speaking people. I made this book specifically because I went to France not knowing ANY French (I have seven years of Spanish education) I learned quickly that as long as you knew key phrases and words you could make it around quite easily and that's why I wrote this book to help those who don't know any Spanish.< Less
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One Woman's Solo Land Trip: Visiting 5 Southeast Asian Countries in 6 Weeks By Koh Tin Peng
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This is an account of the experiences of a solo land trip across 5 Southeast Asian Countries in 6 weeks by a Singaporean. The author went on a budget trip that started from Singapore, and took her... More > across Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. At the end of the book, she provides some resources to help one get started on solo trips. She hopes that this would be useful especially to girls who would like to embark on such a trip but find it daunting.< Less
East Coast By MY Carolina
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Adventures of the MY Carolina as she sails along the east coast of the United States.
Decoction! By Ronald Pattinson
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Everything you'd want to know about central European brewing culture. Lager styles, lager brewing methods, extinct German top-fermenting beer styles, going out on the lash in Germany and the Czech... More > Republic. The lot, really.< Less
The Big Trip: A Family Gap Year By Martha McManamy
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Taking a year off from the rat race is an idle dream for many, but the McManamy family, including their three teenagers, decided to make it happen. The Big Trip: A Family Gap Year tells how they put... More > high school, college and work on hold while they learned Spanish in Spain and volunteered in Bolivia, Guatemala, and Kenya. Choosing home stays and local transportation over hotels and rental cars, they undertook a deeply immersive journey of “slow travel,” living simply and experiencing life as the locals do. The teenagers contributed their own creative poems and stories to The Big Trip. A vivid account full of adventures and lively observations, the story also offers a template for anyone yearning to undertake an intellectual, emotional and spiritual journey of discovery. It is possible for families to take a Big Trip and enrich their lives without breaking the bank, losing a job, or falling behind in school. This compelling travel memoir motivates us all to follow even the wildest of our dreams.< Less
Journey to a Waterfall A Biologist in Africa By Robert Cowie
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From the age of ten, the author was determined to be involved with African wildlife. This memoir recounts how he was able to fulfil this dream, travelling through Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan,... More > Zimbabwe, Malawi and Egypt, as well as the Yemen, which biologically is almost Africa. He tells of being captured by Eritrean guerillas, seeing Gelada baboons in the Ethiopian highlands and the huge migrations of zebra and wildebeest in the Serengeti, doing research on termites in Darfur as well as assessing agricultural problems in the highest fastnesses of the Yemeni mountains, gazing in awe at the Pyramids of Giza and marvelling at the Victoria Falls in full flow.< Less
The Nine Horizons By Mike Robbins
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In 1987 Mike Robbins, a young journalist in London, felt restless and decided to travel. He never really stopped. In the quarter century that followed he lived and worked in countries as diverse as... More > the world itself. The pieces in this book take the reader from rural Sudan to the headwaters of the Amazon, from Semana Santa in Quito to Buddhist temples in the Himalayas, across Bhutan on a motorbike, into the ancient souk of Aleppo, to the steppes of Central Asia and finally to New York. Along the way there is Ethiopian gin, a sex tourist in Moscow, Kyrgyz women in cycling pants, a surreal toilet in Brussels, echoes of slavery in Brazil, and an encounter with Helen of Troy in Third Avenue. The Nine Horizons is an anarchic snapshot of a troubled but beautiful world in transition.< Less
The Great American Journey By Artur Dabrowski, Rei Chiang
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The Great American Journey is a cross-country trip of two architecture students, Rei Chiang and Artur Dabrowski. Using an Amtrak rail pass, the journey spanned twelve American cities within forty... More > days. This book, edited by Chrisoula Kapelonis, is the product of their adventure.< Less
Send Me, Lord Jesus By Christina Grubb
