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A Dilemma By J.K. HUYSMANS
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One who seeks to discover the brutal reality of fin-de-siècle French bourgeoisie society, will find it here, in Huysmans’s melancholy tale. Class struggles form the background of this... More > harrowing tale; Huysmans uses steadily devolving arguments over family fortune to comment on interclass inequality in 19th century France. The greed of bourgeoisie men prevail: their dilemma vastly disparate to those of lesser fortune. A truly mordant tale, A Dilemma reflects the deeply depressing reality of class prejudice. This translation is brought to you by Aaron J. Clarke, whose tireless work allows this story to be read here, in contemporary Australia. Clarke sees the value of this profoundly moving tale and its ironic prevalence today.< Less
Les vies fracturées By Aaron J Clarke
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Dans une maison chic du nord du Queensland, soutenus par les cris des créatures aborigènes et des airs de musique classique, les Baxter constituent une famille archétypale, que... More > viennent compléter un mariage heureux et un fils diligent. Mais 1968 est une année perturbée par la controverse religieuse, les soulèvements politiques et la menace constante de la mobilisation. Toutes les apparences des valeurs familiales conservatrices doivent être fermement maintenues, mais qu’en est-il vraiment dans l’intimité ? La pièce d’Aaron J. Clarke, présentée dans un style typiquement éloquent reposant sur une langue sophistiquée, brise la solide carapace de ses personnages afin de révéler leurs désirs et leurs secrets les plus personnels... ainsi que leurs motivations. Jusqu’où seriez-vous prêt à repousser les limites pour la personne que vous aimez ?< Less
Vidas fracturadas By Aaron J Clarke
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Dentro de una elegante casa de North Queensland, confortada por las llamadas de criaturas nativas y tonos clásicos, parece que los Baxters son una familia arquetípica, con un matrimonio... More > feliz y un hijo diligente. Pero 1968 es un tiempo lleno de controversia religiosa, agitación política y la constante amenaza de la conscripción. La aparición de valores familiares conservadores debe ser mantenida rígidamente, pero ¿qué sucede a puertas cerradas? La obra de Aaron J. Clarke, presentada en un típico estilo elocuente que florece con un lenguaje sofisticado, abre el duro exterior de sus personajes para revelar sus deseos más íntimos, secretos... Y motivos. ¿Hasta dónde empujarías los límites para aquel que amas?< Less
Fractured Lives By Aaron J Clarke
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Inside a stylish North Queenslander home, comforted by the calls of native creatures and classical tones, it appears the Baxters are an archetypal family, complete with happy marriage and diligent... More > son. But 1968 is a time rife with religious controversy, political upheaval, and the constant looming threat of conscription. The appearance of conservative family values must be rigidly upheld – but what happens behind closed doors? Aaron J. Clarke’s play, presented in typical eloquent style flourishing with sophisticated language, cracks open the hard exterior of his characters to reveal their innermost desires, secrets… And motives. How far would you push the boundaries for the one you love?< Less
Death in Xanadu By Aaron J Clarke
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'Death in Xanadu' is a savage indictment against the movie industry, and in this world of celluloid fantasy, the ultimate power belongs to the studio mogul Carlton Hislop, who can either destroy... More > careers or create them – on the condition that they submit themselves to him. Author Aaron J Clarke turns a jaundiced eye on Xanadu, and the result is a depiction of a chain-smoking, heavy drinking, coke snorting, megalomaniac – not to mention perverse – movie mogul, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants and likewise, prevent his abhorrent desires from being publicized. Drawn into this scandal are the producers Tiffany, Lisa and Tony, in addition to the casting director, Kathy, who nominates child actors Frank and Freddie for roles in an upcoming film. Carlton becomes fixated on the young actors the moment he sees their audition. And so the malevolent man descends down a path of depravity, which ultimately leads to his humiliating escape from America and subsequent punishment in tropical Brazil.< Less
La Victime anonyme et autres poèmes By Aaron J Clarke
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Dans ce nouveau recueil de poèmes, Clarke aborde de nombreux thèmes, dont le racisme, l’amour homosexuel, la mort, ses réflexions sur la vie, le caractère... More > transitoire de la jeunesse et de la beauté ou encore l’immoralité de la guerre. Il s’exprime avec une exquise élégance, de façon novatrice et sensuelle.< Less
The Voices of Discontent By Aaron J Clarke
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On the verge of committing suicide, Cécile, a middle-aged woman, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, contemplates her life in Townsville, and with that of her husband, Alain – whom in... More > hindsight she believes to have made a mistake in marrying. Cécile believes her marriage to be flawed because Alain is unsupportive of her artistic ambitions and her dreams of travelling. Compounding their mutual incompatibility is Alain’s authoritarian mother, Eleanor, who stays with them in order to care for Cecile; but in reality, she undermines her son’s marriage with her overpowering religious beliefs. Drawn into this marital melee is Julie, an old friend of Cécile’s but the secret lover of Alain: the duo insidiously plan to profit from Cécile’s death. In 'The Voices of Discontent', Clarke examines the effects of religion, disease, artistic ambition and adultery in an already unstable marriage, discovering that true love overcomes all of these obstacles.< Less
Le baiser du pécheur By Aaron J Clarke
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Dans 'Le baiser du pécheur', Clarke raconte une histoire de trahison et de revanche se déroulant dans le France et le Maroc de la fin du dix-neuvième siècle. Trois femmes... More > sont attirées par le Don Juan Gabriel. Madame de Rosa souhaite l’utiliser comme l’instrument de sa revanche, tandis que Justine et Esmée auraient aimé le voir s’échapper des confins de la société. C’est un monde où les ennemis sont toujours prêts à frapper, comme Madame de Rosa, dont les actions ont des conséquences dangereuses et tragiques pour elle-même et ses deux adversaires. Leurs destinées sont imbriquées dans le cadre des conventions de la fin-du-siècle régulant la conduite des femmes, dictant que celles qui s’abandonnent au désir doivent en payer le prix.< Less
Selected Short Stories By Aaron J Clarke
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The seven stories in this selection span Clarke’s early career, ranging from The Woman in Question, a drug affected man who is unable to let go of the woman he loves that ultimately leads him... More > to the person responsible for her death. In The Wager, an unscrupulous man bets that a black servant won’t be accepted into English high society; in The Unyielding Wind, Clarke reimagines the myth of Pan and Syrinx; and in Stabat Mater, an unhappy wife discovers her husband is having an affair with her sister that leads to a chain reaction resulting in murder and moral depravity. The haunting, The Unobtainable Agnes depicts a young man’s love for an older woman, who happens to be a nun and the resulting emotional tension that follows. Beautifully drawn, Clarke’s stories are as rich and resonant as his novels.< Less
The Road To Ignominy By Aaron J Clarke
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Inspired by a real-life 19th century scandal, Clarke deftly writes about the privileged world of the Victorian upper-class, where Hugh is forced by his overbearing mother, Lady Lillian, to conform to... More > society’s views concerning sex. Hugh’s inquisitive and rebellious nature leads Lady Lillian to send the innocent young man away to Thorndike Academy to be educated according to English etiquette. Instead, his schooldays ignited forbidden desires for an older student, Edmund. However, it would be Hugh’s affair with William, a working-class man, which would cause him so much angst as well as ecstasy.< Less