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The True History of the Conquest of New Spain By Bernal Diaz del Castillo, JRBooksOnline
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Bernal Diaz del Castillo (c. 1496 ‒ 1584) wrote an important first-hand account of his experiences supporting several expeditions into Central America, including that of Hernan Cortes in the... More > conquest of Mexico, 1521. It's a straightforward account of a soldier, not the dainty and carefully balanced prose of an academic. This edition is one not readily accessible to readers interested in Diaz’ famous history. It is the very first English translation which exists only in old facsimile books or as images on, the Keatinge translation as published in London, 1800. Being so old, it is the one least likely to have been influenced by the modern bias of “political correctness.” The only footnotes shown are Diaz’ own. This volume allows Diaz to tell his story as he would have it. The old printing typography (‘s’ like ‘f’, etc.) has been updated for the convenience of modern readers, resulting in a highly readable text. COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED.< Less
A Memorandum on Ritual Murders By V.I. Dal, JRBooksOnline
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Unknown to most, the reality of Jewish ritual murders has been repeatedly proven in modern court proceedings according to modern rules of evidence. This happened in Russia many times during the 19th... More > and 20th centuries, far removed from any medieval obscurantism. One of the most famous trials occurred in the Russian town of Velizh in the early 19th century after the mutilated and exsanguinated corpse of a little Christian boy had been found in a forest. Although the Jewish culprits would be eventually acquitted, the ritual nature of the murder would still be firmly established. This trial is described in detail in this book, along with many other cases of ritual murders perpetrated by inhuman sadists from the fanatical Jewish sect of the Hasidim. This book constitutes a valuable historical record of the Jewish ritual murder question from the 19th-century Russian perspective.< Less
The Murder of Andrei Yushchinsky By G.G. Zamyslovsky, JRBooksOnline
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Shortly before World War I, the Russian Empire was shaken by the bestial murder of Andrei Yushchinsky, a 13-year-old boy, whose exsanguinated body, bearing all the traces of a Jewish ritual murder,... More > was found in March 1911 on the outskirts of Kiev. The ensuing trial, held in the autumn of 1913, attracted wide attention not only in Russia, but also in Europe and even in the USA. A Jew named Mendel Beilis was the only defendant. Although he was eventually acquitted by the jury, the same verdict also said that it was basically a ritual murder, one committed at a Jewish brick factory. This book was written by G.G. Zamyslovsky, a member of the Russian State Duma, who served as a civil prosecutor (or “civil plaintiff”) at the Beilis trial. In addition to the description of Yushchinsky’s murder, it contains a lot of other valuable information, including a detailed account of two famous ritual murder trials which took place in the Russian towns of Velizh and Saratov in the 19th century.< Less