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The Sootoro (Compline) Office of Saint Sharbel By Samir Georges
eBook (PDF): $2.29
The Sootoro (Compline) Office of Saint Sharbel. ṭekso dsootoro dmor šarbel The Syriac (Aramaic) text, its transliteration, and its English translation is the work of the writer of this... More > document. It is a new office, that has been written according to the traditional style of the non-abdridge Syriac Maronite Fenqito. Therefore, it is authorised for use by Beith Souryoyé Morounoyé, and for others, it is provided for reference and private use only, that is unless a bishop permits its use in his eparchy. Language: Syriac (Aramaic) English< Less
ṭekso dzooyoḥo daṣleebo qadeešo: ldook̥rono daqboorto dforuqo By Samir Georges
eBook (PDF): $2.34
The Rite of the Procession of the Holy Cross, for the Remembrance of the Funeral of the Saviour. For all the Evening Offices of Friday, of the Holy Fast of Forty Days (Lent). It includes the full... More > Syriac text and rubrics, as well as the music notation for the hymns. The text and rubrics have also been fully translated into English. The full transliteration of the Syriac text and rubrics has also been included. Language: Syriac (Aramaic) English< Less
Shheemto Foseeqoyto By Samir Georges
Hardcover: $30.67
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The "Shheemto Foseeqoyto" is the traditional Syriac Maronite abridged breviary, for the seven canonical hours and the seven days of the week. It also contains the Book of Psalms, divided... More > into fifteen parts (Maremyoto), to be prayed at the seven canonical hours. This is suitable for use in parishes by parish priests and by the faithful of the parish. Language: Syriac (Aramaic) Note: -For major Sundays and feast days, a different breviary needs to be used, which is called the "Shheemto" -- this contains the non-abridged offices of the canonical hours. -Parishes located within a monastery or convent, use only the "Shheemto". -Parishes located within a metropolitan or patriarchal church, use only the "Shheemto".< Less