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The Kabbalah of prayer is an effective way of praying with the Hebrew names of God to gain quick results. In this book we will examine various techniques of prayer to summon elemental spirits,... More > angels, and communicate with God. This method uses the formula of the hexagram of uniting the three powers of mind, soul, and spirit that represent the triangle pointing downwards with the three main forms of matter which: are gas, liquids and solids representing the upper triangle of the hexagram.< Less
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Kabbalah series one examines Kabbalah from the point of view of the word ELOHIM. It summarizes all the applications of Kabbalah under the single word ELOHIM. Kabbalah is the body and soul of God and... More > these series examines how they are applied. The word ELOHIM consists of six letters of three positive letters and three negative letters. We will learn that not only does this word mean the GODS, but also intrinsic within it is the basic formula on which all substances in nature have been created. We will examine the word ELOHIM, whose symbol is the hexagram, otherwise known as the Star of David and how its base formula of three, six, nine, twelve, progressively forms our substances in nature.< Less
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The Baracata method of cowry divination is a means of communicating with angels and other spiritual beings using four cowrie shells placed and rotated in the palm of your hand. I personally use this... More > tool as a learning and communications tool to ask all kinds of questions to spiritual beings. In the human hand the thumb of a human being is connected to the Elohim, the index finger is connected to the soul and to the subconscious mind of the person, and the ring finger is connected to the guardian angel of the person. The cowrie shells hence when placed in the hand acts like a mobile phone and give one the ability to communicate with angels anywhere they are, just like talking on a cellular phone while walking or riding the train or bus anywhere. This method when further improved can be used to communicate with all human beings on earth as well as spirits in heaven. I have been using this tool to maintain a dialogue and conversation with many angels out there daily.< Less
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There are three plains and three types of beings, existing on three different levels. The ancients have always thought that there is heaven and then earth. They have also thought that God and... More > angels are in heaven and human beings are on earth. To better understand the structure of living beings across the plains of existence we will draw our parallel from the Kabbalah tree of life.< Less
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Does God exist? Who and what is God? Is there scientific proof of the existence of God? What is the nature of the soul? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? The SEED MASTER, is the second... More > volume of THE TRINITY OF LIGHTS; and is a compilation of four books in one. These books are “THE SEED MASTER”, “POEMS OF INSPIRATION & POEMS OF WISDOM”, THE BOOK OF PSALMS”, THE BOOK OF GAMES BY KEN NUNOO”. This book includes personalities and genders of the Hebrew alphabets. The bible code; Beresit = 77 = Leminehu = 77 = ELoahum = 77 = Emmanuel = 77 = Christ = 77. The formula above means: Christ is Emmanuel, Emmanuel is God, God is the Seed, the Seed is the Beginning. The code translates these words into numerical values as: Beresit = 7,3,19,3,20,8,17 = 77. Leminehu = 9,3,14,8,10,3,12,18 = 77. Eloahum = 3,9,15,6,12,18,14 = 77. Emmanuel = 3,14,14,6,10,18,3,9 = 77. Christ = 1,12,19,9,20,17=77. Beresit = Beginning; Leminehu = Seed, Eloahum = God.< Less
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The seven Hebrew Gods (oracle of the Elohim) is a form of spiritual practice for Africans, Hispanics, Asians, and Caucasians. Its fundamental structure and concepts is similar to that of the seven... More > African gods but written from a Christian and Hebrew point of view. It is for those that seek a more practical form of spiritual worship and those that aspire to use the concept of the seven African gods but prefer to use the names of the Hebrew Gods instead. This book is four books in one: The seven Hebrew Gods, The Seed Master, The book of Poems, The Book of Psalms.< Less
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Los siete dioses hebreo (el oráculo de los Elohim) es una forma de práctica espiritual para los africanos, hispanos, asiáticos y los caucásicos. Su estructura fundamental... More > y los conceptos es similar a la de los siete dioses de África, pero por escrito de un cristiano y hebreo punto de vista. Es para aquellos que buscan una forma más práctica de la adoración espiritual y los que aspiran a utilizar el concepto de los siete dioses de África, pero prefieren usar los nombres de los dioses en lugar hebreo. Este libro es de cuatro libros en uno: Los siete dioses hebreo, La semilla maestra, El libro de poemas, y El Libro de los Salmos.< Less
How to perform spiritual baths, spiritual cleansing and divination By Ken Nunoo
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This book is a step by step guide on how to perform spiritual cleansing, spiritual baths, and divination. Spiritual baths are a form of cleansing the body of unseen obstacles. It is intended to... More > remove hexes, obstacles,bad spells that block the persons life. To remove the obstacles and any dangers associated with the event a spiritual bath is recommended. Includes methods of divination by cowrie shells and tarot cards< Less
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¿Dios existe? ¿Quién y qué es Dios? ¿Hay pruebas científicas de la existencia de Dios? ¿Cuál es la naturaleza del alma? La semilla maestra,... More > es el segundo volumen de la Trinidad de las luces, y es una compilación de cuatro libros en uno. Estos libros son "la semilla maestra", "POEMAS DE INSPIRACIÓN Y POEMAS DE LA SABIDURÍA", el Libro de los Salmos ", EL LIBRO DE LOS JUEGOS POR KEN NUNOO". Este libro incluye personajes y géneros de los alfabetos hebreo. El código de la biblia; Beresit = 77 = Leminehu = 77 = ELoahum = 77 = Emmanuel = 77 = [Christ]Cristo. La fórmula anterior significa: Cristo es Emmanuel, Dios es el Emmanuel, Dios es la semilla, la semilla es el principio. El código de estas palabras se traduce en valores numéricos como: Beresit = 7,3,19,3,20,8,17 = 77. Leminehu = 9,3,14,8,10,3,12,18 = 77. Eloahum = 3,9,15,6,12,18,14 = 77. Emmanuel = 3,14,14,6,10,18,3,9 = 77. Christ = 1,12,19,9,20,17 = 77. Beresit = Inicio; Leminehu = Semillas, Eloahum = Dios.< Less
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The Kabbalah of spirits are step by step instructions on how to summon spirits that materialize as human beings. These spirits include COSMIC BEINGS, ELOHIMS, ARCHANGELS, ANGELS, NYMPHS, SUCCUBUS,... More > FAIRES. Every type of immortal spirit is unique in their function and what one type can do, the other cannot do no matter how high in ranking that spirit is. The Kabbalah of spirits contains the names of some of the most powerful and effective spirits in this universe that I have personally met and by performing the ritual as instructed in this book, they offer their service to guard, protect, inspire, knowledge, wisdom, companionship, love, and open the doors of opportunities in a person’s life. In this books are spirits that materialize physically as human beings. This book is an ongoing project and the names of new sports are frequently added.< Less