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Surviving the Battleground of Childhood - Construction of a Personality 'The Early Years' By TD McKinnon
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This is the true story of the first fifteen years of a boy's life, growing up in the coal mining communities of Scotland and England in the 1950s and 60s, and how he survives the adversities of that... More > battleground. The book is written on two levels; on the first level it is a compulsive, easy to read, true story. The protagonist's narration compels the reader's empathy as, from his earliest memories, he is beaten by a father who - subjected to the harsh existence of a coal miner, and frustrated by the betrayals of an unfaithful wife - vents his anger on him. After suffering a nervous breakdown in his earliest childhood, Thomas endeavours to escape his father's tyranny and his mother's complacency, but in his search for a nourishing love he falls foul of situations he is ill equipped to deal with; often taking him into forbidden and dangerous areas.< Less
John Farrell Is Utrinque Paratus By T.D. McKinnon
eBook (ePub): $3.99
What is the picture you have of yourself? Everyone has an image of themselves; some keep that picture very private but everyone has one. Can you imagine any circumstance in which you might kill? And... More > if you could, would that necessarily make you a bad person? This is a story of tragedy, friendship, loyalty and enduring devotion; devastating treachery, betrayal, and murder most foul. Propelled by circumstance, John Farrell is taken on a rollercoaster journey from his coalmining community origins in County Durham to Aldershot, the home of the British army, and to war torn Belfast; from London to the poverty ridden streets of Mexico City; from inside the infamous Wormwood Scrubs, to the South of France, to Glasgow, the Scottish Highlands, Berlin and Bangkok. To save his family’s lives, former boxer, John Farrell, is forced to participate in one of the original, brutal and illegal, cage fighting competitions: before the rules and weight divisions, when people died!< Less
Terra Nullius By T.D. McKinnon
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Based on a true story; Terra Nullius is an historical fiction that chronicles the events of the 19th century through the eyes of the unfortunate race who, at the time, just happened to occupy the... More > best piece of real-estate in the southern hemisphere. Aliens invaded the Caretakers’ land and proclaimed the land 'Terra Nullius' (land of none). The invaders stole their women and systematically murdered, raped and pillaged; spreading disease and decimating their number into virtual extinction. All the characters in this story are actual historical persons; their stories are dramatisations built around factual events. A central character is Trucannini, who witnessed the rape or murder, or both, of her sisters, mother and brother, and the mutilation and murder of her fiancé, and was herself pack raped; all by her sixteenth year. Beginning around two hundred years ago; it took just seventy years to all but obliterate a race of people who had taken care of their land for forty thousand years or more.< Less
I Was a Teenage Devil - But I'm Alright Now! By T.D. McKinnon
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Teenage Devil is a true story. It is the continuing saga of Thomas, our protagonist from 'Surviving the Battleground of Childhood', and follows him into the British army. At just fifteen years of... More > age he swaps the coalmining community for the Parachute Regiment and Aldershot: home of the British Army. The story continues as he struggles to negotiate with his new environment, as one of sixty new recruits, and then follows him as he continues to grow up through the second half of his teens, steeped in the elitism of the Parachute Regiment. Our hero encounters his fair share of adventures, and misadventures. On one occasion, an old devil comes-a-calling - a predator, disguised in the form of a senior RAF officer - and Thomas decides to commit the ultimate sin: to take a life. Fully committing himself to the task, can he actually do it? 'TEENAGE DEVIL' is a sequel, but it stands on its own, dealing with a different set of, no less significant, moral issues. And it's still a story about growing up.< Less