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Keeping Christopher By Jillian Brookes-Ward
Paperback: $12.45
Ships in 3-5 business days
Nathaniel has a new wife and a new life, but all he's ever dreamed about is having a son, and with the arrival of baby Christopher it looks as if his dream has finally come true. If only it were that... More > simple... Nathaniel and Megan Mackie have barely settled into their new life of wedded bliss together when a blue envelope brings them catastrophic news. Before they know it, the couple are up to their necks in the murky worlds of surrogacy and blackmail, breaking the law and deceiving their families, opening up old wounds and dragging out secrets and lies from each other's pasts. Each new revelation further threatens to tear their new found happiness apart. If they are to secure their future together as a family, the most desperate measures are called for.< Less
SAVING NATHANIEL By Jillian Brookes-Ward
Paperback: $10.56
Ships in 3-5 business days
Can love alone be strong enough to save a broken soul. Nathaniel lives with unresolved grief and guilt - and it is tearing him apart. Can temporary housekeeper, Megan, take him in hand and drag him... More > away from the abyss of self destruction, or is it already too late - for both of them?< Less
He, She and Him By Jillian Ward
Paperback: $12.64
Ships in 3-5 business days
Linda loves two very different men - at the same time and is content in her loving triangle until fate intervenes and the affair is revealed. When she falls pregnant, one man is told he is the... More > father, the other is led to believe he is. But which one is which? A modern menage a trois...true love, or a recipe for disaster?< Less
Watch Your Back! By Jillian Brookes-Ward
Paperback: $13.47
Ships in 3-5 business days
Revenge is a two edged sword and it cuts both ways. When it does, it hurts - everyone. Hamish McKinnon is a decent, law abiding man until his sister, Heather, is drugged and raped by a sexual... More > predator. As the siblings seek out and get their own back on the perpetrator, their crusade begins to take its toll on Hamish, who is soon overwhelmed and in danger of losing himself. How much can he take before he cracks under the strain and if he does, how will Heather get her due retribution?< Less
ON THE FLY By Jillian Brookes-Ward
Paperback: $9.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
Brian MacDonald is a professional angling instructor and a bit of a loveable rogue. He has twin passions in his life - fishing and sex, although not necessarily in that order. He begins each new... More > season with a clean slate, a charming smile and a fresh supply of condoms. His life takes an unexpected twist when he meets the enigmatic Lily. Could there be more to this woman than meets the eye?< Less