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Las Lugosi
The Universe Traveler By Las Lugosi
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The Universe Traveler is a collection of loosely related short stories, revolving around a common theme - humanist secularism. The stories celebrate scientific knowledge, rally against organized... More > religion and recount memories of the author living under an oppressive regime as a kid. Some express a desire to see more people reach for the stars in an effort to shake off the cloak of ignorance once and for all that is holding humanity back from reaching its full potential. These stories are to be read and understood from the point of view that human beings, curious by nature, are to continue the exploration they started millions of years ago, wondering off the plains of Africa in search of a better life, culminating in the conquest of space. After all, every atom in the human body was once born inside the nuclear furnace of giant stars - it is only fitting, that our journey leads us back to the same space from where once we came.< Less
Las Lugosi's Dracula: The Cradle of Evil By Las Lugosi
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Las Lugosi's Dracula is a three part story about the most famous vampire the world has ever seen. It tells the story of how the vampire was born, going from a child hostage in the Ottoman Court to... More > the height of his power and ultimately to his downfall and death. But the story is not just about Dracula. It is about the millions of people his existence has impacted and the countless lives he has ruined as he tried to conquer the world. But remember, just because Dracula has been successfully defeated, it does not mean he is gone forever. Just because he has been killed off for now, does not mean he will not return. He is, after all, undead.< Less