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The Theory of Dr Gospetell Secret #1 & Other Stories By Sylvia Love Johnson
eBook (ePub): $13.37
100 Secrets is a collection of short stories that will inspire you to fulfil your every dream. They will help you learn to manifest your desires; they will guide you on to accomplishing perfect... More > healing for perfect health. They will tell you about the secrets for infinite wellness, empowerment, freedom and joy. Secret #1 'The Theory of Dr Luke Gospetell' reveals the simplicity of getting all you desire, how extraordinary souls live in ordinary bodies, who is the most important person you will ever meet, the treasures found in stillness and more. Imagine a life in which you have mastered your inbuilt ability to create your present and future precisely as you want it to be. You are the only person whom you need to convince that all you desire is coming to you. It takes firm knowledge of how The Law of Attraction works. This knowledge is Power. The type of power that can turn your life around and transform you into a manifesting magician in a split second with just a thought. Enjoy Secret #1< Less
Method Comic Strip Vol. I Eva & Eva's Secret Short Story By Sylvia Love Johnson & Katherine Durkin
eBook (ePub): $6.24
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Eva is highly emotional. A deeply hidden secret dictates her actions and shapes her personality day by day. An element of darkness in a mixture of joy and sadness, dreams and reality, reveals a... More > shocking parallel side in her current life. Welcome to the world of METHOD, a short film project. exploring the complex lives of a group of actors. Enjoy Eva's Secret, short story, and Eva's Comic strip the first volume from an 8 volume series from HEKATE Film Works.< Less