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Elemental spirits are the invisible hands of the Gods through whom the sun, stars, planets, and our universe including human beings were created. These elemental spirits are what maintain our lives... More > daily. They are the ones that respond to our prayers, heal the body, and handle all our spiritual requests. Elemental spirits have been confused by many writers as angels, and references to angels in most spiritual books are actually elemental spirits. Every major religion is represented by an elemental spirit, and it is their names that respond to our prayer requests. Many of the elemental spirits of religion were created by the Elohim of the Elohims, the ones the created the CREATORS(ELOHIMS). They were created to assist human beings through their spiritual needs. In this book are the names of the top eighty eight elemental spirits that function in various aspects of religion and spirituality. Many have been worshipped as gods, some have been called saints, and others have been thought of as angels< Less
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SEVEN DAYS OF WONDERS AND MIRACLES is the second part of my conversation with EL SHADDAI (GOD ALMIGHTY). This conversation continued on June 9, 2012 with more details about the names of the creators... More > and the events that took place during the SEVEN DAYS OF WONDERS AND MIRACLES, when our world, universes, galaxies and cosmos were created. Letter by letter EL SHADDAI spelled the true names of the CREATORS for me. Some planets were created by seven creators, some were created by one creator, some were created by four created. The names of the creators that created the human beings four and a billion years ago., the creators that created the animals, fish in the sea, the grass and plants of the earth. In those seven days of wonders and miracles, our lives and world was miraculously brought into existence by these creators. The details of how they did it and in what stages our world was formed are given in my conversation with El SHADDAI.< Less
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We have heard many accounts and versions of creation. Our scientists speculated that there was a big bang, and out of that, the Milky Way galaxy was formed. The bible tells us another story, that... More > God created the world in seven days and all life came into existence by the spoken word of God. On Thursday June 7, 2012 at about 9 a.m, I Ken Nunoo had a direct conversation with EL SHADDAI (GOD ALMIGHTY), who was one of the creators of our universe and created human beings on earth. El Shaddai gave me another version of the creation theory and his version is more or less a combination of what our scientists have speculated and parts of the Genesis theory. On this morning day of June 7, 2012, before me on the table is the SEAL OF THE MYSTICAL ORDER OF KABBALISTS, drawn on a white handkerhief, which is a version of the SIXTH PENTACLE OF THE SUN, from the KEY OF SOLOMON. Upon the seal of the Mystical Order of Kabbalists are seven cowry shells through whose mouth the GOD will speak.< Less
My conversation with the Enochian angel BQAB(Bekab) By KEN Nunoo
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The world of mind is the infinite space of our universe. It includes all the galaxies, universes, cosmos, the heavens, and earth. In the world of mind are the GODS, THE CREATORS, THE ELOHIMS OF... More > MIND, and the ENOCHIAN SPIRITS. These BEINGS OF MIND, exist in the world of mind as energies of mind suspended in space. On May 26, 2012 I made a major breakthrough into the world of mind and encountered the Enochian spirits and was able to have a direct conversation the Enochian angel BQAB, pronounced Bekab. The Enochian spirits are the most difficult angels to make contact with because they live outside of heaven in the world of mind. For the longest time human beings have always believed that there is heaven and then there is earth, but I recently taught that there is a third plain which is the world of mind. My conversation with the Enochian angel Bqab reveals answers to many unknown questions about our universe, the bible, and gives us a closer look into the world of mind.< Less
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There has been a fierce battle between the gods here on earth between August and September of 2011. This battle did not involve weapons, neither did it involve blows or any physical contact of any... More > form, but it was a battle of wills as to who takes charge of a project that was going on here on earth. The spirits involved in this battle all took physical form as human beings to wage their battle and I was the only human witness to all these for I was the main center and the prize of the battle.< Less
