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Balls Eight: Boeing NB-52B Stratofortress Mothership, 2015 calendar By Brian Lockett
Calendar: $14.95
Ships in 3-5 business days
It has been asserted that the Boeing NB-52B Stratofortress, carrying Air Force serial 52-0008, can lay claim to being the airplane that has seen and participated in more history than any other single... More > airplane. This calendar features a dozen pictures of the NB-52B carrying some of the research vehicles that it launched over the years. Photo sources: Air Force, NASA, Richard Lockett, Brian Lockett: North American X-15-1, 1960, North American X-15-3, 1963, North American X-15A-2, 1967, Northrop HL-10, 1969, Martin-Mariettta X-24A, 1970, Northrop M2-F3, 1972, Martin-Mariettta X-24B, 1973, Orbital Sciences Pegasus, 1989, Supersonic Supercruise, 1995, X-38 V-131R, 2000, X-43A Hyper-X, 2004< Less
The Bomb's First Light: 2015 Calendar By Alex Wellerstein
Calendar: $18.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
A 2015 calendar featuring 12 stunning photographs related to the first test of an atomic bomb: the "Trinity" detonation of July 16, 1945. Includes over 70 "on this day" style... More > anniversaries noting many key events during the Manhattan Project — some well-known, some obscure. Curated by an historian of science who specializes in nuclear weapons history, with extremely high-resolution (1200 dpi) photographs from Los Alamos National Laboratory, some quite rare. The photographs have been processed through sophisticated filters to bring out subtle details, and have been tinted to enhance the mood. All of the photographs contain captions describing the picture and its context.< Less
Haunebu-2016 Calendar By Yung-Kang (Derby) Sun
Calendar: $14.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
The Haunedu is the mysterious saucer-like aircraft developed by the Nazi Germany during World War II. This calendar presents variable photos and images of Haunedus for ufologists and fans interested... More > in secret technologies from Germany at the War time.< Less