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In the Eye Of... By I. M. Telling
eBook (ePub): $6.99
A Family Faces a Moral Crisis Twenty-eight year old Nadine never intended to fall in love with Philip, but after her husband Johnnie was killed in the Middle East, Philip vowed to take care of... More > Nadine and her unborn child. When Kelly was born, Philip held her in his arms as if she were his own child, and a loving family was born. Kelly grew up knowing Philip as her father, never questioning that his brown skin looked nothing like hers. Nadine's father's racial bigotry caused Philip to make a painful promise: that he'd never bring a mixed-race child into the world. It was a promise that Philip would keep for nearly two decades. However, if Nadine were to bear a child, it would be God's will.< Less
The Slave Factory: Total Power Exchange By I. M. Telling
eBook (ePub): $6.99
The Slave Factory: Total Power Exchange This is the third volume of the sexually erotic and BDSM themed Slave Factory Trilogy. It begins approximately three years after the events that unfolded... More > in volume two. As in the previous edition of this series, a significant portion of this story is targeted towards the drama aspects as control of Per il piacere del Maestro itself is at stake. Fitzpatrick McMullen has risen to the rank of Council Lord in his quest to remove the stigma of evil that permeates The Company. He has vowed to bring about reform and changes to his beloved organization or destroy it. Lord Bishop believes that Fitz's goals will destroy Per il piacere del Maestro. This time, Slave Tonya must come forth to rescue her beloved Master.< Less
The Slave Factory By I. M. Telling
eBook (ePub): $6.99
“I think I know what you are referring to,” said James after Tonya had asked him if he had ever heard of The Slave Factory. “If you mentioned Per il piacere del Maestro to a... More > hundred thousand different people around the world, you would be hard pressed to find one person who would know what you’re talking about,” declared James. This is how The Slave Factory begins. It is the story of Tonya's journey of self-discovery as she and an eclectic group of fellow students undergo six-months of focused and brutal reshaping, guided by the Masters and Mistresses of the arts of sex, bondage, discipline, and submission and the love to serve within the walls of a place known only as The Academy.< Less
The Slave Factory: Exposed! By I. M. Telling
eBook (ePub): $6.99
The Slave Factory: Exposed! This is the second volume in a planned trilogy about a secret organization with roots that date back nearly two millennia. In the initial volume, Per il piacere del... More > Maestro and its training center The Academy, served as the mechanism through which an eclectic collection of characters are passed on their way into a year of servitude and slavery after a grueling training program of Dominance and submission that involved extreme sexual and edge-play BDSM practices. Significant reader feedback from volume one The Slave Factory posed the question, which was what happened next? What is in store for the staff and students, of that secret organization known only to the elite of the lifestyle, and of the place called The Academy? Read on to find out what volume two has to offer Fitzpatrick, Tonya, the Mistresses and Masters, and former students from The Academy. This time, there is a lot more going on than just scenes played out in the dungeon and in bedrooms.< Less
My Wife's Black Boyfriend By I. M. Telling
eBook (ePub): $4.99
I'm glad you asked me about my wife's black boyfriend. It was an interesting journey for Connie and me, but it certainly was an enjoyable ride getting there. Yes, she has a boyfriend and yes he is... More > black." Read how Connie and Robert transcended their traditional marriage into a deeper and more open arrangement. It all began when Connie treated her husband to one of the most exciting Birthday presents a man could ask for; a beautiful naked woman in his bed all for him that was not his wife. Shortly, it's Connie's turn to experience an encounter outside of her marriage. However, it is the introduction into Interracial Swinging that sets this tale on fire. As they say, "Once you go black..." Content Warning: This story is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.< Less
Big Black Cock By I. M. Telling
eBook (ePub): $2.99
My name is Alex and I am a black man. I am six foot four, I wear size 14 shoes, and my dick is just over eleven inches. If you are afraid some black man is going to fuck your white wife, I am the... More > one you need to worry about. This is how the story of a man begins. Alex thinks he is the master of all he surveys as women throw themselves on their knees before him. One night, he witnessed a reflection of what he had become and he didn’t like what he saw. Content Warning: This story is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults. This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity between an African American man and white women. It includes oral sex, voyeurism, cuckolding, ménage, wife sharing, exhibitionism, semen swallowing, and other practices.< Less
Brenda Bailey Cunningham's Ankle Bracelet By I. M. Telling
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Brenda Bailey Cunningham's Ankle Bracelet It was Brenda's birthday and her husband Riley had presented her with a gift. It was an ankle bracelet with the letters BBC hanging off it. 'B B C' was... More > Brenda's initials and she loved the fact that her husband had purchased such a personalized gift for her. Neither Brenda nor Riley knew of the intended purpose of this bracelet. One night, a man named Marcus, who knows well the significance of the bracelet, approaches Brenda. However, upon learning that she was unaware of the meaning of the bracelet, he sets off to turn her into a whore for black men to use as they see fit. Initially seduced by this man's charms, Brenda gives herself to Marcus completely; willing to do whatever he asks of her. of the meaning of the bracelet, he sets off to turn her into a whore for black men to use as they see fit. Explicit Adult Content< Less