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Cosmic Time Keeper: A Primer to Cosmic Time and Introduction to 5 Months of Time By Lisa Marie Haley
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​A primer on how the ancients saw, experienced, utilized and harnessed the power of Time. The cosmos have much to tell us about how we might optimally harness and understand the power of time.... More > An empowering and energetically aligning tool for syncing up with the flows of energy from our planet and the cosmos. This first publication is 5 months or cycles of time with daily and cyclical meditations. I also include about 20 pages of information on why this method of keeping time is powerful at this time.< Less
The Answer is You: Quantum Physics Meets Metaphysics for Personal Empowerment By Lisa Marie Haley
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This book carries information to support you embodying fully as the free, powerful creator you are meant to be. I weave my understanding energy together from both the scientific and spiritual worlds.... More > The fundamental message is that you create everything in your life.< Less