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From the author of historical fiction comes a real-life experience complete with pictures and stories of living amongst the heathen. You will experience the joy of finally accomplishing a dream,... More > the pain of living so far away from a close-knit family, and the many trials that a single young woman had to face regardless of her feelings. From the back cover: "Thousands of miles from the life she knew, and the family she loved.... At the age of eighteen, Christina's life was about to change. She just had to go to India. Despite opposition seemingly from all sides, she set out to that great and mysterious land. Soon she was spending eight weeks in Tamil Nadu, and the Lord was molding her heart to make this place her home. Experience the fears natural to a young woman in such a position, and the explicit joy that often comes with doing the Lord's perfect will."< Less
A Companion To Walking Tours of Ancient Rome (Second Edition) By Gary Devore
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This volume is a companion to "Walking Tours Of Ancient Rome", a guidebook designed for tourists and scholars who are interested in exploring firsthand the ruins of ancient Rome through a... More > secular, Humanistic, and freethinking lens. The "Companion" contains detailed entries on the collections of the Capitoline Museums, the Vatican Museums, the Museo Barracco, and the Palazzo Altemps. Descriptions, historical information, and mythological backgrounds are given for hundreds of artifacts and pieces of art. This volume also incorporates two detailed day trips that are possible from the city center. The first visits the ruins of Rome’s port city Ostia which is an excavated urban landscape comparable to Pompeii and Herculaneum. The second day trip travels to the remains of the expansive villa complex the emperor Hadrian built at Tivoli.< Less
Walking Tours of Ancient Rome: A Secular Guidebook to the Eternal City (Second Edition) By Gary Devore
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The Second Edition of "Walking Tours of Ancient Rome" completely updates all of the text, illustrations, and content of the previous version. This guidebook is designed for tourists and... More > scholars who are interested in exploring first-hand the grandeur and magnificence that was ancient Rome through a Humanist, secular, and freethinking lens. Twelve walking tours are designed around districts of the city. A second companion volume is available with detailed entries on most of the museum collections we will visit as well as day trips to Ostia and Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli.< Less
All Aboard...Europe! Where To Go and What To See With Kids (...And Your Husband)! By Dorothy MacKenzie
Paperback: $19.95
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This travel guide presents the actual travel itineraries used by one couple with their three children ages 2, 5 and 7 when they began traveling extensively in Europe. It includes realistic tips and... More > kid friendly, economical travel ideas for a great family European vacation!< Less
Baedekeriana By Michael Wild
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By Michael Wild, the Baedeker historian, this is an anthology of articles about, and extracts from, Baedeker guidebooks of the past. There is much to amuse and enlighten the reader, who is taken to... More > Troy, Poland under German occupation, the Berlin to Baghdad railway, India and many other fascinating places which one might otherwise never see.< Less
The Dogtown Guide By Mark Carlotto
Paperback: $11.95
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A guide to an abandoned colonial settlement on Cape Ann, Massachusetts.
thinkingthroughmorning By Gabriel Check
Paperback: $8.00
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Travelogue of a motorcycle trip from Vietnam through Laos and then on to China and finally Mongolia, where the Charlottesville author hitchhiked, bussed, and rode horses to find a taimen, a fish that... More > every angler with a flyrod, once he learns of it, dreams of catching. In the style of Bruce Chatwin or the better travel writing in the 1930s, economically vivid description draws the reader into the unspoiled vastness of Mongolia. Gabriel Check< Less
Covered Bridges of Lane County By Angela Garvin, Caleb Garvin
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Covers all of Lane County, Oregon's Covered Bridges
Kenya's Northern Frontier District (NFD) By Daniel G. van Wyk
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Memoirs of a pioneer family in Kenya's Northern Frontier District (NFD) during the period of 1954-1959.A decision made in the Colonial Office in London, attended by Civil Servants and Lords and... More > Ladies of the Empire, turned the NFD of Kenya into a buffer zone, to curb the influence of a southern influx from the horn of Africa, who were mainly of the Muslim faith. Galla tribes from Christian Ethiopia likewise moved south.The war-like Massai and their kindred tribes, in the Highlands of Kenya, stemmed the southern influx of Northern Warriors.The buffer zone excluded all European settlement and missionaries. Administrators who were majistrates as well, together with a hand-full of Policemen trained Dubas (Tribal Policemen) and ruled the vast area under the auspices of the Colonial Office.This Volume on the Northern Frontier District tells the story of how the Nomadic Bedouin Tribesmen, English Administrators, animals and annual migratory birds interacted.< Less