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The Horror House
Evil Within By Graeme Hawke
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A dark malevolent and evil force has established iteslf in the quite state of Adelaide in South Australia. The darkness permeates the streets and is growing. Detective Steve Jackson is fighting a... More > bitter divorce and a growing addiction to the bottle but nothing can prepare him for the horrors he will see and have to endure. "The Family" are a well organised group praying on lost souls and street kids, they are preparing for the next push and the "Insiders" a darkness that feeds off these debased humans is helping them along. Detective Jackson will need all the help he can get and in Leon Sparks he finds a new and willing partner.< Less
Ramblings of a cluttered Mind By Graeme Hawke
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Welcome aboard the Crazy Train that is my life. I have been writing poetry now for over 30 years and I still get a buzz out of putting pen to paper. My life has been one of Love, loss, divorce,... More > marriage and then marriage again. I love and continue to suffer family, death, pets, children and depression. I absolutely love my life so far, but having Bulimia for 30 years has taken its toll on me, both mentally and physically. I have a fun and flippant side as well as a dark brooding side, both of which you will encounter on this journey into my cluttered mind. I hope you enjoy my work I have been published and also spoken word poetry for radio and in social settings or sanctioned readings. I like to challenge the normal and hit at the visual so to take you not only on a journey of words but mind images as well. I find descriptive text to be more powerful than pictures alone. I am an average Aussie male 47 years old with a beautiful wife and two amazingly different and independent daughters also beautiful. Enjoy!< Less