Author Spotlight
Susan Frances Edwards, Author and Poet
Draakoa In Danger By Susan Frances Edwards
Paperback: $18.42
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Bruathimo is now a Junior Master of The Turning and must go to Draakoa; a world on which the Draakea and Saauusoori live, to be Judged by the Light. Can he, with his Gifts of The Turning and... More > Sensitivity be the One of whom the prophecies have spoken? And will his companions have a part in ensuring the success of the task for which they were brought from Myldora? Danger is approaching Draakoa, but as they try to understand the prophecies, they learn the two races have a history of conflict; and those past wounds must first be healed. And for that to happen a way must be found for the Draakea to understand the Saauusori, who only use thought and wordless song. Will the blessings of the Draake and the gifts of the Great Powers enable them to succeed? And will their own people offer the help the Elders promised, or will they choose to ignore the call for help from Draakoa? The race is on to reconcile the people of Draakoa, and help them prepare to survive the coming devastation.< Less
Beauty, Light and Music By Susan Frances Edwards
Paperback: $7.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
A first collection of Susan Frances Edwards' poems and shorter pieces of prose, which range from the descriptive and reflective to the lyrical, comic or philosophical. As the reader dips into it she... More > hopes they will find some pleasure in the possibilities of our wonderful language, perhaps a different view on life, and even a smile or two.< Less
The Great Gifts By Susan Frances Edwards
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Myldorangi of Myldora have three Great Gifts, The Remembering, The Calling and The Turning, but Bruathimo, a rarely silver-haired young boy has another Gift, or is it a curse, he can Sense... More > others' emotions. Can he learn to control and use it before it destroys him? Are he and his heartfriend Poelimo, both born under the Grace, a sign from the Great Powers of approaching change on Myldora?< Less