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Garage Doors of Olympia Fields By William Swislow
Calendar: $13.00
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In the 1990s my friends Mark Williams and Anne Weitze conceived a project to document the garage doors of Olympia Fields, Mark’s hometown. It was inspired by the Dublin Doors poster whose... More > insipid quaintness was ubiquitous, by the industrial typologies of Bernd and Hilla Becher, and by the mysterious enthusiasm for geometric abstraction being displayed in an art-free zone. Mark is no longer here to complete the project, but in his memory Anne and I used the not-so-great snapshots they took as preliminary sketches — made serviceable through Anne's Photoshop wizardry — to produce this calendar.< Less
The Glorious Lotus Europa + By Dennis Fenimore
Calendar: List Price: $20.00 $18.00 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
This calendar contains the same art as "The Glorious Lotus Europa 2016" but is formatted to begin in March and run through February 2017 for those enthusiasts who want the use of each month... More > and don't care if the 12-months are all in 2016. The Script work on the cover is more refined. This calendar is for car people and those who love them, with emphasis on clever, nice, or just beautiful nods to the rare Lotus Europa and the Europa experience (and the British small sports car experience from the Sixties and Seventies generally) Between you and I, this calendar is nice even if you never heard of Lotus and don't know a trunnion from a spindle. I hope it's just as appealing to those who know what a scrub radius is as to the person who's never owned a wrench.< Less
2017 Nocturnes By Dennis Fenimore
Calendar: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection dusk and night art in the Pacific Northwest USA and other places including city views, whimsical imagery, and paintings. This time of day has a lively twinkle and a cozy warmth. These... More > date from the 1980's when I'd drive around Vancouver Washington sketching as soon as the sun was down. The Columbia River was a favorite destination with the lights playing on water. The Montana painting memorializes where I discovered sports cars. The girl reading is actually three worlds in one picture: a glorious city, the peaceful lass, and the story she's immersed in. There's a wonderful feeling in the misty aftermath of a pacific northwest rain (Marshall Center). The perfection of a city summer night led me to sketch near the library on Mill Plain Blvd. Sometimes I've been late arriving at places because I parked on the way and sketched rather than lose the scene forever. I've long appreciated the blue snowy forest (actually any local forest) and will paint it many times more!< Less
Hand embroidered masterpieces By Mardeen Gordon
Calendar: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Hand embroidered interpretations of fine art masterpieces, album covers and original compositions by Mardeen Gordon