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The Theory of Dr Gospetell Secret #1 & Other Stories By Sylvia Love Johnson
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What's Inspiration? Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Living life is creative. Deciding what you desire and set... More > about fulfilling your dreams requires creativity therefore inspiration. In the world of quantum physics .to be inspired" can be defined as to be in a state of positive alignment with your desires. A state of bliss that keeps you open to take inspired action. When this happens, you know you are moving in the direction of your dreams. This is what "100 Secrets" does for : our followers and me. Not only was this series born out of great flashes inspiration while listening to Abraham Hicks, my mentor, and from states of deep inner Self-awareness and meditation. These stories also inspire me and others to move onto greater things. These stories inspire to live life in a way that dreams and desires are being manifested continuously.< Less
Method Comic Strip Vol. I Eva & Eva's Secret Short Story By Sylvia Love Johnson & Katherine Durkin
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Eva is highly emotional. A deeply hidden secret dictates her actions and shapes her personality day by day. An element of darkness in a mixture of joy and sadness, dreams and reality, reveals a... More > shocking parallel side in her current life. Welcome to the world of METHOD, a short film project. exploring the complex lives of a group of actors. Enjoy Eva's Secret, short story, and Eva's Comic strip the first volume from an 8 volume series from HEKATE Film Works.< Less