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"Writing is my Passion; Jesus is my Life." <3
For The Love Of A Prince: Journey To Miracore By Kaitlyn Keller
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Audelina Young hasn't done anything exciting in life. She spends her free time outside, daydreaming about a better world she's never known. She's stuck in the mundane Kingdom of Terrawyn with an... More > unfilled thirst for adventure. Everything changes when she meets Daniel, the rightful heir to the throne. He asks her to accompany him on a journey to deliver a peace treaty to a neighboring Kingdom. After arguing she agrees to go. However, Daniel is not what he seems. He has sense of entitlement and lack of compassion. Audelina knows there is more to him, but alongside dealing with her fathers death, a conceited Prince may be to much. Through trials, fights and encounters, Audelina tries to establish a forbidden friendship with Daniel. Will all of her efforts be in vain though, as he shuts her down? Will she be able to peel back the layers of darkness corroding his heart? Or will the truth of what she learns be too much? Love is said to conquer all, but is that true? Audelina must risk everything to find out.< Less
The Scars That Remain By Kaitlyn Kennedy
Paperback: $15.50
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This is the 2nd book of the Once Upon A Lullabye Series. It has been more than seven years since Bailey escaped what she called a nightmare. But despite the comfort her new life has provided, she has... More > distanced herself from everyone. But when things take a nasty turn and she is forced back into the same nightmare. Will she be strong enough to embrace what is headed her way?< Less
Piercing the Bone and Other Short Stories By Kaitlyn Kennedy
Paperback: $16.50
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This is a compiled collection of short stories, gathered together over the past few years. The inspiration for these stories are derived from different people and events to create plots that include... More > love, terror, adventure, comedy, and suspense. These stories allow you to venture into the mind of an author with a much different style of writing. With a lot of sarcasm and twisted endings, you will enter into many worlds with unique characters and story lines. Within the lines of the pages, you will discover the depths and heights that writing can take you. Each story will leave you wondering and desiring to explore more into the realm of the twisted and unorthodox. Not for the faint of heart, these short stories are abrasive and gruesome as well sweet and innocent. They delve into every genre created and address every plot within these borders. Intrigued? Well, then take a look inside and experience a whole new domain that you never knew you could create with mere words. Enter at your own risk.< Less
Disheveled Leather Book By Kaitlyn Kennedy
Paperback: $9.00
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This is a book about an 11 year old girl named Juliet in the year 2039. Although there are no flying cars or aliens, the government has banned and burned all books and paper in existence. But Juliet... More > is determined to read just one actual book in her lifetime and she will stop and nothing to do so. And while on a weekend trip to her Grandparents she gets her opportunity. But, what exactly is the book about? And does it have the ability to save her and her parents from all the fighting and abuse in her life?< Less
Once Upon A Lullabye Series: Part 1 By Kaitlyn Kennedy
Paperback: $18.00
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This is a combination of the first 3 books in the Once Upon A Lullabye series. They are the same books, just in a larger one, in case you would like to buy them as a whole. It's a series about a 6... More > year old girl named Bailey, who wakes up one day in a cold, dark room in a metal cage. She is humming the tune shes doesnt know the name of, the man in the mask is trying to kill her, and she has no idea where she is. These three books follow 4 years of a determined and frightened little girl and the pain, death, tears, and love that she comes to find because of it.< Less
Until The Day That I Die By Kaitlyn Kennedy
Paperback: $9.08
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This is the last book of the Once Upon a Lullabye trilogy and the last attempt that Bailey has to get out of the hospital torture alive. She has dealt with Blaire for fours years now and she is... More > beginning to realize that she can no longer hold on. She has lost too many precious and dear things in her life. But will Bailey give up and allow Blaire to finally win? Or will she allow herself to trust fully in God, believe that even in her final moments, there is always a way out?< Less
Once Upon a Lullabye By Kaitlyn Kennedy
Paperback: $9.00
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This is the 1st book of the trilogy. It is about the torture of a 6 year old girl named Bailey and the pain, hope and love that she comes to find throughout it.
Rewritten By Kaitlyn Kennedy
Paperback: $9.02
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This is the 2nd book in the Once Upon A Lullabye trilogy. It has been a year since Blaire has hurt Bailey, but that isn't a good thing. It means Blaire has been saving up for something much worse.... More > Bailey thinks she is strong and ready to fight this out as long as it takes, but is she really ready for what she is about to encounter?< Less
Izaleair By Kaitlyn Kennedy
Paperback: $15.04
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Izaleair; It was a make believe world that my cousin, Stephanie, used to tell me about whenever I slept over her house. It was a typical story, with a princess, castle, and knight in shining armor.... More > Yet, there was always something different about it that made it seem almost real. However, when my cousin passed away a few years ago, I tucked Izaleair and the stories into the far corners of my mind. I figured that I would never have to remember any of them again.< Less