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The Fine Art of a Kiss By Kenneth Hanis
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"The Fine Art of a Kiss" is distilled from the main plot of my Nonfiction Novel - "The Fine Art of Being Difficult". .. It's the Hero's Journey of an emotionally paralyzed,... More > cynical man, toward his realizing belonging and love in this world. .. *The story is about a guy who no sooner finalizes his unhappy divorce from his wife, when he quickly goes into hospital to undergo chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant to cure his cancer. The odds against survival just going into the hospital were so bad that he believes he died in the hospital but woke up into a different world as a homeless man living in his car.* .. This story is formatted in a 'SCREENPLAY' format. It's presented in a bare-bones manner, and so lacks most descriptive adjectives and adverbs. .. The pages of the screenplay are laid out in a more normal Book format for easier reading. .. My reason for doing this, is to allow you to read a story that you will impose your own life experience and emotions onto.< Less
Prometheus in Flux - 'What's Your Story?' By Kenneth Hanis
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First, and foremost, this is a book for the writer in all of us, about the 'process' of writing. It's as much a book about living, as it is about writing, because as writers we attempt to create a... More > life story that will affect all other lives. .. I believe that most natural writers start out toward their vocation by deciding to keep a diary or journal, that on a regular occasion, or irregular occasions, is their private audience with their-self to recount events of 'something' that has affected them personally in some way; .. and so, as natural writers, we keep a vault of our ideas and life experiences in diaries, journals, and audio/video digital devices of every form. .. It could be said that these diaries or journals are our invisible best friend. .. My question to all who read this book is the question you must ask yourself daily, "What's your story?".. Maybe it's better said to ask, "What's your story in two sentences?"< Less
The Critical Mass - The Water Giant By Kenneth Hanis
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"Dick takes a job he does not need, to earn the money for an engagement ring he does not want to buy for Betty; but, upon meeting Jane, a Latina immigrant woman who is a die hard environmental... More > activist, his heart is arrested, and his life takes on a life of its own." .. "The day Dick entered the 'real' world to take on a job for wages, his protected life became a memory; there could be no turning back. .. Armed with his naivety, honesty, and integrity, he made friends, friendly enemies, and unbeknownst to himself, he found true love in an immigrant Latina woman named Jane." .. *** .. The overriding theme of the 'The Critical Mass' is - "We make plans, and God laughs", because Nature always takes its own course. .. This theme embodies two sub themes, expressed primarily through the 'Activist' character of Jane, and I express them as: .. (1) - "Corporate Profit, is to artificial intelligence, - as Profit sharing, is to human intelligence". .. (2) - "Water' is a Human Right, and not a Commodity".< Less
The Fine Art of Being Difficult By Kenneth Hanis
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"Bill goes to the hospital to undergo Leukemia treatment. The odds of survival are extremely bad. He believes he died, but woke up into a new world, but a world the same as his old one, with all... More > the same shit to deal with." * 'The Fine Art of Being Difficult' demonstrates that 'Life' as we don't know it, is intelligence in action over time, and maintains balance in our shared world at all seeming cost, and in completely unpredictable ways. * 'The Fine Art of Being Difficult' asks us to honestly acknowledge our gut feelings, to honor our curiosity, to question our personal convictions, and to refuse to accept the path of common consensus without question, just because it promises us a better quality of life, and therefore an ease of passage through our ongoing life circumstances. * 'The Fine Art of Being Difficult' is replete with Gods and Monsters, Virtual Realities, Honey Bees, Misogynists and Misandrists, Women's Power Tools, Drinking Buddies, Dark Irish Beer and Un-shelled Peanuts.< Less