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Thumps - Reviews and Essays 2016 By Manuel Augusto Antão
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Book Reviews and Essays. Comprises everything I wrote on my blog over 2016.
My Memory, my Soul and my Quantum Entanglement - My Good Life Chronicles By Manuel Augusto Antão
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When I started blogging almost 10 years ago, on the 4th of August 2016, my goal was to have a place where I could capture and express my thoughts and feelings about stuff, i.e., a place where I could... More > digress about the things that interested me (Shakespeare, SF, Opera, Film, etc.) It also provided a kind of repository where my kids, say, could go to get glimpses of me that may go unexplored otherwise. For me, blogging was never about numbers, instead it was about meaning and sharing meaning with those who cared. I’m not a writer, not even an aspiring one. I am an Engineer with a lot going on in heart and mind that I’d like to build into a legacy of sorts. So I’m not into volume in terms of blog hits and the like. You won’t find on my blog the answer why we go to Shake-speare’s plays even when we know the outcome of everyone of them. Are there people interested in knowing this? I doubt it. I don’t even know whether there are still people reading Shakespeare in Elizabethan English!< Less
Shakespeare and I - Mirroring All Façades of Reality By Manuel Augusto Antão
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In case there’s anyone out there that has been reading the things I’ve been writing on my blogs, probably noticed that one of my “projects” for 2014, 2015 (and now 2016) was... More > to read through all of Shakespeare’s Works. Unfortunately, in 2014 I wasn’t able to start this project (I read some Shakespeare stuff, but no plays). 2015 was where things really started shapping up Shakespeare-wise. But things were looking even better for 2016. On top of that, 2016 commemorated 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare and this special anniversary year was a truly unique opportunity to complete my quest of reading the rest of his entire body of work.< Less
Shapes, Scenes and Strokes: Book Reviews 2015 By Manuel Augusto Antão
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The experience of thinking about, preparing, or writing a text, be it a book review, or about an art exhibition, cannot be limited solely to the artistic experience. There must always be another kind... More > of challenge. I want that elusive thing that I found, together with the encounter that I had with the “object” and the experience we lived together. Every day when I wake up, I don’t think about writing, but I wonder whether I’ll be able to rise to the calling of that particular “object” (a book, a painting, a play, opera, etc.). The “characters” in them are never marginal figures. I know that they exist but I do not know them, I do not confront myself with them, or I only do so in highly stereotypical situations where they almost become invisible. When I write about something, this is my attempt at turning the invisible into the visible.< Less
Beats: Book Reviews 2014 By Manuel Augusto Antão
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What it means to me to be a critic/reviewer? For a lot of readers, a “reviewer” or “critic” is an embittered failed novelist or worse, a barely restrained serial rapist. Book... More > critics may take the form of a dilettante, theorist, essayist, or even historian, but almost never reviewers, who sometimes lack the distancing from the text required by the demands of academia synthesis.< Less