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Nuclear Testing 2016 Calendar By Alex Wellerstein
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A 2016 calendar featuring 12 stunning photographs from American nuclear weapons tests. Includes over 60 "on this day" style anniversaries noting many key events in nuclear history... More > — some well-known, some obscure. Curated by an historian of science who specializes in nuclear weapons history, the photographs were obtained from high-quality scans done by Los Alamos National Laboratory, and cleaned up to remove dust, scratches, and damage. All of the photographs contain small, artfully-composed captions with the name, date, explosive yield, and location of the test image in question, and occasionally other contextualizing information. The photographs were chosen for their unusual and striking nature, and are designed to invoke new perspectives on the otherwise familiar image of the mushroom cloud.< Less
Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter/Stratotanker, 2016 calendar By Brian Lockett
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A dozen photos of Boeing C-97 Stratofreighters and Stratotankers: HC-97G 52-2714 of the 303rd ARRS in storage at MASDC on April 24, 1972 Arizona Air Guard KC-97L 53-0200 at Sky Harbor International... More > Airport in Phoenix on November 10, 1973 Foundation for Airborne Relief C-97G Stratofreighters at Long Beach Airport on April 13, 1974 Arizona Air Guard KC-97L 53-0200 at Sky Harbor on December 7, 1974 Arizona Air Guard C-97G 52-0924 at Sky Harbor on November 14, 1974 Arizona Air Guard KC-97L 52-2696 at Sky Harbor on December 7, 1974 Arizona Air Guard KC-97L at Sky Harbor on February 8, 1975 EC-97G 53-0106 at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on March 16, 1975 Arizona Air Guard C-97G 52-0923 at Sky Harbor in May 1975 Utah Air Guard KC-97Ls 52-0839, 53-0287, and others at MASDC on December 18, 1979 Texas Air Guard KC-97G 53-0363 at March Air Force Base on November 2 1980 KC-97L 53-0230 at Beale Air Force Base on October 31, 1981.< Less
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The 2016 ALASKA SHIPWRECK CALENDAR contains photos and descriptions of significant Alaska shipwrecks noted on the days that they took place. Included are details of over 400 wrecks and dozens of... More > graphic photographs put together by retired Alaska Commercial Fisherman Captain Warren Good.< Less