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Illuminati May Day Massacre By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $91.00
Massacre aspect just after Unukalhai New Year 2019. Jupiter - Uranus could bring in some extra luck in order for said aspect not to kill us all exactly.
#2025shift - Age of Pegasus By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $202.50
2017=>2025 Now what points at possible reelection? #Venus was in #Pegasus in the year #2017shift and is also in Pegasus yet again in the year #2025shift. Historically, this never happened... More > before. Personal Instant Magick #RTRRT Initiation inside.< Less
Second Renaissance ERA PEGASI SECVNDA By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $81.00
7 new planets in your horoscope. As promised, Kalki bestows cosmic knowledge at the gates of dawn of ERA PEGASI SECVNDA – the age we live in right now with Venus in Pegasus. The new... More > exoplanetary cluster is shown in Aquarius.< Less
Code Red - New Year 2019 By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $0.00
#NewYear ALERT #2019shift #Borderline #ThousandOaks happens w/ #Moon #Unukalhai [next dates #Dec5 #Jan1 #NewYear] #CaliforniaShooting #ALICE #CodeRed Ventura County #Niku... More > #Apocalypse #ActiveShooter Thousand Oaks Ron Helus< Less
2025 Predictions for all the 67 Horoscope Signs - 16 Ascendants By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $20.25
2025: Venus is in Pegasus. Complete Instant Magick RTRRT Initiation inside.
eBook (PDF): $20.25
The twin peaks of the Age of Pegasus as booming within this Aeon of Cetus.
2020 Projections for all the 67 Horoscope Signs - 16 Ascendants By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $20.20
Prelude to the second entry of Venus into Pegasus over its shortest time span in human history.
Catalog 2019 By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $22.16 NASA-IAU-based #AcademicZodiac Online since 1972 - 45000 PDF. 22 zodiac stations 67 horoscope signs (+Eris+Pluto) 16 ascendants for the current epoch... More > #1008planets Cartesian house system [as tested all across the universe] 16 Sun signs (Sextans, Cetus, Orion) 43 extended zodiac (Eris, Pluto) planetary zodiacs (e.g. Moon in Auriga, Venus in Crater...) #RTRRT personal future-changer< Less
Lucky Man - Arron Banks By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $53.25
Oh what a lucky man he was. Chaos in 2019 - Brexit or not. BoE and May inside.
2019 Vectors By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $201.90
Jupiter in Ophiuchus: 2019 projections [2025] and beyond. Brexit, USA, Italy, EU, royal baby, Saudi... Kurz, Salvini, Trump, Midterms, Kalergi, Auriga, populism, Catalonia...