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Lorraine Holloway-White
Heaven's Guide to Mediumship and Healing By Lorraine Holloway-White
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An instructional book aimed at changing the ways of mediumship and healing; written by me, but inspired by heaven. This is not a book for those who believe they can acquire or learn these gifts, but... More > is for anyone interested in learning the truth about where such gifts come from and how they should be used.< Less
Hartford By Lorraine Holloway-White
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Paedophilia was not as lucrative as it had been. This story opens with disturbing reality in the first two chapters, before taking us to Hartford where sexually abused children are safely housed and... More > cared for. The very beautiful and determined CeeCee, plus her friends, Maisie, Angel and Rose were first seen in It’s in Their Eyes. This much-awaited sequel follows on with their story, again adding twists and turns in ways least expected. Despite accidents and murder, they are determined to continue their work saving as many children as possible. Little do they realise the shockwaves it will bring and just who it is they're upsetting. REVIEWS- It's in Their Eyes "... So well written it had me nearly in tears in places... this writer knows how to get into the minds and hearts of her readers. Fabulous, I cannot wait for the sequel." FO "Such a well written story for an extremely disturbing topic… " KE< Less
You Are God's Church: With or Without Religion By Lorraine Holloway-White
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We as individuals make up God's Church, not buildings or religion. People leaving religion also left God behind. Why? Can they come back to Him - would they want to? This is about good people from... More > all walks of life coming together no matter beliefs or unbelief's. With or without God, with or without religion. It talks of uniting the world rather than keeping it divided as it is now. It's a book of love, peace and of coming together. A coming together of all people no matter what race, religion, age, size, sex, colour, lifestyle preferences or anything else. It also explores about supernatural gifts and how to test the spirits of those dead and living. A subject the church refuses to acknowledge, thereby pushing so many into false gods and spiritual practices. This book is packed with far more than is able to be listed here, but it is a book everyone should read if they want to make a difference to the world we see and live in today.< Less
Heaven Is Guiding Me By Lorraine Holloway-White
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Although much has been revealed in other books, it's time for me to share some things hidden for the last two years about the pope, Vatican and battle the world is facing. Words and visions given to... More > me are written as I see/receive them in my head. The visions are described using my words and with knowledge given at the time. Those visions are replaced and words given to me from Heaven. All shared will be in italics with the date I received it. Three dots indicate where some has been omitted. It's easy to see where my words change to theirs. The book describes how I went through what someone told me was akin to the Dark Night of the Soul. I fought head to head battles with Satan himself. Battles so hard they're difficult to describe or expect anyone to understand. He wouldn’t win, because my belief in God's goodness is strong. I know nothing and no one is greater than God. As He told us, faith moves mountains. If faith can move mountains, it can certainly remove Satan and overcome him.< Less
Predictions and Prophecies By Lorraine Holloway-White
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Filled with predictions and prophecies about present times and beyond, this book talks of the afterlife, what becomes of us and why animals too have to suffer. Since publication in 2012, many... More > worldwide weather predictions have come true. Weather extremes such as never seen before, temperature and weather reversals in various countries. New diseases would surface and old ones resurrect themselves. Treatments once successful would become ineffective and some new diseases no cure available. Contamination of water, destruction by water of towns, cities and livelihoods in many countries would be seen. God is now claiming back His world from false spirituality and badness that's permeated throughout. Believe or disbelieve all you read, for you have free will Will you believe the words from God that are already proving to be predictive and true, or only those easier to hear and that come from false ways sent to lead us further from God? The choice is yours to make – I am but the messenger.< Less
Voices from Heaven By Lorraine Holloway-White
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During 2014 visions and words filled with predictions were given to me from places and people I’d have least expected. This is not another book of messages from the dead, it is what it says it... More > is, Voices sent from Heaven. They are given in order to bring people back to God and goodness. This can be done within religion or without it. Whatever path you are on, purity and prayer is what matters most. These are words we all need to hear. There are thousands – possibly millions - of people who are not having their spiritual needs or questions attended to. They are the ones I try to reach and help through my work People who are seeking God, people who wish to love and serve Him, but who have no idea how to without religion. Not least, even those with supernatural gifts who are told it is always of the devil – but is it?< Less
It's In Their Eyes By Lorraine Holloway-White
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Abused or abuser, it's in their eyes. Gemma was a child who knew all about men's desires, but nothing else of life until she ran away from home. Thanks to William and Louise, her life was to change... More > in ways she never knew existed. Gemma later had an idea, which became her plan. Could she turn it into a reality, or would it forever remain a dream? With her friends Angel, Rose and Maisie she was determined to try. A story that might shock, make you cry or inspire and uplift you. Whichever it does, it is one you will never forget. REVIEWS "…do not let the subject matter worry you, this is so lovingly written and well handled that I want to read more from this author…" MB "A hard book to read, impossible to ignore… …On the merits of this engrossing story with its vivid characters, and because of the sheer need for a book like this, I am rating it five stars" JT< Less
Are Mediums Real? By Lorraine Holloway-White
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All most people know of today are the false teachings within spiritualism that offers forced mediumship and healing without Jesus or Christianity. They have only been around for just over 100 years,... More > but real mediums existed since time began. What are the differences in natural mediums and those borne of spiritualist teachings? How do those born with the gifts develop without classes? Demonstrations, readings or entertainment style done for money is all people tend to know of. How should the gifts be used if not in the ways just mentioned? What about natural mediumship and healing within the Orthodox Churches? Real or fake, natural or forced - the light and dark sides of both are discussed. Find out why, in Lorraine’s eyes, spiritualism is likened to the Antichrist. “…The devil works in the pale greyness of the dark side, as much as he does the deep blackness. In fact, grey is his favourite colour, as it is the one where most people are trapped…”< Less
Jeffrey Archer: The Kurds: The Simple Truth: Incorporating Parcels for the Gulf By Lorraine Holloway-White
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Imagine starting your day just like any other, then because of making a couple of telephone calls, by evening find yourself on television, radio and the front page of newspapers. That is what... More > happened to me in 1991 and for the next few months, life would not be the same. Picking up the telephone seemed an easy and innocent thing to do, yet that day, it threw me into a life of political intrigue and mystery. Government lies, meeting Princess Diana, going to Buckingham Palace, having dealings with government ministers, being talked about in Parliament for months and so much more is talked of in these pages. What you read will probably astound you. Living through it was satisfying, frustrating, exhilarating, exhausting, emotional, funny and scary. This is a true story the government never wanted you to hear. Those who have already seen it are astounded and angry at what they have discovered - that our government seemed to have been hiding everything to do with what happened – and still seem to be.< Less
Jeffrey Archer: The Kurds "The Simple Truth" By Lorraine Holloway-White
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Possible government cover-up's, media blackout's, Princess Diana, MI5, politics and an ordinary woman right in the heart of it. Jeffrey Archer is the only name people connect to Kurdish Relief, as... More > he was given a peerage based on a concert named The Simple Truth, claiming responsibility for raising £57 million. This proved to be just that, a claim. Behind the scenes, British Aid for the Kurds (BAFK) were the largest independent Relief Aid organisation at the time, but who were they? Their work went unreported with achievements hidden. Raising approximately £200 million worth of relief aid, they were deemed unimportant. John Major’s government instead pushed Jeffrey Archer as the hero of the hour instead– why? BAFK’s appeal was launched almost a month before Archer’s. Why was he given a life peerage for one of the smallest relief aid efforts for the Kurds? Why was there not room for both appeals? The story starts with Parcels for the Gulf. Read the facts and decide for yourselves.< Less