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Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder By V.I. Lenin
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"Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder" was written by famous Marxist philosopher V.I. Lenin in response to criticisms of the Bolshevik Party in Russia following the success of the... More > Proletarian Revolution of 1917. The text was originally published in 1920.< Less
Readers' Guide to Marxist Classics By Maurice Cornforth
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The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx
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The "Communist Manifesto", originally known as the "Manifesto of the Communist Party", was published in February 1848 by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. The book serves to... More > summarize the theories of Marx and Engels and is known in the present-day as one of the most influential books of all time. Inside of this book is the complete and unabridged English translation of the Communist Manifesto. You will also find the prefaces to each printing of this book written by Marx or Engels. This book uses the texts available freely on and is in the public domain. You may find this work, and other works freely available on< Less
The Communist Party A Manual on Organization By J Peters
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Reprint of a 1930s communist pamphlet. Comprehensive information about the Party's structure and interesting discussion on "criticism and factionalism". The Communist Party: Manual on... More > Organization, by J. Peters, 1935. ... A very good summary of the basics of Marxism-Leninism. Has a biography of J. Peters as well. Full of valuable timely information. This organizational Manual fills a long-felt need. It will be welcomed by many thousands of active Party members who have looked forward to its publication for a long time. Much of the material used by Comrade Peters as the basis for this Manual was, it is true, available, but it is scattered in many documents over a period of years. Much of the material was of late available, as for example, the famous and thorough going resolutions and decisions on the question of organization adopted by the Second Organizational Conference of the Communist International.< Less
Marxist Glossary Book By L. Harry Gould
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A concise glossary of terms used in Marxist literature, with not just definitions, but frequently with quotes from classic Marxist-Leninist writers further explaining the terms. The best way to use... More > this work is, first, to recognize it as being no more than what its title indicates – a glossary, i.e., a compilation of brief definitions and explanations of words and terms employed by Communist writers. The Glossary will serve as a handy aid to the student of Marxist literature. To regard the Glossary as a substitute for consistent study of the basic Marxist works – a sort of “catechism” to be learned by rote – would be fatal to any attempt to acquire a real understanding of Communism.< Less
Science and Religion By Marcel Cachin
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Communism does not choose among religion. We know that their role was and still is immense. Communism teaches neither scorn nor hate for these ancient forms of men’s thought before science. It... More > recommends that we study their origins and history in order to understand them. It will then be found that our present is bound up with the past, that many old ideas have survived in men’s minds, and also that, despite appearances, there is a continuity of one culture to another. Communism bases itself on man: real, concrete, living, thinking, suffering man. Man and his destiny – that is the sole aim of the efforts of communism. There are some two billion human beings scattered over the earth. The historic role of communism is to guarantee to each and every one of them freedom, joy, and the complete development of his physical and moral well-being. This is for all men whatever they may be, wherever they come from.< Less
What Is Marxism? By Emile Burns
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Emile Burns’ WHAT IS MARXISM?, as an introduction for new students, or as a handy refresher for past students and lecturers, will be found an adequate guide. It is not just another booklet to... More > be read and forgotten. It is a concise outline of Marxism that will repay repeated readings and serious study. New investigators of Marxism will find themselves stimulated to seek more knowledge of the theories of Scientific Socialism, as expounded by Marxists; and every Marxist, no matter what his degree of knowledge, will find within these pages a method of exposition most helpful to the imparting of Marxist theory, whether in the lecture hall, or study group.< Less