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Margaret Merrison
Pure Holistic Healing By Margaret Merrison
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Pure Holistic Healing will take you on a wonderful journey with the energies that participate in a healing treatment, including the life-force energy, the energy of the recipient and invited energies... More > from the higher realms. The healing effect of these combined vibrations is enhanced when the healer works in unison with them, using their intuition, working unreservedly with all levels of the recipient and doing what they sense is right for the highest good of all concerned. Pure Holistic Healing will help you to connect, understand and work together with the healing energies in a completely safe and effective manner, while dispelling many human myths regarding healing. Pure Holistic Healing works directly with the healing energies for the maximum benefit of the recipient and is simple and easy to remember. If you are new to healing or are already a healer in any discipline, Pure Holistic Healing will greatly enhance your healing practice.< Less
How To Be A Brilliant Spiritual Teacher By Margaret Merrison
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How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher is a step-by-step guide to lead others in spiritual meetings and courses. By following the guidance in this comprehensive book, you will be totally prepared... More > and have the confidence to help others with their spiritual paths in a grounded and safe way. How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher tells you how to make sure that you, your environment and your spiritual teaching skills will help people relax, enjoy and get the best from the time they are with you. It gives guidance and a number of examples of how to safely open and close meetings, lead visualisations, meditations and activities. You will also be shown how people learn and memorise, as well as put a good programme together. How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher also tells you how to organise a spiritual course or meeting, as well as the associated administration. If you want to lead your own spiritual groups, How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher is the book for you.< Less
What Are Unicorns? By Margaret Merrison
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This concise book about Unicorns will answer your questions about these great, playful, pure beings from the higher realms, as well as giving you more Unicorn information than you can imagine. With... More > step-by-step guidance, ‘What Are Unicorns?’ will help you raise and purify your vibrations, so you can easily connect with the wonderful, natural energy of the Unicorns in a safe way. By reading ‘What Are Unicorns?’, you will recognise Unicorn signs in everyday life and connect with your own personal Unicorn guide in one of the many meditations. You will learn why Unicorns are here and how they evolve. You will meet their friends and experience giving and receiving Unicorn healing. You will understand their sensitivities to energies and how to help them in their work, especially caring for our wonderful planet Earth. If you are interested in Unicorns and want to learn how to experience their magnificent energy, ‘What Are Unicorns?’ is the book for you.< Less
TRUE BEING: A Beginner's Guide to Finding, Walking and Enjoying Your Spiritual Path By Margaret Merrison
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True Being is a concise spiritual guide that will help you develop your understanding of your own spirituality in a safe, grounded and protected way. Through this book, you will learn how to find... More > your life path and realise who you really are and why you are here. With step-by-step guidance for meditation and visualisation, you will experience connecting with spiritual guides, angels and ascended masters. You will discover your aura and chakras, as well as planetary energy, dowsing, healing, our future world and much more. There are many activities spread throughout True Being to help you experience the energies and consolidate the information, as well as a number of stories that will help you bring the spiritual realms into the world of everyday living. Margaret Merrison is a spiritual teacher, author, healer and founder of The Unicorn Centre for Spiritual Learning. True Being is a user-friendly book that you will turn to again and again for inspiration on your journey of spiritual discovery!< Less