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The Critical Mass - The Water Giant By Kenneth Hanis
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Betty and Dick are engaged to become 'engaged'. - Mickey fights to remodel Osmosis Water Company into a 'profit sharing' corporation. - Jane organizes Demonstratons to share the awareness that the... More > World needs free access to clean Drinking Water. Those are the active plans, - but nature takes its own course, and soon Mickey wants Betty, and Jane wants Dick. The main message conveyed through "The Critical Mass - The Water Giant" is, "'Water is a Human Right" - This theme is perilously current, and day by day, and year by year, it's becoming a darker, and ultimately a deadly situation. The subtextual theme of the "The Critical Mass - The Water Giant" is best expressed through an ancient Proverb:-> 'We make plans, and God laughs'. -> This theme embodies the two sub themes: (1) - "Access to Fresh Water is a Human Right!" (2) - "Corporate Profit is to Artificial Intelligence, - as Corporate Profit Sharing is to Human Intelligence".< Less
"What's Your Story?" By Kenneth Hanis
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"What's Your Story?" is a book for 'everyone'; it's written for the Writer in ALL of us. Subtext aside, it's a book about the ‘Process' of Writing. .. "What's Your Story" is... More > as much a book about the Process of Living our Lives as it is about the Process of Writing. We are all ripples on this one pond we know as life; and as human beings, our lives affect other’s lives through our interactions during our life experience; and so it is the same with writers, because as writers, we create stories that will affect other's lives within and beyond our own life experiences. I invite you to ask yourself daily, "What's your story?" .. WARNING! -> The 'content' of this book contains many ideas and uses language that will offend some readers. .. If this book appears to be too vulgar and offensive, or too unvarnished and rough, then I ask for your patience, and that you please put your judgments aside and continue to read on. Please suspend your condemnation and thereby avoid its sin of forgiveness.< Less