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The Only Choice Peaceful Coexistence By Gus Hall
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GUS HALL is the leading Communist spokesman in this country. During the past year, he has spoken to thousands of students at col­leges across the country and has been seen and heard by millions... More > of Americans on television and radio. Mr. Hall's advocacy of peaceful coexistence of countries with different social systems and his unqualified stand against thermo­ nuclear war has received wide attention. His elaboration of Marx­ ism-Leninism in relation to the American scene and his advocacy of a peaceful transition to socialism has seriously challenged the falsehoods and slanders made against Communists. In this pamphlet he discusses issues which are of importance to all Americans. Mr. Hall served an eight-year sentence in Federal prison as one of the top leaders of the Communist Party on a frame-up charge under the fascist-like provisions of the Smith Act.< Less
Ten Days That Shook The World By John Reed
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An impassioned firsthand account of the Russian Revolution An American journalist and revolutionary writer, John Reed became a close friend of Lenin and was an eyewitness to the 1917 revolution in... More > Russia. Ten Days That Shook the World is Reeds extraordinary record of that event. 'It flashed upon me suddenly: they were going to shoot me!' This electrifying eyewitness account of the Russian Revolution, written by an American journalist in St Petersburg as the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917, is an unsurpassed record of history in the making. John Reed (1887-1920) American journalist and poet-adventurer whose colorful life as a revolutionary writer ended in Russia but made him the hero of a generation of radical intellectuals. Reed became a close friend of V.I. Lenin and was an eyewitness to the 1917 October revolution. He recorded this historical event in his best-known book TEN DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD (1920). Reed is buried with other Bolshevik heroes beside the Kremlin wall.< Less
Marxist Glossary By L. Harry Gould
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A concise glossary of terms used in Marxist literature, with not just definitions, but frequently with quotes from classic Marxist-Leninist writers further explaining the terms. The “Marxist... More > Glossary,” however, is so much larger in size, and so much more definitive and comprehensive in treatment, that we consider it would be incorrect to regard it simply as a second edition of the earlier work, excellent and useful as it was. This “Marxist Glossary” is really new work. The best way to use this work is, first, to recognize it as being no more than what its title indicates – a glossary, i.e., a compilation of brief definitions and explanations of words and terms employed by Communist writers. The Glossary will serve as a handy aid to the student of Marxist literature. To regard the Glossary as a substitute for the consistent study of the basic Marxist works – a sort of “catechism” to be learned by rote – would be fatal to any attempt to acquire a real understanding of Communism.< Less