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Christmas With The Cupcake Boy By Alex Leslie
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With their first Christmas together as a couple coming up, Alex and Nick are both are living busy, stressful lives with little to no time to relax and unwind. Alex decides the Christmas holidays are... More > the perfect opportunity for them to escape the rat race of Melbourne and indulge in a luxury spa resort up the coast. But when his plans fall through and they are forced to return home, Alex isn’t willing to give up on his idea of a relaxing, luxurious holiday with his man. So what’s a Cupcake Boy to do? With no chance of booking another trip so close to Christmas, there is only one way Alex and Nick will spend a week in a spa resort, Alex will have to create one of his own at home! Get ready for one of the weirdest, funniest, sexiest and most pineapple-filled Christmas tales you are ever likely to experience. Featuring the characters from “Chasing The Cupcake Boy” this book is a standalone novella, but is best enjoyed if you have read the original book first.< Less
Chasing The Cupcake Boy By Alex Leslie
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A horrifying act of violence left him disabled, scarred and in fear for his life, so Alex Michaels has spent the last 7 years hiding from the world. Living in a prison-like house in Melbourne,... More > Australia, he works from home making cupcake recipe videos online. His work has amassed a huge online following, but Alex remains anonymous by never showing his face. On a rare trip into the real world, he runs into a man who will shatter the protective walls he's built around himself. 
Nick Hawke owns a successful fitness empire, but his busy schedule, dominant tendencies and attraction to chubby guys means he rarely meets compatible men. All that changes when he accidentally knocks over a gorgeous man at a coffee shop. But the man is secretive, anti social and refuses to give Nick the time of day. Never shying away from a challenge, Nick pursues Alex, hoping to uncover his secrets and win his heart.
 However, their romance has attracted a dangerous threat from Alex's past. One that could cost both men their lives.< Less