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The ABCs of FAITH By Bernard Smalls
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As a building is only as good as its foundation, Bernard Smalls teaches that to build a strong spiritual life you must have a good Bible foundation. This book is about the ABCs or foundation of... More > faith. Read it and you’ll get understanding of operating in Bible faith. Bible faith is faith in the Word of God. As you read you'll learn what true FAITH really is. Faith is the key to a better, successful life. In The ABCs of Faith you will learn the 3 most important things to know about faith.< Less
SAY IT! "I AM!" By Bernard Smalls
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This book is about you living a life of limitless possibilities. God wants you to enjoy abundant life through Jesus Christ. The words you speak will determine whether you live a life of limitation or... More > abundance. When you speak the words I AM, followed by a positive affirmation, you are releasing God's creative ability on your behalf. So, get ready to Say It! and experience explosive blessings!< Less
Affirmation! By Bernard Smalls
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THE 21-DAY CHALLENGE! Research has proven that it takes approximately 21 days to form a habit. Habits are essential to living a successful life. Without positive habits, we fail in most things we... More > attempt to accomplish. Good habits are vital to reaching our goals in life. They help to keep us focused along the way and keep us pushing on, even during tough times. The key issue in developing a habit is consistency. This brings us to the concept of affirmations. If you will consistently practice the habit of positive affirmations for 21 days, your habit will become a part of your everyday life. Once these affirmations become a part of your life, never retreat into negative thinking or speaking. Keep up the practice of “affirmation” or speaking and thinking positive thoughts.< Less
40 DAYS OF FAITH! By Bernard Smalls
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Contrary to popular belief you can have strong faith. Faith is like a muscle, and we all know that muscles are developed and become strong over time. You don’t go to the gym just one time and... More > come out with strong, lean muscles. Physical development takes time and so does spiritual development. It takes time to develop habits. In 40 Days if Faith I share with you practical ways to build faith. Through practice and application, you can and will strengthen your faith and enjoy limitless possibilities.< Less
The Soul of An Artist By O. Bernard Smalls
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The Soul of an Artist – The Spiritual and Motivational Power of Music is both an entertaining and informative publication, intended to stimulate and motivate the reader. Its powerful... More > presentation unleashes the creative artist in all of us, and shows how music can be used as a powerful tool to bring about positive social change. Bernard Smalls says;“Your musical talent is a gift from God, a seed. It is up to you to develop, protect and nurture it.” Read, reflect, and enjoy, while you learn about: • The Motivational Power of Music • Music’s and Your Emotional Well Being • The Principles of Sound Healing • Three Elements of A Successful Musician • How To Release Your Artistic Creativity • Supernatural Music Therapy • The Three Levels of Thinking • Characteristics of the Creative Artist • And So Much More....< Less