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2014 Universal Pantheist Society Celebrating Earth's Creatures Calendar By Universal Pantheist Society
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In recognition of the one hundredth anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon, the 2014 "Honoring Earth Creatures" Universal Pantheist Society Calendar honors the animals that... More > share our planet. This calendar also designates over 100 special "holidays" forgotten by regular calendars, including the solstices and equinoxes, thermstices and equinoxes, perihelion and aphelion, and other natural events. Special global celebrations honoring wildlife, geological and astronomical events, and the Earth are included. Finally, we offer an extensive listing of "Pantheist Prophets," including literary figures, philosophers, and activists. The Universal Pantheist Society has provided a network for Pantheists since 1975. In Universal Pantheism, there is no creed or any requirements to follow any particular belief or practices; rather we seek to provide ways for individuals to promote their own spiritual growth and understanding.< Less
My Calendar By Judy Coker-Blaa
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photographs of the beautiful landscape of the Rocky Mountains and Grand Canyon taken in 2013
Taechon Beach 2015 ~The Photos of Ed Kilbourne Sr. By ron moore
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Dr. Edwin Kilbourne Sr. served the Korean people as a missionary. His photography of post-war Korea helped raise awareness and support in the USA and abroad. Summers found the Kilbourne family... More > resting at beautiful Taechon Beach on the West Coast of South Korea. His photography did not rest there, and this calendar is a journal of natural beauty from that place.< Less
2015. Plants With A Past. Inside Fossil Wood By Elisabeth Wheeler
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A different view of trees. This calendar features the internal structure of ancient and modern trees. Wood anatomical patterns are among nature's most pleasing. Some fossil woods are beautifully... More > preserved and show anatomical details that allow studying their relationships to present-day woody plants. Each month features a different fossil wood locality or woody plant group. Dates for Arbor Days around the world are provided to ensure you never miss an opportunity to celebrate trees (and their wood - secondary xylem). Other important days to observe, for example, Chocolate Cake Day, Pi Day, Bugs Bunny's birthday, are also noted. Profits from the sale of this calendar go to support fossil wood research and curating the InsideWood web site.< Less
My Calendar
Calendar: $14.99
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Photographer Fallon Barker has captured striking sunsets of the Oldham Pines located in Pembroke, Massachusetts USA. Her husband is also a notable contributor. This 2015 calendar is a captivating... More > home addition.< Less
Taechon Beach Calendar 2015 -More Recent Photos- By ronny moore ~Airborn Productions
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The 2015 Taechon Beach Calendar rereleased featuring 12 more recent photos of Taechon Beach, Korea. Previously released as the 2011, 2013, 2014 Taechon Beach Calendar. Check "Preview" to... More > review photos.< Less
The Taechon Beach Calendar 2015 "Golden Years" By ronny moore Airborn Productions
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Taechon Beach 2015 "The Golden Years" A 12 month calendar with pictures from Taechon Beach and the missionary community that spent their golden summers there. "The Golden... More > Years" Photos by Ed Kilbourne Sr., Betts Huntley, Chang-Si, Thomas Park, The Underwood Collection, Larry Thie, and Peter VanLierop. This calendar features photos from the "Golden Age" of Taechon Beach, from the late 1950's to 1990.< Less
Lake Poway 2015 Calendar by Ulli Reiner By Ulli Reiner
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Lake Poway Calendar by Ulli Reiner and for the Poway Symphony Orchestra in Poway, California
Waterfalls of Massachusetts By Ben Harper
Calendar: $18.95
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Spectacular Waterfalls of Massachusetts photographed by Ben Harper
Roses Calendar 2015 By Mary Young
Calendar: $12.99
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Roses so vibrant they seem to have a scent, thirteen different sun drenched photos, one per month and the cover. Included dates are for U.S. holidays and Dutch holidays. Lunar events are full and... More > new moons. Solar events are equinoxes and solstices.< Less
2015 Floral By Jenn Wright
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Despite our incapability of capturing the inexhaustible beauty of the Great Creator's Creation, He graciously reveals a glimpse of His immense Glory and His boundless Love for us through such... More > intricate details and—so often unnoticed—gifts of color and light coming together in the complex simplicity of a single flower. I hope you enjoy this first collection of the harmony of light and color, courtesy of God and His Son, Jesus Christ (John 1:3).< Less
My Calendar By Susan Sproull
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I have created a calendar of photos I have taken and poetry I have written,