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Fire On The Velvet Horizon By Patrick Stuart & Scrap Princess
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NOW UPDATED WITH BLACKER BLACK , CLEARER TEXT , CRISPER COLOURS AND BETTER MARGINS, CHECK REVIEW FOR HARDCOVER OPTION LINK 'Superpositioning with strange panache, Velvet Horizon is an (outstanding)... More > indie role-playing-game supplement, and an (outstanding) example of experimental quasi-/meta-/sur-/kata-fiction. Also a work of art. Easily one of my standout books of 2015.’ - China Miéville A book of monsters written by Patrick Stuart and based off drawings previously provided by Scrap Princess. It is all hand assembled + small font size so please click on preview to see if that is going to be awful for you. There is about 100 monsters all co-sharing an implied setting , but each can easily used apart from it. It can be enjoyed as some weird piece of experimental fiction as well being used to give you bizarre newness for your world creation< Less
Deep Carbon Observatory By Scrap Princess & Patrick Stuart
Paperback: $10.00
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The adventure takes players from a town devastated by an unexpected flood, through a drowned land where nature is turned upside down and desperate families cling to the roofs of their ruined homes,... More > hiding from the monstrous products of a disordered world, through the strange tomb of an ancient race, to a profundal zone, hidden for millennia and now exposed, and finally to the Observatory itself, an eerie abandoned treasure palace, where they will encounter a pale and unexpected terror which will seek to claim their lives. The adventure is suitable for a lucky mid-range party, a stupid high-level party or an exceedingly clever low level party. It is difficult, with a meaningful possibility of character death. Should you find them, and defeat their guardians, the treasures of an ancient culture will be yours. It was created by Patrick Stuart  and Scrap Princess. The layout was by Alex Mayo and it was brought into being at the command of Zzarchov Kowalski< Less