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The vision of Ezekiel as given in the old testament is an answer to a question Ezekiel may have asked God. The question Ezekiel may have asked is : GOD, WHO ARE YOU? OR WHO AM I? The answer to both... More > of these questions are the same; for to know the answer as to WHO WE ARE, is the same as GOD, WHO ARE YOU? For the ultimate “I” within every living being is the I AM associated with KETHER the first sphere of the tree of life. In Genesis chapter one the first word is BERESHITH, which means the BEGINNING, FIRST. It is also the number one, or BETH of the Hebrew Alphabets. Out of Kether came Beth, who is the MAGICIAN, on the tarot. The vision of Ezekiel is similar to the tarot card the Magician with the four tools on his table.< Less
BARACATA MÉTODO de limpieza espiritual By Ken Nunoo
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Este método Baracata de limpieza espiritual es una manera simple y efectiva para limpiar espiritualmente el cuerpo o la limpia de cualquier objeto. La palabra se pronuncia BARACATA BARAKATA, y... More > significa "Que las bendiciones sea con vosotros", o "Que las bendiciones sea sobre esta". Esta palabra es realmente de gran alcance para bendecir espiritualmente nada para su uso espiritual. Ejemplo para bendecir el agua para convertirse en agua bendita, mientras sostiene una taza de agua en la mano simplemente decir ELOHIM BARACATA, y el agua se convertirá instantáneamente en el agua bendita. De la misma manera, si usted desea bendecir a cualquier cosa, como una pluma, incluso para uso espiritual, mientras que la celebración de la pluma en la mano dice "ELOHIM BARACATA". Si usted desea para bendecir la comida simplemente decir 'ELOHIM BARACATA ". Todo ello se traduce a "Que la bendición sea sobre esta", que es lo que usted está sosteniendo en la mano.< Less
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This Baracata method of spiritual cleansing is a simple and effective way to spiritually cleanse the body or cleans any object. The word BARACATA is pronounced BARAKATA, and it means “MAY... More > BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU”, or “MAY BLESSINGS BE UPON THIS”. This single word is effectively powerful to spiritually bless anything for spiritual use. Example to bless water to become holy water; while holding a cup of water in your hand simply say ELOHIM BARACATA, and the water will instantly become holy water. In the same way, if you wish to bless anything such as even a pen for spiritual use, while holding the pen in your hand say ‘ELOHIM BARACATA”. If you wish to bless food simply say ‘ELOHIM BARACATA”. All these translate to “MAY BLESSING BE UPON THIS” which is whatever you are holding in your hand.< Less
Casa ritual de limpieza By Ken Nunoo
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Un paso a paso guía completa sobre cómo realizar un ritual de limpieza casa. lo incluye el sello de Adonai. Al igual que un ser humano puede llegar espiritualmente nuestra sucia hogares... More > pueden llegar a ser espiritualmente sucio y por muchas razones. El lugar que se mueven hacia o han estado viviendo en un tiempo es a menudo acusado de las energías negativas, debido a las peleas, las muertes por accidente o enfermedades varias, hechizos que puede haber abejas enterrado en los jardines o salones, o hechizos que pueden tener sido emitidos por o para los inquilinos anteriores.< Less
La Cabalá Lección Cinco By Ken Nunoo
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La Cabalá Lección Cinco A medida que caminamos por el camino de los espíritus de los alfabetos hebreo y de las esferas del árbol de la vida, que son al mismo tiempo el... More > examen de los poderes especiales inherentes a la ellos. En esta lección la Cábala se examinan los poderes curativos dentro de la quinta letra de los alfabetos hebreo, que es "él" y los poderes curativos dentro de la letra Aleph. La carta que se conecta la segunda esfera de Chokmah a la sexta esfera de Tiphereth, el sol. El sol como la conocemos, tiene propiedades curativas y la carta se sirve de las propiedades curativas del sol. El sol lleva en sí las propiedades de la belleza, la riqueza y la riqueza, la curación. Se asocia con el domingo y los ángeles gobernantes son Rafael y Miguel. Al aprovechar las energías curativas de el sol, indirectamente, aprovechar los poderes curativos de Rafael.< Less