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Ellen Mueller
The Book of Enid By Ellen Mueller
Hardcover: $150.00
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NOTE: This is the HARDCOVER version of the book.
Book of Enid By Ellen Mueller
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NOTE: This is the SOFTCOVER version of the book. Narratives are an important and necessary part of individual and social constructs. They explain things that are out of human control or beyond... More > understanding. They act as a way to grapple with the world of non-stop technological development, global climate change, hyperactive news media, and the omnipresent consumer culture. Whether internal or external, narratives define how we see ourselves and others. This series of drawings focuses on narrative as a means of controlling one’s understanding of self, others, and events that may or may not be based in reality. It focuses on multiple facets of individual identity, both public and private. The arc of the narrative follows a time traveler as she attempts to stop a violent conflict after it has already occurred. While it has specific personal meaning and a dry sense of humor from my point of view, I invite participants to invent their own explanations of what the narrative means.< Less
Night Depository By Ellen Mueller
Paperback: $10.00
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With Night Depository, I set up an altar to anxiety dreams where participants were welcome to record and file away their negative dreams according to an elaborate filing system spread across six... More > banks of pigeon holes. Viewers were also welcome to read the filed dreams at their leisure. Now, with this catalog, you can review all the dreams that were filed by the participants in this installation.< Less
The System [Illustrated Manual] By Ellen Mueller
Paperback: $15.00
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The System originated from the concept that there must be better ways to take control of one’s life than the options offered by the self-help industry. Books like “The Secret,”... More > “The Power of Now,” and “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” ask us to change ourselves, our habits, our compulsions, our attitudes, and our feelings. Valerie Hartman took a stand against this wave of change when she developed The System. Stand with her and The System, and you’ll be able to proudly declare, “This is MY life!” [Note: This is only the illustrated manual; the rest of The System is NOT included.]< Less