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Avant La Chute By Aaron J Clarke
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'Avant La Chute' est un roman basé sur l’histoire de 'The Golden Bowl' (La Coupe d’or) d’Henry James, mais avec un tournant inattendu, car celui-ci y implique des amants... More > homosexuels, Marty Townsend et Carlton Aspern, qui séduisent et manipulent la richissime veuve australienne, Clara de Veer, et sa fille Maggie. Le précieux vase, avec son défaut presque invisible, est le véhicule que Clarke utilise pour éteindre la flamme de confiance qui, précédemment, brûlait encore dans le cœur de Maggie. Il révèle les méfaits passés et le prix qu’il faut payer pour le péché d’adultère : l’abandon de ses désirs.< Less
Selected Poems By Aaron J Clarke
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Drawing upon personal events, Clarke invites readers of his poetry to meet a romantic and sensitive soul. He explores death and desire, questions what it means to be good, and pays homage to the... More > divine and nature, observing it with impressionist intensity. Moreover, the language is simple, yet blended with the ornate to create poetry of great beauty.< Less
Upon The Rock By Aaron J Clarke
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Upon the Rock is a blend of narrative voices and styles that tells the story of Marcus Baird, a gay man from Townsville, and Aemilius, a character from a novel set in Ancient Rome written by Aaron J... More > Clarke. Marcus Baird hopes to win the author’s affections. His quest for love leads him to England where he is imprisoned in the writer’s house. During his captivity, he is forced to confess his darkest secrets with the hope of gaining absolution and, most importantly, Aaron’s love. Likewise, Aemilius hopes to win the affections of Culcita, a dangerous youth who threatens the Roman Republic. Aemilius’ quest for love results in him writing his life story and that of Rome’s, where deception leads to murder.< Less
The Sinner's Kiss By Aaron J Clarke
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In The Sinner’s Kiss, Clarke tells the story of betrayal, revenge in France and Morocco during the fin de siècle. Three women are drawn to the Lothario, Gabriel. Madame de Rosa desires... More > him to be her instrument of revenge. Justine and Esmée, in contrast, desire him to escape the confines of society, a world where enemies prepare to strike like Madame de Rosa whose actions have dangerous, tragic consequences not only for her, but also for the other women. Their stories are woven into the fabric of nineteenth century conventions regarding female conduct, where those who desire pay a price.< Less
The Cat By Aaron J Clarke
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In the distant future, a man downloads an ancient novel and instead of instantly transferring the novel into his brain, the man does something profound, he reads the text. As he reads the novel set... More > in 1940s Townsville, he is involved in the story of Mr. Wilbur’s immoral desires for Sam. ‘The Cat’ is perhaps Clarke’s most daring novel: where innocence is betrayed, where reality is challenged, and where there is the possibility of moral redemption.< Less
Before The Fall By Aaron J Clarke
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‘Before the Fall’ is a retelling of Henry James’ ‘The Golden Bowl’, but with a twist as it involves the gay lovers, Marty Townsend and Carlton Aspern, seducing and... More > manipulating the widowed Australian millionaire Clara de Veer and her daughter Maggie. The precious vase, with its almost invisible flaw, is the vehicle, which Clarke uses to extinguish the flame of trust that previously burnt in Maggie’s heart: revealing past misdemeanours and the price one must paid for the sin of adultery -- the surrendering of one’s desires.< Less
The Flowers of Spring By Aaron J Clarke
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In this finely drawn novella, Clarke portrays the free-spirited Sonia sacrificing her scruples and, more importantly, her first love, the handsome gardener, to the callous millionaire, John. Like... More > the flowers that grow his garden, John’s obsessive love for Sonia is tainted with corruption and as a result, a malevolent presence affects the garden to the present day. Unable to resist her fate, Sonia marries John, a man whom she does not love, because he can provide for her and her unborn child. Decades later, the malevolent phantom of the past threatens to wreak havoc on a writer and his mother, who knows the secret to the possessed garden, involving the fate of Sonia. Therefore, she must tell her writer son before it is too late. ‘The Flowers of Spring’ represents Clarke at his finest, exploring the corrosive effects of money and the consequences for those who obtain it.< Less
Epiphany of Life By Aaron J Clarke
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Adam Carlson takes for his research topic an unfinished novel by Noelene Richards, a friend of Virginia Woolf. Trying to finish this extraordinary masterpiece, Adam begins to obsess about the book... More > and its author, an obsession compounded by drugs. This clever debut novel by Aaron J Clarke, a book within a book, plays on perceptions of reality and identity and the possibilities of redemption.< Less