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After Harry By Pam Bloom
Paperback: $10.21
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When her little boy is killed by a car on the way to school, it changes Stephanie Martin's life forever – in more ways than one. While recovering from the devastating blow, Steph realises she... More > can now hear things others can't, such as the neighbourhood trees screaming in pain as they’re cut down, her cat's demands for food... and other people's unspoken thoughts. As a counsellor helping clients overcome various problems, Steph finds this unexpected 'gift' both a curse and a blessing. It also fuels atheist Steph’s conflict with her devoutly religious sister. But can it help her save another young boy's life?< Less
Whole New World[s] By Pam Bloom
Paperback: $11.48
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Ethan Jones is only 11 but already he's the 'man of the house', looking after his little sister Lizzie and often bedridden mother. But when he finds a pebble-like device on the floor of the abandoned... More > coastguard house close to his home, his life literally changes. An inspiring tale of adventure in parallel universes, the importance of family and friendship and the realisation that, ultimately, life could always be worse. A fast-paced light science fiction read aimed at middle grade readers aged 10 to 110.< Less
Running By Pam Bloom
Paperback: $12.03
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ethan Jones and his friend Jake have had enough of adventure. After a summer spent travelling to different universes, they're content to return to a normal, boring life at school and home. But when... More > their friend Sam's alarm goes off in the middle of the night during February half-term holidays, they and Ethan's family are forced to start running... This, Book 2 in The Parallel Universe Adventures, is a fast-paced, easy scifi adventure which sees the boys lost in a world where dinosaurs still exist and their friend put on trial for a crime which could see him facing the death penalty.< Less