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Blessings from Our Mother By Aaron Carlisle
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Blessings from Our Mother details the experiences that led this writer to break any and all contact with his family. To most, family is their world. This was no different for the writer in question.... More > However, 23 years of narcissistic abuse and parental neglect took their tole on the struggling teenager who thankfully made it through to the other side. Highly cathartic - yet easy on the eyes. Walk with me as we emerge from the darkness that nearly took this author's life. Many blessings!< Less
Practical Healing: A Guide to Restore Your Life By Aaron Carlisle
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Practical healing is a guide that will provide you with the opportunity to create a life worth living by combining methods and techniques from both Eastern and Western hemispheres. I.e. a guided... More > meditation coupled with some down-to-Mother-Earth grounding practices (dieting, exercising, resting) will help you break free from that which is holding you down. The book also covers how one can remove emotional blockages so emotional flashbacks will become a thing of the past. For those of you who have suffered from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and so on, know that your limited ability to function in the world at large is a burden that no one should have to carry. I’ve personally struggled with C-PTSD, and this led me to naturally isolate, chastise, and neglect myself since I didn’t value my life. But no longer. Now my focus is on transcending to a new paradigm that is filled with abundance. So kick back, relax, read, and ride with me as we approach Valhalla’s might gates! Many Blessings< Less