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The Terzetto File By Albert S. Tukker
Paperback: $17.56
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A population mutated into a murdering, ravenous horde must be dealt with quickly and quietly. While dealing with the mutants horde, Major Neil Falcon discovers the secret behind the mutations and... More > fights to expose it.< Less
Hearing Nothing By Albert S. Tukker
eBook (PDF): $2.80
Eleven tales of unsuccessful heroes, Nature gone haywire, mind trips, horror, and terror from Albert S. Tukker.
The Rage By Albert Tukker
eBook (PDF): $2.65
Infected, Jules finds he can't control the Rage from releasing again and again. He criss-crosses the country running from authorities and looking for answers. He is directed to Curtiss Manor on the... More > Oregon coast, where a parapsychologist might be able to help him. Shortly after his arrival, Jules is thrust deep into the past of the Manor, where he becomes a part of it.< Less
From the Attic By Albert Tukker
eBook (PDF): $1.75
Twenty-two poems from the attic of Al Tukker. A glimpse into the soul of the author.
Frequency Seven By Albert Tukker
eBook (PDF): $2.25
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Sound that kills. You can't hear it, but your body can. It's directional. It's range unlimited. But it's not owned by any government. It's not in the hands of terrorists. It's in the possession of a... More > lunatic in the American desert. A hitchhiker is recruited by a spider to save the world from this maniac. Ride along as he takes a trip with Glass Reality.< Less
Pole Shift-2: The Ribbon Years By Albert S. Tukker
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Forrest Woods' adventure after the world has been shook senseless continues with the Ribbon Years.
Gamer By Albert Tukker
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Alec Harrington is an ordinary man in an insane situation. He is not your typical action hero. He's not big and macho, nor a government agent, nor ex-military, but he is good at video games and an... More > over & under pump shotgun.< Less
StoneAge Wizard By Albert Tukker
eBook (PDF): $2.40
Disillusioned with the American Dream, disgusted at the direction mankind is going, JT escapes on a stranger's boat that leads him back to the society he divorced. Join JT as he takes a cruise on,... More > meets, then becomes, the StoneAge Wizard.< Less
Dawn of the Wizard By Albert S. Tukker
eBook (PDF): $2.80
Nearly killed for witnessing a crime, Rory Tristan, of StoneAge Wizard fame, lives life on the run, on the road, on the edge of society. See how and why he flees to Amsterdam.
Solitaire By Albert Tukker
eBook (PDF): $2.35
Three vignettes & two long, short stories: Smokestone concerns an astronomer whose video game playing has made him wanted by the government. Following a chase, the hero is brainwashed into flying... More > missiles, via video, for the government. Pipe Dreams is set in the future where there is a pony express system that rides motorcycles through tunnels across the country. The story is about one rider's attempt to save the world from an asteroid. Other shorts and vignettes include: Fences, a glimpse at insanity, and the line you cross to get there. Alone, another glimpse, but from a different angle. Pillow Fight, a monologue from war.< Less